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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Luther: Well, I think that, uh, we go to the Icarus Theater.
Five: Luther, take a seat. This is clearly the plan of an idiot. But a plan nonetheless, and one that required the barest modicum of human logic, which frankly, I thought was beyond you.
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I love this. Because,

  1. Paralyzed amnesiac: Vanya
  2. The one that’ll talk your ear off: Allison
  3. Fat: Luther
  4. The pale one: Klaus
  5. The little one (“I’d bet my good eye he’s a commie”): Five

This scene always makes me laugh. Diego is such a dork.

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Five: [ranting about the apocalypse]
Diego [to Klaus]: Do you have any lip balm I can use?
Klaus: What?
Diego: Conspiracy theories make my lips get all chapped. Come on, dude, it's not weird. We're brothers.
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I’m trying to create a retro vibes playlist so send me songs in my asks from David Bowie, Queen, Elton John, Freddy Mercury, etc. Going for like a 70’s, 80’s, 90’s vibe i guess please and thank you :)

EDIT: thank you everyone who has sent suggestions!!! I’ll give them a listen and form a playlist from there!

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Five despises fraps

You know what? I don’t buy it. I think Five publicly despises fraps, then sneaks into Starbucks under the cover of night and goes nuts blending stuff together. The Call of the Frap™ raises Five from his deepest slumber and he knows no rest until he can slake his thirst. It’s very Dracula.

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Spa Time

Klaus Hargreeves x Platonic!Reader

A/n: I’ve been mentally struggling these past two weeks or so so why not let my other favorite boy give reader a spa treatment?

P.s- i don’t know much about girly spa stuff because i mever do that kind of thing but it seems fun haha

Prompt: Klaus gives you a spa treatment after a hard week.

(Not my gif)

Originally posted by klaushaargreeves

  • After coming home from hard day Klaus decided to give you a spa treatment to try and cheer you up.
  • “Come on Y/n you can relax and i can do your nails and stuff!” He beamed while clapping his hands together.
  • At first you protested but he continued to insist and in the end you gave in.
  • “Go put on something comfy and meet me in my room!” He said as the two of you headed upstairs.
  • You went into your room and threw on a random pair of baggy pajama pants and an oversized t-shirt.
  • Upon entering Klaus’ room he sat you on his bed and rummaged through a few drawers before coming back over to you.
  • “We can start with your nails, Allison gave me these when we were young.” Klaus said while taking a seat across from you and laying out a few bottles of nail polish.
  • The colors where a mix of blues,purples,greys, and black.
  • You selected a color and Klaus nodded picking up the bottle and twisting off the cap.
  • Klaus took your hand and began delicately painting your nails.
  • “So what’s got you so worked up?” He asked, dipping the small brush back in the bottle before returning to your nails.
  • You shrugged explaining how school was starting to pile up and work wasn’t much help.
  • Klaus nodded and switched hands letting you hold the other one up to dry.
  • After both of your hands were painted and dried Klaus got up and lead you into the bathroom.
  • Taking out a bottle of some kind of cream he turned to you and grinned.
  • “Face masks?”
  • “Only if you do it too.” You said with a small smirk.
  • Klaus nodded and the two of you sat in the empty bathtub fully clothed and smeared the face mask on each other’s faces.
  • Your hair pulled back in a messy bun and Klaus’ hair pulled uo in a tiny unicorn style ponytail to atleast keep his bangs out of his face.
  • You felt relaxed as the two of you conversed about anything and everything while waiting for the mask to dry.
  • It was a few hours past midnight when the two of you finally decided to part ways and go to bed.
  • “Thank you Klaus, i really needed this.”
  • “Anytime Y/n.” He smiled and gave you a bear hug which you gladly returned.
  • “Goodnight Klaus.”
  • “Goodnight Y/n.”
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