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100 Days of productivity: Day 6


I got to talk with my roommate today about my anger and depression about being misgendered. It helped a lot and I’m feeling better even though I’m exhausted.

Things accomplished today:

1. Half my English homework for tomorrow

2. Half a math section.

3. Actually made myself dinner. Roast chicken and pasta.

I’m going to go to bed early so that I hopefully have enough energy to accomplish everything I need to tomorrow.

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Hump day! It’s been a long week for me already. New jobs are always stressing although o have to say that the people at my new job are a lot less stressed than my old job. At least I think so. I haven’t started to do much myself. I finally got my used name and password and hopefully tomorrow they’ll have me answering the phones and doing some other things. The only problem as I see it is that they tell me that I’m supposed to do certain things certain way but every time I’m sitting with someone different they do something completely different, getting me all confused. I guess I’ll figure out once o start doing my own things. I’m sure they’ll let me know.

Today we got our new refrigerator delivered. Andre was the one who was able to stay at home but had some problems turning the water off and there were some issues with the connecting it to the lines. So now I have 2 refrigerators. They guys said that they’ll pick up the old one once we solve the problem.

Since we had to get a bunch of food out of the old refrigerator, we really didn’t have much for dinner. I wasn’t super hungry but Little Bit wanted to go eat somewhere. We ended up going to Don Jose. Drove David’s car since it has heated seats cause the temperature is super cold tonight.

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I am beat! Nice people at the new place but how I hate being the new person learning everything. And they will not have me doing things by myself for another 2 weeks. Could be good but time will drag. I get half an hour lunch and 2 15 minutes break, which is fine but I’ll have to make sure to take lunch with me. I can’t wear leggings and that’s a shame. We can’t use white-out, they won’t even provide it. So it’s pretty different from my other job but you can’t have everything.

Andrew And Little Bit wanted to go to Steak ‘n Shake so we went there after work. I used all mt points for Weight Watchers.

Now I have to clean the cats’ litter boxes, 4 in all, what a joy. Take a shower and go to bed. Tomorrow will be another long day.

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Started my new job. So far so good! I’m just shadowing everyone in the office. The manager said that I probably won’t be doing anything by myself for about 2 weeks.

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I just got into running 5 days a week since I got the treadmill set up inside the house. I’ve been doing good, I’m slow but consistent and my hip no longer aches and my ankles rarely feel tight.

But I just also got a part time work from home job offer and while I am excited to have some of my own income I am worried that my fitness will slip if I don’t have unrestricted time to do whatever.

Right now I have so much free time to clean, to cook healthy meals, to work out. Doing errands is no big deal because I have all week. Last time I worked (full time) I had so many issues because I did so much housework and cooking and I felt burnt out.

I’m also worried because I still need to paint the living room and master bedroom and if I start this job I’m worried it won’t get done.

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Today was my last day at my current job. I’ve been there for 3 years and it’s been very stressful. For the most part I like most people in this office but there are many internal problems and dealing with the clients is very challenging. I work for a government office and there’s a lot of verbal abuse, I seriously don’t get paid enough to put up with the abuse. I wish there was something that could be done. I like helping people but sometimes I just want to scream. Don’t know why people think that they can talk to us like that just because they feel like it. I’m hoping that this other office will be less challenging. And I will be starting this coming Monday. Now, this is the part that I don’t like, the new learning everything about everything. But same hours and same pay.

Meanwhile David is looking at a job in Texas. It would put me about 2 hours from my sister. He said that he would get paid enough so I didn’t have to work. But my problem right now is that our house is not ready to go on the market. And to tell the truth, I’m not sure I want to move there. I mean , I’m sure it’s nice but I don’t know that I want to move at this time. Now, I would move to Mobile so I could go cruising all the time. And enjoy Mardigras yearly.

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I’ve learned to make big moves quietly.

To talk to those when the time is ready about you wanting to move on.

But take your time and don’t share everything with everyone. Be humble as you work hard.

pray, talk to God and allow Him to lead and guide you. Everyone will have an opinion about what you should do, what you need to do but trust that God will lead and guide you.

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I’m 99% sure my coworker is getting fired for blatantly stealing from the store (and letting her family steal from the store), and on one hand GOOD. Shes a major evangelical and cannot go seconds without preaching, shes lazy, and shes just a hard person to be around in general, so I was sick of her. On the other hand I’ve been training for a while but now I’m gonna have to take up her days and uhhhh thats nerve wracking.

I’ve never been alone at the store for more than an hour so I’m legit scared to do three 8 hour days in a row. Good news is that her days are the slow days (she did that on purpose cause, again, shes lazy) so that should help ease me into it a bit until I’m ready for busier days. Just hoping she doesn’t start drama in our tiny ass town cause I’m not gonna deal with that. I just wanna do my job and get paid.

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Is it bad that I just started a job on monday but already feel like quitting? Maybe I should just do fun part time jobs for the rest of my life…

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Work introduction to the new job tomorrow I’m extatic and nervous! Will be good to get more steady shifts and maybe some more regular coworkers

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So I posted back on the 6th of February about a job interview I had that morning. I was quite happy with how it went and also happy with how I presented myself. Today I received the results of that interview…..

I got the job!


Originally posted by vintagedecades

I am just waiting on them to allocate someone to train me in, which office and department I will be allocated to and I will be given my official start date!

I always said I’d keep this bottle sealed until the day I got a promotion or a new job…. today’s that day!


Sláinte! To new a new chapter!

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