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posted a few of these on insta, (and i will eventually get it set up to crosspost here after i stop being a baby about it) but– found a few fat quarter size scraps of fabric and lace at savers for 6$, and i was ALL OVER THAT. i still need to put them away (I keep staring at them laid out on top of the cube shelf, totally in the way, caressing them as i pass by.. *sighs dreamily* anyway) i’m trying to put together a dress with one of the fabrics for cece as i write this, but the bulk of this lovely stuff will absolutely go to olive and mana who i have yet to talk about and should probably do that 💦

after rolling up the scrap ribbon onto cardboard, i started to mess with my ribbon cube again to fit them into that… but it’s already almost full! (I blame the rolls of tulle and the scrap ziplock bags…) i’m finding myself not preferring deep cube storage for my ribbon, because stacking them buries all the pretty colors.. so i was thinking of rolling all of my ribbon onto cardboard like this pinterest example:


i think it’ll be so worth it, and i’ll probably be able to fit all of my ribbon into one container (maybe a photobox?) and keep it somewhere more handy since i reach for it a lot… so that will be one of my next projects!! >:3c

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24 february 2020

i recently hit 100 followers so yay!!

i have a physics midterm tmr and a math quiz today but im studying for physics more. ive been learning that no matter what ill always have to prioritize something so it’s mostly just about taking turns with what i prioritize.

im keeping my head above the water. im not perfect but im trying my best!!! still net happy c:

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Pictured: @lizziesider writing a special message on Pine Crest School’s brand new buddy bench after a live assembly. (read on!) 💚 This is a “buddy bench” - have you heard of it? The buddy bench is a bench for a school playground. Students who feel lonely, left out or excluded can sit here, and the purpose is to encourage other students to notice who sits on the bench and to talk with, play with, and make friends with whoever is there! It’s a great way to promote kindness, inclusivity and community! We love buddy benches. Does your school have a buddy bench?

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-Clean out my closet (go through things to donate/get rid of/keep)

-Have a respectful conversation for my English Project

-Study enough to feel really prepared for the ACT

-Stay caught up on my notes/study guides

-Keep up with my BuJo

-Put something new up on the chalk wall

-Come up with a list of colleges (dream schools/target schools/safety schools)

-Write two journals in Spanish

-Complete 5 Volunteer Hours

-Take pictures!

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