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Day #49 - 100 days of productivity

19th of Febr. 2020

The Research Seminar is finally over, and I think the presentation went well. The feedback letters were quite nice and actually most of the criticism was very useful and thoughful. I am happy that it is over but there is something about these kinds of presentations. Somehow I don’t feel utterly relieved. During the presentation - after some nervousness - my enthusiasm increases and reaches its peak in the discussion. But after that - the audience clap their hands, I say again appreciatively thank you for your attention  (and I really mean it!) and then it is over. The spark is gone, the show is over and I find myself alone with the knowledge I have and I have not.

I came home to this:


Very grateful for my boyfriend. This will definitely help in the writing process of my paper.- This is the next milestone. Deadline is actually end of February. I doubt that I will make it.

Oh and the 2 students, me and my PhD fellow are supervising, are very friendly and super motivated. It is fun because they also have such great manners. I mean, we count 1.5 days since we know them but I have a good feeling.

It is the middle of the week and I hope you are doing great. Keep in mind, there are always nice people out there.

#notetomyself: Be more careful with your words, you might hurt somebody without any bad intentions. Words are interpreted very differently by people, as well as the perception of the world is different for each person. Keep that in mind.

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You’ll be over him in eleven weeks, two days, and three hours. Studies have shown that’s how long it takes for your neurohormone levels to return to normal. In simple words ‘in eleven weeks, two days and three hours approximately you can get over a boy or any relationship. I don’t think this is true…

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