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Feliz cumpleaños 🎶

A ti @coaet-malia 🎶

Yo si te cantaba pero es qe me da verguenza subir un audio de mi voz 😂 pasate la bien guapa y que cumplas mas, sabes que me encanta como dibujas ! Y adoro platicar contigo (solo que ahora no es muy frecuente lo siente bb) para recompensartelo te hice un dibujo :)) espero y te guste 💕✨


Mi pill con tu hermosa manchaky UwU hermoso shipps vdd bb?

Espero y te guste ! >w< te lo hice con mucho amorsh del bonito que te puedo dar u-u 👌, te amo bb 💕✨

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not exactly a smiling asher just yet but hey, it’s something, bittersweet though, as touchstarved as the boy is the first couple of months they are together he has massive problems doing anything he has only ever or mostly done with adam before, but devin is both patient and supporting and very good at leading someone through a panic attack 🙏🏻

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Hey, ya’ll! I know not many people read my posts but I just wanted to say thank you to the people who have been liking my Teen Wolf OC posts. I didn’t think that many people would care about Marlow and co. when I revived the story but people seemingly do - so thank you for that, it has given me the motivation to keep the reworking of the story up. I love you guys and I love tumblr’s OC community a bunch! Mwah <3

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Have you ever seen a drow with eyes so blue, then watched him die and come back to life, so now you have to gently take his chin and tell him it’s good to see that he’s still alive? 

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