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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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The Chinese branch of NCT is giving us a dance practice. WayV dares you to keep up with them.

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hi ! if it’s ok with you, can we get #11 with oyo ? thank you ! i love your account btw 🥰

hi, thank you so much for requesting and i’m so glad that you enjoy my account!

11: what happens in the honeymoon phase ?


for most of the duration of the live jason and chae had been the only ones interacting with fans while the rest of the girls sat in the back making small conversation.

“why is nobody else talking?” jason questioned to the girls sitting in the back, “naoyo come over here, the people are begging to see our baby maknae talk,” jason made space on the seat next to her as she reached her hand backward to hand the phone to naoyo.

“ok wait up, i can’t move as fast of all of you, i’m kinda short!” naoyo said as she slid away from her previous spot on the small bed.

“you don’t get to complain about being short, have you seen ai?” chae stated, earning a small slap on the shoulder from the leader.

naoyo let out a chuckle before reading out comments aloud, “uh how does oyo act during her honeymoon phase?” the young girl scratched the back of her neck trying to think of an answer to the question. “i’ve never experienced a honeymoon phase, sorry guys.”

in the back, a scoff could be heard from xiwang, “oh come on oyo, stop lying! you’ve had a honeymoon phase. the first couple months after you met jisung you were definitely in a honeymoon phase! all you would talk about was how good he was at dancing and i swear i saw you spacing out when you looked at him,” xiwang stated, making all the girls in the room chuckle.

“i don’t like jisung, can you guys stop! it’s already akward enough with the people online shipping us,” naoyo pouted as she crossed her arms.

“it’s only akward because you have a crush on him.”

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Requests Open

Honestly having a mental blank of what to write so if anyone has any requests which they want me to do then please give me some suggestions. The groups I stan are BTS, NCT, iKON, ATEEZ, Stray Kids, TxT, The Rose and I also love DPR. I’m also happy to write about any topic at all and this is a judgment free zone as well so yeah get requesting kiddos… I have eno idea why I just called you guys that ✌︎(‘ω’)✌︎

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[1:06 am] love letters i never sent you

My true love (Y/n),

Today I have learned what love is. Love is the strive to be a better person for you and your life. Love is seeing my future with you and getting excited. Love is handing you my jacket on a chilly night because I’d rather I be cold than you. Love is the way I admire how our hands perfectly fit one another.

My dearest love, you truly are spectacular. You are the the glass of cold water on a hot summer’s day, the relaxing crackle of a bonfire that lulls people into slumber, the excitment and wonder of fireworks during celebration.

When I think of love, I think of you. You are the first thing that comes to mind when I hear that word.

You are what love feels like,

- Hendery

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