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Can we just talk abort NCT’s Neo Fashion for a moment?

I feel like a lot of people don’t really appreciate what these stylistic choices actually do. They defy the gender based beauty standards that are dominating society. They promote androgynous fashion. Promote the fact that people do not have to be of a certain gender to look beautiful in certain pieces of clothing.


I mean just look at how fantastic they look!

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yuta couldn’t remember when he first fell in love with his best friend. maybe he had always loved her. despite being with other girls in the time of their friendship, yuta is determined to prove his love for y/n and make her his

jaehyun remembered telling an eight year old lee y/n he loved her. although it was never taken seriously the words had remained true. despite all the factors telling him to stop pursuing her, jaehyun is determined to follow through with his feelings.

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Uplifting kpop

For when you want to listen to uplifting or positive kpop songs full of energy

||Thanks for over 1,000 followers!||


|TWICE- Dance the Night Away

|B.I.G- 1.2.3

|GFRIEND- Me Gustas Tu

|EXO-CBX- Hey Mama!

|NCT 127- Superhuman


|Tripe H- 365 FRESH

|EXO- Power

|Red Velvet- Power Up



|Holland- Up

|Red Velvet- Happiness

|Stray Kids- My Pace

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His cold lips brushes on top of your hand as the masked man leaves a small peck on your delicate skin. The man’s hazel irises are warm yet his touch gives a shiver down your spine. In a short amount of time, you get captivated by his enigmatic beauty that you do not notice his arms making its way to your waist while your warm hand is clasp within his large cold ones.

A wide smile ghosts on phantom!Jaehyun’s lips, swaying the both of you to the music. “It was a stunning performance indeed Y.N.”

Blood rushes to your face. “Thank you kind sir. Though I’ll appreciate it more if you remove that mask of yours so that I can thank you properly.”

“Where’s the fun in that sweetheart?” His voice drips like honey and you can’t help but rack your brain if you met this man before. His eyes and his voice were too familiar.

“Excuse me but,” He spins you around with such finesse and elegance. A gasp leaves your lips when you notice that your faces are a couple of inches close. “H-have we met before?”

Jaehyun laughs half-heartedly, bowing before you like a proper gentleman. You don’t have any choice but to curtsy before him. A bit annoyed that he ended the dance too soon.

“Well?” You press on as you feel your hand lingering for his touch. “Haven’t we?”

It’s as if the man read your mind. His hand reaches for your hand before he presses his lips on top of your hand in a chaste manner. His eyes never leaving you.

“A lot of times actually,” Phantom!Jaehyun’s eyes glint with mischief. “In many ways you can imagine.”

“I-“ You stammer but you stop yourself when you notice that he’s about to go. His white mask shimmers under the chandelier. “Will this be the last time that I’ll see you, mister?”

Phantom!Jaehyun remains calm as he sees the guards entering the large hall in his peripheral vision. You are too fixated with the masked man to actually notice the commotion unfolding around you. The guards are looking for Jaehyun; the infamous phantom of the opera. They have a hitch that he’ll be here for your first solo concert. You see, he is quite fond of you. Maybe a little too fond that he is obsessed with you. For him, it was love at first sight the moment you started performing here in his theater. He wants you to be his, by hook or by crook. Phantom!Jaehyun can’t help but to smirk to himself.

“Well for you, this is your first time seeing me Y.N.” Jaehyun gives your hand a final squeeze before he disappears into the crowd. His words ring in your ear.

“But this won’t definitely be the last time that we’ll meet sweetheart.”

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hi everyone! 

let me know down below what NCT or SVT songs you want to see up next in the Press Play series! 

* i’ll write for all NCT units, including WayV

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