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I didn't forget Ben but its gonna take a ouija session with Klaus to work out his sibling issues honestly and ain't nobody got time for that. Maybe in fanfiction

I imagine Ben and his siblings getting through everything they need to say to each other would be a very lengthy process.

I can also imagine Klaus lying on the floor while he projects Ben, and then falling asleep partway through because he’s already heard a lot of what his brother has to say over the years. …Which causes Ben’s ghostly self to fade like a lost TV signal, so the rest of the siblings keep shaking Klaus awake.

Five diligently applies himself to the task of fashioning a primitive rabbit ears antenna from the tinfoil Mom patiently unspools for him. He then holds it above Klaus’s forehead, angling the prongs in an attempt to recover Ben’s “signal” as Luther, Diego, Allison, and Vanya all speak at once, trying to tell him how to adjust it.

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I just want the hargreeves siblings to love each other more. I need some sibling love, for Vanya too. Also I'd like Luther to apologize to Vanya and Vanya to apologize to Allison and maybe Diego can chill out a little on the violence front. Klaus is being his best self, Allison is, I mean shes surviving and Five...he's doing as well as we can hope for someone in his situation, ya feel? Hes making it.

The apocalypse certainly put a damper on family bonding time. I, too, want to see the sibling relationships strengthened!

Luther and Diego? So much potential there! Luther needs to stop using hugs as a way to render people unconscious and Diego needs to try throwing his feelings around more often than he throws his knives!

Vanya and Allison? I hope they have an opportunity to grow closer simply because they love each other instead of because the evil plans of some controlling, manipulative man (*cough* Reginald and Leonard) necessitate it.

Diego and Klaus? Both doing amazing and already making great strides in their relationship. It would be fantastic to see even more empathetic support going forward as they learn to cope with similar losses.

Ben and Diego? I think these two could sit down and have a nice long talk. Possible discussion topics: being on the giving/receiving end of physical violence, managing the desire for revenge, getting Klaus some driving lessons.

Luther and Vanya? Give them a shared hobby so they can actually spend time together! They were raised as polar opposites (Number One vs. “just ordinary”) and would benefit from nurturing a little compassion for one another.

Allison and Ben? No one can relate more to Allison right now than Ben. She’s re-learning how to communicate and Ben knows exactly what that’s like! Klaus needs to make Ben corporeal again so he can hug his sister.

Klaus and Luther? They can start with “sorry I tried to choke you into unconsciousness.” Luther needs a guide to the larger world. Klaus needs normal experiences that aren’t about his addiction. A perfect match!

Five and EVERYONE? After his post-apocalyptic decades with only a mannequin and the decaying corpses of his loved ones for company, I don’t even know what Five needs. Just to get used to not being alone.

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unpopular opinion! luther isnt the worst he was also abused just in a different way where he would rather blame himself and everyone around him than blame reginald. its p common for those w child abuse to realize what happened and he is just in denial! literally his dad who made himself his whole life just died give him a break

Your opinion is not unpopular with me, Anon! For anyone who still needs convincing, let’s talk a little bit about Luther Hargreeves.

A big issue we seem to take with Luther is his physical violence. Though I do not and will never excuse that, particularly towards Klaus and Vanya, he isn’t the only Hargreeves to assault his siblings.

We’ve singled Luther out for attack because he’s different from the others in the way that he responded to Reginald’s appalling “parenting.” Not every mistreated kid adapts by making a clean break from their abuser. The way that Reginald undervalued Luther (or occasionally valued him, but for the wrong reasons) made Luther more attached to him and more desperate for the approval and acknowledgement that we can easily imagine was pretty goddamn rare.

Who are we to say this method of coping is wrong or bad? Growing up in that house, with those pressures (hello, being Number One!), Luther became just as much of a survivalist as any of his siblings. He needed something to believe in, which makes sense to me when we see glimpses of everything those kids were put through; he needed a reason why. Luther doesn’t so much find that sense of purpose or focus for his devotion as have it forced upon him. Unfortunately, when he accepts it, it’s less the mark of distinction outsiders like Harold Jenkins believe it to be than a burden.

Still, Luther shoulders that burden and drags it all the way to the Moon, but even in space, he hasn’t gotten far enough beyond Reginald’s reach. I think Luther’s exhile to the Moon is a wonderful, though tragic, metaphor for the way he continues to orbit the tenets of his father. His world revolves around that man and―you are absolutely correct, Anon―Luther deserves a BREAK for feeling the things he feels when Reginald dies.

It overly simplistic to mock, pity, or judge Luther for his apparent loyalty to Reginald after his death. You think it’s a father that Luther’s feeling the loss of? He’s mourning himself, and with 30 years of baggage to dig through, it’s going to take some time.

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Picture the Hargreeves kids pounding up the stairwell…

…except they’re adults, and they’re not racing, they’re trying to catch Five, because they want to measure him against the wall like a child.

Klaus is stumbling wildly up the steps, one of Allison’s skirts swinging against his knees. He’s brandishing a pencil and yelling, “HOLD STILL,” as Five, looking equally panicked and murderous, blinks his way from landing to landing.

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Diego: The thing slipped out of my hand.
Luther: Right after you said, quote, "You better duck, Luther, because I'm going to throw this frying pan at your head"?
Klaus: You threw a frying pan at Luther's head without me here?! I hate you.
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Vanya: And apparently, now that I'm the pretty spinster living all alone, Five's concerned for my safety.
Allison: Did he tell you all this?
Vanya: Do you think I labelled MYSELF the "pretty spinster"?
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Thoughts on the Hargreeve's having a prank war? Like, I could totally see it happening tbh.

You’re right and you should say it.

A Hargreeves prank war would be both highly competitive and extremely dangerous; none of these dopes understand the line between a joke and a threat to their siblings’ personal safety.

Luther’s pranks are terrible and tend to involve him breaking his siblings’ belongings because he doesn’t get why that isn’t a hilarious surprise. His main value in the pranking arena is as a human wall to hide someone else’s prank or trap from view until the correct victim comes along. Far more likely to be pranked than to do the pranking.

Most of Diego’s pranks involve his knives (obviously). Luckily, he runs his ideas by Klaus first, who is put in the very confusing position of having to stop someone else from doing something stupid. (Klaus succeeds in preventing Diego from pranking with his knives because Ben tells Klaus it’s a bad idea, and then Klaus tells Diego. Teamwork.)

As one of the most competitive siblings, Allison struggles with pranks. She is a prank perfectionist and so must resist using her power to make things play out exactly the way she envisioned in the planning stage. Despite their penchant for sharing secrets, she absolutely refuses to work with Luther, who is completely lacking in stealth and subtlety.

In the world of pranking, Klaus is king (by his own estimation, anyway). Nobody ever knows whether he’s serious and, after failing to believe him about seeing Ben, their guilt causes them to fall for his tricks more often than not. Klaus is far too opportunistic not to use this to his advantage. He tells one or more of his siblings to hurry up because there’s an emergency, and they come running.

Five is a ruthless prankster with a tight-lipped accomplice (Dolores). Like his brother Diego’s pranks, Five’s lean more towards lethal than laughable, and thanks to his devoted lookout (again, Dolores), he’s far less likely to be caught in the act of assembling a prank. And yes, they do require assembly, following a vigorous mathematical probing to ensure flawless execution.

Ah, Ben. The stealthiest Hargreeves. Not existing on the corporeal plane 99% of the time helps with the secrecy. His plans are blown most often by his tendency to share them with Klaus. When pranking, Ben’s style is “old horror movie”; he appears behind Allison when she’s looking in a mirror, or levitates Diego’s knives above his face as he’s waking up in the morning. Good times.

Vanya enjoys one big advantage: she knows the house better than anybody else thanks to a childhood spent exploring while the others trained. Mom is her unwitting accomplice, telling the others where they can find Vanya if they haven’t seen her around; they’re led directly to the location of her pranks. An unconvincing liar, Vanya prefers not having to bring them to the pranks herself.

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