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🗒️🌿 : 11/100 days of productivity


-math test went alright, got myself a new book that i’ll take with me on the greece trip (more about that tomorrow) and a new mug. also, kiwis for afternoon snack as per usual.

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gonna try and be active here on tumblr again. i think its a good platform to share stuff like these and actually get good tips from. reactivating my studyblr!

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a long-overdue intro post ~~🧠

hi ☕

I know I promised you guys an ask game or whatever but I found out how lame I was and couldn’t come up with anything original. however, I did find that I never introduced myself. in the years of me having a studyblr, I never formally written a post describing who I am as a student and person. honestly, i’m kind of upset I didn’t, but it’s all good, because here I am. 

y’all can call me K. no, that’s not my full name, but i’ll probably not ever tell you guys here. I currently reside in Kentucky at a small university, studying communication disorders. I love it! I was undeclared last semester and went through 3 months of career counseling (which, i’m a huge support of!!) in order to find something i’m passionate about. in a few years I hope to be a practicing medical speech-language pathologist or work in accent coaching, the latter being a humongous dream of mine. who knows? we’ll see. 

some facts about me: 

~ i’m a Christian 

~ my favorite color is green (I think) 

~ i’m currently working two jobs 

~ I own another blog that’s not on tumblr related to my spiritual journey 

~ I speak French and some Spanish 

~ i’m obsessed with the idea of traveling (road trips are my jam and I make the best playlists)

~ I love writing and used to love reading but now I just don’t have the time 

~ I love house plants

~ my inbox is always open!!

I made a studyblr a long time ago mostly because I enjoyed the aesthetic. I’ve always enjoyed school. now, I use it to motivate me because now that i’m in college I’ve had huge issues staying on top of things. sometimes time management just doesn’t agree with me. 

feel free to ask me anything! I love chatting with people and would love to get to know people in the community more! 

until my next post, farewell!! 🐧🌵

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a studyblr introduction

hello, beautiful people of the studyblr community! this is my official studyblr introduction, so, woohoo! haha. tbh, i’ve always tried to have a studyblr in high school but it never worked out in my favor so… here we go again (college edition)!

about me

  • my name is melissa but i go by mel
  • i’m 18 years old and a college freshman in her second semester
  • she/her pronouns
  • a member of the lgbtq+ community
  • i lived in chicago, il but now live in peoria, il due to college
  • i attend a private liberal arts university and i am double majoring in english / secondary education (i’m adding a concentration in creative writing and possibly a gender studies minor tho!)
  • i love writing and i am currently in the process of rewriting my first draft for my debut novel
  • infj, hufflepuff, melancholic, chaotic neutral, gemini

my interests/hobbies

  • creative writing (hehe, duh)
  • i’m a gaymer girl (nintendo!!!! i’m so excited for animal crossing and the remake of pokemon rescue dungeon!!!)
  • journaling
  • teaching! i’m currently doing field experience for my intro to english education class and i just :’(( i’m so excited to become a teacher
  • kpop (mainly bts/txt/loona/red velvet)
  • manga (akatsuki no yona/fairy tail the 100 year quest)
  • tv (stranger things but i want to watch i am not okay with this)
  • the IT series (mainly 2017 & 2019) because i love richie and stephen king’s writing style owns me bro
  • starbucks pink drinks & iced caramel macchiatos :D i get these like every day especially since we have multiple starbucks on campus,,, omg so tempting

my inspirations/role models

  • jenny han: my main writing inspiration. her style is so dynamic yet simple!
  • stephen king: king of horror if i do say so myself, luv
  • my field experience cooperative teacher :( <3

current classes

  • intro to english education
  • intro to literary criticism
  • literature identities: vulnerability
  • child development
  • public speaking
  • american literature up until 1865
  • in total: 16 credit hours ahahaha

goals/posts you can expect

  • post my notes (i have an ipad pro/apple pencil i will not let it go to waste)
  • 100 days of productivity
  • independently continue my mandarin studies
  • read at least 5-10 ya fiction books
  • post some masterposts
  • post some things about me being an education major! (ex: field experiences, sheets and handouts i create for my students, etc)
  • maybe novel excerpts?? who knows
  • i basically want to make use of this blog! it’ll be my home probably until i get my phd (or until this hellsite ultimately faces its demise)

and finally… studyblrs that i love

just tagging a few studyblrs that i truly do love and recommend!

@hannybstudies @tbhstudying @studyquill @florencestudiesstuff @lantern-hill-studies @smilestudy @adelinestudiess @intellectys @amenastudies @studylustre @studtea @fivestarstudying @messydeskstudies @studytobloom

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february 26th, 2020

really getting into the grind; bc of the virus exams are all messed up and i hate it!!! squeezing a bit of devotion time between mugging for midterms, its been a while since i’ve done any sketching, but verses from the bible really really really encourage me and help me pull through stress (´•ω•̥`)

besides that, mushrooms! they look so magical, it was a such pleasure to see them after my run yesterday!!!

now listening: gracious tempest - michael bird (cover)

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hi there! by the chance you happen to stumble across this blog, welcome!

university is big and overwhelming so this is just a place for me to gather motivation and inspiration to do my best! i hope you like your stay here! :)

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🗒️🌿 : 9/100 days of productivity


-had a truly terrible day. i got a ’d’ in literature and then got scolded for work :( but it’s okay because i met a cuddly cat in the morning and hyunjin posted a vlog. also, some instant rice and spaghetti because i had zero motivation to cook. the moon shaped cookies are from my grandma and they’re so sweet, i love her soo much.

-decided to try these printables from @studyblrbunny to keep better track of everything too and i love them!

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