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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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lemonhead awkward mullet gerard is one of his best looks for real. looks teenaged me transgended to

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U know when ur og dad leaves u and now my stepdad and mom are breaking up but ur too used to rejection and the feeling of inadequacy in relationships? Haha not me neither

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I'm so happy requests are open!! May I request Ace taking his crush or S/O for a ride on the Striker. He thought it be a fun, but his S/O is terrified and is practically clinging to Ace. Which tbh is not what he intended but he's certainly not complaining. Please and thank you dear 😁

Thank you for the request anon! Also it makes me happy to know that my reqs being open made you happy 💕 hopefully this will make you even happier!

Portgas D. Ace

  • Ace adores when his S/O is watching him, especially when he’s doing something he thinks is cool, like riding the striker and incorporating it into his attacks. He’s not sure why but the feeling of their gaze on his back as he passes by tends to excite him.
  • Thatch is actually the one who suggests that Ace take his S/O out for a ride on the striker, the commander may of had ulterior motives though. However Ace didn’t notice his stifled laughter, instead he was excited about finding his S/O and offering them a ride on the striker.
  • When he finally finds his S/O he’s got this bright grin on his face that just seems to radiate warmth. He’s excitedly explaining to them about Thatch’s idea and how fun it would be for them to take a ride on the striker!
  • Of course he’s a bit surprised when his S/O seems hesitant, mainly because they’re always watching him while he’s on the striker, but also because they seem a bit scared by the idea of riding the striker. He takes his time reassuring them nothing bad will happen and that it’ll be fun!
  • Ace’s hands are warm when he grabs his S/O’s and excitedly explains how the striker works. He tells them that they shouldn’t be scared of the flames powering it because they’re controlled by him, and he of course would never do anything to risk their safety. He’ll take his time happily answering any questions they have about the striker and even give them another show if that’s what it takes for them to join him.
  • When his S/O finally agrees to go for a ride he can’t contain his excitement, he’s got the biggest grin plastered on his face that reaches his eyes and hides the hint of mischief behind them, the air surrounding him and his S/O became increasingly more warm with his excitement.
  • He starts off slow at first, no tricks, just letting them enjoy the ocean breeze as they glide smoothly across the water. He’s got an arm tightly around their waist as they stand in front of him, the cool sea breeze mixing with the warmth of his body pressed to their back.
  • They’re not nervous until he’s leaned down next to their ear, the warm breath ticking their skin, as he chuckles out “Ready for the real fun babe?” They don’t have time to look up at him before they hear the flames roar and heat surrounding them tremendously increases.
  • The heat isn’t unbearable, but mixed with the roaring of the flames and the speed the striker was going at it was definitely a bit terrifying. The speed makes the striker move less smoothly as the waves resist the movement and dangerously thrash against the sides of the raft, the horizon is a blur and it’s hard to for their eyes to focus on anything specifically.
  • To keep themselves from getting motion sickness they closed their eyes but it was still a bit terrifying as their body swayed in the small raft. At some point his S/O has turned around to hug him, burying their face in his chest as they wrapped their arms around his waist in a death grip.
  • They couldn’t see his face but his cheeks were tinted pink as his body heated up. The sound of his crewmates whistling mixed with the sound of the wind harshly breezing past him trying to resist the speed the striker was moving at filled his ears that almost felt like they were ringing.
  • In his excitement he had instinctually picked up speed but quickly slowed it down as he wrapped his arms tightly around his S/O. He kept a hold on them the entire time until they were back on the deck of the Moby Dick, carrying them in his arms bridal style with a grin across his face as he asked them if they had fun.
  • In the background though was a sulking Thatch, he had fully suggested the idea in hopes that Ace would get so flustered he’d fall out of the striker. It didn’t stop him from smiling at the couple though as the two of them seemed to chat nor did it stop the laughter that left him when Ace’s S/O scolded him for going so fast.
  • The scene was adorable in Thatch’s eyes, Ace’s S/O’s cheeks fully puffed out as they scolded him with a shaky hand and the freckled boy profusely apologizing. With a chuckle he walked up slapping Ace on the back with an audible smack before chuckling out “Cut him a bit of slack, anyone would get excited with such a cutie clinging on to them.”
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that eyes of heaven battle intro gif of kakyoin and jotaro standing next to each other doing synchronized limp wrists is so so so funny

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y’all have got to listen to this God Tier Crackle

(video description: a fireplace full of glowing embers that someone throws a large piece of newspaper onto; you can hear the tearing of paper and plop as it lands. A whoosh as it catches fire and a burst of yellow flame; it burns quickly and then the sheet folds up into smoldered black with glowing orange corners that make an exquisite crackle sound for the rest of the video. / end description)

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Helloooo I hope u r doing well!!! I was wondering where u get ur crystal beads from! R they a good price? They look rly nice quality owo

hi! i’m doing better than i was, thank u for the well wishes 💗 i get them from my local craft store- michaels! and yes they’re cheap! honestly any art/creative stuff i post on here isn’t ever made with expensive materials! i just use what i gave n make the best of it :-)

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what will it take for people to understand that horror is an innately flawed genre of cinema. there can never be a good horror movie all of them suck and the ones you claim to be “good horror” aren’t horror at all they’re suspense with supernatural elements or something. horror sucks and that’s what makes it good please understand this no scary horror movie can be well written and no well written horror movie can be scary please please please understand i hate horror enthusiasts so much. except for a quiet place that’s good you can like that i WILL make an exception for a quiet place god that movie slaps incredibly i’m so excited for the sequel

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was feelin hurt and now i have two new pieces of jewelry to show for it! constructive coping is so…. constructive


a choker n a matching anklet! grouuuunding energy

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OH GOD i just realized something so so stupid and bad and almost started choking. okay. you know that awful trope where a woman will have extensive training in some sort of combat or whatever and then some loser dude will turn out to be the Chosen One or have some Natural Talent or whatever and she’ll be super jealous and critical of him as he quickly surpasses her talents (despite there being no justification for it other than “the narrative said so”) with little training but deep down she’s falling for him and is too proud to admit it. and then she probably dies for him. well. caesar zeppeli :+/

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full offense but if caesar, a kid lisa lisa trained for like 4 years tops, was very nearly able to kill wham, a … kid?? kars trained for ten thousand years, then lisa lisa damn well could have killed kars handily and he knew this and that is why he cheated.

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