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had a dream i was entering a new school and my first class of the year was a 2 and a half hour block of some sort of science, i wasn’t clear on what, in which i was the only student in the class and the teacher’s legal name was Miku Anderson

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y’all talk abt starting a revolution and ending capitalism but are too scared to even go back to a drive thru when they mess up ur meal

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i hate thinspo blogs not only r they triggering and fucking gross but i swear to god half of the ppl running them have literal brainrot. please delete 💗

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*writes long vent in the notes app on my phone that nobody in the world will ever see*

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me: i’m so ready for the pilot! so excited!!!

actual glimpse of the final pilot: [is released]


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a love story between a mermaid that travels with the seasons and a witch who lives by a river. (a tragedy – they are danger to each other, and are both too clever and prudent to forget it)

wip painting~ rough draft fic snippet under the cut

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i just ordered uber eats for two large iced coffees and im gonna answer the door with giant bags under my eyes. im sexy

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Stop wasting your time with online BMI calculators.

Do it yourself with a regular calculator. Metric is easy, just height in meters over weight in kg squared. For imperial, it’s literally just (703 * lb) / (in)squared.

Nowadays, I always know what my rough BMI is cause I’m not changing much, but when I was losing weight, I could easily check my BMI of the day or plan ahead and check the BMI of any weight on a simple calculator. I check my exact BMI or other people’s BMIs all the time at work, guys, and no one can tell.

For example, I’m 128.0lb today and 5'10", which is 70in. (703 * 128)/4900 = 18.364. Easy.

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This week has been a wild ride in disorganization. In two hours I have a doctor’s appointment; will I succeed in not screwing it up? The suspense is a killer.

BTW, welcome to Menopause!

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