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MCU’s Peter Parker is the literal representation of the ‘Upgrade. Shit, go back’ meme. Like he asked to be an Avenger but the second that Nick hits him up he’s like ᵁᴴᴴᴴᴴᴴᴹᴹ ᵛᴼᴵᶜᴱᴹᴬᴵᴸ and it’s brilliant

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A Post-Avenger Nick Fury accidentally goes to the future and sees his two best agents (Steve and Nat) are married. Natasha notices Nick isn't from their timeline (she just knows lol black widow tingle) and Steve gets a smug grin and just says "Best matchmaker ever" Nicky Fury returns to the past and calls Steve and Nat to his office to offically "partner then up" and said to himself, "this two motherfuckers don't know what's in store for them" NICK FURY IS THE OG MATCHMAKER 馃お馃お馃お馃お

hi anon! i know this took me a while to finish but i hope you like it! thanks for the prompt!

Title: when push comes to shove

Relationship: Steve Rogers/Natasha Romanoff


These two motherfuckers don’t know what’s in store for them.

so the future part of this place takes place after Endgame.

modifications: Steve and Natasha has been married before IW. They had kids in those five years between IW and Endgame. And of as per my usual, no one dies XD enjoy!

Also on AO3!

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Neither Tony or Steve defeated the main antagonist of the movies in their respective trilogies.

Iron Man 1: Pepper Potts kills Obadiah Stane by overloading the arc reactors

Iron Man 2: Tony and Rhodey have to team up to defeat Whiplash. Even then, Vanko kills himself.

Iron Man 3: Pepper Potts kills Aldrich Killian

Captain America 1: Red Skull grabs the Tesseract on his own, making him responsible for his defeat

Captain America 2: Nick Fury shoots Alexander Pierce

Captain America 3: T’Challa captures Helmut Zemo

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Imagin two of Nick fury’s family members actually got to properly moun him and celebrate his return? Imagin if nick got to find out about natasha and mourn because she was his friend and a member of his family and she shouldn’t have had to die???

Imagin nick finding out that laura and the kids had also been ‘snapped away’ and making up for 5 years of missed birthdays and sunday brunches because he can and they deserve it (and clint helps him with all the baking because he missed having his friend there with him and died even more on the inside when he found out he lost so many people from his family.)

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god its so annoying seeing stuff on insta about the new things with the eternals, black widow, etc. and the comments are filled with people insulting it and asking for spiderman back

yes, i miss him, too, but honestly??? hes not what makes the MCU so good. its all of them. he just played a part in it smh

please be respectful to these new projects, ESPECIALLY the actors for the eternals who are probably very excited to come into the mcu.

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Clint being Nick Fury’s adopted son is highly underrated.We never talk about it:(

Y’know what? You are so right.

Carol, Maria, and Natasha are his adopted sisters. That’s why he’s so good at braiding Lilia’s hair, and makeup.

Fury likes to act annoyed around him bc he is but really he’s just playing. Clint likes to joke that Fury doesn’t love him as much as the others. But with the way Fury acted behind closed doors when Loki brainwashed Clint, proved just how wrong that statement was.

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Series Master.

I had written out a whole second part with bonding, but my STUPID BROWSER ERASED IT like whAT- so this chapter may feel a bit rushed. Sorry about that :c

Summary: The reader, a teen marvel addict who is *kind of* badass, gets transferred from the real world dimension to the Avengers’ dimension, ends up helping to defeat Loki’s army of Chitauri.

Warnings: Swearing, Violence.

I’m writing the rest of this mini-series in 1st person.


A day later, in Germany

“Are you sure about this Tony?” I asked lowly.

I was clinging to Tony’s back as he hovered above a building. “Nope. But if we want a chance, you need to try.”

I gulped back my fears, and closed my eyes, taking a deep breath. I nodded. “Okay.”

Then, I released my arms from around Tony’s neck, and landed semi-gracefully on the building’s roof, tripping towards the edge. I gave a thumbs up to Tony, who flew up to the Quinjet. I peered over the roof and watched as Captain America fought Loki below me. 

My heart pounded. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” I mumbled to myself. 

“You know what to do.” I heard Tony say through my earpiece, which he had stocked me with.

I nodded, and watched as he helped Captain America. “Make your move Reindeer Games…” I said quietly. 

I grinned, and stepped back, getting a running start, before leaping off the roof, and actually sticking the landing, right in front of Loki, next to Tony. On the trip down, I had pulled out my handgun. I pointed it right at Loki, as he used his magic to remove his armor and helmet, putting up his hands in defense. I smirked, and tilted my head lowering my gun. 

“Good move.” I stated, finishing off Tony’s line. He moved his head to me for a moment, before looking back at Loki.

“Yeah, what she said.” Tony said.

I grinned in triumph as the Quinjet made a shaky landing. “Mr. Stark.”


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