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#number one

Someone needs to draw Grace going to Diego for help with her laptop and when he looks at it it’s one of those ‘I am not a robot’ things lmao

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Luther & Allison

People keep saying “technically they’re not related though!”

ALLISON STRAIGHT UP REFERS TO LUTHER AS “UNCLE” TO HER DAUGHTER. SHE HAS SAID THAT LUTHER IS CLAIRE’S UNCLE. “Oh but it’s easier than saying something else so she calls Luther ‘uncle’ for Claire!” WELL THEN HOW THE FUCK IS SHE GONNA EXPLAIN TO CLAIRE THEY KISSED AND STUFF? Like: “Oh yeah mommy and Uncle Luther are together now. We’re gonna move to Alabama by the way.” LIKE BITCH JUST ACCEPT THE FACT THAT THEYRE SIBLINGS.

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I just want the hargreeves siblings to love each other more. I need some sibling love, for Vanya too. Also I'd like Luther to apologize to Vanya and Vanya to apologize to Allison and maybe Diego can chill out a little on the violence front. Klaus is being his best self, Allison is, I mean shes surviving and Five...he's doing as well as we can hope for someone in his situation, ya feel? Hes making it.

The apocalypse certainly put a damper on family bonding time. I, too, want to see the sibling relationships strengthened!

Luther and Diego? So much potential there! Luther needs to stop using hugs as a way to render people unconscious and Diego needs to try throwing his feelings around more often than he throws his knives!

Vanya and Allison? I hope they have an opportunity to grow closer simply because they love each other instead of because the evil plans of some controlling, manipulative man (*cough* Reginald and Leonard) necessitate it.

Diego and Klaus? Both doing amazing and already making great strides in their relationship. It would be fantastic to see even more empathetic support going forward as they learn to cope with similar losses.

Ben and Diego? I think these two could sit down and have a nice long talk. Possible discussion topics: being on the giving/receiving end of physical violence, managing the desire for revenge, getting Klaus some driving lessons.

Luther and Vanya? Give them a shared hobby so they can actually spend time together! They were raised as polar opposites (Number One vs. “just ordinary”) and would benefit from nurturing a little compassion for one another.

Allison and Ben? No one can relate more to Allison right now than Ben. She’s re-learning how to communicate and Ben knows exactly what that’s like! Klaus needs to make Ben corporeal again so he can hug his sister.

Klaus and Luther? They can start with “sorry I tried to choke you into unconsciousness.” Luther needs a guide to the larger world. Klaus needs normal experiences that aren’t about his addiction. A perfect match!

Five and EVERYONE? After his post-apocalyptic decades with only a mannequin and the decaying corpses of his loved ones for company, I don’t even know what Five needs. Just to get used to not being alone.

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Vanya destroyed the moon so Luther would stop complaining about the fact that Reginald sent him there for nothing.

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It could be worse

Here’s my take on the Allison/Luther thing. Yes, technically, they are not siblings. They also may not have a huge familial bond because of the emotionless way that they were raised. If someone really wants to ship them, I’m not gonna point my fingers at them and go “eww you’re a weirdo.” All that being said, I have plenty of family that I am not blood related to nor was I close to growing up, if any of them were into me I’d be grossed the fuck out. But do whatever the hell you want. To everyone who freaks out about it, it’s the internet guys, it could be a lot fucking worse. Remember, there are people out there that ship the two Skelton bros from undertale.

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unpopular opinion! luther isnt the worst he was also abused just in a different way where he would rather blame himself and everyone around him than blame reginald. its p common for those w child abuse to realize what happened and he is just in denial! literally his dad who made himself his whole life just died give him a break

Your opinion is not unpopular with me, Anon! For anyone who still needs convincing, let’s talk a little bit about Luther Hargreeves.

A big issue we seem to take with Luther is his physical violence. Though I do not and will never excuse that, particularly towards Klaus and Vanya, he isn’t the only Hargreeves to assault his siblings.

We’ve singled Luther out for attack because he’s different from the others in the way that he responded to Reginald’s appalling “parenting.” Not every mistreated kid adapts by making a clean break from their abuser. The way that Reginald undervalued Luther (or occasionally valued him, but for the wrong reasons) made Luther more attached to him and more desperate for the approval and acknowledgement that we can easily imagine was pretty goddamn rare.

Who are we to say this method of coping is wrong or bad? Growing up in that house, with those pressures (hello, being Number One!), Luther became just as much of a survivalist as any of his siblings. He needed something to believe in, which makes sense to me when we see glimpses of everything those kids were put through; he needed a reason why. Luther doesn’t so much find that sense of purpose or focus for his devotion as have it forced upon him. Unfortunately, when he accepts it, it’s less the mark of distinction outsiders like Harold Jenkins believe it to be than a burden.

Still, Luther shoulders that burden and drags it all the way to the Moon, but even in space, he hasn’t gotten far enough beyond Reginald’s reach. I think Luther’s exhile to the Moon is a wonderful, though tragic, metaphor for the way he continues to orbit the tenets of his father. His world revolves around that man and―you are absolutely correct, Anon―Luther deserves a BREAK for feeling the things he feels when Reginald dies.

It overly simplistic to mock, pity, or judge Luther for his apparent loyalty to Reginald after his death. You think it’s a father that Luther’s feeling the loss of? He’s mourning himself, and with 30 years of baggage to dig through, it’s going to take some time.

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Diego, about to do something stupid: Diego yes.

Luther, not approving of this: Diego no

Diego: Diego yes

Luther: No

Diego: yes

Mom: Diego I don’t think that’s a good idea

Diego, frowning: Diego no…

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The Hargreeves Children

Seven Contrary Virtues Series

  • Luther Hargreeves: Abstinence


“I can’t believe how much time I wasted believing Dad, thinking that I could save the world (…) Allison Hargreeves, will you dance with me?” 1x06


Original Photo Source: Unknown

📸 Artist Edit: tua-kh-appreciation

PSA: As a Psychology Major, I personally condone Allison X Luther. But respect that they are only characters in a tv show at the end of the day 👍🏻


  • All definitions of respected virtues are in relation to the character it is describing. Other definitions are available and valid
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"Two?! That's more than one (didn't know you could do math)" five talking to either Luther or Diego or even Klaus

“Alright boys” Pogo said “this should be a simple mission, it’s a bank robbery, it’s a 6 man job, 2 at the doors 3 in the vault and one armed guard with the hostages, I’m only sending you 4 in, Diego and Luther I want you to handle the guys in the vault, Klaus the armed guard and Five the guys at the door then help Klaus if he needs it, alright boys good luck”

The 4 of them hopped in the car heading towards the bank, Five zapping into action disarming the guards at the door as Diego Luther and Klaus ran in, once the guards had been…taken care of, five ran into the bank, bumping straight into Klaus

“FIVE THERES 2 GUARDS WITH THE HOSTAGES” Klaus yelled, Luther turned his head

“Two?! That’s more then one!” The bigger sibling yelled crushing the last robber

“Wow Luther, didn’t know you could do Math” Five snarked rolling his eyes zapping away, re appearing a moment later

“Alright lets go” he says walking back to the car calling pogo “we got them all, didn’t lose any hostages and it was all thanks to Luther’s quick math skills, the moon must have given him super intelligence, did you know that 2 was more then one, honesty I don’t know what we would do without him”

“Shut the fuck up” Luther grumbled climbing into the car

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Novak Djokovic - Federico Delbonis (Head-to-Head)

Novak will face Federico Delbonis in the third round of the Miami Open on Sunday at about 4 PM local time (at about 9 PM CET).

It will be their first career encounter.


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