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hello! I have a question, because I love your drawings and I would love to have one tattooed... so what's your policy with that?

Hello!! I’m super flattered you’d want a tattoo of my art, that’s amazing :D

As for my policy - in general, go ahead! I’d just like to know what piece you’re wanting, or if you want to commission a tattoo design. Also, a picture of it would be neat - with a shout-out to my tumblr or instagram (niccillustrates)

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It’s been quite a year :’) A lot of time was eaten up by prep work I couldn’t show off, so there’s more gaps in this summary than I’m happy with. Still, I feel like I really found my voice this year and I’m happy with where I got by the end!

Moving forward, I’ll be opening my Society6 shop on January 1st (finally!) and my schedule is cleared up to get the max amount done as possible - look forward to more art, commissions, prints, and comics in 2018 & onward :D

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Hey there! This blog’s been pretty quiet for the past month, so I figured a quick update is due? Truth is, I’ve just been terribly busy with work and family - my schedule has been packed and it’s not easing up any time soon. 

I’m still working on setting up a Society6 store, trying to keep up with Illusory, and hopefully posting more often. Things are just taking more time than I thought. Thanks for hanging with me :)

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