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1 and 13 for Oumasai! :)

1. Who is the happy morning person and who is grumpy and just wants to go back to bed?

-Kokichi would definitely be the grumpy one that just wants to stay in bed and sleep in and Shuichi is the morning person!

13. What is a memory they share together that makes them both laugh so hard they cry when they think about it?

-Probably some stunt Kokichi made Shuichi pull during their school days.

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Characters: Luther Hargreeves x Reader
Warnings: None 
Synopsis: Luther’s life is falling apart in front of him and he blames himself 

AN - Tester fic, if you like I’ll write more of the character 

“It’s my fault” 

“Hey! No, it isn’t your fault” 

Luther slumps on one of the kitchen stools, normally you would laugh at the sight of his large frame carefully balance on one of the very slender kitchen stools, but the look in his eyes stops you. Every since the family had gathered after the death of their father, it had been one thing after another going horribly wrong. 

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I love that Luther is getting the love and attention from fans that he deserves but I just want to ask Luther fans, in the interest of continuing to grow positivity in the fandom, please don’t fall into that same issue we’ve already experienced of pitting siblings against each other to try to make one seem better.

I’ve already seen it happen a few times with Diego and once or twice with Klaus. It’s not widespread or anything so that’s good, but Luther fans have done a lot to create more positive posts and I don’t want this to turn into another situation where we’re arguing over who’s the most virtuous.

Luther has flaws. I understand the fandom may not want to focus on that much after the rampant and largely unfounded Luther hate, but trying to erase them does a disservice to his character. I’ve seen Luther fans who will say “I know he has flaws” and then proceed to deny all evidence of his flaws.

Sometimes other characters’ fans bring up your fave’s flaws, mistakes, bad actions, etc irt their own characters…because characters don’t exist in a vacuum and their actions have effects on other characters. If they’re not bashing or misrespresenting that stuff, then it’s fair game. That’s not character hate, it’s discussion.

Luther’s denial of Reginald’s abuse (his own and the others’) was harmful to other people. Just like Klaus’s addiction and Diego’s aggression and verbal abuse. And yes, you can dive into the reasons why they turned out that way, but beware of getting too defensive when you do. It quickly leads down the road towards refusing to admit he did anything wrong.

It’s okay to just say, “I’d rather focus on other aspects of him!”

But I do think that if you don’t love a character’s flaws, you don’t really love the character, you just love your idea of them.

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