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#number five

catch and release by sauntering_down (9042 words)

Klaus sneaks into the public library after hours to find that Five has been sleeping there.

“Klaus flicked through a few pages without reading them, shut the book, craned his neck to look back at Ben, and mouthed, does he sleep here?

Ben shrugged helplessly. “You could ask, but….”

But Five wouldn’t answer, Klaus knew. Not yet. Convincing Five to open up took finesse. For starters, Klaus had to get him talking again, so he tossed out the first question that came to mind – “Hey, did you and Dolores break up or something?”

“Abort mission,” Ben deadpanned.“

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The Moon Laughs by Lady_Origami (83,567 words as of 2/9/20)

Has both  great character-study elements and a really compelling plot. Essentially: Five in a Groundhog Day loop of the 8 days in canon. Takes its time, explores the characters, in multiple iterations. Heartbreaking, hilarious, just… fantastic. Highly recommend.

“After attempting to transport all of his siblings back in time, Five wakes up to a familiar scene. Again. And again. And again. He doesn’t know why he keeps being transported back to the day of his father’s funeral, but he is determined to not waste it now that he has the foresight to prevent the apocalypse. He just wished he didn’t feel so alone doing it all over again.“

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