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Guys, someone pointed this post out to me earlier. It was an instagram post by Justin a while ago and I have been sleeping on the bottom part of the captions.

It would be really cool if we can make scene comparison of these different times! I might have ago at it but it’d be nice to have more than one pair of eyes!

If you guys have screenshots of Ben in the scenes or even the ones behind the scenes (they might have better lighting) we might be able to see the differences! Just drop some screenshots in the reblogs if you’d like!


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The Hargreeves siblings as things my friends have said:

Allison: I’d rather have a hot flash at 50 than a baby.

Vanya: Men are trash but I still subscribe.

Klaus: Can you microdose heroine? Like what would happen?

Ben: Yeah I’m a pig too, but I’m an honest pig.

Luther: Wow. We really do live in a society.

Diego: Why the fuck am I in a decent mood?

Five: God is just Santa Clause for grownups.

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