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Excuse me! I would like to ask for a scenario of katakuri(op) falling in love with a giant women that is his high. Maybe she is new to Tottoland and didn't knew about big mama's past because her family is nomade, so they didn't keep in touch, asking bug mama to live there and she asking the parents to marry her son so they could live in luxury. (Sorry if it's too specifc, btw I'm loving all of the stories I'm reading from your page!❤ keep up the awesome work!!!❤❤❤❤)

thanks boo.  hope this is what you wanted, I got a little lost trying to figure out your request.

Katakuri new Big Mom wouldn’t deny him his request.  He was one of her eldest and rarely asked for anything.  Still, he was a little nervous.  Only she and a couple others actually new about you and your relationship with him.

Knocking on her door before entering, he took a seat on the couch in her waiting room.  “So what is this about?” she asked, several trays of sweets piled high around her.  “Is this about that girl of yours?”

“It is,” Katakuri said.  “I want to marry her and I want to know if you would be willing to bring her family into ours.”

Big Mom stopped, the pastry inches from her mouth, a grin forming.  “I was wondering when you would finally settle down, child.”

“Is that a yes?” Katakuri asked.  

“Of course, tell her to bring her family here, they can live on the island.  We need to start planning the wedding.”

“We don’t need a big wedding,” Katakuri said.  

“Nonsense,” Big Mom said.  “Since when has our family ever done anything in moderation?”

Katakuri sighed, “I’ll go tell her,” he said.  “Thank you.”

“So how’d it go?” you asked.

“It’s a yes,” Katakuri said, grabbing your hands and kissing your palms.  “She said to write to your family, they can come to live here and we need to start planning the wedding.”

You grinned, throwing your hands around his neck and hugging him.  “I’m so excited.”

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Hello there, Can I get Kid liking girl who's strong and Independent (XD) whenever Kid tries help her in difficult situation she always deal with it first before He could do something. Leaving him speechless all the time he's with her. Thank you 。◕‿◕。
  • Kid would constantly be keeping an eye on her during fights; partially to make sure she’s safe, and partially to make sure she can see him kicking ass. Whenever it looks like an enemy’s about to actually hit her, he’ll rush at them…only for ____ to have already taken them out with one punch. He’d awkwardly sidestep and make it look like he totally wasn’t trying to save her. 
  • He’d be more agitated and annoyed every time he would go in to help her, just for her to handle it herself and look at him with a confused expression. He rarely goes out of his way to help people, so he’s already a little embarrassed about being caught helping his crush. And then she always manages to make him feel like an idiot for even doing it in the first place!
  • Yet…he can’t stop doing it. He’ll still instinctively reach out to catch her when she trips, even if he knows deep down she’s just going to catch herself like always. Part of him knows that just because she’s likely to save herself like she has a hundred times before, all it takes is one time for her to actually fail for him to lose her.


Originally posted by jenn-eichhorn

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Catch me melting into a puddle on the ground Everytime a fanfic has Roci referring Law as “his boy” “his son” or just generally his and turns full on parental mode being protective to the boy. Bonus point is Law was being a little shit as usual and Roci is half exasperated half resign (and sometimes amused).

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Event ideas?

Hey guys! So I have one request left while I’ll try and have up tomorrow! And I was wondering if you had any ideas for a 1000 follower event.

Or just a request event youd like to see?

Maybe some new prompts, regular request batch, something completely different? Lemme know!!!

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Ohhh I'm excited! How about question 13, 18, 19, 20? ;)

…I was not expecting to actually get any asks.  Thank you so much!

13) Who is your least favourite character to write for? Why?

Ouch, go for the hard questions why don’t you :P  I can’t really name a single character because I write so many different fandoms (some of which with a huge cast) but my least favourite type of character to write are the straightforward kinda dumb ones.  An example would be someone like Luffy, from One Piece, I guess?  Although Luffy does have that other part of him that’s easier to delve into and I have written him on occasion and enjoyed it.  It’s just the characters that jump straight into things, don’t think things through, just plain don’t think.

It’s just too hard to get into the head of a character that doesn’t seem to think!

18) Do you have any abandoned WIP’s? What made you abandon them?

Many.  Many, many, many.  They get abandoned for various reasons - I fall out of love with the plot, I just can’t get the words to work properly and it’s not coming out the way I want it to, more canon info comes out and renders them too AU for my liking…  So many reasons to ditch WIPs.  I have 10-word WIPs and I have 50k word WIPs, and while many of them I have categorised as ‘on the backburner’, chances are I’ll never touch many of them again.

19) Are there any stories that you’ve written that you’d really love to do a sequel to?

I have a few with planned sequels… which will eventually happen.  Hopefully.

The Combat School (Harry Potter/D.Gray-Man) is slated to get a sequel which is currently tentatively named Black Phoenix, but I’m waiting for more DGM canon (preferably the manga to finish) before I start to work on that in earnest.

Uboku Koroshi-ya (Naruto) is less getting a sequel and more being turned into a snapshot-type multichap.  I have another few chapters written already but it’s not a high priority right now.

I’d also love to expand on Bedtime (Should Not Be 4am) (Thunderbirds) with some next-day fallout and reactions.  Nothing’s written yet but I have ideas, helped by the fact I wrote it literally last Saturday so it’s still in my head!

There’s a part-written addition to Hope (Thunderbirds) as well, but it’s doing the thing I mentioned in the previous question and refusing to flow properly so whether or not that’ll ever come to something is up in the air.

Hero (Thunderbirds) also has scope for a sequel which would be fun to do, but that’s got no planning or anything at the moment, just a off-hand fancy.

That’s all for complete fics, but Uchiha Itachi (Naruto) also has an entire series planned, if I ever actually finish it.

20) Are there any stories that you wished you’d ended differently?

Honestly endings (alongside beginnings) are my nemesis, and finding somewhere to actually stop fics in a good place is tough, especially as I find myself most often writing oneshots reacting to a moment in canon so there’s no real over-arching plot as such.

None of my recent fics are standing out in my mind, though, mainly because I still can’t think of a better ending for them.  Unwanted (Naruto) was my first-ever fic, and I feel like that shows badly.  I’ve considered rewriting it on occasion, but honestly I find it so cringe-worthy now I don’t think I could, so it stays on my AO3/FFN accounts alongside my other 2009-2010 messes as a reminder of how much I’ve (hopefully) improved.


Thank you so much for the ask, anon!  If there’s anything else you or anyone else wants to know - either from the prompt list or just in general, my askbox is always open!

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