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#number two

Originally posted by quikkksilver

Requested:  Hi! Can I request one-shot with Diego and his s/o being in established relationship and she helps him and his siblings with the whole mess of Umbrella Academy house (apocalypse is over, the world is saved but they’re left will all the stuff that you have to deal with after someone dies like cleaning the house etc)? -anon

A/N: Also based off the song Youth by Daughter. Really gave me a few tears because it reminds me so much of them. I also hope I did this request some justice. 

TW: Mentions of close death experience, loosing loved ones, etc. 

Word Count:862

Shadows settle on the place that you left

Our minds are troubled by the emptiness.

    The aftermath was devastating. A home that seven people watch crash to the ground. A place that was once refuge. A sanctuary. A house filled with many memories. The good times and the bad. Diego could only focus on the bad. The only good ones he has was with his mother.

The six heroes stood in front of the wreckage. Plus one. Diego’s lover, Y/N. They all stood there quiet. Diego just stared, thinking about Grace. How she could still be there. She could still be alive, right? Diego was snapped out of thought by Y/N grabbing his hand. He looked over at her, instantly feeling at home.

Yes, home. She was his home.

And if you’re still breathing, you’re the lucky ones

‘Cause most of us are heaving through corrupted lungs

   Y/N placed her arm on Allison’s shoulder, pulling her into a hug. Allison’s voice was still gone. Breathing felt like a chore to her. She couldn’t get the feeling out of her stomach. The feeling of gasping for air. The feeling of your life ending, right before you. The warm liquid running down your chest. The dread.

Allison started to cry. Y/N held her closer. Y/N mourned with her. “It’s okay, Allison. Everything will work out. I promise.”

Collecting names of the lovers that went wrong

The lovers that went wrong

   Vanya felt destroyed inside. Y/N could feel it from miles away actually. She also didn’t blame Vanya for what happened. Her powers were unbeknownst of. And she was lied to her entire life. Been told she’ll never amount to anything. Too ordinary.

“Vanya, you’re the complete opposite.” Y/N told her, holding her face in her hands. Vanya’s eyes watered. She sniffled, trying to hold the emotions back. Y/N enveloped her in a hug. Vanya was hesitate at first. But she remembered what home felt like. She knew why Diego loved Y/N so much.

One day we will reveal the truth

That one will die before he gets there

   They were picking up the pieces of Ben’s statue. Y/N made it her mission to put it back together or at least replace the memorial. She made it a promise. Ben saved all of them. Diego specifically. If Diego died, Y/N wouldn’t know what to do with herself. Diego is her rock. The glue that holds her insanity together.

Ben admired her. She was the person that the family needed in this desperate time. He observed how much joy she brought to everyone. Ben wished that he could actually talk to her, not through Klaus.

“Klaus, I hope Diego puts a ring on it. He deserves it.” Ben said. Klaus smiled. “I hope so too, Ben.”

If you’re still bleeding, you’re the lucky ones

‘Cause most of our feelings, they are dead and they are gone

   Five to Y/N was interesting. He was ridiculously smart. Y/N at first thought that he despised her. However, he found her refreshing. “Someone to have an actual intelligent conversation with.” He would say. Y/N’s face would turn red. It would turn even more red when Five said to Diego. “Keep her, please. I like this one. Better than the rest of all of you.”

Everyone was shocked, actually. Klaus begged you to teach him your ways, making you feel even more embarrassed.

Collecting pictures from a flood that wrecked our home

It was a flood that wrecked this home.

   Y/N’s relationship with Luther was… difficult. It was hard because of Diego. Diego constantly would talk down on his brother and vice versa. Y/N, however, was nice to him. She showed everyone she ever came across kindness. Kindness was something she was taught at a young age and has taught others.

Luther liked Y/N. She taught the Academy more about themselves then they thought they knew.

To distract ourselves from ever missing them

But I’m forever missing him

   Klaus got along extremely well with Y/N. Y/N helped Klaus with a lot of things. Helping him get and stay sober to letting him cry on her shoulder about Dave.

He remembers when he told her about Dave. She smiled and said, “That, my friend, is love. You loved him. He felt it, trust me.” Klaus’s eyes watered. The Seance choked out a sob. Y/N hugged him tightly.

“Have you found love, Y/N?” He asked. Y/N nodded her head, pulling away from Klaus. “Yes. I found Diego and he found me. I don’t know where I would be without him.”

Setting fire to our insides for fun

  Y/N comforted every single one of them. She brought out the best out of every single one of them. She helped them in every way possible. She loved them. Just her being there to help clean up the mess of the Academy was enough.

Y/N kissed Diego’s cheek. “C’mon. We’ve got stuff to do. I’ll be with you every step of the way.”

We are the reckless

We are the wild youth.

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Klaus: Cookie dough is worth taking the risk of getting salmonella

Ben: Klaus pull yoursel together and go get a damn spoon!

Diego: It’s cookie dough not a beefy 5 layer burrito.

Five: Have some class.

Original post;

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would include: 

  • Cuddles. lots of it. We all know Diego is a Soft Boy™. 
  • He’d just wrap an arm around your waist and pull you back against his chest, whenever you’d be trying to leave bed to early for him. 
  • He’d plant a kiss on your shoulder, ghost his lips over the column of your neck, and press a soft kiss just below your ear, before whispering in a raspy voice that never fails to send shivers down your spine “Baby stay.” 
  • He’d tuck your head under his chin, and you would end up falling asleep without even realizing it. 

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Someone needs to draw Grace going to Diego for help with her laptop and when he looks at it it’s one of those ‘I am not a robot’ things lmao

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Hi. :) could you please ship me with someone from Riverdale or the Umbrella Academy? I'm a 5'6 girl, pale skin and black hair and brown eyes. I like to draw and read a lot, I do pole dance in my free time (I have fairly large muscles for a girl, and my flexibility is fairly good). I'm currently in med school. I keep to myself a lot but when I actually make Friends I am very sociable and I have a sarcastic streak a mile long.

I ship you with: Sweet Pea!

Originally posted by hersheyjoneswuzhere

  • it’s a good thing you’re in med school because Sweet Pea gets injured a lot
  • so you would have to bandage him up a lot after fights and stuff
  • he loves your sarcasm, and he will joke right back with just as much fire
  • he loves all your drawings; they’re really good 
  • also, he likes how focused you look when you get into a good book
  • although, sometimes he distracts you because he wants attention
  • you wear his jacket, and both of you love it
  • let’s be real for a second: you’d own the shit out of that serpent dance
  • (even though it’s an unfair, sexist initiation)

I ship you with: Diego Hargreeves!

Originally posted by quikkksilver

  • Diego’s knuckles are always bruised from boxing, but you make sure he doesn’t take it too far and break a wrist or something
  • he loves how sarcastic you are; most people are too scared to sass him
  • he’s secretly soft on the inside, but he only acts that way around you
  • but he can also be …rough … so it’s a good thing you’re strong
  • he knows you would never make fun of his speech impediment
  • which means he trusts and values you so much
  • he makes sure you have access to all the books in the Hargreeves’ house
  • he loves your drawings, especially the shading, and you draw an image of him and he’s so honored and happy

A/N: I did both because I thought ‘why the hell not,’ I hope that’s ok. Thanks for the ask; I hope you like your ships! Have a nice day!

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I just want the hargreeves siblings to love each other more. I need some sibling love, for Vanya too. Also I'd like Luther to apologize to Vanya and Vanya to apologize to Allison and maybe Diego can chill out a little on the violence front. Klaus is being his best self, Allison is, I mean shes surviving and Five...he's doing as well as we can hope for someone in his situation, ya feel? Hes making it.

The apocalypse certainly put a damper on family bonding time. I, too, want to see the sibling relationships strengthened!

Luther and Diego? So much potential there! Luther needs to stop using hugs as a way to render people unconscious and Diego needs to try throwing his feelings around more often than he throws his knives!

Vanya and Allison? I hope they have an opportunity to grow closer simply because they love each other instead of because the evil plans of some controlling, manipulative man (*cough* Reginald and Leonard) necessitate it.

Diego and Klaus? Both doing amazing and already making great strides in their relationship. It would be fantastic to see even more empathetic support going forward as they learn to cope with similar losses.

Ben and Diego? I think these two could sit down and have a nice long talk. Possible discussion topics: being on the giving/receiving end of physical violence, managing the desire for revenge, getting Klaus some driving lessons.

Luther and Vanya? Give them a shared hobby so they can actually spend time together! They were raised as polar opposites (Number One vs. “just ordinary”) and would benefit from nurturing a little compassion for one another.

Allison and Ben? No one can relate more to Allison right now than Ben. She’s re-learning how to communicate and Ben knows exactly what that’s like! Klaus needs to make Ben corporeal again so he can hug his sister.

Klaus and Luther? They can start with “sorry I tried to choke you into unconsciousness.” Luther needs a guide to the larger world. Klaus needs normal experiences that aren’t about his addiction. A perfect match!

Five and EVERYONE? After his post-apocalyptic decades with only a mannequin and the decaying corpses of his loved ones for company, I don’t even know what Five needs. Just to get used to not being alone.

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Vanya destroyed the moon so Luther would stop complaining about the fact that Reginald sent him there for nothing.

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