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Black Panther #21

😮Storm just keeps on getting beastly.. 9/10 in recent years it has been the black panther comics which gave storm a significant power boost & much reassurance of her goddess nature. Below is a feat video I did on her for anyone to see what she is capable of..Enjoy

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Logan helping Ororo with her physical therapy in X-Posé #1

(yes, they really were coloring her skin that light during the X-Treme X-Men era)

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I have so many questions about this new Giant Size issue that came out today…

Visually it was beautiful. I hate the way they ended it tho. Kinda disappointed at the lack of dialogue but I understand why. I’m really confused about where in time this story takes place in the DoX timeline.

Knowing that Jean and Emma had to go into Ororo’s mind before reading, I wasn’t expecting to see Wakanda symbolism… why the tree?? Why the Panther??? Why the two Panthers???? Why does one of the two Panthers have long white hair????? Why am I seeing so much of Wakanda at all??????😒 I was really hoping to see maybe things from her family heritage (at this point I’m begging Marvel for this) in regards to magic… I’m praying at this point we get more in Storm’s solo issue. All in all, in regard to Storm I already suspected she would be unresponsive the entire time but I really did like what we got to see. And I’m assuming they’ll continue with the story in the 5th issue.

I really hate how short these comic books are tbqh!!!

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-Real name: Ororo Munroe

-A.k.a.: Wonder Woman, Goddess, Princess Ororo of Themyscira

-Publisher: Amalgam Comics

-Type: Metamutant

-Occupation: Princess

-Afilliations: JLX, Judgment League Avengers

-Powers: Accelerated healing, danger sense, flight, intelligence, leadership, power item (lightning lasso), longevity, weather manipulation, swordsmanship, agility, super senses, super speed, stamina, super strength, durability, unarmed combat, animal control, berserker strength, cosmic awareness, divine powers, electricity control, empathy, energy absorption, energy based constructs, energy shield, energy-enhanced strike, escape artist, hypnosis, ice control, illusion casting, immortal, invulnerability, levitation, light projection, magic, marksmanship, longevity, mesmerize, omni-lingual, sub-mariner, tracking, water control, weapon master, willpower-based constructs, wind bursts.

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