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#obi-wan kenobi
Artist reader painting Obi Wan, that’s it, that’s the request, send tweet.


authors note : i really like writing for obi and i like this a lot. i hope you do too! ( even though there isn’t much artistry involved, i hope you still like it ) ( i also had a different idea for this, if you’d want to read that as well, let me know :] )

character / ship : obi-wan kenobi x artist!reader

summary : obi-wan trusted the force and where it pulled him; this time, it pulled him towards you

word count : 888

warnings : a cute, love struck obi-wan

 At this point, he was all that your hands drew on the paper.

Whenever you sat down and wanted to give your mind a rest and just draw, his face always popped up. And every time you decided to draw him yet again.

But how were you supposed to resist that magnificent face structure and the way he held himself? He was a stunning man.

When he and his troops first arrived on your planet, people were confused and terrified, but to you, it felt like you could trust them. All they wanted to do was to protect you from the Separatists.

You sat in your usual spot, leaning against a rock and watching the two suns slowly set, drowning your surroundings in an orange hue.

You bit the end of your stylus, trying to figure out how to place the next strokes of colour. This time you actually drew the sunset, something you’ve wanted to do for a while.

“What are you drawing?”

The sweet voice ringing next to your ear made you jump, looking at the source with wide eyes. It was him; it was Obi-Wan.

The two of you have talked a few times since his arrival, so you’d consider him a friend. You just weren’t so sure if friends are supposed to be on your mind so frequently. Whenever he walked around the small town, be it while he was on patrol or just on his own, you two often met and he started up a conversation with you. You were sure it was just a coincidence every time, but he knew better than that.

His smile made your nerves calm down, yet your heart was still beating rapidly in your chest. Thank the maker I didn’t draw him again, he would’ve seen!

“The sunset, it looks more unique than usual today..”, you smiled back at him, tearing your gaze from him to the sunset. Now that he was here, you weren’t so sure if you’d be able to continue with your piece.

Obi-Wan leaned closer to you, looking at what you’ve already brought to paper. His lips parted in awe; you were really talented. Just the few lines resembling the setting suns and your surroundings looked better than almost anything he’d seen before.

“I feel like something’s missing..” Your head whipped around to face him, slightly offended at his words. You knew very well you were capable of drawing a sunset, definitely more than he was. You raised an eyebrow at him as he eyed you carefully, he couldn’t help the smirk appearing on his lips.

“And what would that be, master Jedi?” “Well, maybe..”, he got up from his seat next to you, chuckling to himself. Was he seriously about to say this?

“A little more me.”

He walked in front of you, the sunset nicely positioned behind him. You couldn’t comprehend what he was doing, he wanted you to draw him? Were you dreaming?

Swiftly, he changed his poses, trying to look like heroic after a on battle. Neither you nor he could contain your laughter. “Hey! You don’t laugh at your models!” “Even if I tried drawing you, you’re moving too much!”

After a few seconds, your happy laughing died down and you put your utensils down beside you.  “As much as I want to capture this moment, it just isn’t possible.”, you got up and joined Obi where he was standing, facing the sunset. The two glowing orbs were almost completely gone by now, making the million stars in the sky shine bright.

“Maybe you don’t always need to draw everything if you want to remember it..”, his voice was weirdly smooth, making a shiver run down your spine. “Living in the moment is something the young people enjoy nowadays, isn’t it?”

You shook your head with a smile. “You sound like an old man..” “They’re advice speaks the truth though..” “What do you mean?”

You hadn’t realized how close he was to you when you turned your head to look at him. His breath felt warm against your skin. “(Y/N)..”

His hands found yours, tugging gently so you turned to him fully. You swallowed the lump that formed in your throat, the beating of your own heart filling your ears. Surely, he heard it as well.

“Us meeting, wasn’t an accident, or a coincidence..” His gaze was trained on your hands that laid in his grasp, gently tracing the curves of your fingers with his own. “I believe we were meant to meet so many times..”, his smile made you chuckle. His words were so sweet. Heat rose to your cheeks, making your face shine bright in the darkness that had settled in around you two.

“If you feel the same way, I do not know, but whenever I’m close to you, I feel myself getting pulled towards you.” His forehead gently touched yours. You never thought you’d be this close to him.

The sunlight had been completely drained from the sky, only the shining stars and moons bathing you two in a soft light. It all seemed perfect, just you and Obi-Wan standing under the sea of stars, like no one else in the galaxy was there, like no one else mattered.

Nothing else did matter, because just like Obi-Wan said, uniting with you wasn’t a coincidence.

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Your last post is perfect.Everytime I see someone saying that Obi wan following the teachings of the Order was the reason he failed Anakin I'm always like,that was his culture and people,he was just living by them lol. Just because Anakin was not commited to the jedi as Obi wan it doesn't mean obi failed him as a master,Obi never chose the order over Anakin,he would leave it with him if he had to.Anakin did a monstrous act-killed his people and children,how would obi stand with him after that?

Referring to this post

Somehow people have got it into their heads that the Jedi Code means literally that they must not demonstrate any kind of emotion or affection for other people, even though this is demonstrably NOT THE CASE in the films. So when they say these things like “Obi-Wan was too devoted to the Code”, they mean, basically, that they think Anakin somehow didn’t know that Obi-Wan cared about him because Obi-Wan apparently never showed or told him. Which again is something that really isn’t reflected by the films, and also annoys me personally because it comes across as saying that reserved people don’t express affection and emotion in the “right” way. That’s not the direct intention of what they’re saying, but when you clearly have characters expressing emotion and affection in the films and the fandom then claims that they’re forced to be emotionless and loveless…it’s hard not to get that impression!

And you know, I’m not going to claim that Obi-Wan was a perfect teacher (could anyone be, really?), but his failings weren’t because he was trying to teach the wrong ideals and values (there’s nothing wrong with the Jedi’s cultural values and philosophy - it may not work for everyone but that doesn’t make it wrong). His flaws as a teacher were more that his desire to be Anakin’s friend interfered with his duty as a disciplinarian - which meant both that he was softer on Anakin than he should’ve been (he overlooked a lot, and he rarely went harsher than nagging), and that Anakin took it less seriously because there wasn’t a firm distinction between Obi-Wan-as-his-friend and Obi-Wan-as-his-mentor/parent. A quick google search will turn up tons of articles on why teachers shouldn’t be friends with their students and parents shouldn’t be friends with their children (note, that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be caring or kind, and I’m not saying that Obi-Wan should’ve been overly harsh on Anakin). It’s clearly a very common mistake to make! So I’m not condemning Obi-Wan as a failure here; I believe he did what he thought was best for Anakin, but if I’m asked to find fault in his teaching, it’s here.

I don’t think that makes him responsible for Anakin’s fall, though. Palpatine’s influence can hardly be overstated, and ultimately Anakin is an adult and responsible for his own choices at that point. Sure, Obi-Wan may blame himself, that’s understandable, but what we’re actually shown is that Palpatine had rigged this game, and Anakin made bad decisions.

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I know I’ve been posting too much Clone Wars, but a whole bunch of new posters, banners, and screenshots just came out, including a first look at tomorrow’s big Hasbro action-figure and gentle giant reveals. More to come Saturday!!!

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Was rewatching Clone Wars and the prequels and I legit forgot about how everyone is basically obsessed with Obi-Wan. Look, if Obi-Wan had become a Sith, his ass would’ve taken over the galaxy in, like, six months. His allies love him and his enemies love him and the public would see this hot, charming, smart Jedi hero and love him. The more I think about it; I figure Palpatine hated him because he knew that this fucking annoying ginger sass-master could overthrow him in the time it would take him to do a dramatic robe-flip. And he’d do it all without a single. damned. fight. He’d just sit on his throne being gorgeous and irreverent and the galaxy would eat that shit up.

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More settling in for everyone.
Figured I’d post early to celebrate the premiere of Clone Wars season 7!! Now excuse me while I go cry my eyes out over what’s gonna happen this season…

Part 1 | Part 3

Anakin wished he had more free time to get to know Kitsune, but he had things to teach Ahsoka in the short time they had at the Temple before being sent back out into the war again. Obi-Wan was granted a couple weeks to help his new padawan settle in and learn the basics of being a Jedi before he and Kit were deployed.

From what Anakin could tell, Obi-Wan seemed happy with Kit. Maybe I’ll bump into them at lunch today. He hoped he’d at least see Obi-Wan to talk to him and ask him how things were going. It was odd not having his former master to talk to almost all the time. That had been the nice thing about Obi-Wan not having a padawan; if Anakin wanted or needed to talk to him, it had been easy to find him. Now, Anakin didn’t even know where to begin looking for Obi-Wan, nor did he really want to go searching because he didn’t want to interrupt anything Obi-Wan might be teaching Kit. Let them get used to each other first. No need to get in the way. I have plenty of time to do that once Kit is settled. He grinned a little at that thought.

Keep reading

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I don’t really post about videos on here but GODDAMN.

This shit made me stop playing on my PS4 and listen, and I am still close to tears right now.

God, Star Wars means so much to me. I loved Harry Potter when I was younger but it never stuck with me like Star Wars has, never could reach down my throat and YANK at my heart strings or lift my imagination up through the clouds.

All the way up to a galaxy far, far away.

Fuck, I need to go cry.

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Paring: Anakin Skywalker x Reader

Word count: 1.3K

Warnings: none

Request: Short Jedi reader in a relationship w Anakin and he teases her because of her height - anon 

A/N: Looks like we’re getting another shorter one today! Here’s that fluff I owe you @sithmyass 



Your eye’s scanned up and down the data that rested in your right hand; a fresh cup of caffe in the other. You liked to indulge in a good novel from time to time and it was only in the mornings that you had time to read. You were so caught up in the story of a young smuggler that you didn’t hear Anakin walk up behind you. 

He leaned over your sitting body, his chin resting on the top of your head. “Morning, princess,” he mumbled, still half asleep. His arms draped themselves around your shoulders and held you in a tight yet warm embrace. 

“Good morning, Ani.” You take a sip of the caffe. The liquid burning as it ran down your throat. As the warmth spread down your chest you couldn’t help but smile. 

His fingertips gently grasped the top of your mug and pulled it from your hand. Not expecting it the cup easily left your grip. “Now what do we have here?” He stood up leaving you to whip around in your seat and reach for the mug. All he had to do to avoid your grasping hand was step back. He raised the cup to his lips and swallowed a large gulp of the contents; a teasing smirk never leaving his lips. 

“Give that back!” You lunged forward only to have your plans foiled when Anakin’s hand shot straight up, the mug raised above his head. 

His smirk was only growing, “Only if you can reach it.” 

“You know I can’t.” Even after your response you still tried. You stood up on your toes and stretched your upper body as much as you possibly could, but to no avail; the tips of your fingers just short of his wrist. 

In response, Anakin stretched his arm out furthering the distance between you and your caffe. “Having a hard time there, princess?” he teased, one brow cocked slightly. 

You glared up at him, despite all your stretching your eyes still nowhere near level with his. “Obviously.” You hop slightly. Your fingers finally able to fell the mug but unable to get a proper hold. “You don’t plan on doing this all day, do you? Because we definitely have a mission today,” you hissed. 

His free hand took hold of your waist, “No, it’s just so much fun to tease you that I need to take every chance I get.” He dipped his head down a gave you a quick and sweet kiss. Much to your dismay, he was still able to keep the mug just out of reach. He stepped away from you and before you could reach of the mug again he downed what was left of the caffe. 

Your lips pursed in a slight pout. After all that he had drunk it anyway. He laughed and took you back in his arms. “I’ll make you more while you get dressed,” he promised, placing a kiss on your forehead. His arms dropped down to his side and he slipped into the kitchen, leaving you to get ready. 


Much later you found yourself army-crawling up the side of a large hill, Anakin at your side. “Does the council really think the separatists set up a temporary base here? It doesn’t look like anyone has set foot on this planet for years,” you grumbled. The constant mud and large swarms of bugs were starting to get on your nerves. 

“All the more reason for us to believe General Grevious set up shop here,” whispered your companion. Upon reaching the crest of the hill Anakin pulled out a pair of binoculars. It only took him a few moments to spot the base. “It’s right over there,” he said, his finger pointing into the distance, “It looks like it should be fairly easy to infiltrate.” 

You took the binoculars from him and held them up to face. Through them, you were able to make out the base. It was small and relatively obscured by the dense rain forest that covered most of the planet. From this distance, proper security seemed to be lacking. “It doesn’t look like they have much security, at least on the outside. The hardest part will be finding it once we’re back in the forest.” 

You both snuck down the way you had come, careful to keep your presence a secret. Navigating the rain forest did prove difficult; the vegetation quite dense. But after an hour of suffering through bug bites and more short jokes you made it to your destination. 

While the base was larger than it had semed it was still small. It didn’t take you and Anakin long to make a loop a of the perimeter; taking note of any droids and spaces to enter through. In the end, you settled on an out of the way window. 

You craned your neck in an effort to get a glimpse of what was on the other side. Anakin leaned down, his body pressing against yours and a smirk on his lips, “Need a boost?” 

You glared at him and your voice picked up an annoying edge, “No, I don’t need a boost. Maker, Anakin. I’m not that short.” 

“I don’t know,” he teased, “I swear I’ve seen porgs taller than you. ” 

You didn’t even spare him a glance before jumping up into the large window. 

The rest of the mission went better than either of you expected and contained far less teasing. In fact, Anakin managed to keep any quip about your height to himself until you were back at the Jedi temple telling Obi-wan of your Success. 

“So as you can see Master,” Anakin continued, “that base won’t be causing us any more problems.” 

Obi-wan thoughtful stroked his beard before favouring you both with a smile. “It always surprises me how well you work together, considering you almost constant childish teasing.” 

“I don’t see what you mean Master,” replied Anakin with an all too familiar teasing lilt to his voice. I moments his elbow was comfortably resting on the top of your head. 

You swatted at his arm but he wasn’t budging. He had done this far too many times to count and it always drove you crazy. He knew it too. But he claimed that you made to perfect of an armrest for him to ignore. “Oh, he’d never tease me,” you added sarcastically. 

“You two should be careful,” started Obi-wan with a chuckle, “if you keep flirting like that someone might assume you’re in a relationship.” 

Anakin just laughed as he grabbed your arm and pulled you out of the small room. “What are the odds he knows?” He asks quietly. 

You punch in the keycode to your room and stepped through the door Anakin close behind you. “If he knows I don’t think he cares.” You shrug off your outer robes and place them neatly on your bed. “Now can we talk about all the teasing?” 

“What about it?” 

You move to stand directly in front of him, “It drives me crazy Anakin; absolutely insane.” 

He takes a step forward and pulls you into a tight embrace. “I only tease you because I love you,” a smile gracing his lips as he spoke. 

“Really?” you mumbled skeptically. You tried to step back but his arms held you in place. 

“Definitely,” he mused. “If you were too much taller I wouldn’t be able to do this,” his nose buried itself in your hair and his chin rested gently against your forehead. 

“Is that all?” you ask with a quiet laugh. 

His lips pressed against your hair as he thought, “for the moment.” 

You rolled your eyes and relaxed into his embrace; your forehead coming to rest against his chest. “So does that mean you’ll stop teasing me?” 

“Not a chance princess.” 

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