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people liked the klaus/dave thing I wrote a couple days ago so I decided to start a fanfic!! I’ll probably have it on Tumblr in a few days, but for now you can read it on Archive of our Own here.

(plot: the hargreeves family is basically royalty and they all own their own territories of the world. klaus is a prince and dave is his personal guard.)

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I have seen multiple times now people throwing around blame about whose actions lead to the apocalypse but…almost everyone did something that led to it. 

Luther- Is an asshole to Vanya and put her in the vault. 

Diego- Rejected Vanya, and didn’t want much to do with her. 

Allison- Ignored Vanya for a long time, and then when they started getting along, butted into Vanya’s life where Vanya didn’t want her- even if Allison was right.

Klaus- Stole that box from Reginald’s office and threw the notes out that Leonard used against Vanya.

Five- Was so focused on what he thought was going to cause the apocalypse he ended up paying very little attention to Vanya- who arguably missed him the most.

Ben-  He has done nothing wrong ever in his life.

Pogo- Knew what Reginald had done and refused to tell the Vanya, even though it probably would have helped her significantly, and brought her closer together with her siblings.

Reginald is the MOST to blame here. Luther learned everything he knows from Reginald and doesn’t really know better. Luther, Diego, Allison, and Klaus didn’t really know her because they were never allowed to spend time with her- she is essentially a stranger to them. Five seemingly spent the most time with her, which is why she missed him so much when he disappeared. Reginald is the one who caused the Apocolypse, and the children had no idea that they were letting it happen. Even Pogo- Pogo was created by Reginald- all he knows is to be submissive to Reginald. Reginald abused all of these people and all of their downfalls are because of how they were treated or raised. 

The show is about family. The Apocolypse, in a demented way, was caused by the WHOLE (living) FAMILY.

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Something has been bugging me since I’ve finished season 1 of Umbrella Academy and went to see the content of the fandom. This might take long to explain, but well, I’ll go ahead.

The thing is. I love Klaus Hargreeves. I freaking adore this dork. He’s so funny and fascinating, he has sick lines, and his character development rules. I’d protect him with my life. Like I already mentioned, even before I knew the show, I saw drawings and screenshots of him on my dashes and I knew I was going to fall in love with the character.

But as far as I adore him, I know he has flaws. I can see how bad it must be to deal with a drug addict like him. Actually, while the Hargreeves kids were growing up, I can perfectly imagine him stealing money, disappearing, lying to his brothers and sisters, being disrespectful, needing attention and avoiding it at the same time. We see Allison and Luther knowing that he was going to steal, in episode one. And for all we see, everyone is used to what he’s doing because of his addiction. I can imagine them actually trying to help him when they were younger, and trying to reason him, but him being an addict, these attempts remaining useless and unsuccessful. 

And if they were in a loving family, yeah, maybe it wouldn’t have made really sense that they don’t try harder to help him getting rid of his addiction. But they were in an unhealthy home, with an abusive father. So they grew up and parted ways, they all had their own lives and struggles, they all learnt to manage alone, Klaus included, as adults. More or less.

Except for one person. Luther. Luther stayed near his father and did what Reginald wanted him to do. Luther did this because he thought it would be for the greater good. He trusted his father, because even though he was a cold and distant old man, he had faith in him and in his words. He had hopes in his father where everyone else had let go since a long time. And you know what? He was wrong. He followed the wrong person. And he was probably doing it for not-so-heroic purposes, because he was the Number One and thought it was his duty, he probably fulfilled all of this because of pride. But the thing is. It’s how he has been raised. He wasn’t aware of his father abusing Klaus and Vanya when they were younger, but when he was given against his will a monstrous body he hated and felt extremely bad about, he didn’t stop following his father’s orders. Maybe it would have been different if he went through similar things that Klaus and Vanya had to live.

But in any case, when he learns his father lied to him and didn’t care whatsoever for him and the mission he spent literal years of his life focusing on, when he learns that despite being Number One, what he thought was an important duty he was accomplishing for everyone was just some useless purpose, yes, his world falls apart. Yes, he starts being unthinking, uncompassionate. He lost the hope he had, the thing that was giving him steadiness and mostly the thing he grew up on. His siblings saw through their father, they never had hope in him and let go a while ago. Not Luther.

Klaus got kidnapped and tortured, went through war, met someone there he felt in love with and saw him die in front of him. He suffered. He did. And it was an awful thing for him, and for us to watch it. Why didn’t his family wonder where he went, when he’d been kidnapped and was being tortured? Why didn’t they ask themselves that? Where their brother, a junkie, always going here and there, who went to jail and probably loads of times on rehab, where this brother they haven’t seen in years went? Why would they have wondered?

Sure, when we know what happened to him, as viewers of a show, it’s horrible and we wish we could just go into this screen and help this man and protect him. But he didn’t expect his siblings to look for him. He says that himself to Cha-cha and Hazel. Because when he was addict, during these years of being apart from his family, he was alone. He managed. He dealt with himself and his addiction. It’s his life. His struggle. Not theirs. And this time? Well of course he needed the help of a distraction to escape, but he managed again, didn’t he? And he went through war. If anything, I find it kinda… good for the character. He relies on drugs, yes, but not on his siblings. He can take care of himself. Sure, I want him to be taken care of and cared for, but if anything, I’d more gladly watch it being a relationship his siblings and him decided to share rather than an emotional dependency. For now, it didn’t happen, but maybe he’ll hug his siblings, in season 2, maybe he will be able to talk about his problems and being listened to? We’ll see.

Luther, on the other hand, had an emotional dependency to his father. And after this link broke, he saw Allison, the person he loves and cares for the most, almost die because of Vanya. Now, guys, just be aware. I love Vanya. I love every single member of the Hargreeves family (except Reginald he’s trash) equally (almost equally (I mean, Klaus ffs)). But going through facts, even if I don’t approve at all the idea of making Vanya relive her childhood trauma, I can’t… blame Luther for that moment he locked her up. He lose trust in his father and in Pogo not so long ago, and Vanya did hurt Allison, even if it wasn’t on purpose. He couldn’t know what was going to happen. He couldn’t trust the people he’s been relying to for years anymore. So, Vanya? Of course he wasn’t going to listen to her and rather was going to put Allison in safety. 

This post is very long, but I wanted to publish it, even if no one reads it, because I needed to make this point. No one is to blame. Everyone follows a path that leads to decisions, character growth, issues and development, all different and having different causes. I’m not saying you should like Luther, or that you shouldn’t not like him (if that makes sense). Anyone can love the character they want, obviously, I’ll never think otherwise. But you can’t compare Klaus’ struggles with Luther’s ones. Not in a serious tone, I mean.

I just want people to think of this. You don’t have to like Luther at all. It’s fair that you don’t like him, he’s not the most lovable character ever. But I’m tired of seeing essentially hatred for him.

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2019 Predictions

I know this is almost six months too late, but I feel that I have to share this:

2019 is the year you will/can finally start on the path you have always wanted and start the journey to manifesting your best future.

The number one stands as a reminder that you create your own reality. The number nine stands for closure, leaving the old behind and looking towards the future.

2018 was about working hard and finding your purpose through that work. Now you know that purpose and this is the year to act on it, to create and manifest the reality you have always wanted.

Manifest your reality now. This is the time.

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Based on the truly beautiful song “iodine” by Leonard Cohen I came up with this contribution to the Merry Month of Cohen ( @killitwithtears ).

Fandom: Star Trek Discovery

Pairing: Number One/Christopher Pike

Rating: M

Summary:  Number One and her captain try to find a way to cope with the aftermath of the battle against Control at the end of Season 2. Hurt/comfort ensues. 

To be found: posted here on Ao3

Many thanks to @mia-cooper for organizing the event, as well as to @missmil and @icecream-junkie for their beta-work. 

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Just Klaus being awesome with a gun without listening to the canon ending.

Ships: none

Warnings: mentions of Vietnam


They were under attack, this was nothing special, but this time they didn’t actively seek out a fight. They had been at home just chilling when a bunch of guys with guns had bust through the front door. Five and Vanya had been out doing groceries and Allison hadn’t been healed and therefore useless, Klaus was taking a bath so it had been Diego and Luther vs. a bunch of gunmen, needless to say, it wasn’t going well.

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(Okay, for those of you not familiar—and I don’t know how many people that is—Inspirobot is an AI programmed to generate “inspirational” quotes. Like these…gems.) 












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