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Henry Lee Lucas 
(August 23 1936 - March 12 2001)

Henry Lee Lucas was convicted of murdering his mother in 1960 and the murders of two others in 1983. After his convictions for those murders, he rose to infamy as a serial killer confessing to around 600 more murders whilst in prison to the Texas Rangers, and other law enforcement officials. Many unsolved cases were closed based on his confessions officially attributing the cases to Lucas; he became the most prolific serial killer in history.

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One of my favorite running jokes about unbreakable kimmy Schmidt is how Titus never told kimmy about any of the serious tragedies (like 9/11) that happened while she was in the bunker. In my mind it’s because she is still so pure and innocent after being kidnapped and kept underground for 15 years, and she thinks the reverend is the worst person in the world, and he doesn’t want to tell her there are infinitely worse people who do incredibly worse things because he wants her to think that Richard Wayne is the worst part of the world so she can move past it and stay positive. So he just… protects her from the cruel mess of the world because she’s already gone through enough. And I think that their friendship is my favorite of all television history. In this essay I will

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