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#ochako uraraka
If you don't mind, I would love a piece of fluffy/ mild angsty goodness with Ochako. Where the reader is trying to surprise Ochako only to make Ochako think she's being cheated on.

• Falling for Ochako had to be one of the best things that happened to you in, ever.

• She was an absolute doll, you loved everything about her.

• You two had been dating for almost a full year, and, to surprise her for your first-year anniversary, you were going to get her a promise ring.

• A promise to stay by her side no matter what. A promise you intended to keep no matter what.

• You were able to get her ring size and such other things necessary, but as the days went by, you had to be away more and more, doing extra jobs and patrols to get the extra cash.

• “Hey! Would you like to- “You almost never let her finish a sentence, saying that you were busy and that you’d make it up to her later.

• You wanted to be there with her, but you were dead set on proving how much you loved this woman.

•She would stop by and check up on you, leaving little lunches for you and such.  Yet, you would take notice of her attitude through the days leading up to your anniversary.

• “y/n, are you okay? You’ve been rather distant lately…”

• She’d ask you that on the occasion she caught you while you were on break, attempting to avoid her question, you’d change the subject. Complimenting her when you could just to see that smile you loved so much spread across her face.

• As your anniversary grew closer, you got ready to buy her ring. All of the money you had saved up, you requested that Tsu  join you on your quest to find the perfect ring for your lover.

• “I think she’d like this one, Ribbit” Tsu had commented on a rather gorgeous looking ring. Soft hues of pink sparkled from a few of the smaller diamonds on the side.

• “Tsu its p e r f e c t!”

• Paying for the ring, you both walked out of the shop, Agreeing to meet up later, you ran home.

• Opening the front door, the first thing that caught your eyes was that familiar head of brown hair popping up from the couch.

• Walking over next to the couch you hear it.

• Whimpers and cries coming from the couch.

• Feeling your heart jump in your chest you run around to the other side of the couch and see the love of your life curled up on the couch, eyes red and puffy, still drowning in tears.

• Seeing it made your heart shatter in your chest.

• “O-Ochako what’s wrong ba-“ seeing her sit up makes the words in your throat stop, leaving a rather uncomfortable feeling in their place.

• “Why have you been avoiding me y/n?” you barely caught what she said but you caught it nonetheless.

• “i-“ yet again, before you could finish she looks up at you with those eyes you loved so much, but, the look they held killed you softly.

• “Why. Did I do something wrong? What. Did I do?” Before you could say anything more you grab her and pull her to your chest, rubbing your cheek against her hair.

• “Baby, you did absolutely nothing wrong. Nothing’s going wrong I promise.” Pressing her face into your chest you hear her muffled cries.

•  Rubbing her back, you give her head soft kisses as she stutters and shivers against you.

•  “Our anniversary is tomorrow My Love. I wanted to surprise you but, I guess I gotta tell ya!” Pulling her away from your chest, you wipe away the streaks running down her face and give her a large smile.

•  Looking for the bag you had previously in your hand, you find it on the floor.

•  Picking it up you rummage through the bag and pull out the small box. Hearing her gasp made the grin on your lips widen.

•  “I wanted to do whatever I could, to get you what you deserve. I mean you deserve the world, but, I can’t exactly give you that yet!” Looking at her, you see her staring at you in shock.

• Leaning over to her, you give her a soft kiss. As you pull away, you raise the box into her view and open it.

• Seeing her reaction made you wish you had a camera, You absolutely loved and adored this woman.

•  “Ochako, we’ve been together for almost a full year. I’ve loved every second of it, I’ve loved every second I’ve spent with you. I wanted to give you this as a promise. A promise that I’ll always be here for you. A promise that I’ll love you, through thick and thin, A promise that I’ll love you forever.”

•  Hearing her sobs makes your heart flutter and break even more at the same time.

• Having her jump into your chest, you hear her soft muffled answers.

• Feeling heat grow in your cheeks, you sling your arms around her and you spin her around. Only to feel the ground beneath you leave.

• “B-B-BABE!”


•  As you both fall to the floor with a loud thud, you can’t help but laugh.

• You loved this woman so much, and knowing she accepted it and wanted to be with you. Made you the happiest person alive.


I hope this fits your request!




Thank you for the ideas!

Hope you enjoy!


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Whoops, I realized that Manifest and Rabbit are sort of similar so I wanted to change that request to rabbit and zero gravity if you don’t mind? Thanks!

Hello! I have to say I really enjoy the quirk marriage results you come up with and was wondering how would a quirk turn out if it was rabbit and manifest combined?

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy this as well. So here is Rabbit in the Moon. 

Name Quirk Name: Moonwalk

This Emitter type Quirk allows the user to alter the effect that the forces of gravity has on their body, specifically everything from the waist down. The user is able to do this seemingly without any harm to themselves, meaning suddenly increasing their gravity will not shatter all their bones. The user is even capable of altering multiple effects at a time, making a variety of uses possible. Through the changing of these effects, the user is capable of several abilities, such as walking on walls to get around, increasing the gravity on their legs before an attack to simulate super strength, or changing various effects to achieve a kind of super leap. Though this only has effect on their legs, leaving the rest of their body open. This Quirk will take a lot of time and training to use it to the best of the abilities without the user hurting themselves, and even after such a time, it will still be a risk. The user also cannot effect gravity too severely, unable to change any of it’s effects any more then a factor of five.

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Prompts and Aus for bnha, just tell me or tag me if you use it.

  • Faller Pokémon au: Izuku wakes up in the world of Pokémon. He has no memory of his past, but knows that this wasn’t where he belongs. With powers unlike the other humans in this world, Izuku has to figure out his destructive powers and who he was before. With Pokémon by his side, can he figure out who he was before he fell? Can he find a way back?
  • Miritama Faller Pokemon au: similar to the first one, this one just involves somebody falling and the other trying to get them back.
  • Mongrel Au: mongrels are people who can transform into dog-like monsters at the first taste of blood. They are know to be highly aggressive in this form and are a threat to pets, livestock, local wildlife, and the occasional human dumb enough to pick a fight with them. Mongrels are the lowest parts of society, often not being able to find work and being arrested are their norm. Izuku was born a mongrel, and he’s been hiding that since he was young. When All Might offers him OfA, it feels like a dream come true. However, can he hide it from his classmates and teachers. Can he show them that he’s not just a monster? Mongrels include: Izuku, Inko, Kirishima, Uraraka, Tamaki, Shigaraki, and more.
  • Harry Potter Bnha crossover I posted once and never got notes on: Suneater and Deku get caught up in a villain’s quirk, transporting them to Hogwarts during Harry’s fifth year. Now they have to deal with a new magic core, a pink toad, a meddling headmaster, the golden trio’s shenanigans, and the fact that a wizard nazi is after their powers. At least Tamaki can learn some new magic tricks.
  • Prompt: Bnha meets DC due to a villain of the week’s screw-up.
  • Miritama Prompt: Tamaki gets hit by a villain’s quirk and it gives him the ability to see the future for a moment. He gets to see what his relationship with Mirio can be.
  • Mile in my shoes prompt prompt: everyone get the chance to try out each others powers, cue chaos and broken bones.
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─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

⋆¸*ೃ☼ MIDORIYA is creeping vines on the sides of old mansions, the feeling of luck as you hit no red lights, reuniting with an old friend, tear provoking laughter, younger siblings, taking things too personally, soft edges, polaroids….

⋆¸*ೃ☼ BAKUGOU is angry eyes changing to teasing in a split second, gold rings, music so loud you can’t hear yourself think, explosive laughter that makes your stomach hurt, homemade fireworks, red converse, long summer days…

⋆¸*ೃ☼ IIDA is freezing rain in the mornings, biting your lip as you think, late nights spent staring at your phone, quick replies, blue veins, notes in the margins of books, paper planes, old ticket stubs, mint tea, watching movies at 2am…

⋆¸*ೃ☼ URARAKA is bubblegum sticking to your lips, strikingly pink lipstick, fondue pots on weekends, contagious smiles, honey flavored candy, late nights spent laughing, cute handwriting, water with fruit slices, carnival dates…

⋆¸*ೃ☼ TODOROKI is skipping stones on silent lakes, high collared blouses and fitted trousers, early morning strolls, quiet smiles, smashed windows, calloused hands, silent movies, raise eyebrows, cold hands, cassette tapes…

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The Fall of Heroes
by LunaPendragon18

Manga SPOILERS (Endeavour Agency Arc). An ominous message brings Deku’s first year at UA to a heinous end. The villains’ powers continue to grow as they snuff out one hero after the other. Can Deku and the remaining UA students reclaim the world the villains destroyed? or has Deku’s dream of becoming the Symbol of Hope been extinguished before the flame could even be ignited?

Words: 3673, Chapters: 3, Status: In-Progress, Language: English

Read Here:

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The worst surprise
by Sonnie Celanna

Uraraka had been so looking forward to seeing the look on Deku’s face when he got home and saw the surprise party she had put together for his seventeenth birthday. Sadly, he never does get the chance to see it. (Minor Manga spoilers, set during their second year at U.A.)

Words: 3025, Chapters: 1, Status: Complete, Language: English

Read Here:

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my bujo spread for this week ! some kindergarten ,, elementary school ,, middle school and high school ochako doodles :3

hope you have a good weekend uwu

and as usual reblogs are greatly appreciated 🥰🥰

materials used: copic markers ,, sakura pigma micron pen 05 size ,, uniball signo um-153 (gold,, silver ,, white) ,, random mechanical pencil ,, faber castell eraser)

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