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I think you’re hilarious, and actually not intimidating as most people like to say; in fact, you’re one of the easiest people to talk to. Super talented, and bold and brave, too, not only for speaking your mind but also for sharing everything that you have. You’re easily one of my favorite people on here, and I’m glad I know you.

😫😭 thank you anon. I never understand why people think I’m intimidating- I just try to be friendly and welcoming to people.

I’m glad that I know you too, whoever you are. Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me (I’m assuming you have) and not just hanging out on the sidelines.

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Can I go back to being an ignorant child

I am tired of hearing and reading all of the shit that is wrong with the earth. I’m tired of seeing everything that is fucked up in my country. I don’t wanna know how my generation is fucked, I don’t want to know how I will probably never make a living. I don’t want to be forced to make huge decisions yet, I don’t want to be forced to weigh in on controversial issues.

I’m not saying that these issues aren’t important. I’m not saying that we should all just ignore it. I just wish I could be care free again, and not worry about how my gender will fuck me over, how my country is corrupt, how the earth can’t be saved.

I wish I just didn’t know any of this. I wish I can go and laugh, and play at the park, and go to the movies.

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I <3 Leia Organa Skywalker, she’s a very strong, likable, enjoyable, admirable, well portrayed and theoretically interesting character.



Look, the reason audiences fell in love with her in Episode IV was ‘cause she was so far from your typical fairy tale princess, and Carrie Fisher - at least when she dropped the faux British tone midway through - played the hell out of that. She was coarse, surly, fiery, driven, ruthless, rebellious and had no fucks to give about what she had to do or who she might have to piss off on the way to the fulfillment of her missions. She had a tender, caring side, sure, but that tended to come second after lines like:


Gotta love that.

But in Episode V, her character was only very narrowly saved by some solid scripting by Lawrence Kasdan and again by a strong performance from Carrie. Those things aside, Leia’s character was scarcely developed beyond what little we already knew about her, she was limited to “Rebel Leader” or “romantic partner with a man” with little in-between, she didn’t get to do or achieve much in the story when compared to the other (male) characters, and her material was by far the most deleted from the final cut out of all the characters. Which is quite a bit underwhelming given her potential.

And in Episode VI…’member how she disguised as a bounty hunter to save Han, killed Jabba with the chain he’d put on her while wearing a metal bikini, and…went on a wild bike chase through the Endor jungle, and…uh…met Wicket and…was Luke’s sister and Han’s lover….and might be Force sensitive? See, she peaked early in the film! With more leading rebels like Mon Mothma and Admiral Ackbar being introduced, Han and Lando doing more to lead the charges in the land and space battles respectively, and Luke being the child of Anakin to actually go and accomplish shit by facing him, Leia was starved for good content and compelling material for her character, yet once again she’s scarcely developed as a person beyond what was already there on the surface, was limited in what she could be within the story, didn’t achieve much noteworthy things after killing Jabba, and was the character with the most material left on the cutting room floor. By the end it’s questionable whether or not Leia even grew as a character, but she sure as heck was softened into a less edgy, more emotional and nurturing stereotypical fair maiden who just happened to be part of a rebellion that she was barely even leading anymore by the end. Leia got the shaft, period.

Now before you go calling blasphemy on all this, you know who also thought the same thing? Carrie Fisher. She was always quite vocal about her displeasure at the character she was playing due to how underwritten the role was and how little we ended up knowing about Leia as a person when compared to her as a Strong Female Character™ role model figure - or as Carrie put it, a “caricature.”  Carrie would come around to liking her character better over the years, but her points of criticism in the way she was written and handled never really changed. Even in Episode IV, Leia’s strongest showing in the OT, the significance of Leia witnessing her home planet, her family, everything and everyone she’d ever known and loved getting vaporized right before her eyes, and how she must be feeling about it afterwards was NEVER touched upon, never delved into in even the most minimal amount, and Carrie recognized this. This combined with the extra unfairness of Luke expressing more sorrow over seeing Obi-Wan’s death is what led to this sketch, with Carrie even voicing Leia just to finally get this off her chest.

What I’m getting at with this? While Leia is undeniably an important character, make no mistake about that (just check out Billie Lourd’s words on the matter) and she’s been a well written character throughout the Star Wars franchise, when anyone uses Leia from the movies as being a shining example of a strong female character, they’re actually giving praise to a heroine who, while “strong” in the most orthodox definition of the word, got less and less strong as a character due to a lack of development and perspective in her story. That’s why I say that I find her kinda overrated despite liking her.

This is also why regardless of whether or not Carrie Fisher was still with us by the time of Episode IX, I’m rather thankful that the initial plans for the advancement of Leia’s character in the ST that Kathleen Kennedy had planned on aren’t going to be made a reality. I get wanting to compensate for the shaft Leia got in the past, but given that the shafting did happen and that Leia’s importance to the overall saga is secondary next to Luke, Anakin, Obi-Wan, or even Palpatine, it just would not feel earned to give her that outcome. There are plenty of ways to do Leia’s character justice without shitting on Luke and the other important Jedi or Sith in the SW mythos to do so.

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i’m sorry but people under the age of 18 shouldn’t have romantic partners. date, have sex, experiment, but don’t tie yourself down to one person when you’re so so young. so many people i know who had serious relationships in high school later discover that their relationships were toxic and abusive because both parties were too young to understand how to have a successful relationship.

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Originally posted by itaysimmer

I really really REALLY love open world games. Like, a lot. The freedom to do whatever you want (or do whoever you want 👀) is one of the big reasons I’m a gamer in the first place. From Skyrim to Witcher 3 to Red Dead Redemption 2, I love them all (Witcher 3 being one of my all time favorite games). Obviously, when I found out about Kingdom Come: Deliverance I had to give it a shot. 

To put it SUPER simply, Kingdom Come you play as Henry, a boy who is out for revenge for the murder of his parents (and the entire village really). This game is FULL of side quests, activities, contests, and hidden caches with some really great gear. Graphics are pretty okay, as is the soundtrack. I also appreciate all the information the developers put into it to make it as they could (beside it being a video game obviously..) Players can easily spend a hundred hours in this game, exploring and running errands. 

Combat is a whole new style. It can be hard. Really hard. It isn’t meant to be just mashing buttons and winning. This combat style actually requires players to strategize and practice. Fortunately, they provide an character in game to practice new technique with. Some players really like the challenge of learning the ropes and having a combat system that won’t be very successful if you just mash buttons. But for more casual players, it can be a real pain while playing this game. Luckily you can get out of most combat situations with high enough social stats or by using a more stealth approach to solving problems.

Overall, this game is really fun. I don’t put this game as high on my list as Skyrim, Witcher, or Red Dead Redemption, but discussing this game in online forums, it seems I’m in the minority.

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My thoughts on the Catra vs Hordak at the end of S4

Spoilers (Ye have been warned)

Okay so basically the end fight of Catra V Hordak was bullshit.

Look, I’m not trying to be too ranty but I mean this scene could have had so much potential for Hordak.

Throughout the series Hordak doesn’t do much to signify he’s a threat to Etheria. He’s either letting his underlings work things out for him or he’s chillin in his sanctum.

And I know, when he got his laser cannon he was opening a big can of whoop ass on nondescript villages and villagers. Seeing this I was like “Alright! Hordak is gonna mess Catra up” when Hordak realized Catra had lied to him about Entrapta.

This boy not only destroyed his own base but he didn’t even land a hit on Catra.

And the only reason for this is that Catra has plot armor.

Crew Ra knew they needed to make Hordak more of a threat so they made him a badass. But when the time comes for him to tear Catra’s spine out her ass he’s suddenly missing every shot and gets epic cinematography punched across the face.

Why! She didn’t deserve that moment of victory!

They basically reinforced the idea that Hordak’s “power” is a joke. At least let him punch her- oh wait if he actually gets a hit on her she’s fucked? Well golly gee that’s the fucking point!

Fuck Catra’s emotional beating by Double Trouble (love you still but I’m making a point) all that physical “damage” Catra sported at the end was collateral. Hordak could have done some actual damage. Don’t want to kill her? Cool, why couldn’t he have broken her arm or a leg or something? Why couldn’t he have swiped his claws across her face and given her some nasty cuts?

Okay I do realize that the laser cannon would have vaporized her but why not have a hand-to-hand battle after she broke his cannon? I don’t care if she tore out his power crystal because later on after a building dropped on him he is still functional and able to wield a hunk of infrastructure as a club.

They could have used this scene to damage Catra (physically) and show how dangerous Hordak could be when he’s pushed to his limits. (I mean Hordak’s fucked in the end anyway so come on let him have one epic moment against a main character).

To conclude: The only reason Catra’s alive is plot armor that’s it.

Thank you for reading my rant and have a nice day.

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I wish we could all get together and spoil Henry rotten, like he's our baby brother. Cook for him, hug him, tell him he's wonderful, cut through the bullshit, get drunk with him, help him to realize that he doesn't need to prove himself to others or try to be pleasing to the whole world. I wish we could erase all the rancid shit that was planted in his head when he was young and impressionable. I pray he'll see how valuable he is and not because he's famous, rich, and hot but because he's GOOD.

God yes. 😍👍💖 This should be a thing.

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I got so fucking sad when I read the MHinterview. I wish he knew he has fans like us who support him and love him no matter what and in whatever way, shape or form he comes in It's so frustrating that there's nothing we can do to help him. And even if his friends/family/fans try and challenge his way of thinking, I still think he will have that hatred towards himself and will never be able to fully let go of it. And so many of us know exactly what he's feeling, and that just makes it even sadder



I was thinking, there were some moments from his childhood and early career that Henry spoke of, where the people around him failed him and betrayed him with not so much as a second thought. 

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The way I see it, Henry's muscular physique is the male equivalent to a boob-job. I sound nuts, but I think it makes sense: You don't need a boobjob, you want one, because you want to see yourself look a certain way. Henry doesn't need to be so big, but he wants to be, it's the image that he wants to have. Also, I don't think he meant to say his partners haven't responded well to him when he was out of shape, but he probs gets a sense of satisfaction at presenting them with an extraordinary look

Yes, of course he gets satisfaction from it too. But the fact that he uses inclusive language when speaking about fitness to others and body shaming language when talking about his fitness is kind of worrying. 

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Thoughts on the fact that Lover wasn't nominated for AOTY but thank u next was?

I wouldn’t have been surprised about Lover not winning AOTY, but I am genuinely surprised it didn’t even get the nomination (with the knowledge that Taylor had three nominations from the leaks yesterday my assumptions were AOTY for Lover, SOTY for “Lover”, and Best Pop Vocal for Lover). Especially considering since the last album Taylor submitted for consideration of that award, the academy increased the number of nominations from 5 to 8. I thought she would have been a lock so it’s interesting. 

I strongly don’t feel the need to compare between the two. Lover should have been nominated not because it’s “better than” T,UN. It just should have been nominated because it’s a good album and deserving of the nomination title. Full stop. 

That said, if we do want to make comparisons: T,UN can be called Ariana’s 1989. It’s her most culturally significant, relevant, and impactful album. Much like Taylor and 1989, it may not be her best work overall (dare I say that’s Dangerous Woman and RED/Speak Now) but it’s been her most universally popular piece of work with a ton of widespread appeal and recognition. 

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So I’ve been seeing some refutations of a certain very long negative review of Steven Universe, and boy is that initial review done in really bad faith. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean you need to spend over an hour shitting all over it and being dishonest. Like, I haven’t even kept up with Steven Universe and I can tell some of this is just bad critique.

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Tu dois réussir à ignorer ce que les gens font. Le but est de dépasser tes propres limites, de te dépasser toi-même. Pour avoir une vie meilleure, pour devenir meilleur. Peu importe ce que les autres accomplissent. Choisis avant tout de faire mieux aujourd'hui que ce que tu as fait hier. Tu n'es pas en compétition avec eux. 📝

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ATTENTION all Greta Van Fleet fans.

Over the summer I attended a general admission Greta Van Fleet concert, and ever since that concert I have been so turned off about ever attending a Greta Van Fleet concert ever again. The band themselves? They did an amazing job and put on an amazing show. My problem was not with the band, my problem was with the fans.

Greta Van Fleet has the most TOXIC fan base I have ever seen in my entire life. I have been to MANY concerts for MANY bands and I have NEVER seen the audience behave the way this band’s fan base has.

Greta Van Fleets audience is WAY too obsessive, like to the point that it isn’t healthy. Fans were waiting outside the venue almost 12 hours before the concert began, literally allowing themselves to starve or become dehydrated JUST SO THEY COULD GET AS CLOSE TO THE STAGE AS POSSIBLE.

I arrived to the venue at the time doors were set to open because I knew over 10,000 people were supposed to be coming to the concert and I didn’t want to get stuck all the way at the back. As I was standing in the crowd, people were literally FIGHTING each other to get as close to the stage as possible. FANS FIGHTING WITH OTHER FANS BECAUSE THEY ARE SO OBSESSED WITH BEING AS CLOSE TO A BAND OF BOYS WHO WILL NEVER KNOW THEIR NAMES OR REMEMBER THEIR FACES!

I could not believe the way people were talking to each other and belittling each other all because of a BAND! Normally when I go to a concert I make friends with the people around me and I’m kind to everyone, but this was not the vibe I was getting from this crowd. People were looking at me and treating me like I was “competition” or like I was standing in the way between them and the love of their lives.

Every time I go to a general admission concert for other BIGGER bands, it doesn’t matter how much of a die hard fan someone is, they do not attack other fans to show their dedication to a band, instead they buy a T-shirt, maybe even bring a poster and rock the fuck out to their music, which makes these concerts a good time for everyone.

This is not healthy behaviour and because of it, I am turned off from attending another Greta Van Fleet concert and this is upsetting because I love supporting bands that come from somewhere so close to my hometown, but unfortunately, the Greta Van Fleet fan base has just turned into another boy band obsessed fan base rather than the peaceful, music loving, fan base it was intended to be.

And to all the loyal Greta Van Fleet fans who do not take part in any of this toxic and obsessive behaviour, keep doing you, and keep giving me faith that someday this behaviour will no longer take place among the Greta Van Fleet fan base and I can go back to supporting a band that deserves recognition for their music, and not for being another boy band that all the girls are crazy about.

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Consider: HSHQ has always been very profit-oriented. Harry's lifestyle is lavish. Visiting GoogleCamp twice would seem to indicate a strong interest in money-making. Not to mention, other artists do not have a "second family" headed by a man who's a top expert on Ticketmaster and concert venues in Irv. Irv is ruthless, profit-driven and not above bending rules or violating ethics e.g. funding an alt-right mayoral candidate in Inglewood in an attempt to block a competing venue from going forward.

I’m going to agree with you to a degree and disagree as well.

I actually don’t think that Harry’s lifestyle is any more lavish than Niall’s or Liam’s or largely any other person worth lots of millions. To me, Harry’s appearance at Google Camp signals that he does want to be a player and have more control over his future. Which, as a queer artist who’s been fighting for almost 10 years, I don’t blame him for that. We see Harry very VERY little. So people are extrapolating that his whole life is Met Gala and Google Camp. And I just don’t think that’s accurate. He’s wealthy, sure. But I don’t think lavish is the right word or concept.

What I will agree with is the Irv seems to be willing to do anything to make a buck. Step on whoever. Shut down contracts. Overcharge a charity, etc. So, yes, I believe that Harry’s team knows what’s up.

Mind you, I do believe that all of what we’re seeing in relationship to surge pricing can be explained to Harry as “anti-scalpers” and it’s highly possible he doesn’t push too hard on it. In general, I feel like Harry doesn’t really push too hard on stuff. He has opinions about specific things and then lets folks do their jobs. 

This is also why I think it’s important that fans make the connection that this type of treatment isn’t ok for someone who claims to value their fans. He may not have put two and two together and needs to. 

Of course, it’s possible that he’s just out to make the most money possible and I’m wrong about that. But I think if that were true the One Night Only event would have looked different. 

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Do you think it was little odd, if not an Idiot Ball moment, when Eggman didn't seem to care about his Zombots not responding to him anymore? This is the same guy who had back-up plan after back-up plan in Forces and generally reveres control in anything he can get control over. And that this only happening just so Starline could start questioning his idol and how we now have the D6 thrown in the mix who will inevitably muck things up for all involved parties.

If you take into account that he seemed to really want to get his revenge after Forces and his stint as Tinker, him rushing what he had to hand into effect seems like him to do.

Eggy isn’t the type to have forethought 100% of the time. In Unleashed, he even ejected the Chaos Emeralds along with Sonic in the opening. Which bit him in the ass.

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UGANDA: Opposition Party FDC Office Break In


Hearing the news that FDC offices were broken in was not a surprise. But  what surprised me was that FDC had failed to see the threat to the information they held from the multitude of all high profile public examples of break ins.

I am not surprised that the offices were actually broken into but that FDC has never anticipated such a break in, yet the party has never ceased going public to boast about holding all thoughts of sensitive information.

All they had as protection of all the sensitive information they hold from the desperate state operatives who badly need this information for  propaganda and psychological reasons, was just a single security guard.

This is unbelievable given all the daily public examples of how security guards are compromised to breach security.  It is unbelievable with all the available public information of how homes, public and private offices, and offices of lawyers and civic society organisations involved in sensitive cases and activities and others have been broken into.

It is unbelievable given the public example of the blatant break into of the office of the lawyer of Amama Mbabazi after compromising the lead  counsel.  You would think after all these FDC had learnt a thing or two.

But wapi, they learnt nothing even after announcing that FDC was holding sensitive witness evidence in support of the ICC petition.  They did not even think of boosting the security of their office premises to a minimum of even two guards.  If two guards are comprised there is a better chance they will some where in their statements contradict one another.

But of all the security measures you would think FDC would implement in this modern error is to instal CCTV cameras. We have modern Cameras that can be linked to offsite computers and gadgets like mobile phones and tablets turning several FDC members into effective security volunteers able to monitor the office 24 hours for 7 days. If FDC had CCTV cameras installed at lest we would be sharing the images of the people who broke into the head office and challenging the police to do something.

But now we are at the mercy of the police that is manipulating the process. Instead of discussing the real culprits we discussing the set up culprit who was mbu discovered by the police sniffer dog. Yet the suspect spent the night at the scene of crime on duty. Is it not obvious he contaminated the scene of crime which was also his place of work with his scent!

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UGANDA: When does opposition work, study?


By Omar Kalinge-Nnyago (rtd)

1. I am worried that political activists in Uganda are spending most of their wake hours discussing politics. Some of us belong to several political WhatsApp groups, sharing the same stories. More time is spent on political events, responding/attacking to opponents etc. But even less on putting forward solutions.

When do we work? For all I know there is no one who pays the opposition to put food on the table, improve household income, meet personal and family financial needs. Is this not the surest way of getting easily compromised when the NRA comes with sacks of money?

Let me ask again; how much time do we spend on getting an income? Can a person who cannot afford their own lunch and rent really be an asset to the opposition movement? When did you last belong to a WhatsApp group that teaches leadership, self-improvement, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, project management, project proposal writing etc.?

2. I watched a recent Ugandan MP interview on VoA. Many of you, both his friends and opponents have watched it too. It was a very poor performance. Inexcusable. Then, I see hundreds of younger people aspiring to become MPs, District Chairpersons, and Councillors – all elected officials.

Then I ask, how much time and money are they investing in educating themselves and in training to prepare for the role they want to play? Do they really think that good intentions are enough? Do they want us to uphold their mediocrity because they say they want change.

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