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I love playing breath of the wild🌿🌊☀️🌾

If I make this into a print would anyone be interested in purchasing? Please make me know!😊

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• Following the original “Permadeath” format where if you die you MUST start the game over from scratch but now with some added details for that extra difficulty:

1. No “Mipha’s Grace” or anything that can revive you once all hearts are depleted.

2. No extra hearts, ONLY dishes that can replenish hearts you have earned from completing shrines.

3. No defense boosts. Every other effect boosts foods/armor are allowed (attack boosts, stealth boosts, movement speed boosts, heat resistance, cold resistance, and electric resistance.

4. Only allowed stock armor attributes, that means NO upgrading armor at fairy fountains. What you have is what you get.

5. No upgrading runes or champion abilities.

6. You can only upgrade your weapon stash 4 times.

7. You can only upgrade your shield stash 2 times.

8. You can only upgrade your bow stash 4 times.

9. No resting through the night or during rain. You must tough it out and survive.

10. No amiibos allowed.

11. Last but not least, you can only upgrade your stamina up to TWO wheels ONLY.

• Please keep in mind this is meant to be hard and if you want to do another playthrough of BOTW but need a different change of pace. Have fun and enjoy!

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one thing that i am so happy about is that i am rediscovering myself. gaming has always been a huge part of my life, but now that i’ve grown older, i lost interest, and in a way, lost myself. 

my most wonderful and amazing boyfriend took one of his gameboys, purchased a new shell and buttons, and made me my very own. i never got to play any of the old Pokémon games, which sucks and is really saddening because i love Pokémon. i always have, and i always will. but he has given me this wonderful and rare opportunity to play it - authentically. 

plus, i’ve bought myself a new Nintendo Switch. i am beyond excited to play the new Pokémon games when they come out (Pokémon Sword and Shield). i actually bought myself Let’s Go Eevee when i bought my own system and i don’t know how to feel? honestly? it’s honestly so different than what i’m used to.

life is good. always.

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Selkie, The Free Spirit!
Today is her B-day! 10/20! and at the moment, she’s embracing a wonderful friend!
Fire Emblem © Nintendo, Intelligent Systems Pokemon © Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures Inc., Pokemon Company

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