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Is Love Truly Blind?

Summary: Twenty individuals signed up for a scientific/social experiment to prove if love truly is blind. In this experiment they will all live in separate apartments and talk to each other via screens - there will be no face to face interactions. They will have ten days and by the end, if they are not engaged to be married they will leave the experiment alone. Can these twenty individuals find love without ever seeing each other face to face? Will they prove that love truly is blind?

Notes: A new AU, oh boy! So if you’ve watched Love is Blind on netflix you know the premise of this fic, I’ve also sort of incorporated The Circle from netflix as well, just for their living arrangements. We will meet more characters as we go along and more tags and rating will change as we go. I will most likely post every Monday, hopefully I will be able to keep that up.

I hope this intrigues you and you enjoy this fic!!

Chapter 1: Day 1 of Experiment

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Today’s patients are Lilith (She/Her) and Cayden (He/Him!) 

We unfortunately found these two being mocked on a not-too-kind forum, but the OC Hospital is all about rehabilitating stray OCs without judgement. <3

Their diagnosis was an overly bright color scheme and yet being unfortunately bland. We took our rainbow darlings and toned down the brightness a little, gave them some unique features to further distinguish them and add personality, but tried to preserve their original charm. 

Lilith is a tall, lanky cis lesbian and Cayden is a shorter, now rounder FtM! Since they were created metaphorically wearing their identities on their sleeves, we thought it’d be appropriate to literally put their identities on their sleeves! A trans flag patch for Cayden and a tattoo of joined female symbols for Lilith (from her old shirt,) striped with the lesbian pride flag! We also thought it would be adorable if Cayden was posing like a cat because he finally grew his “whiskers!”

Does your OC need some HRT, TLC, or maybe a nice BLT? Come to the OC Hospital for all three, for free! (Well, except the BLT, it’s kind of hard to share those over the Internet!) 

OC Hospital says trans rights!

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