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Hi saw your jaemin ask on wht would make him fall for someone, could you do one for hyuck and renjun e.g what type small gestures/wht would make them take a second glance at you etc thanks x


Different. Someone that has an instant aura wrapped around them once they walk into a room. Someone who stands out from the crowd, who doesn’t follow but instead- leads.

Someone who’s care free. A good sense of humor, while allowing him to be himself freely.

I feel like he’s has a thing for pretty lips. Not saying you’ve got to have the biggest or smallest lips, any would be suffice. But pretty lips + a smile can just instantly melt his heart.

Someone’s who’s gentle and kind, Along side humble. Someone who’s prideful and filled with ego just doesn’t match all to well for him. He’d love someone who can defend themselves and protect themselves, but someone with a humble heart would make him feel more then welcomed and comfortable.


Charisma and charm. Someone who is witty and playful, but sensitive and serious when they need to be.

I see him as the type to become very mature as he continues to grow. He needs someone who can keep him grounded, someone who’s down to earth.

Jokes are a must, sarcasm too. He’ll get awkward easily if he’s into you, so someone who’s able to joke around to ease him up would do well.

It’s well known he loves a darker complexion. Loving his own, I find that he would be drawn in to someone with a stunning glow or tan. Now he isn’t set on one color only, any would do him just fine. But a summer glow would cause for some serious eye lingering, as he wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off of you.

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  • I feel like Johnny is not really a jealous person at all tbh
  • he’s just so chill lmao
  • but he’d love making it clear that you’re his 
  • so when he sees someone talking to you or like wanting to hit you up he’d smile to then put a hand on your waist and bring you closer to him as he introduces himself
  • he’d also love to whisper non-sense in your ear to show off that he’s yours even more
  • maybe even kiss you if he feels like it, lmao
  • when you two are alone again he’d joke a lot about the situation
  • “that guy almost stole you from me, I got so scared, especially when he nervously gulped after I appeared”
  • you’d just roll your eyes and ignore him, but he’d just keep going because he’s annoying like that 
  • I can see him getting jealous of not having your attention though
  • like if you’re with the other members and you prefer to fight with ten or just talk all the time with jaehyun instead of him
  • I mean, obviously he doesn’t want to be a bitch and either drop you to stay with his friends or drop his friends to be with you
  • but you’re so close to the members that sometimes you just pay more attention to them than to Johnny
  • and in those cases he’d just have to act like if he’s ignoring you as well because he doesn’t want you or the boys to know that he’s jelly of them bc they’d just tease him so much lmao
  • he’d talk to you later tho
  • “uhm, y/n? don’t you think I deserve an apology?”
  • “?????????? no???????? why? what did I do now”
  • “we were talking about his outfit for like 20minutes, like you were literally next to me”
  • “so? 20 minutes ignoring me. that shit hurts.”
  • he’d always be dramatic and playful about things like this bc he can tell it’s not an actual reason to get jealous
  • but he actually feels so much better when you comfort him and assure him that you only have eyes for him
  • he’d never blame you for his jealously tho
  • I mean, if you flirt with someone right in front of his eyes of course he’s going to, you literally cheating on him
  • but like when it’s another dude the one flirting with you, he sees it as something between him and that other person
  • he’s just so understanding and such a realistic person 🥺
  • stan him 😔👊🏻
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190819 GRAZIA Magazine September Issue - Interview with Doyoung 

Translation by @nctdaoying (Twitter) / take out with credit.

Editor’s note: “I sat face-to-face with NCT’s Doyoung, a person who wants to sing for a long time, and during the time (I sat facing him), I saw a new face which I have never seen before.”


Q: I heard that you took part in the recording for Idol Sports Athletic Championships (ISAC) yesterday?

A: Yes, I competed in the archery competition.

Q: Actually, aren’t you the member who doesn’t like to move the most? You made a huge decision (to participate in ISAC).

A: At least I was in a sport that required me to move the least, hahaha.

Q: Can we look forward to an outstanding performance then?

A: Previously, we won the silver medal for archery in the ISAC New Year Special. This time round, I practiced a lot for archery whenever I had the time, so I think it’s worth looking forward to.

Q: So you actually practiced.

A: All of the idol group members who participated in ISAC practiced. Personally, I really looked forward to it as we specially practiced a lot this time round. And the archery teacher felt that it was a pity that we got silver the last time round so she/he put in even more effort to teach us this time round.

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ahhhh someone finally doing my favourite group !!! i'll have to think about a request but i'm excited to see your future works :) thanks !!

Oh yeah!! I’ll be waiting for your requests (remember I have a little preference for yuta ksjsksj)~~

Yeah there are really few sickfics about nct, and that was actually the biggest reason why I started this blog, I guess I just got kinda frustrated for not having much to read and just decided to write stuff myself kshsjshjshs

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[ 9.37 pm ] 

“And the winner is Lane”

Lane was shaking, she wasn’t expecting to get her first win, and yet here she was receiving her first award as a soloist. The tears were already streaming down her cheeks. 

“I-i wanna thank everyone for supporting me, I really wanna give Rae a special thanks for helping me with this album, ever since they told me that I was gonna do a solo, I just knew that Rae had to be in the album, she’s been there for me through thick and thin, I also want to thank all of the 21 members of NCT for cheering me on even when I felt like giving up” 

By the end of the speech Lane was sobbing. Not because she was sad, it was because she was genuinely happy to be on stage, she really could see all the love of the people who supported her. 

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Hi sunshine ! Can I please have a private Selca ship with Monsta X, Ateez, Exo and Nct 127? I’m a 99 liner, Latina and psychology student.

I ship you with:

  • Monsta X

Originally posted by kihoseok

I.M 💙

  • Ateez

Originally posted by wooyoungs

Wooyoung ☺️

  • Exo

Originally posted by nareulwonhae

Kai 🥰

  • Nct 127

Originally posted by ohbaibeeitsyou

Johnny 💚

Hope you enjoy your results ☺️

I love your hair 🥰

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fairy!chenle watching you as you happily walk the trails of the forest while humming. he makes sure that you don’t get lost and the best part about it is that he gets to see your face light up when you ‘coincidentally’ come across rare and unseen flowers.

“you’re just as amazing as the flowers.”

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