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five: *doesn’t like his body/appearance, is constantly mistaken for a child, is patronised by half the people he talks to, has a funky name, doesn’t find klaus’ gnc-ness strange at all despite being gone for 40+ years and not touching modern society since 2002, has one of those oddly gendered hero names  (“the boy”)*

trans/nonb ppl:

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if five doesn’t change his clothes in season 2 i’m gonna cry. like,,, hon,,, you’ve been wearing exact copies of the same uniform for a solid week,,, you’ve been shot and blown up enough times to ruin half of those uniforms,,, ur the adoptive child of a dead billionaire,,, please for the love of god raid the nearest clothing store asap

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Watching episode 1 of TUA and it’s really impressive how watching the flashback scene in the bank, Number 5 looked feel like his own age but when it goes to the present time, it felt like he’s really older. great acting

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Five Hargreeves x reader

(WARNINGS: almost gets hit by a car, very mild language,)

A/n: oh my god I’m alive,,,,sorry it’s taken me so long to write….again. but happy festive season!!! I hope you all are doing well and i hope you enjoy this quirky fic. I’ll try to get the rest of my requests done as soon as i can!! Thank you for sticking around and being so patient with me :“)

Requested by: @xspideyboyx

Prompt: 16. Stop telling me you’re okay

17. I don’t know where i am. Help me.

(Not my gif)


Originally posted by christmas-winter

Flurries of white snow softly drifted down from the grey smeared sky and a brisk wind nipped at people’s faces as they walked down the busy street. It was only November how could there be this much snow so soon?

Five hugged his blazer closer to his body in effort to keep in the little warmth he had. He had been walking aimlessly around the city for who knows how long just trying to get some clear thinking. Car horns blared and the white noise of people bustling around him with places to be and people to see.

He kept walking, narrowly missing being hit by a car which screeched to a halt and the splitting sound of it’s horn invaded his ears. He simply scoffed and grumbled something intelligible but kept walking, making it across the street and turning a corner. He really didn’t know where he was going and quite honestly he didn’t know where he was at the moment.

Eventually the sky started to darken as night set in. Five decided that maybe it was time to head back to the Academy but how was he supposed to get there? The snow covered scenery around him made everything almost meld together in a big white blur and it all seemed foreign to him. But he could spot a nearby phone booth and quickly scrambled over there to get inside.

The small booth didn’t provide much more warmth than he had already had but atleast he wasn’t in the wind anymore. His cold hands shook as he reached for the black phone and put his index finger up to the pad to dial a number.

He hesitated.

Should he call? He shouldn’t trouble her with his problems but there was no way he was going back to The Academy. He sucked in a breath and started to press the phone number into the metal pad.

One ring…two rings.


Five let out a small sigh of relief as her voice filled the small booth.

“H-hey, uh, It’s F-Five.” He stammered as his teeth practically chattered from the cold.

“Is everything okay? Where are you? Diego called about an hour ago looking for you..” she replied in a worried tone.

Had it really been that long? Five dragged a hand over his face with a sigh. Of course his siblings had gotten worried and called her. He brought the hand he dragged down his face up to run through his brown hair as he looked out the panes of the phone booth.

“I don’t know where i am. Help me.”

Five had decided to just be out with it and say it. He was lost amd he didn’t know what to do.

“Shit Five…can you see a street name? The snow is really starting to come down and it’s getting dark..” she responed while already putting on her coat and slipping on her boots to go hunt down her boyfriend in the snow.

“Uh….hang on.” Five moved the phone away from his ear to pop his head out of the booth. The cold wind immediately nipping his face and blowing his hair as snow tumbled down from the sky. Vaguely a few yards away he could make out the green street sign and gave y/n the name.

“Be there in 5 don’t move.” She said before hanging up and grabbing an extra pair of gloves for Five before leaving her home. The street he had named actually wasn’t far from her own residence and sure enough she found her shivering, ice cold boyfriend, Five Hargreeves, huddled up in the phone booth breathing into his hands in effort to warm them.

“Here, put these in and follow me before you get any sicker.” Y/n sighed, handing the gloves to the boy which he gladly slipped on. Y/n took one of his shaking hands and led out of the booth and down the street.

She squeezed his hand once and he squeezed right back twice, it was their own little way of reassuring eachother that things were okay. In a few short minutes the couple stepped into the lobby of y/n’s apartment building and the warmth immediately surrounded them like that of a thick blanket.

“Let’s get you upstairs.” Y/n said, turning to Five for a moment before they took the stairs up a few floors and walked down a hall, all the while still holding hands. Five simply followed, letting the warmth sink in.

Once they got into y/n’s apartment she let go of Five’s hand while telling him, “go have a seat. I’ll make some coffee then we can talk.” Before disappearing to the kitchen. Five nodded once again and took a seat on the end of the sofa, bringing his knees up in order to warm up more.

A few minutes passed before y/n returned and handed Five a mug of warm black coffee and a mug of (warm drink) for herself. Five gladly took the drink and took a sip letting the dark and bitter liquid warm him up. He felt better having y/n there and the warmth of her home and the coffee.

“So…are you okay? Did something happen?” Y/n asked.

“No. I’m fine my siblings were just being their usual, idiotic, selves.” Five scoffed. He didn’t really know what his excuse was for being out in the cold like that but his siblings did have something to do with it. Before he had left the Academy they had gotten into an argument (which wasn’t uncommon) which resulted in yelling and Five eventually storming off.

Five also knew that y/n didn’t exactly buy his attempt at telling her he was okay because it was quite obvious he was physically and mentally exhausted. “Hm…not surprising but are you sure you’re okay?” She asked again, he knew she wouldn’t stop until he admitted it but they both were stubborn so this aubtle argument would take more than a ‘please’.

“..yes, I’m fine.” He hesitated.

Damn it.

Y/n rolled her eyes before turning to look him in the eye even though Five continued to stare at his coffee before she spoke.

“Stop telling me you’re okay.”

There it was. Five sighed, taking a long swig of his drink before setting it down on the coffee table and turning to look towards y/n. By doing this y/n could see the heavy bags under his eyes and his exhausted expression. She frowned, she didn’t like seeing him so tired.

“You need to rest.” Y/n cooed while setting her own drink down before enelopving her boyrfriend in a gentle hug. Five sat there a moment before nuzzling his head into the crook of her neck and wrapping his arms around her. Y/n’s hugs always made him feel better no matter what. Five simply hummed as he took in her scent. He wanted to just stay there with her, maybe sleep, but just having her and knowing she was safe was enough to relieve some of his stress.

Y/n lightly ran a hand through Five’s brown hair and they sat wrapped in eachother’s arms. This was how things usually went, one would admit their troubles and they’d simply hug it out till the stress was gone or cuddle. “I’m so tired of everything..” Five mumbled with another sigh. “I know, i know.” Y/n replied, “don’t worry about any of that right now. Just rest, you need to get some sleep.”

“Hmm..” was his only reply.

Eventually the couple ended up laying down and slowly drifting off to sleep wrapped up in eachother’s embrace with y/n drawing patterns on Five’s back with idle fingers as he calmed and the stress of the past few days left his body.

The snow continuing to fall outside as the slept, surely they’d spend the day in tomorrow watching movies and drinking coffee.

A perfect snow day.

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