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Dating Diana Prince and Being Okoye’s Sister Would Include…


Originally posted by jlaws


Originally posted by captainpoe

•Being a member of the Dora Milaje and washing up on the shores of Themyscira after your ship crashes while you’re on a mission for the king

•Feeling shocked when you wake up and find the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen hovering above you

  • “Are you okay?”
  • “I am now…”

•The other Amazon’s being suspicious of you but the woman you quickly came to know as Diana stood up for you

•Diana giving you the grand tour of Themyscira once the Amazon’s allow you to stay for a short amount of time and bonding almost immediately

•Eventually having to return to Wakanda and to your great, yet pleasant surprise, Diana insists on going with you

  • You want you join me?”
  • “Of course! After all you’ve told me about Wakanda I have to see it for myself”

•Paying Diana’s kindness back and giving her the tour of Wakanda once you two finally arrive back in your country

•Diana absolutely falling in love with Wakanda and you silently hoping that she’ll stay

•Your sister Okoye noticing your crush on Diana instantly and her teasing you endlessly about it

  • “[Y/N] if you mind focusing on training instead of drooling over your new friend, that would be nice”
  • “Oh cut it out Okoye”

•Falling for Diana harder the more time you spend together in Wakanda and little do you know she feels the same way

•Okoye encouraging you to confess to Diana, which you do and guess what? It worked out perfectly

•You and Diana ending you being the most badass couple in history


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PAIRINGS; Okoye x Harley Quinn || Okoye x Steve Rogers [CapKoye] || Okoye x Sam Wilson || Okoye x Bucky Barnes [BucKoye] || Okoye x Natasha Romanoff || Okoye x T’Challa || Okoye x Valkryie || Okoye x black!reader

WARNINGS; Smut, Sex, Rough Sex, Slight Dirty Talk, Vaginal Fingering, Slight Choking, Dom/sub Play, Masturbation, Face Sitting, Oral Sex, Orgasm Denial, Non-Penetrative Sex, Nipple Play

NOTE; In honor of Valentine’s Day and Danai Gurira’s birthday, I decided to write some drabbles starring our girl Okoye. I’m still working on these, I got way more requests than I honestly expected! Thanks to everyone who sent in a request!

STATUS; Incomplete


Baby Cakes || Okoye x Harley Quinn

Skin to Skin || Okoye x Steve Rogers

Wicked Games || Okoye x Sam Wilson

Paper Thin || Okoye x Bucky Barnes

Mistress || Okoye x Natasha Romanoff

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I desperately want to see more Okoye and M’Baku in the next MCU phase. I know we’re getting Black Panther 2 and I am definitely going to go see it.

But I’m talking cross-movie appearances. Wakanda was site of the Decimation Snap. T’Challa opened its borders not long before. 

It would and should be a leading force in understanding the alien tech Thanos left behind because they have a TON of it on-site and some of the most advanced researchers in the world. That means they would have a solid grip on interstellar technology regardless of the events of Endgame. (And in the comics they go to space fairly regularly IIRC)

Both Okoye and M’Baku work closely with T’Challa. They are both strong leaders and moral people. It would make sense for them to be ambassadors to other countries and powerful groups. And after the events of Endgame all of these groups would be in closer contact. Ambassadors would be necessary.


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PAIRING; Dom!Okoye x sub!Natasha Romanoff


WARNINGS; Smut, Sex, Face Sitting, Masturbation, Dom/sub Play, Oral Sex (female receiving), Orgasm Denial

REQUEST; E12: Begging

NOTE; I just want to thank everyone who sent in requests, I’ve been having a lot of fun writing these! Hope you enjoy this one!


Okoye drags the feather side of her leather slapper along Natasha’s bare stomach, watching as her muscles tighten and flex with the sensation. She runs it through the valley of Natasha’s breasts and over her hard, pink nipples before she flips the toy and slaps her breast lightly. 

Natasha jumps with the sting of the slap and whimpers loudly as she pulls on her restraints. Each wrist and ankle is bound to the posts of the bed, her naked body on full display. Slightly raised, red whelps are splashed along her buttery skin, her nipples are tight and firm, her cunt swollen, slick, and red. Another swift slap is leveled against her left breast and she jumps again, letting out another sharp squeal as her pussy quivers. 

Natasha is so turned on that her stomach is in knots. Her mouth is dry, her entire body buzzing with electricity and lust. Okoye always works her up like this, into a complete screaming, soaking wet mess. Her tortue is divine - and keeps her running back for more.

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“You know, if we were anywhere else, I would have offered you a much stronger drink. Tea is new for me, but I’m still trying to figure out its purpose.”

“What would you have offered me on Asgard?” Okoye says, allowing the topic to change.

Valkyrie picks up her cup again. “Glögg. But it will be a while before there’s any chance of making that here.”

- our backs tell stories, by @loved-the-stars-too-fondly, with art by @whatthefoucault for the @marvelrarepairbang

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PAIRING; Okoye x Bucky Barnes [BucKoye]


WARNINGS; Smut, Sex, Rough Sex, Slight Dirty Talk, Vaginal Fingering, Slight Choking

REQUEST; F3: Knowing Someone Else Can Hear

NOTE; I don’t know why I can’t ever post at a decent hour. This was requested by @richonne4life​! I hope you like it darling, and thanks for sending in a request! T’Challa gets straight up disrespected in this one, lol. My guy just can’t catch a break!


“We have to be quiet,” Okoye giggles as Bucky props her up on her knees, “Bucky!”

“What?” He asks innocently, slapping her on her ass.

She yelps loudly before covering her mouth with her hand as she starts to laugh again, “You bastard! T’Challa is next door!”

“Like I give a shit,” he scoffs, pinching her side, “Get that ass in the air.”

She giggles again, “That is my king! These hotel walls are paper thin.”

“And I’m your white wolf, now get that pretty ass in the air. Now.”

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