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“Yuta is capable of displaying both strength and gentleness. Those qualities, coupled with his playful personality, make him a joy to watch. His body sings, and it makes your heart soar.

Yuta is one of NCT’s finest dancers. He’s a versatile performer with a natural athleticism; on stage, he can be absolutely terrifying, but he also possesses a sensitivity that gives him a range of expression. His body radiates absolute joy, at times, he appears to defy the constraints of nature. Watching him, you would think he’s inhuman. But Yuta is human, and it’s what makes him amazing. He has developed those skills through hours of practice: he knows how to use his body to achieve what he wants. His abilities are not simply tricks made by well-trained muscles, they hold a kind of magic. Physical ability is not enough. Force of character makes the dancer superhuman. When Yuta enters the arena of the stage, he becomes that superhuman. 

We witness gods on that stage. You think to yourself, “How do such people exist?” What the audience sees is the culmination of many variables, and it’s dazzling to watch. Onstage, humans can test the limits of possibility. Dance is not simply a series of mechanical movements; it is movement with purpose and meaning. Yuta doesn’t just jump, he flies. What you see may not be “real”, but you perceive it as real. When you watch Yuta, you come away with something–feelings of wonder, terror, elation, excitement. That’s the stuff dreams are made of. They grip the imagination, then you, too, want to test the limits.

Hard work has gotten Yuta this far, but the work is never finished. The journey doesn’t end until he says so.

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