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im bored and its Saturday night so I plan on reviewing characters from the best show: the umbrella academy


1. Luther


Luther is a character that’s really hated on, but personally I don’t hate him all that much. Sure, he makes a lot of mistakes throughout the season but he really doesn’t know what it’s like to live without his everyday actions being approved by Sir Reginald. He’s got a lot of issues, and is a dick sometimes, but overall 5/10.

2. Diego


I love Diego and he’s such a good character with great development. In the beginning of episode one, I immediately thought he was a douchebag but I ended up loving his character. He’s so nice… in his own way, of course. But you can see as the series goes on how much he cares about his family and Eudora… :(!! Overall, 10/10. Kind of a dick, but I’m letting it slide because he loves his mom and his knives which makes up for it.

3. Allison


I love Allison so much, even though her “big-sister skills” are questionable. Her character is so *mwah* and I can’t help but love her. She has a big, big heart but sometimes she focuses more on herself than others in the heat of the moment. She made a lot of mistakes with Vanya in the season, which put me on edge, but I thought the scene at the concert with her, Vanya, and the gun <3, really made me SOB. Her character really portrays how nothing can stand in-between sibling bonds, especially when she chooses to save Vanya instead of the world. 8/10.

4. Klaus


I love Klaus and he’s one of my favorites, (him, Diego, and Ben). I truly LOVE how much he progressed through the season. I relate to him most out of all character’s by far. When Dave died it was so amazing how Klaus pulled through his addiction just to see him again, which I think is so wonderful. I can’t wait for next season when we get to see more of his powers!! 11/10.

5. Five


Five’s a real dickhead, but I honestly love how he risked everything to save his family from impending doom. His cocky and ambitious character lowkey annoyed me throughout the series but I was also soft for the other side of him which was trying so hard to save the world. He may not show it, but he loves his family a lot. And he loves Delores which adds 0.5 points. 7.5/10.

6. Ben


I love Ben so much. I feel so utterly bad for him and I’m dying (lmao) to find out how he died. His character is so wonderful and just improves the show by 100% anytime he’s on screen. I love and think it’s so amazing how much he’s trying to help his brother be the amazing person he sees him as. Ben is so wonderful and he needs 800 more minutes, at least, of screen time next season. Ben is one of the best characters in the show for his heartfelt nature. 11/10.

7. Vanya


I’m in love with Ellen Page Vanya. Her beautifully portrayed character makes me SCREAM. Yes, she tried to end the world and had already once killed everyone in a different timeline but that doesn’t matter. She is so kickass and awesome. I feel horrible for how she was treated by her father and her siblings, which Allison tried to make up for during the season. Her powers are so cool, too. I love Vanya, but I feel as though ending the world because of your childhood trauma is a bit much. But we also should remember she didn’t have much control over her powers and her anger must’ve taken the best of her. Her sibling, Luther, also put her in the one place of her childhood that was most traumatic which was so horrible. I’m going have to take away 0.5 points, though. She kinda slit Allison’s throat :/. 9.5/10.

8. Hazel and Cha-Cha


The two most badass characters of the show. I love them so much even though their relationship is a little toxic. But that’s not completely their fault. 

Hazel: 6/10

Cha-Cha: 5/10

9. Leonard Peabody/Harold Jenkins


I hate him, I don’t even know why I included him in this. -1/10.

10. Grace 


I love Grace so much! She is the best robot mom in history and I feel so bad for how Reginald treated her. Grace gets a 200/10 from me, chief.

11. Sir Reginald Hargreeves 


Who hurt this man to make him such a monster? Reginald is the worst character by far, he hurt and traumatized all of his “children”. Sure, they’re superheroes and need training to save people or whatever but they were just kids. They didn’t deserve to be hurt so badly by the man they deemed their father. 0/10.

12. The Handler 


“Wow, what a bitch,” I said ten seconds before falling in love with her. So, whatever. She’s kind of the bad guy but she’s so funny, idk why. I love her. 4/10, just because she did a lot of messed up shit but she just gave me vibes whenever she was onscreen.

13. Pogo


Pogo was an enabler to Sir Reginald’s abuse which makes me give him a 2/10. Yes, he cared for the kids but he was an enabler to his abuse and could’ve told them the secrets Reginald kept hidden instead of forcing them all to slowly suffer as they uncover more and more. 

14. Agnes Rofa



ok that’s pretty much it of all the characters I wanted to review/that’s pretty much all there were other than side characters. I love this show so much so :) enjoy my dumbass review

you guys should go follow me and like all my other stuff cuz I kinda post a bunch alright thank u <3

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Luther: *is severely lactose intolerant*

Luther: *eats an entire tub of yogurt*

Klaus: Wait, aren’t you lactose intolerant

Luther: yes, but I love yogurt so much, so I suffer for it

Klaus: are you sure?? Cause you ate way to much

Luther, overconfident: yes, it won’t be that bad

Five Minutes Later

Luther: *curled up on the kitchen floor, rolling around in pain, almost on the verge of tears*

Luther: ok I’m getting no more yogurt.

The Next Day

Luther: *goes to the store to get yogurt because the house ran out of it*

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I love that Luther is getting the love and attention from fans that he deserves but I just want to ask Luther fans, in the interest of continuing to grow positivity in the fandom, please don’t fall into that same issue we’ve already experienced of pitting siblings against each other to try to make one seem better.

I’ve already seen it happen a few times with Diego and once or twice with Klaus. It’s not widespread or anything so that’s good, but Luther fans have done a lot to create more positive posts and I don’t want this to turn into another situation where we’re arguing over who’s the most virtuous.

Luther has flaws. I understand the fandom may not want to focus on that much after the rampant and largely unfounded Luther hate, but trying to erase them does a disservice to his character. I’ve seen Luther fans who will say “I know he has flaws” and then proceed to deny all evidence of his flaws.

Sometimes other characters’ fans bring up your fave’s flaws, mistakes, bad actions, etc irt their own characters…because characters don’t exist in a vacuum and their actions have effects on other characters. If they’re not bashing or misrespresenting that stuff, then it’s fair game. That’s not character hate, it’s discussion.

Luther’s denial of Reginald’s abuse (his own and the others’) was harmful to other people. Just like Klaus’s addiction and Diego’s aggression and verbal abuse. And yes, you can dive into the reasons why they turned out that way, but beware of getting too defensive when you do. It quickly leads down the road towards refusing to admit he did anything wrong.

It’s okay to just say, “I’d rather focus on other aspects of him!”

But I do think that if you don’t love a character’s flaws, you don’t really love the character, you just love your idea of them.

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A lot of people despise Allison + Luther, but personally I view it as odd but not entirely bad.


It may be disgusting to some that they have a romance even though the world perceives them as brother and sister but take a look from my perspective:

For starters, their entire childhood was basically strangers living in a household together. Vanya even admitted it in her book. The Hargreeves were never a normal family, they were strangers living under the same roof being raised by a man who never loved them. It wasn’t a family at all, it was anything but.

And since they were young, I believe they were 12 or 13 in the tent scene from their childhood, they viewed each other as partners. Not legit girlfriend and boyfriend, but they loved each other and I don’t think either Luther or Allison viewed each other as siblings. Anyone with common sense wouldn’t approve of incest, but they just didn’t see each other in that sibling way.

Yes, they were technically (adopted) siblings but three main factors are:

-Allison and Luther did not see each other as siblings.

-They are not related by blood.


Personally, I think it’s fine but a bit disturbing because of the brother + sister role they were forced upon, but they shouldn’t be hated for it. And I think the writer’s did an amazing job portraying Allison + Luther.

So please, let this disturbingly odd but sweet pair dance in the moonlight.


And no, I don’t condone incest in any way but to me this is more of a love under weird and confusing circumstances. But you’d truly have to be in the characters shoes to understand their view on this, though I think if their relationship isn’t a brother and sister stance then it’s just another odd relationship in TV history! 


I think for it to truly be incest they’d have to be blood-related, which they are (thankfully) not. It’s a weird, slightly-whacky relationship in which its circumstances are strange but Allison and Luther are both strange. The entire household is; it’s just their way of functioning and that’s A-Okay.

And I also want to say I view their relationship (other than the kissing) as less romantic over time and more just a traumatized duo who care about each other deeply.

Anyway, we stan Gerard Way 🤪🤪🤪

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