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#ned leeds

Betty: … is MJ really that deep in denial about her crush on Peter?

Ned: As a matter of fact…

Ned: She is

Betty: Hmm

Ned: You should’ve seen her the day Peter changed his shirt really quick during gym

Betty: I thought she said-oh OHH so she wasn’t just choking because some of her water went down the wrong pipe, eh??

Ned: Nope. That water bottle wasn’t gonna quench that much thirst. But she really has liked him for years. Like, since wayyy before he got fit and muscles and all

Betty: Aww!! That’s so sweet!! 😍 I LOVE that you pay this much attention to your friends, by the way

Ned: I try to!

Betty: It’s really sweet of you *kisses*

Ned: ahyuck

Betty: Did you just do the Goofy ahyuck??

Ned: It happens when a suuuuper pretty girl kisses me

Betty: You’re so cute, boo 🥰

*around the corner, MJ had been fuming and was ready to strangle Ned for teasing her about her feelings for Peter… but now, she figures, she’ll let it slide, not wanting to disrupt their cute little love fest*

*and yeah maybe she was now fantasizing about Peter smooching her don’t sue her. She can’t read minds and know that Peter fantasizes about being smooched by her too*

Tagging: my crush @you-guys–are-losers my love @spiderman-homecomeme my dear @theslytherinterran @peterjonesparker @suplosers @here-be-spideychelle @acastleintheair @wandrlust-stark @spideyxchelle @spideychellefics @spideychelle-romanogers @rue-bennett @miranduh1 @seek-rest @thorongil82 @tare8chan @sodafizzyart

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  • Words: 828
  • Characters: Willow Wren, Peter Parker, Ned Leeds
  • Prompt/Tag: “I’m flourishing, thriving and living.” x /
  • Summary: Willow and her friends face the end of middle school
  • Timeline: June 2015
  • Song: Being Yourself - Anna Meredith
  • A/N: marvel but make it bo burnham


I stared into my phone screen during the assembly, trying to decide if my acne was as noticeable to everyone else as it was to me. Like always, I had put some cover-up over it, but my face was still covered in clogged, beige bumps. “Fuck,” I muttered. Will these ever go away?

“What?” Peter asked, sitting next to me.

“Nothing,” I said. “It’s just my face.”

“Okay, eighth graders!” said the principal, clapping his hands to get out attention. “Two more weeks until you graduate! Can I get a woohoo?

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Peter Parker, Michelle Jones, Wanda Maximoff, Ned Leeds + Betty Brant !!


  1. Peter Parker - my love my boy my role model my #1
  2. Michelle Jones - not only is she played by Zendaya but her attitude is incredible. I love MJ!!!
  3. Wanda Maximoff - she’s funny, sharp, strong, and just great all around
  4. Ned Leeds - I LOVE NED!!! He’s loyal, funny, and irreplaceable
  5. Betty Brant - Betty just happens to be down here. I still love her, she’s funny and added so much to FFH.
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part 4 ross lynch

♡–be my valentine–♡

(peter parker x reader!, sum mj x reader)

a/n: linking everything on my phone is stupidly difficult lmao!!!! im old. anyway. enjoy! glad so much of u r liking the series 💗 ALSO!!! highlights of the previous part are discussed here, so if u haven’t read it, make sure u do!!

ultimate masterlist. bmv masterlist. previous. next.

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1, 2, and 3 for the Valentine’s Day questions?

For the record, all of these questions are pretty tough. I went with my gut instinct for most of these.

  1. Your favourite non-canon ship?

Back in the day when I watched The Walking Dead religiously, I admit that I was part of the Beth x Daryl / Bethyl train. I still like it, even though that ship has sunk a long time ago. 

To give you an idea of how much I like the ship, I once directed a stage adaptation of some scenes from TWD and one of the scenes I adapted was from the episode “Alone”. Specifically the scene where Daryl stares at Beth and she goes “oh”.    

  1. Is there a ship you didn’t like at first but ultimately started shipping?

I was not onboard with Philinda at first. I liked them as friends and I didn’t feel that Coulson and May needed a romance storyline. But the show won me over thanks to Clark and Ming-Na’s chemistry. 

  1. What is the rarest rare pair (that you ship)?

Recently, I’ve seen posts shipping Robbie Reyes and Jemma Simmons (BioRider) and, you know what, I kinda like that pairing. 

Franziska von Karma and Phoenix Wright (NaruMei?) is another rare pair that I’m starting to like. 

Now if we’re talking really frickin rare…the idea of Ned Leeds x Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen once popped up in my head. I don’t even ship it that much but I did like the idea of it, especially if Spider-Gwen is introduced in the MCU. You’ll have Peter and Gwen, the Spider-hero duo, and their respective love interests, Michelle and Ned, all working together to fight criminals. 

Got a Valentine’s Day shipping question for me? Feel free to ask.

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Series Masterlist

Reposting fics from my old account @mybesttobobcratchit​ 

Summary:Following the events of Far From Home, Peter has to deal with the aftermath of the world finding out he’s Spider-Man. A new friend helps him through, and an old foe comes back in search of revenge.

Word count: 1900

Pairing: Peter Parker x Michelle Jones, a smattering of Peter Parker x Felicia Hardy, and May x Happy (because I love awkwardness)

Warnings: None really for this chapter

A/N: Originally posted 9/20/19. Yay we’re finally meeting Felicia! And awkward bb conflicted Peter. Thanks to @farfromhaz​ for convincing me this isn’t garbage I love you a lot. If you’d like to be added to the taglist for this story or my permanent taglist, just send an ask!

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part 2 - golden retriever

♡–be my valentine–♡

(peter parker x reader!, sum mj x reader)

a/n: sorry for not posting the other day! was super busy

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Peter is typing…

Peter: mom

Harley: magic hands

Ned: mr. Mom Strange Doctor, sir?

Mom is typing…

Peter: love you mom

Peter: you’re the best mom everr

Mom: is there blood?

Ned is typing…

Harley: no

Peter: no

Mom is typing…

Harley: a little

Ned: KAREN threatened to call Mr. Stark!

Harley: tattletale

Mom: Somehow I think I’ve gor more gray hair from you three than I got from dormammu

Peter: dormammu is a weird name.

Wong:[I Ain’t Got No Sleep Cos Of Y’all - Beyonce remix]

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Peter P: and, in the end we're all human beans
Harley: and together we will rice
MJ: lettuce pray
Ned: ramen
Tony: *wiping away his tears while clapping* that was beautiful!
Stephen: what did I just witness?
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hey!!! i was going through whumphoarder’s blog, and saw you were looking for a fic where Peter falls down some stairs! :) if you’re interested, @GoldenAvenger02 has one, and it’s called “Seeing Stars!” (hope this helped!)

Thank you, anon! I gave it a read and it’s really good! It’s got supportive Ned, supportive MJ, and supportive May, as well as Peter being a dumbass and slipping on stairs. I definitely recommend checking it out!

Seeing Stars by @goldenavenger02

But Ned was really excited, which made Peter excited. And when someone’s excited, better judgement goes out the window.

Especially when it’s thirty five degrees near Christmas, and that’s considered warm.

@whumphoarder Here’s a fic with Peter falling down stairs ♥

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Peter: Do you swear to spill the tea, the whole tea, and nothin but the tea, so help me sis?
Shuri: Wig.
Ned: k go off
Tony: Why are you guys like this?
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The Terrible, Horrible, No Good Turned Very Good Day

Ship: Parkner (Harley Keener/Peter Parker)

Summary: Harley has a bad day, then Peter promposes to him.

Tags: Febufluff, Day 11, proposal, Promposals, light angst, Light Angst, Harley is sad at the beginning, But he gets happy so its okay, Fluff, SO MUCH FLUFF, sweet and cute, Cute, Sweet, short and sweet, Im pretty proud of this one, Even though its short, Mutual Pining, Gay Harley Keener, Bisexual Peter Parker, Boys In Love

Day eleven of Febufluff: “Proposal”!

Harley puffs out a long sigh, dragging his feet to his locker. It has been one of the worst days Harley could remember having. He woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and late, so he had to rush to school. He hadnt eaten breakfast because of the aforementioned lateness, so he was starving by lunch time. He realized that he had forgotten to pack a lunch, so he had to buy the cafeterias terrible, cardboard tasting food. He bombed a literature test that he had studied for for days, and he had almost failed a math test on top of that. AND, as if that wasn’t bad enough, he noticed that his friends were acting… weird around him all day. They would be talking in their little group, but as soon as he approached them, they’d stop and act like they weren’t doing anything. MJ was constantly whispering things to Ned, and Ned to Peter, and they almost seemed like they were avoiding him at times, ducking out of the way as soon as he tried to approach them. He wasn’t going to lie, it hurt like a bitch, and he was the entire day wondering what he had done wrong, thinking about the hushed conversations and immediately drawing assumptions. I mean, they had to be talking about him, why would they stop whenever he was around if they weren’t?

Peter was the worst of the bunch, and that made Harleys heart ache even more. He was acting jittery all day, nervous, picking at his clothes and his nails, being extra jumpy, and stumbling and stuttering over his words like he used to when they first became friends, almost two years ago. Harley thought they had moved past that awkward stage, had grown and become so much closer in the past two years, especially in the past few months where guys thoughts of Peter went from ‘best friend’ to more. But Harley must’ve thought wrong. And it sucks.

So yeah, a terrible, awful day. The only thing keeping him going was that it was friday, and now, that it was the end of this day, so he could go home and not have to deal with any of this shit anymore (minus the fact that he has a mountain of homework to do, but he couldn’t handle to even think about that right now, so he doesn’t). He puts in his combination, and tries to open the locker, but the lock doesn’t budge. Of course, even his locker would fight him today. He just wants to go home. He redoes the combination again, slower, and it opens (thank god). He goes to put his last classes books away when he catches glimpse of a bright pink stick note attached to the inside of his locker door.

'meet us at the chem lab, loser -MJ’

Harley grits his teeth, feeling a flash of irritation swirl in his stomach. What kind of sick joke is this, to avoid him and talk behind his back all day, only to try and meet up with him now?? But the feeling soon disappears, drowning in the pit of despair Harley’s found himself in all day, and Harley finds himself shutting his locker, making his way to the specified lab. Because why not, really? What else could go wrong?

Harley doesn’t know what he is expected when he pushes the heavy door open, but it sure as hell wasn’t this. Right in the middle of the room, stood directly in front of Harley is Peter, Ned and MJ stood on either side of him in some sort of open triangle formation, all three of them wearing the lab safety gear, lab coats, big, goofy goggles, gloves and all. But the thing, the person that catches Harley’s attention right away is Peter, it’s always Peter, but more specifically, the bouquet of roses in Peter’s arms, the shy, anxious smile on his face, and the poster clutched in his other hand. Harley’s reads the words on the big page ('I hope you don't react badly, but I think we have some great Chemistry together. Prom?’) and immediately bursts into tears.

Peter’s eyes widen in fear, but before he can panic too much, Harley launches into Peter’s arms, hugging him tightly as he sobs loud, ugly sounds. Peter embraces him just as tightly, the poster and flowers getting in the way and making it slightly awkward, before coughing slightly. “I-uh- I had- have a speech but uh, I just- are you okay??”

He sounds so worried, and Harley cant help but to laugh loudly, pulling away with the biggest smile on his face, even as tears run down his face. “I’m perfect.” He whispers shakily, sniffling and wiping away the snot that starts to run from his nose with his sleeve. “Tell me? Please?”

Peter smiles back lightly, still noticeably worried but mostly relieved, before clearing his throat, his fingers twitching nervously. “Harley Keener, you have been my best friend for two years, 5 months, 13 days aaaand,” he squints at the wall over Harleys shoulder. “6 hours ish, but who’s keeping count, right?” Harley chuckles a little at that, ignore the tears that are still pooling at his chin and dripping onto his shirt. “And those two years have been some of the best in my life. And lately, I feel like our friendship has grown and evolved into something- something better, something…”

“More.” Harkey finished for him, and Peter’s doe eyes light up, his lips tilting up higher.

“Yeah, more.” He whispers, something looking like hope growing behind his pupils, behind his irises. “So, uh, I was wondering if you maybe not only wanted to go to prom with me, but maybe wanted to go as… my boyfriend?”

Harley feels himself brighten at the words, feels his chest loosen and his heart soar, his body glowing and tingling, and he sobs again, choking out a firm “yes, yes!” before hugging him again, burying his face into Peter’s shoulder, the wetness on his face soaking into collar of the lab coat. But its okay, because he can feel Peter’s wide grin buried into his neck. He hears his two friend cheering around them, Ned shouting out “I’m so posting that online!” and MJ stating “Finally, you two idiots wont be pining after each other anymore.”

Harley just laughs again, and pulls Peter, his prom date, his boyfriend closer, any memory of his bad day fading into oblivion.

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part 1 - uwu and be uwud

♡–be my valentine–♡

(peter parker x reader!, sum mj x reader)

a/n: like i said, my first soc!media au, so lemme know what you think!!

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