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hot take: in the long run, it can actually be really unhealthy to have things like post notifications on for celebrities you follow online. i know it sounds a bit dumb; what’s so harmful about freaking post notifications? but when you’re among the first people to know what is going on in a celebrity’s life almost every day of their lives, you can form an unhealthy obsession and imagine a nonexistent relationship between you and that celebrity because of how much you are able to see into their lives and how fast you are able to access that information.

it’s not inherently bad to know what your favorite actor or singer is up to, especially in their professional lives, but checking their social media every five minutes and stopping everything you’re doing when you get a notification that they tweeted or posted a story can become an issue.

when someone you don’t actually have a personal relationship with becomes that big of a part in your life, it can really fuck you up when you find out something about that person that you didn’t know before, or they end up being different than what you imagined, or something happens in their life that shouldn’t affect you, but it does because you’ve become so obsessed with them that what happens to them has a direct impact on your emotions and feelings and actions.

there’s nothing wrong with liking actors and artists and admiring their work and checking their instagram page once in a while. but once you start waiting for their name to pop up on your phone screen, or you start going through their likes on twitter every day, or you start having a need to know immediately when they’re doing something, it crosses the line from healthy admiration to unhealthy idolization and obsession.

i turned all post notifications off from the celebrities i follow on social media, and let me tell you, it is liberating. why did i ever feel the need to know what someone i have no personal connection to was having for breakfast, or who they were hanging out with that day or what posts they liked?

it feels so good to have someone ask you ”so did you see what so-and-so posted on their instagram yesterday?” and be able to answer ”no, i didn’t see that”.

you don’t need to know what your idol is doing 24/7. you can still be their fan even if you don’t know what’s going on in their lives at all times. it’s okay to not know when your favorite moviestar woke up this morning or when they took their dog for a walk or if they had a haircut. it doesn’t make you a fake fan or mean that you don’t love them or care about them. it just means that you won’t let their lives dictate your own.

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The most annoying thing about antis is that I continuously have negative reactions to ships I see out on the inter webs too. I see things and have a visceral, “oh hell no!” response and you know what I do when that happens???

I keep it to my damn self because I am a freaking adult and I have no right to ruin something that is making another person happy.

Hell yes, I would love to give in and rant and rave about some of the popular ships that I hate but still inevitably fill up my dash sometimes… but I won’t because I’m not a dick.

Lesson of the day: Don’t be a dick.

On a side note: it would be really awesome if we could filter out/opt out of certain tags showing up… just a thought tumblr!

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Why [Spoiler] Should Stay Dead in Stranger Things 4

I’m not going to lie, The Battle of Starcourt was an hour long emotional rollercoaster that totally wrecked me. I definitely got upset when Billy sacrificed himself. Max’s reaction was devastating. However none reached the impact of Jim Hopper looking at Joyce with a smile on his face and tears in his eyes as he wordlessly tells her to close the gate. The impact of this scene is real and the actors {Winona & Millie} really sell you on the impact of Jim’s death.

Now, many people have theorized that Jim isn’t dead. I myself have also theorized this. Many pointing out that we don’t see Jim actually die and the “Americ,an” line. However, after thinking about it, I think the series should keep Hopper dead, and here’s why.

The first reason is pretty obvious: emotional resonance. Jim should stay dead because if he doesn’t, the emotional impact of the last episode would be cheapened. Eleven is moving on with the Byers [literally] and with Mike [figuratively]. Joyce is moving on to a new town with a new daughter because there’s nothing left for her in Hawkins. Having Jim come back would really only complicate matters.

Secondly: writing potential. This is my favorite and also last reason. I think that Hopper’s death opens up so many possibilities in season 4. Will and Eleven’s relationship as siblings and also their shared experiences in the Upside Down is something I really want to see. Joyce’s parenting of Eleven as compared to Jim’s. What the hell does Jonathan think about all of this? How will the group deal with issues without Hopper’s police presence. These are all great writing opportunities that will totally be ruined if Jim is still alive.

Anway, feel free to discuss this with me. Personally, I want to believe that Brenner is the “American”.

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Bonjour, mes amies! Welcome, bienvenue, to another installment of D-Views, my written review series for films produced or inspired by the Walt Disney company! For more reviews for films like Enchanted, Star Wars Episode III, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, feel free to consult my “Disney reviews” tag, and please, if you enjoy this review or any of the others, please consider liking and reblogging! I look forward to writing more of these in the future for films like Wreck-It Ralph and Halloweentown, as well as Non-Disney films like Charlotte’s Web.

I recently put out a poll suggesting three Disney Renaissance films for possible review subjects, and although The Little Mermaid won that poll, this film ended up not far behind. (Thank you, @schifty-al and @mygeekcorner for your votes!) It’s one of my personal favorite Disney films of all time…The Hunchback of Notre Dame!

Originally posted by shroudingdarkcloud

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Of we're going by Sonic X at least, Sonic not showing emotion towards Tails was not cause of him being a jerk, but because he knew deep down he greatly disappointed the later. Even then, Sonic X always had the problem of portraying Sonic as rather distant. If anything, Freeway Sonic would be a greater example of a jerk, since his way of compassion towards his friends was just verbally abusive as best.

Yeah, Sonic X had a tendency to go a bit too far with suppressing his moments of sadness. Even if he felt unable to console Tails when Cosmo died got sent to the Shadow Realm, he could have still made a better effort to try.

And Fleetway Sonic is just… I understand the more subtle aspects of Sonic’s character weren’t as set in stone back in the day, so different takes were arguably more understandable to an extent. But who looks at this heroic cartoon hedgehog and think “You know what would make people like him? If he wasn’t likable at all.”

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Am I the only one that can’t stand bts anymore? Really arent the same as they used to be. And some of the fans that follow them are hella annoying.

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i just wanna know if it’d be seen as disrespectful if i kept writing about tom. and then i’ll go about my business. because honestly as long as i live i want to respect tom and his personal life and if by writing about him is disrespectful then i’ll stop.

mostly BECAUSE ALL THIS NEW CONTENT IS INSPIRING ME TO WRITE ABOUT softboyfriend!tom but i don’t wanna do it if people think i’m disrespecting the beauty in the photo and tommy.

my take- as long as he’s happy, i’m happy. and leave them alone for fucks sake. they’re human and don’t owe you anything jesus christ.

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Let me say this, I believe here in Tumblr, fan fiction is massive and was/is constantly played by the lovely Y/N. Which constantly paired with great personalities and actors, Tom Holland for example - and now he’s rumored dating and stuff. Some people here had an audicity to judge some user’s like “grow up” “this is reality” “respect his private life”. Like, SHIT WE KNOW AND WE DO. Why the fuck you care if we’re defending Y/N about this situation? If you don’t like seeing those stuff then don’t make it a big deal. We’re just doing that for FUN. And it’s fictional writing. At the end of the day, WE KNOW WHAT’S REAL AND WHAT’S FICTIONAL.

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I don’t understand the people of this fucking damn site. Recently I have seen people talking shit about 1984 and ?? For fuck sake! People read a problematic story that was meant to be problematic and after “wow this was problematic, didn’t like it”. Fuck you!

These days everyone now want to consume just healthy and pure things, like this will make them better. Gosh this is bullshit and you all are fake. The book has a summary and many views telling what you will read. Do not like it? Don’t read. Simple. Stop talking bullshit wanting to impress or be revolutionary because you don’t like a classic “oh this is so misogynistic what problematic why ppl like this book?”. Shut your fuck mouth Carl. It was meant to be this way. It’s a dystopic book about a violent and controlled society what were you waiting?

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I need a favour from y'all

For my next fic it’s gonna be kind of a long one, so I was wondering if you guys would prefer me to post the whole thing like I usually do, or to post the first couple of paragraphs and then provide a link to an ao3 page?

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im an “exclusionist” because the lgbt community isn’t a fucking club that anyone who wants to feel oppressed can join. I’m not against asexuality in any way, shape, or form; I just don’t believe it’s lgbt. Can y'all leave me alone now

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