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Persephone and Hades try to hide their relationship from their coworkers, part 2.

Thanatos: I’d love to see you date someone from work. Your head would explode.

Persephone: Your head would explode! Because of… how well I would handle it!

Thanatos: Huh, sick burn.

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So I just had this sudden head canon that Rosa has a twin sister. Like a literal twin, identical to her in every way, the only difference is that her twin is called Stephanie. Her twin is literally Stephanie Beatriz, and it all makes sense because of Rosa’s past??? We don’t know anything about her accept for a few fun facts, like she went to catholic school, used to do gymnastics and ballet, but that’s like all. I need an episode of B99 where Rosa comes in rainbow clothes with a huge smile and walks, talks and acts like Stephanie Beatriz in every way, and the others are like ????? WTF???? What happened to Rosa???? Like Rosa is tough, smart, scary as hell but Stephanie is cute, funny and the nicest person ever??? And then Rosa, the actual Rosa comes in all her platformed ankle booted, leather jacketed glory and everyone loses their shit.

And Stephanie makes friends with everyone in the precinct, literally everyone and starts telling embarrassing stories of Rosa from their childhood, showing pictures of Rosa with her front two teeth missing, riding on a pony and Rosa threatening everyone and screaming bloody murder and THIS IS ALL I WANT IN MY ENTIRE LIFE PLEASE REPOST THIS UNTIL IT REACHES STEPHANIE OR NBC I WANT THIS TO HAPPEN SO BAD I’LL PROBABLY WRITE FANFICTION ABOUT IT

Thank you for your attention, okay, bye.

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Persephone tells Hades that she wants to leave TGOEM.

Persephone: Only problem is, my college tuition is like 15,000 drachma.

Hades: I could lend you the money. Think of it as an investment from someone who believes in you.

Persephone: Wow, thanks, Hades. That means every- Whoa, hang on, you carry a check book with you?

Hades: Of course, you never know when you’re gonna need groceries.

Persephone: So cool.

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Hades finally admits Persephone’s internship was a great idea.

Hades: Nicely done. Persephone is great. We’re going to dinner again tonight.

Hera: Whoo!

Hades: I owe you an apology. You’re a great matchmaker.

Hera: Thank you. And you know what? I’m just glad that you found the courage to tell me how great I am. It means so much.

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