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#not a prompt
Finnish has over 40 words for snow (and ice), the language would suit Vexen well.


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Oh my god, someone else understands the true nature of the Spanish language. Where had you been all my life when people kept on telling me it was romantic?

I was out there screaming me cago en la leche and la madre que me parió whenever I stubbed my toe against furniture 

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Ppppst. You forgot Larxene in the Language stuff.

Nope, I didn’t ! 

All the Org is r i g h t there, including Larxene, Roxas and Xion !
but i’m guessing you’re using mobile, because it’s the only place my posts keep getting cut off - to fix this, just open the post in your mobile browser / google app and it should show everything properly 

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I didn't see that typo holy shit but yeah fam love your blog, brings me joy, keep up the wonderful work -cant believe my eyes anon

It’s all good friend lol if anything it was super funny to read that so early where I am thank you for the kind words I’ll definitely keep it up 🥰

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I can't fucking believe I have to see with my own two eyes this while toe sucking deal my god, love your blog btw

I thought you meant you that you were on my blog while toe sucking,,,,I was about to cry again 🙃 thank you doe lol 💞

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Look I know it's those real horny hours again but I just wanna say that my thoughts about claude are only pure this time. I just wanna have a picnic with him and have him lay in my lap while I feed him sandwiches okay what a beautiful man ;u;

Wow we actually have pure asks this time,,,,this is truly a miracle 💞💞💞

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my words are i want him to gently take me by the hand and teach me to ballroom dance bc that one pic of him inviting byleth to dance has me soft and i just wanna dance w him sm s o b

Oh that’s amazing I want to dance with Claude,,,,,

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is it horny-o’clock yet bc i have some words for claude 馃憖馃憖

Y’all really got a timeframe for this? I mean you can have some words just don’t go too berko,,,,

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do you like documentaries? and if yes what are your favourite topics?

Not really much of an avid fan, but I like learning in general so all documentaries are g u c c i  in my book ! 

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got my new laptop, prompts will start up again… soon enough? next couple days. i gotta set up the new laptop and so i might be spotty still for like. a while. but like. yeehaw i’m still alive

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HGHVCH the Sora like sibling!! I love!! Thank you for making it!!! Exsist!!! Thank!!! Hhhh I'm bluescreening but thank!!

You’re welcome ! ! 

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May be a dumb question, but when do you think you'll lift "spoiler protection" once 3H comes out and we want to send requests? A month? Until said character is added to Heroes? Or "I just beat it today, so go nuts."

im sure I can beat 3H’s pretty quickly considering I can beat games pretty quickly but I dont wanna spoiler my followers hm,,, it’s a hard question. I would say a month or so after the game comes out I’ll probably would have finished the game if anything ill just say you can guys can send in requests but ill tag everything as spoilers

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*whips and nae nae’s to the beat of gucci gang* golden gang golden gang golden gang golden gang

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