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#number two

The first thing I noticed when I saw an image of Jesper was that he looked pretty similar to my boy, The Pirate with a Scarf.

They even share an interest in men with beards.

I haven’t seen Klaus yet, but from what I know it takes place in 19th Century Norway and The Pirates takes place in 19th Century London so the timelines add up.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that Jesper had an older brother who ran away from his rich life to become a pirate and to be gay.

And I’m honestly proud of him.

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diego stutter hcs?:D

A/N: I actually made two drabbles in which he stutters. You can read them here, if you want to. This is with a bit of angst X. And this one is just fluff X.

  • After Diego met you, his stuttering decreased
  • At first, he was afraid and ashamed to tell you thinking that you might leave him
  • After consulting his mother and Alison, he gathered the courage to tell you

-“I’m glad you told me. I would never leave a man for such a reason. What kind of shallow woman would I be?”.

-“Really? You’re okay with this?” He was unsure.


Originally posted by c0ffeebee

-“Yes of course. Why would I not be? Besides, the reason for me to ever leave you would be more serious than that. Like stealing my food from the fridge” you joked.

-“I love you. You’re the best. And I’ll try not to steal your food” he chuckled.

  • From time to time, he’d stutter amd you’re the only one that can make it go away other than his mother
  • You’d either encourage him, say nice things to him, make him laugh or calm him down by making him close his eyes and listen to your voice.
  • When you argue and he raises his voice, he’d stutter immediately after that
  • When he’s nervous, afraid, sad or has hurt you in anyway, he’d stutter

- for example when he went down on one knee and asked you to marry him.

Tags: @blathena @shymagicsworld @steeeeverogers

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TUA Members as Types of Tiktokers


  • inspirational tiktoker
  • says inspirational quotes and encourages people to do stuff with short mirror videos
  • also does PSA every once in a while


  • prank tiktoker
  • will do pranks around the house and occasionally in public but is usually caught most of the time
  • also does lip syncing videos every now and then


  • dancing tiktoker
  • does dances like ‘renegade’ and isn’t actually that bad
  • occasionally she will get Vanya to try one with her and it will have many bloopers


  • comedy tiktoker
  • he does all the trends but makes them his style
  • ex. like the ‘red dot’ trend where he is glad to get a red dot instead of green
  • he also accidentally tells of the time he got stuck in Vietnam with the time traveler trend


  • P.O.V. tiktoker
  • surprisingly the boy can fit into any type of role e.g. soft boy, e-boy, 1980s, bad boy
  • he gets Allison to do his makeup for the bad boy to look like he’s beat up becauseheneverlosesafight
  • does PSA from time to time along with story time about things that pissed him off
  • for someone who didn’t grow up around technology, he got the hang of it pretty well


  • story time tiktoker
  • he always has crazy stuff going on, on missions but he doesn’t want to paint a bloody picture
  • so he tells of his many adventures with Klaus and the rest of his siblings
  • he will do the occasional P.O.V. and comedy but usually people follow him for his funny story telling


  • musical tiktoker
  • she makes a video of her playing the violin and it gets her viral overnight
  • she gets encouraged to learn more instruments as she gains more followers and attention
  • and soon she knows how to play almost every instrument you can think of
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Originally posted by seacaster

Request: For the Anon who requested a fic with the reader and Diego were best-friends growing up but left with Five to the future and when they come doesn’t know what to do

Pairing: Five Hargreeves x Reader

Summary: A fight at the local donut shop leads to a new problem on Five and the readers mission to stop the apocalypses.

Warnings: Blood, injuries and death

A/N: *says am on hiatus but then decides to continue updating?* Sorry for randomly leaving without a heads up but here’s another update and part two to my series. If you have any ideas for this series then please feel free to say so in my requests and I’ll give credit when due. Also I know this sin’t exactly how the donut shop fight scene went but I decided to change it up a little, hope you guys like it and the pov also changes to third person when it switches to Vanya’s apartment btw.

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