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Flames of Darkness

inspiration: A Court of Mist and Fury

Out of place. My pale rose gown perfectly complimented my emerald eyes, but in a court dressed completely in black – I looked out of place. I suppressed the shivers that ran down my spine and pulled on a mask of confidence that went well with my building fury that I could barely contain.

Dark eyes followed me down the marble floor from every corner, forcing me to instinctively raise my guard. Tilting my chin up, I looked down at them, earning myself multiple sneers od disgust and pitiful grins. Monsters, every one of them were monsters. But none of them could compare to the devil pulling their strings.

The ruby red accents on his deep black suit glistened under the dim lighting in the hall. Leaning against the pillar, his pale blonde hair fell into his unearthly fire opal eyes that surveyed every inch of my body, heating my blood. Arrogance and pride rippled off his tall, muscular and well-built body as his mocking grip grew, revealing his sharp ivory teeth. Dark swirls of ink flashed from the back of his palms that rested in his pockets – labelling him as the mightiest. To him, I was a weak and pathetic child.

Shadows slowly started to leak out of the corners of the hall, sending a ripple of gasps through the crowd. No, not shadows… flames – black, searing hot flames. They etched closer along with him – towards me. The hellish flames now circled dangerously close to my gown, threatening to engulf my entire body. He took a long stride and stepped into the black ringed cage, towering over me. It was his turn to look down on me. Roughly, he snaked his arm around my waist with a bone shattering grip, pulling me into his toned chest. A spark rattles painfully through my blood and his, making his bright orange eyes widen for a fraction of a second, his perfect grin slipping from his mouth.

From his perspective, I was an intruder that he could not harm. But that didn’t stop him from almost crushing me under his deadly touch as he growled: “Welcome, to my Court of Nightmares, princess.”

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though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light;
i have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night

~ Sarah Williams; “the Old Astronomer to His Pupil”

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Thursday, May 23, 2019

You fell in love with a vampire!

You wanna get it for free!

Say hello to the brush fire, baby,

you gonna take it from me?

I’m gonna take it from you!


Say hello to the good times,

and burning up in the sun!

You’re sitting back on an empire

while the world lays back,

puts a kid behind that gun


If we crash this time,

they got machines to keep us alive!

When the mix tape lies

choke down the words with no meaning!


I stopped bleeding three years ago

while you keep screaming for revolution!

Me and my surgeons and my street-walking friends,

we got no heroes ‘cause our heroes are dead.

–“Tomorrow’s Money” by My Chemical Romance


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Suite 337 - completíssima : Tv Smart 4K - iluminação LED - ar condicionado - frigobar - cofre - camas box - armários - kitchen - @cultstudenthousing o primeiro coliving do Recife. #coliving #lol #cat #girls #cool #baby #night #funny #instapic #hot #healthy #yummy #iphoneonly #model #instacool #motivation #gym #black #pink #blue #webstragram #cultstudenthousing #cultstudenthome #studenthouse #studenthousing (em Cult Student Housing)

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