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A drabble a day, keeps the doctor away… (but brings Santa a little closer)! A series of holiday drabbles on how the Avengers (and friends) decide to spend Christmas.

Day 1 [Bucky Barnes x Okoye]

Day 2 [Steve Rogers x black!reader x Bucky Barnes]

Day 3 [Bucky Barnes x black!reader]

Day 4 [Steve Rogers x black!reader]

Day 5 [Natasha Romanoff x Okoye]

Day 6 [Steve Rogers x Okoye] || Mature Content

Day 7 [Sam Wilson x Bucky Barnes]

Day 8 [Steve Rogers x black!reader]

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MCU characters that have their priorities straight:

  • Nakia (helps struggling nations. always wanted Wakanda to share its resources with the world)
  • Okoye (left her man for being a lil bitch while he betrayed his own country)
  • Maria Hill (probably saved the world more times than anyone else but you’d never know it cause she keeps her head down and considers her contributions as her duty and nothing more)
  • Peggy Charter (founded SHIELD and once hit a man in the head with a stapler)
  • Michelle/MJ (just fucking gets it)
  • Ned Leeds (has a Lego Death Star. nuf said)
  • Darcy Lewis (tased Thor. calls Mjolnir, Mew-Mew. is an intern who gets herself an intern)
  • Shuri (uses her genius gifts not only to make the most advanced technology in the world, but also to make her brother look like an idiot)
  • Sam Wilson (he’s noble like Steve used to be before he went back in time to be with Peggy)
  • Luis (takes the time to tell an artful retelling of events)

MCU characters that do not have their priorities straight:

  • everyone else
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[Pairing] Steve Rogers x Okoye {CapKoye}

[Word Count] 287

[Prompt] “It’s snowing.”

[Warnings] sex, smut

[A/N] I’m super late again, but, please accept this smut scene. You had to know that I couldn’t keep it PG for much longer!


Steve bites down on Okoye’s shoulder as he cradles her to his body, flattening his palms on her naked back. Her arms are thrown over his shoulders, her head tilted toward the ceiling - mouth agape, eyes hooded. Steve leaves a trail of sloppy, wet kisses along her clavicle as he pushes his hips into hers. The sounds of their sex fill the otherwise silent apartment. Skin on skin, airy moans, quick kisses, low groans. Fast, slurred language words falling from their seared lips. It’s a symphony all their own. 

A wave of lust flashes through her, making her shiver as he delves deeper into her body. Her breath hitches, her muscles tense, but he doesn’t stop. He just keeps pushing, pounding - harder, faster - until she’s writhing. He keeps his eyes on her as he curls his fingers around the back of her neck, not wanting to miss a single detail of her orgasm. He’s worked hard for this. 

She soon comes apart as she straddles him. Loudly. Sweetly. Her muscles quiver around him as her hips rock against his to claim every inch of him. She holds him to her, sinking her fingertips into his flesh, moaning in his ear, praising every God in the universe. She’s soon warmed from the inside out as he joins her in release minutes later. 

They fall back onto the mattress, fully sated. Their breath is heavy, their skin slick and sticky, their heads cloudy with love and lust. Okoye nuzzles into his chest as she blinks slowly, focusing her gaze out of their bedroom window. 

She smiles slowly as she blinks again, “It’s snowing.” She whispers. 

Steve doesn’t care. She’s the only thing he wants to keep his eyes on. 

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Okoye is honestly one of the most perfect warrior women in movie history.

She manages to be so kick ass but do it with so much grace it’s confusing. She’s a great leader and is loyal to the throne without hesitation. She nearly killed the love of her life for her country, if that don’t paint a picture of her excellence, I don’t know does.

She honestly deserves to lead the Dora Milaje. So wise, yet emotional. Funny, yet serious.

Danai really is a talent, I honestly just love her and Okoye so much🥺

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I’m so fucking sick and tired of movies “hinting” at lgbtq characters and always either making it a side character who never officially confirms it or makes it a bigger character but cuts all the scenes that address their sexuality for “time”. Like fuck off and go fuck yourself for pretending you’re inclusive and care about the fans. Own that shit and say fuck you to the places that won’t show it that’s how you create change!! Nothing is going to be different if we continue to care about the views and money that comes from homophobes.

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[Pairing] Okoye x Bucky Barnes

[Word Count] 354

[Prompt] “You’re freezing. Come here.”

[Warnings] fluff, fluff, baby

[A/N] I’ve decided to do a thing. I’m going to try and keep these all under 500 words, and do one every day until Christmas Day. Prompts will be in bold and the pairings will be mixed all throughout the month. All credit goes to @barnesrogersvstheworld​ for this lovely list of festive writing prompts.

For day one, we’re going to pretend that it snows in Wakanda, lol. Hope you enjoy :)


Okoye trudges through the cold air, her boots crunching in the snow as she pushes down the trail. She keeps her eyes on their modest house, standing all by its lonesome, surrounded by white trees and a large, frozen lake. With a grocery bag on her hip and now Sarah, their newest baby goat in tow, a smile cracks her face as a sense of relief fills her body. 

The curtains shift seconds later, before the door flies open and a worried Bucky Barnes reveals himself. Okoye can’t help but laugh, shaking her head as he jogs toward her, “Bucky, I’m fine.”

“You’re freezing. Come here.” 

She’s swallowed up by his body and warmth as he meets her half way up the path. He removes the scarf from his neck and wraps it around hers before tucking her body into his and throwing his arm over her shoulders. He takes the bag from her to cradle it against his hip as he rubs her opposite arm quickly, creating a friction to help warm her. 

“It’s not that cold out!”

“Yes, it is. I’m from Brooklyn, I know cold.” He sighs, keeping her in his tight grasp, “I wish you’d slow down.”

Okoye laughs as her eyes roll to the top of her head, “I’m pregnant, Bucky, I’m not dying. I can still manage a trip to the market.”

Her laugh grows as he clicks his tongue and lets out an exhausted, heavy sigh, “I’m tired of fighting about it.” He huffs

“Good! Let me be.”

She watches him as he clenches his jaw and cuts his eyes toward the ice coated lake. She laughs again, hitching her step slightly to perch on her toes to kiss his stubbled cheek, “I love you.” She sings, more giggles falling from her lips. 

“I don’t want to hear it,” he huffs again, this time cracking the smallest of smiles. 

Okoye kisses him again before slinging her arm around his waist, “Just wait until you have two girls not paying you any mind.”

Bucky scoffs loudly as he pushes open the front door for her, “Yeah, lucky me.”

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