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Tell me about you and Noir!

Thanks for the ask bb!!!! I love u!! 💖💘

  • We dance a lot!! It’s usually slow dances to soft music, and it’s always so peaceful.
  • We like to hold hands when we’re just sitting next to each other. Whether it just be interlocking pinkies or whatever, our hands are always touching. And I have small hands and his hands are warm and big and it’s great.
  • As sweet as he is, he always makes fun of my small hands. But my hands are still the perfect size to grab his cute face to tell him to leave me alone!!!
  • He’s awkward as hell. First time we went on a date he stumbled over his words a lot and it was adorable. He’s still awkward on Valentine’s day and our anniversary when he gives me cards and gifts.
  • He has an amazing way with words. That man can WRITE. His cards are always love letters that make me blush so hard.
  • He knows I’m strong. He believes in me. He trusts me. I think that’s what makes him so special. I’m really in touch with my emotions and he always deals with my feelings. He knows that I’m emotional and he knows exactly how to take care of me.
  • He wears warm sweaters all the time and I like to steal them!!!!!
  • I just love him. I tell him that all the time. We’ll be doing something simple and I’ll tell him he’s the love of my life. He’ll smile and tell me I’m “something else”.
  • He likes to kiss my forehead. I like it too :)
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i’ve watched Into The Spiderverse four times in the past 4 days. I smile every time Noir is on bc I’m like “!!!!!!! That’s my boyfriend!!!!!” 💘💖💕💞💕💗

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I LOVE Sunmi - I saw her a week or so ago when she visited Seattle, and she is such an incredible performer!! She has a fantastic voice and shes so cute,,

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