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@ninaloyko recently posted [these AMAZING reditions] of the Tales mascots, and I love them so much; the designs reflect the individual characters so perfectly! Since Symphonia wasn’t on the list, I wanted to try my hand at my beloved Noishe and Corrine. 

…come to think of it, I don’t remember these two interacting much in the game. It’s probably because Noishe stays out of the way in most scenes. According to the protozoa lore, he’s roughly in the middle of his life cycle- but I still like to imagine that his perpetual thought process is “I’m too old for this.”

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Helloooooo everyone uwu

I am deeply sorry that I was hiatus for so long—- I was buried deep in Detroit:become human fandom… also I’m enrolling in college in just a few months so I’m still busy ;;w;; But I’ll still have to draw more art works so hopefully I’ll be around uwu

Enough about me, immediately after I saw that Mikleo has a Halloween costume I was like “I HAVE TO DRAW HIM” because he’s so beautiful uwu I hope you guys like this piece I made for our beloved husbando 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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Hello guys!
This is a quick art I made for a little competition on a game call “Line Play”
This is the organizer’s mascot. they wanted a picture of her in a kimono. Also I made a little step to prove that I drew this— anyway, I hope you find it ok at least because I was very sloppy with the coloring 😅

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Hello y’all :)
This piece of art work is my tribute to Tales of the Rays WW.
This game has been an amazing journey for me who can’t afford a proper console to play any mothership Tales games yet.

I’m really, really sad that it’s really gone now…. and I can’t play JP Rays because of devices problems.

So at least I’ll continue on drawing the characters and never forget about being able to control my favorites characters in this game.

Thank you anyone who’ve read this far uwu I hope you like this. I might make another one with Ix and Kocis if I have more time.

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Hello everyone!
Sorry that I’ve been really inactive— My school is open now and this is my last year in highschool so I’m working hard to graduate and to get accept into my dream college. But I still need some more artworks to put in my portfolio so you’ll see some new arts uwu
And today I decided to draw my most favorite blue son, Aoba. It’s been a while since I last associated with Dmmd and I really missed my blue son XD. I hope you enjoy! 

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Hello guys!
I am back with a little surprise :)
I was having a reminiscent about weird anime that I have watched, then this magical boys anime came back to my mind and oh my god I just HAD TO make a crossover of it with Tales series XD
I hope y’all find it funny and don’t kill me ;w;

and yes, I just finished watching season 2…. and yes the clothes CHANGED and there’s three more characters that I’m missing.
Soooooo if you wanna see more crossover then please tell me XD

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Hello guys!
I’m finally back to painting uwu here is my no.1 Tales waifu and I have a surprise speedpaint video!!

check it out :

I’d say go check out my channel but that’s pretty much the only video I have—
but if you want to see more speedpaint video in the future, considering subscribe or follow my tumblr! Thanks for stopping by :D

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Hello! back at it again with my old art! uwu I made this one for the Halloween challenge on Tales of Amino and I won! 

I promised folks there that I will draw Luke but never get around to it until Halloween so I just merge them! with Mieu as a bonus uwu hope y’all like the clothes I designed for him!

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Oh my god… Thanks everyone that passed by and liked/reblogged my arts— I’ve never have this many people witnessing them before ;w; I will work hard to make my blog a worthwhile place!

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Annnd posting my old art again 😅😅😅 I’m still working on a set of costumes that I made a bunch of Tales characters wear so look out for that 👌 and I’ll be posting my old arts here for the time being :3

ps.I made a short speed paint for this too but there’s a problem with half of the video so I only uploaded it to my private FB— but if anyone wants it I can put it on my youtube channel as a secret video 👌

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I haven’t post here in ages….
Anyway, have a shitty ship picture of my oc x my friend’s oc 👌 I’m on break now so I’ll try to be more active here uwu

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Welp, I have absolutely no idea on how to use this website yet— so uhh, this is kinda an introduction post??? (I feel like a grandma—) welp, have this art of myself that I made last year to start off— hopefully I’ll be diligent enough to keep this blog alive—

I’m Nina, 17 years old with art, music and games as hobbies. I think I’ll mostly post my arts here, although most stuff I draw is my ocs— so yaaa nice to meet you uwu

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