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Today, we focus on energy. Energy is the power source of all human activity. When we make decisions for action, energy is necessary to carry out those actions. Our commitment to our goals demands that we spend the energy necessary to get the job done. If that means getting up early, we get up early. If it means staying up late, we stay up late. If that means that, we work sixteen-hour days seven days a week for thirty days in a row, then that is exactly what we must do to achieve our desired goals and arrive at our desired outcome.

What is that you want so badly that you will do what you to do achieve it? Whatever that is, energy is going be required to get the job done and it is going to have to come from the inside of you. Do you have what it takes to call forth the energy necessary to keep your commitments and get the job done?

Tomorrow, we talk about the human relations skills necessary to organize people and organize money to influence change.

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I went to bed early last night since I had all my homework done. I got up at 7am, had some breakfast, and then started on my tasks.

Here’s what I finished:

  • Transcribed blocking into my script for rehearsal tonight
  • Picked audition sides from my script for auditions tomorrow (for the scene I’m directing)
  • Wrote down my rehearsal schedule for this week.
  • Updated the designs for our show tshirt and put it in the google drive.
  • Worked on quotes for our greenroom board.
  • Started cleaning my desks, since when I cleaned the rest of my room last night I threw anything school related on there in a pile.

Here is what I still have to do today:

  • Pack rehearsal bag and work backpack
  • Get dressed/ready for day
  • Eat lunch
  • Go to work
  • Start poetry homework
  • Rehearsal
  • Eat dinner sometime???
  • Hang posters for the show and for auditions.

And then here is the list of things that I want to do today but aren’t high priority

  • Finish poetry homework
  • Finish cleaning desks
  • Laundry
  • More quotes for the board
  • Create tshirt order form? (Not sure if I’ll need to do this tonight yet).

Wow, you sure can get a lot done when you don’t sleep in until 30min before you have to be somewhere.

I only have 1 morning class this cycle so I’ve been sleeping in a lot. But what I want to do is get up as if I did have an 8am class, and then use that time to be productive.

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Hi! With this link you can find some free monthly printables in 4 colors: marble, light pink, light blue, dark red

-Like or repost if you use!

- If you have any advice or request, leave a comment!

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Hi, this is my free desktop wallpaper for february 2020!

- Like or repost if you use!

- If you have any advice or request for next month background color or quotes, leave a comment!

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We met up to discuss my project and then it turned into a “help me organize” session.  I didn’t mind because I realized he was on the right path, just needed a little PPT time aka to take them in groups.

Quick Background:

He set up an agency for Small business to provide advertising support and to help them increase sales. 2 years in and it is growing but the team keeps dropping the ball, he is overworked, he is barely making payroll or overheads and he has hired people who aren’t quite delivering. Kingdom minded, kingdom directed, but what to do.

Most of the things had to do with the

1.  Organogram: which would give clear structure, hierarchy and responsibility. Include JD’s and role description for all.

2. Right People: Firing and hiring quickly to find the right people. Also realizing there are good people, you just gotta look for them. Hire those “Without Ego”, “ who are “Believers”, Who are “Versatile” and who have “Grit”. 

3. Download: Find a way to share a. Your vision to the new GM, b. Your best practices or what you expect the procedures to be with her that way she can oversee drafting of SOPS or unit manuals.

4. SLA: Once you have downloaded, have each unit enter into an SLA with the others so that everyone is clear on what the process and flow is supposed to be. Also they can follow up because that is what we ALL agreed. 

5. Create the Culture: If you want a culture of learning, look for easy ways to foster it. E,g, group lunch where someone teaches on a given topic or shares on a given issue or an article is circulated and then discussed. OH and don;t forget to bring snacks. Always bring snacks!

Next meeting for the Middle of Feb to check in and take next steps


Originally posted by lyosphe

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Week 1 Spread.

Hello all! I know it isn’t really week 1 of 2020, but for organizational purposes I’m counting the weeks of the semester! My school does an 8 week cycle system, so it will be easier this way to track how far I am in my 8 week classes.

I’m trying to keep this bujo simple so that I actually keep up with it. Last year I never really got past January. So I’ve got just a very simple layout for my weekly spreads. I did the same layout for my future log and I really liked it. I’ve picked a color for each month’s theme and so I’ll try to stick in that color family for all the spreads within that month. I’m kinda doing a rainbow, but with added colors so I don’t have to repeat the same shades. So January is red! There are some pinks on the cover and the calendar but that’s because the gel pen I picked was deceptively red looking and I didn’t think to test it first.

The first week of the semester is always the easiest, so we’ll see how week two goes!

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When will i learn that simply getting excited about organization, planning and pretty stuff isn’t enough and that I actually need to take action?

I’ve been looking at pretty photos of BuJos, notebooks and aesthetics since the last five or so hours and this is not the first time. I get excited but never start because everything seems too overwhelming. Or even if I get started I actually never stick to it for long??

When will I change this behavior? Sigh.


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Our Hazaña organized 🎒. In and out the kangaroo pouch. Always know where your 🔑 are. #backpacks #organizedmom #organizedmess #organizedchaos #organized #organizedhome #organizedlife #organizedsimplicity #organizedliving #organizedbag #organizationiskey #organizedmama #organizedspace #stayorganized #thingsorganizedneatly #gettingorganized #organizedlifestyle #organizedconfusion #organizedhoarder #bagorganizer #bagorganizermurah #bagorganizers #bagorganiser #bagorganize #organizationfreak #backpackorganizer #bagorganizerlight #organizationideas #wherearemykeys #organizationporn

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Our Hazaña organized backpack. In and out the kangaroo pouch #backpacks #organizedmom #organizedmess #organizedchaos #organized #organizedhome #organizedlife #organizedsimplicity #organizedliving #organizedbag #organizedmom #organizedmama #organizedspace #stayorganized #thingsorganizedneatly #stayorganized #gettingorganized #organizedlifestyle #organizedconfusion #organizedhoarder #bagorganizer #bagorganizermurah #bagorganizers #bagorganiser #bagorganize #backpackorganizer

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