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#not a prompt
New idea for Groomhardt: His staff is basically Meisterschwert in a boquet of flowers (Dire Roses? Meisterblumen?) and has the same effect as Dire Thunder + Wrathful Staff. He would totally be a sword unit... if not for the fact that he heals with vows of devotion--

That last sentence got my heart. Pls, don’t do this. I have a very fragile heart. Claude has already given it several heart attacks; I don’t want another handsome man to diminish my health anymore ;-;

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Have a snoring Luna. Sorry for the TV in the background. It’s the calm before her naughty storm. Spoilt brat has her own sofa for a bed cos she won’t fit any bed. 😂


Although to make this relevant I will say I’m like half way through my story plan… Ish. I’m a little stuck cos it feels a little flat but we’re getting there. Last few days the PlayStation has had me prisoner and now I’m editing a fanfic I’ve been working on for like nearly 5 years. I swear this story won’t take that long. 😂


Update as I was making this. Now she’s watching TV.

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When I first S-supported Dancehardt, he leaned forward and held out his hand. He looked like he wanted to help the Summoner get on his wyvern and it's honestly really cute-- 💞

Dancehardt is too fucking handsome and I’m like low-key angry at Intsys for making him so. Intsys, pls, I’m already bi, and Dancehardt, P!Shigure, and P!Inigo are making me love men again.

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Heya Guys

It’s me, mod orphy.

I know I haven’t been posting lately, but I have been going on a rough mental health journey, not to mention writer’s block.

I will try to interact with the blog as much as I can, but I expect these few months to be even busier ahead of time.

Thank you all for being patient with me. I will continue to do my best here!

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Change the hearts on Claude's head to spoopy ghosts. ez

ohh that does sound like a cute idea,,,maybe when I have some free time I’ll do it ^^ thank you for the idea!

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I wanna change the blog icon and color theme to fit the spooky season but I dont have any cute spooky icons and it’ll mess up the links :((((

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we talking cooking? my hubby dimitri made a joosy 5 star meal first try so im proud 😤😤

if it’s by the book, I’m sure dimitri can cook pretty well…he just makes you taste test everything first,,,

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Hi, me again😁Another random thought came. Both Rein and Alfie would totally be kind of stern and stoic on the outside, but absolutely soft on the inside. They wouldn't normally do much PDA in public, but it kinda changes when they're in private with their S/O. At least for Rein, Alf is a shy boi. Oh, and they would show their love in some really sweet ways. Hell, even the lovemaking would be (mostly) really sweet🙃🙃

yeah I totally see this ^^^^ they seem all serious on the outside and they mostly are, but around the people they like/care for they seem to soften up a bit and seem more carefree. Alfonse is a big shy dork and Rein is confident and smooth

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Rules for Submissions

I love it when you guys submit prompts to help me keep this blog running.

But I do have to set a couple of tiny rules.

1) Only submit prompts that are your own. (Duh)

2) Please don’t submit prompts if you submitted them to other blogs already, it’s not fair to me or those other bloggers.

3) If you have multiple prompts put them in separate submissions

4) Please do NOT add a title so I can keep my number system going. Titles will be removed.

So those are my rules. In any case feel free to submit.

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Y'all so mean to Alfonse cooking skills😂😂😂😂 kinda true do, the husband can only make 2 star dishes. Hubby Hrid made a fucking 5 star dish on the first try. 😤😲

Alfonse is trying his best but,,,maybe cooking is the one thing he can’t do very well 😭 Hrid is probably pretty good at cooking since he had to cook for 3 sisters,,,

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