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#number six

Vanya: I’m going to get a coffee. Anybody want anything?

Allison: I’ll have a latte.

Klaus: I’ll have a blueberry muffin.

Ben: I’ll have a bagel with a little-

Vanya: You know I was just being polite.

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Most of the members of the Garde speaks, at least, two human languages.

  • Four speaks English and Spanish, and he started with Italian, but they moved so he had to leave his classes. He’s currently learning Hindi (and he sounds kinda fun, says Ella)
  • Six speaks English, Spanish and French. She likes to say insult to Nine in French because he doesn’t understand a single thing in what she’s saying (even though he always answer something like “SHUT YOUR MOUTH, SIX, I DON’T WANT A DEMON HERE”)
  • Seven speaks Spanish, French and English and back in Spain she was learning German (at high school). She has a super marked Spanish accent, which everyone considers cool
  • Eight spoke English and Hindi (probably Garhwali and Kumaoni too). He tried to learn from Six some Spanish to impress Marina, but f*** it, how is that you have to use a mark to point where the accent lands on because you can be saying present or presented
  • Nine speaks English and Japanese. He used to know a little of Spanish, but now he only remembers some words, and hates saying them because it sounds weird. He learned Japanese because he once met this kid that asked him if he was a Japanese, and in his panic he answered yes. (Ella likes that he translates some things for her)
  • Ella speaks a lot of languages, for she’s being living in a lot of places. She speaks mostly English, Spanish and Portuguese, but can speak some German and Italian too.
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im bored and its Saturday night so I plan on reviewing characters from the best show: the umbrella academy


1. Luther


Luther is a character that’s really hated on, but personally I don’t hate him all that much. Sure, he makes a lot of mistakes throughout the season but he really doesn’t know what it’s like to live without his everyday actions being approved by Sir Reginald. He’s got a lot of issues, and is a dick sometimes, but overall 5/10.

2. Diego


I love Diego and he’s such a good character with great development. In the beginning of episode one, I immediately thought he was a douchebag but I ended up loving his character. He’s so nice… in his own way, of course. But you can see as the series goes on how much he cares about his family and Eudora… :(!! Overall, 10/10. Kind of a dick, but I’m letting it slide because he loves his mom and his knives which makes up for it.

3. Allison


I love Allison so much, even though her “big-sister skills” are questionable. Her character is so *mwah* and I can’t help but love her. She has a big, big heart but sometimes she focuses more on herself than others in the heat of the moment. She made a lot of mistakes with Vanya in the season, which put me on edge, but I thought the scene at the concert with her, Vanya, and the gun <3, really made me SOB. Her character really portrays how nothing can stand in-between sibling bonds, especially when she chooses to save Vanya instead of the world. 8/10.

4. Klaus


I love Klaus and he’s one of my favorites, (him, Diego, and Ben). I truly LOVE how much he progressed through the season. I relate to him most out of all character’s by far. When Dave died it was so amazing how Klaus pulled through his addiction just to see him again, which I think is so wonderful. I can’t wait for next season when we get to see more of his powers!! 11/10.

5. Five


Five’s a real dickhead, but I honestly love how he risked everything to save his family from impending doom. His cocky and ambitious character lowkey annoyed me throughout the series but I was also soft for the other side of him which was trying so hard to save the world. He may not show it, but he loves his family a lot. And he loves Delores which adds 0.5 points. 7.5/10.

6. Ben


I love Ben so much. I feel so utterly bad for him and I’m dying (lmao) to find out how he died. His character is so wonderful and just improves the show by 100% anytime he’s on screen. I love and think it’s so amazing how much he’s trying to help his brother be the amazing person he sees him as. Ben is so wonderful and he needs 800 more minutes, at least, of screen time next season. Ben is one of the best characters in the show for his heartfelt nature. 11/10.

7. Vanya


I’m in love with Ellen Page Vanya. Her beautifully portrayed character makes me SCREAM. Yes, she tried to end the world and had already once killed everyone in a different timeline but that doesn’t matter. She is so kickass and awesome. I feel horrible for how she was treated by her father and her siblings, which Allison tried to make up for during the season. Her powers are so cool, too. I love Vanya, but I feel as though ending the world because of your childhood trauma is a bit much. But we also should remember she didn’t have much control over her powers and her anger must’ve taken the best of her. Her sibling, Luther, also put her in the one place of her childhood that was most traumatic which was so horrible. I’m going have to take away 0.5 points, though. She kinda slit Allison’s throat :/. 9.5/10.

8. Hazel and Cha-Cha


The two most badass characters of the show. I love them so much even though their relationship is a little toxic. But that’s not completely their fault. 

Hazel: 6/10

Cha-Cha: 5/10

9. Leonard Peabody/Harold Jenkins


I hate him, I don’t even know why I included him in this. -1/10.

10. Grace 


I love Grace so much! She is the best robot mom in history and I feel so bad for how Reginald treated her. Grace gets a 200/10 from me, chief.

11. Sir Reginald Hargreeves 


Who hurt this man to make him such a monster? Reginald is the worst character by far, he hurt and traumatized all of his “children”. Sure, they’re superheroes and need training to save people or whatever but they were just kids. They didn’t deserve to be hurt so badly by the man they deemed their father. 0/10.

12. The Handler 


“Wow, what a bitch,” I said ten seconds before falling in love with her. So, whatever. She’s kind of the bad guy but she’s so funny, idk why. I love her. 4/10, just because she did a lot of messed up shit but she just gave me vibes whenever she was onscreen.

13. Pogo


Pogo was an enabler to Sir Reginald’s abuse which makes me give him a 2/10. Yes, he cared for the kids but he was an enabler to his abuse and could’ve told them the secrets Reginald kept hidden instead of forcing them all to slowly suffer as they uncover more and more. 

14. Agnes Rofa



ok that’s pretty much it of all the characters I wanted to review/that’s pretty much all there were other than side characters. I love this show so much so :) enjoy my dumbass review

you guys should go follow me and like all my other stuff cuz I kinda post a bunch alright thank u <3

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Ben has been sticking to Klaus for years but seems to be able to leave too, if he chooses. With this, what do you think can make Ben finally decide to rest in peace/move on/go to heaven/what have you? (I reckon Klaus getting sober is part of this, or maybe more?) Thanks!

See, I’m of the mind that Ben sticks to the whole family—that he could follow any one of his siblings, or all of them, but he chooses to stick with Klaus because Klaus is the only one he can talk to. 

And I might be proven wrong on this, but if Ben were to move on, I think it would be less Klaus’ doing and more Ben’s choice. What I’ve noticed about all the ghosts we’ve seen—ghosts on Earth, not spirits of the departed in the afterlife—is that they’re stuck on what killed them. The ghosts following Hazel and Cha-Cha crowd Klaus the moment they know he can see and hear them, and they’re all too eager to describe their deaths in all their gruesome detail. They’re angry about it, too, quick to peg the two assassins as the reason for why they’re standing in that motel room; but what’s more, they don’t show a lot of concern for Klaus himself. He’s visibly uncomfortable, begging them all to shut up at one point, and none of them (not even Ben) seem to acknowledge that, wait a second, this poor guy is taped to a chair and clearly in pain, and we’re subjecting him to tale after grisly tale despite the fact he can’t do much to help us at the moment. The ghosts in the mausoleum flashbacks behave similarly, begging for aid from this tiny, frightened kid who’s sobbing and calling for his dad. Ben exhibits all of this to a less extreme degree: Instead of telling his fellow ghosts to move back and give Klaus some air, or to form a line or what have you, he urges Klaus to speak to them. Although he at first comforts Klaus  through his flashbacks, he soon snaps and turns the focus back onto how difficult it is to be dead. 

To me, this says that ghosts in the TUA ‘verse remain fixated on their death and whoever or whatever caused it. I think this is why they all seem drawn to Klaus: They know he can help them somehow, or maybe just that he’s the only one who can listen to their stories, and so they flock to him and beg him for help—not knowing or caring that he might not be capable of giving it. Even if all he can do is listen, they’re desperate for someone to grant them that—so desperate, in fact, that they pay little attention to the well-being of the one doing the listening. 

With all this in mind, I think acceptance would allow Ben to move on. He wouldn’t need to be okay with what happened to him, because accepting past trauma doesn’t mean you have to be okay with what happened. He wouldn’t have to forgive Reginald if Reginald is the one who caused it, and he wouldn’t have to view his death as a positive. He’d only have to acknowledge that it happened, and it was horrific, and it ended any opportunities he might have had while living—but it’s over, and now he has a chance to move on to whoever awaits him after death. 

I’m not saying this would be easy, because accepting past traumas isn’t easy. In my personal experience, it takes time, patience, and some degree of reliving what happened. It evokes emotions similar to those in the grieving process—because in a way, you are grieving. You’re grieving what might have been, what you never got to do or be. If this is indeed what Ben needs to do in order to stop being a ghost and move on to the afterlife, know that I am not criticizing him in any way for not having done it yet, because this would be extremely difficult and I would be surprised if it wasn’t a painful process lasting several years. But once it was over, once he was ready to move on from his own death, I think Ben would be free to go to the afterlife or return to annoy Klaus some more. Whatever he chose to do, he’d be free to do it. 

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A lot of people despise Allison + Luther, but personally I view it as odd but not entirely bad.


It may be disgusting to some that they have a romance even though the world perceives them as brother and sister but take a look from my perspective:

For starters, their entire childhood was basically strangers living in a household together. Vanya even admitted it in her book. The Hargreeves were never a normal family, they were strangers living under the same roof being raised by a man who never loved them. It wasn’t a family at all, it was anything but.

And since they were young, I believe they were 12 or 13 in the tent scene from their childhood, they viewed each other as partners. Not legit girlfriend and boyfriend, but they loved each other and I don’t think either Luther or Allison viewed each other as siblings. Anyone with common sense wouldn’t approve of incest, but they just didn’t see each other in that sibling way.

Yes, they were technically (adopted) siblings but three main factors are:

-Allison and Luther did not see each other as siblings.

-They are not related by blood.


Personally, I think it’s fine but a bit disturbing because of the brother + sister role they were forced upon, but they shouldn’t be hated for it. And I think the writer’s did an amazing job portraying Allison + Luther.

So please, let this disturbingly odd but sweet pair dance in the moonlight.


And no, I don’t condone incest in any way but to me this is more of a love under weird and confusing circumstances. But you’d truly have to be in the characters shoes to understand their view on this, though I think if their relationship isn’t a brother and sister stance then it’s just another odd relationship in TV history! 


I think for it to truly be incest they’d have to be blood-related, which they are (thankfully) not. It’s a weird, slightly-whacky relationship in which its circumstances are strange but Allison and Luther are both strange. The entire household is; it’s just their way of functioning and that’s A-Okay.

And I also want to say I view their relationship (other than the kissing) as less romantic over time and more just a traumatized duo who care about each other deeply.

Anyway, we stan Gerard Way 🤪🤪🤪

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What would you think would be the ideal happy ending for each of the hargreeves siblings?

Luther: I think he’d definitely be happiest working on a research base; but after spending four years alone on the Moon, I don’t know if space-related research would bring back bad memories. If not, then I’d say his ideal happy ending would see him working for NASA on Earth, putting his meticulous notes to use as he advises astronauts on lunar conditions and potential projects that could be hosted there. If his time alone ruined space for him, then I think he’d be happiest working on a strictly earthbound research project in someplace that makes him want to go out and explore every day. Yellowstone National Park is the first place that comes to mind, since that’s what’s closest to me; but there are so many places of natural beauty across the world that I can see Luther finding something to learn and love almost anywhere.

Diego: I started out thinking he’d be happiest in a leadership position—after he learns the proper skills, of course, because as it stands he would not be a good leader—but honestly, I don’t think he craves the chance to lead so much as he craves the chance to be noticed. He does vigilante work in a leather suit and domino mask, for fuck’s sake. You don’t wear either of those things if you want to be an anonymous do-gooder. So, I think Diego would be happiest doing something that puts his skills and talents on display. Not hero work, and not police work; those things are both too close to what he did as a kid, and I think he’d benefit from a fresh start. Maybe he could teach martial arts classes. Maybe he could start a band.

Allison: I don’t think getting back together with Patrick would be her ideal happy ending. From all we’ve seen, their relationship is pretty fractured, and I think there’s evidence to suggest she either Rumored him into loving her or chose him because she wanted to be with someone. However, I do think her ideal happy ending would involve her patching up her relationship with Claire. Maybe it would involve her getting partial custody; maybe it would involve some event that could only happen in the TUA ‘verse that makes her Claire’s sole (and fully reformed) parent. Whatever the case, I think Allison would be happiest if Claire were back in her life—a life she builds on her own, without use of her powers.

Klaus: “With Dave” is the obvious answer, and it’s one I agree with. But I also think his ideal happy ending would be one where he’s come to accept his powers and learned to cope with them. Maybe he works as a medium, allowing people to contact their loved ones. Maybe he works as a psychic consultant for the FBI, helping to solve some of the nation’s most notorious cold cases. Getting to live a quiet and contented life with Dave is only part of the answer. I think he also needs to find a way to see his powers not as something to be avoided and shut off, but as something potentially helpful.

Five: He told the Handler “I don’t belong anywhere, thanks to you”; so I think his happy ending would be one where he does have some sense of belonging. I like to picture him as the grouchy family uncle with all the good stories, popping back to 1937 to grab a box of donuts from Krispy Kreme’s grand opening for Claire’s birthday party and regaling his siblings with wild tales of falling in with bootleggers during Prohibition.

Ben: He’s been on the fringes of the family for years, with only Klaus for company. So, whether he stays dead throughout the series or is brought back to life through time-travel or some other kind of shenanigans, I think Ben’s ideal happy ending would see him having the chance to be part of the family again. Maybe this would involve Klaus manifesting him for family gatherings; maybe it would mean Klaus speaks for him during calls to the other siblings. Whatever the case, I think having a chance to spend time with his siblings as more than just a presence that Klaus argues with would be ideal.

Vanya: I think continuing to pursue music would make her happiest; but I can see it working out one of two ways, based on two different views. One holds that she plays classical music because she genuinely enjoys it; the other holds that she plays it because it’s what Reginald considered “proper” music and even after all these years she’s still subconsciously vying for his attention and approval. If the former is true, then I think Vanya’s ideal ending would see her auditioning for an orchestra in a different city where she can somewhat start over, landing first chair (because let’s face it: she’s damn good) and playing there for a while. But if the latter is true, then I think she needs to get away from classical a bit, chart her own course, pursue music that’s challenging and fun to play, but also a bit rebellious. In other words, I think she should join a symphonic metal band. Symphonic metal slaps, and having a classically trained violinist on the roster would be a huge draw for purists, casual listeners, and newcomers alike. Vanya’s background as a classical violinist would give her band a solid chance at success; and breaking out of the orchestral mold would give her a chance to redefine music for herself, free of her father’s influence.

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Five being paired up with someone for the first time at The Commission

New guy: so what hobbies do you have?

Five: I like to stalk people.

New guy: oh, well I like to read.

Five: I know.

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