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//Riassunto dei riassunti.

I dauni erano come i ragazzi ribelli anticonformisti: se tutti facevano una cosa, loro dovevano fare l'opposto…e fregacazzi se poi uno studente a caso si ritroverà ad affrontare la romanizzazione del territorio e tutto quello che potrà dire sui processi di transizione sarà: “Eh niente era una società complessa e protettiva nei confronti della propria cultura autoctona”.

Grazissimo, Graziellissima, e grazieastaceppadisteledaunia.

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So, another discourse rant.


Originally posted by perfectopposite

I despise the notion that the fact that Anakin cries openly on several occasions in the Prequels is considered as a flaw, a weakness. A man that cries is not an issue, it does not make him whiny or any less masculine. The dialogue may be off at times, as we all know, but take for example the Temple scene from RotS where Anakin and Padmé are silently mirrored, and Anakin mourns his lack of control over the situation.

That is a realistic scenario for a person to break down and cry in; just because Anakin happens to be the male lead and hero shouldn’t mean his crying is somehow invalidated or not justified. This is sometimes used as a point to refer to as to press the point that Vader, having overcome - not really at all - his emotions is what makes him strong, and Anakin weak.

Let’s break it down; starting with Anakin crying as he admits to Padmé that he murdered the village of Tusken Raiders who had captured and tortured his mother. Here, Anakin is still a teen in every sense, and I think everybody knows what a roller-coaster of emotions those development years of adolescence can be. 

Anakin doesn’t think of anything but revenge, the moment he decides to slaughter every man, woman and child he associates with his mother’s demise. His judgment is way off; and the fact that he cries afterwards, stating he “slaughtered them like animals”, is his way of attempting to justify the heinous act he’s committed. He’s attempting to explain away and rectify the situation, and he’s crying because of his despair over what he has done.

Because Anakin has a moral compass; Anakin knows right from wrong. And this is definitely wrong. Also, taking TCW into consideration, I believe the only problem with Anakin’s characterization in the show - because the show is a gem - is that he never really cries. We have established that Anakin cannot control his own emotions, that he cannot stop himself from exploding - be it blinded by rage, or stricken with grief.

And that is all shown, as the hints of what (and who) Anakin is about to become show up more and more frequently throughout the series; and we can see him feeling remorse when he beats up Clovis, for example. His jealousy gets the better of him, and he knows it’s a problem. We can see him trying and failing to reign himself in.

But, he never really cries in the show. One such example that always irked me a bit, beautiful as it is, is when Ahsoka leaves the Jedi order. The Anakin we’ve gotten to know is devastated, and a devastated Anakin usually tears up. At the very least

Still, we don’t get to see that. We get to see him disappointed, to see him distraught and hurt; but there’s no tears shed and that’s a bit of a missed opportunity. It’s small continuity error regarding his persona that seems to have slipped most people’s minds. I’d almost argue he seems more pained - judging by his eyes alone - in his final meeting with Ahsoka during their duel. And that says something.

Anyhow, back to the movies. RotS has two major scenes of Anakin weeping; the aforementioned Temple scene, and the Mustafar scene. The first instance is Anakin being completely lost, terrified of losing Padmé, terrified of having to let go of the person that means the most to him.

Anakin is extremely possessive towards his loved ones, and he cannot simply accept a world in which Padmé dies and he has to go on alone. Anakin’s moral compass doesn’t exclude his selfishness, his jealousy - in fact, it’s the opposite. Anakin wants Padmé to be by his side, for his own sake; because she keeps him going. Not so much the other way around - not purposely so - but it’s how he functions.

We see him in turmoil, after he basically dooms Mace Windu by cutting off his hand and giving Palpatine free hands to destroy him. But he shuts it out, listens to Palpatine’s soothing words because they help him explain away what he’s done, and they help him reason with his guilty conscience that what he’s about to do is the right thing. Helps him tell himself he’s killing traitors, rather than friends.

He knows killing the Jedi, destroying the temple, purging the Galaxy - it’s all deplorable things. But somebody has to do it, and it might as well be him. He almost hesitates - has to brace himself - before murdering the younglings. He’s on the go, doesn’t stop to think; set to do Palpatine’s bidding and execute the separatists. If he can just save Padmé.

Still, when he’s given time to think about what he’s done, the guilt creeps in and the realization dawns on him that unlike the people he killed on the battlefield in life and death scenarios, this is different.

This is killing without mercy, without questioning. And Anakin cries, because he cannot bear the knowledge of what he’s capable of doing. The knowledge that he was able to strike down what was essentially his family; the people who believed in him. Because his moral compass tells him that this is wrong, and only if he saves Padmé is it worth it. I doubt many people would not be overcome by emotion in such a crucial moment.


Originally posted by thestarwarsdaily

Anakin cries because he feels guilt, and shame, and fear. He’s terrified. He’s frightened by his own actions. And he pretty much takes for granted that Padmé - who forgave him last time he made this mistake - will forgive him again. When she doesn’t, when she’s appalled and rejects him, he snaps.

So, Anakin crosses the point of no return, tells himself that Padmé and Obi Wan - even Ahsoka - betrayed and abandoned him. Because it’s all he can do to keep himself going when he emerges as Darth Vader.

And, to once more reference the RotS-novelization - as Vader learns the truth of Padmé’s demise - he recalls and remembers what he’s done, that he hurt Padmé despite his love for her. And he realizes that there was never any Vader, that it’s all on him. That’s it all his fault.

He realizes that “there was no Vader. There was only you. Only Anakin Skywalker. That it was all on you. Is you. Only you. You did it. You killed her.”

Anakin knows he did everything on his own accord, every single despicable thing. He didn’t have to pledge himself to Palpatine and the Dark Side. He made that choice. And when Vader breaks down - another thing people like to call whiny, or childish, or weak - it makes sense.


Originally posted by fernandabarrera

Anakin was always an emotional person - Vader is as much of a whirlpool of insecurity and regret and remorse as Anakin ever was. Tying back to my “Vader/Anakin are One” discourse. Still, Vader knows that while he should have been thinking about Padmé, about their child, about their life together - he was only thinking of himself.

And Vader knows that that is his punishment. He had so many warnings along the way, had so many chances to turn back and rectify what he was doing. Had so many chances to step down. Had so many chances to do what was best for Padmé, instead of what was best for gaining more leverage and power of his own. And despite everything he becomes, the pain he feels over the losses of his life is not the only pain he carries.

There’s also the pain of knowing, deep down despite all the denial - that what he’s become and what he’s done is wrong. That it’s evil; is so far removed from anything his mother would have ever wanted for him to be.

Anakin crying openly is not a flaw, it does not show that he’s weak. It’s the exact opposite, it shows a sort of misguided, stubborn, stupid strength. A will to fight through his own emotions, to fight against his own conscience and better judgment. To fight against what he knows deep down to be the truth. It shows vulnerability, but not weakness. Powerlessness, but determination. And when he’s broken down; turned into the half man, half machine monster we all know - he has to tell himself he’s no longer Anakin.

Because that’s all he can do to stop himself from breaking down and crying like the lost little boy he still is. Because Anakin would be crying, and Vader wants to cry, but that would mean opening the doors to acceptance of his own actions. Would force him to admit that’s the same.

That’s why Vader doesn’t really cry for us to witness, not because he’s somehow a stronger person once he dons the mask and cape. Not because he’s a terror and a menace. But because he’s lost his humanity, and that is what’s weak.

Vader cannot accept that he was stronger as Anakin Skywalker, than he will ever be as Vader. Blocking out your emotions is not being strong, denying yourself of grief is not being strong. Vader was only truly strong when he saved his son, and gave way to the emotions of the man he really is. 

The emotions of Anakin Skywalker.

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This wasn’t real. He wasn’t real. He was supposed to be a myth, a legend, a bed time story. To scare the rebels into line, a lie for Imperials to spread on the street. For the masses to share, to make it seem like a reality. He wasn’t supposed to exist, wasn’t supposed to be an actual entity. He shouldn’t be, and yet there he was. Or, in honesty, it was probably more the fact that no one wanted him to be real.

Clad in black, face covered by an emotionless dark death mask. Tall, broad shouldered, towering over his peers. Intimidating by size, cape falling swiftly behind him as he walked in a confident, casual stride. Each step long, making the young admiral by his side stumble and half jog to keep up with the pace. The echoing of his mechanical, rhythmical breathing echoing and drowning out the buzzing and beeping of data pads and monitors. He had yet to speak a word, as the young admiral continued to recap the events of the latest rebellion strike on an Imperial base.

He stopped then, looking out the front window of the star destroyer into the dark of space. Folded his arms across his chest, defiant. The admiral immediately silenced, clearly at a loss for words. The room had gotten strangely cold, a chilly sensation passing through the stomach of every staff member residing there. Numbing their fingers, their toes. Leaving their faces ice kissed and flushed. Goosebumps covering their skin, and they shuddered in their seats. The admiral’s shoulders came up, and he was wrapping his arms around himself.

“Lord Vader?” he croaked after what seemed to be an eternity of nothing, voice trembling.

Vader did not reply. He simply kept his gaze locked on something in the distance, something within the clusters of stars ahead. His breathing device as punctual and periodic as ever; not a soul within the room daring to speak a word. None of the usual hushed whispers or muffled giggles, none of the camaraderie of the coworkers to pass time. Only Vader’s inhales, Vader’s exhales.

“Who was in command during the attack, admiral?”

When Vader finally spoke up, his voice was deep and booming. Loud, seeming to resonate within the four walls. Bouncing off of the dura-steel surrounding them, amplifying its intent. Another shiver passed through the crew members, all of them attempting to keep attention on their work duties. All of them peering over their shoulder. They were all freshmen, new recruits. Had barely been station for a couple of weeks. Some more seasoned members spoke of Vader, dared barely whisper his name for fear of conjuring him up. Some had never even seen the man. None of the current staff knew if that would have been a blessing or a curse.

“General Sarkk, milord,” stuttered the pale faced admiral, his eyes scanning the side of Vader’s mask frantically; wavering and unable to hold still for too long.

“It is the second time he fails to fulfill his duties favorably.”

Vader’s voice, full of animosity despite it being almost monotone. It was clear that General Sarkk’s days were numbered, from the way the tall figure drummed his gloved fingers against his bicep. Impatient, slow motions. The admiral gulped audibly, several of the crew members catching the choked sound.

“Yes, milord.”

“He is of no use to the Empire, if he cannot defend his own stationary base.”

A harsh statement, but no one dared dispute it. The fact that Sarkk had even been offered a second chase after his last failed mission was a small miracle. Apparently, Sarkk had been working in close contact with Moff Tarkin for years and was therefore awarded with some lenience - as per the Emperor’s orders. Despite Vader - spoken of as a ghost or a monster to intimidate - being rumoured to have offed numerous failing employees. Now, it was easy to see why, and easy to believe in those rumours.

“What is his current location, admiral?”

“I, uh - the Sierra star system, milord. But, I believe he’s available on Coruscant for the time being. He - he’s been invited to attend the senate meeting, and their subsequent debate.”

Indeed. And you are certain of his whereabouts?”

“Yes, milord.”

“I see. It appears we have our destination.”

Another chill, running down the spines of the staff. There seemed to be a playful, almost amused undertone to the word. As if Vader was looking forward to taking the general’s life, to punish him for his mistakes. Another tidbit often added to the stories; that of Vader’s non-existent sense of compassion. He showed no mercy, held no remorse.


As soon as it was said, a clear demand of full attention, Captain Cilla was up on her feet. Approaching in a hurried, subordinate manner and giving a curt, well practiced bow as she stopped on her heel. She was by no means a big woman, and next to her, Vader seemed nearly a giant. He tilted his head only briefly to the side, as if studying her posture. She remained unwavering, arms at her sides; feet close together. Unlike the admiral, she was good at hiding any fear she might harvest. Surely, Vader would appreciate the effort.

“Yes, Lord Vader,” she said, no hint of trembling to her voice.

“Set the coordinates for Coruscant, we are travelling to the inner rim,” said Vader, pointing his index finger threateningly at her face.

“As you wish, milord.”

“I shall see to Sarkk personally upon landing.”

Another nod of agreement from the captain, as she waited patiently to be dismissed. The danger of turning your back on Vader without permission surely something she too had been well informed of. Keeping her head hung low in respect, she waited as Vader remained silent for a moment, the hollow black eyes of his mask still on her. Then, he slowly turned on his heel towards the young admiral. The man all but forgotten, arms still around himself to stay warm - or perhaps to restrain any quivering, so as not to betray his own fear. His chin was visibly wobbling, his breath coming out as mist through his nostrils. As was the captain’s.

“Admiral Junta. Are you a fresh recruit?”

The boy seemed taken aback by the sudden attention, clearly jolting in surprise. Wincing, shoulders tensing up. He looked up, and nodded an affirmative; forcing his arms down to his sides to match the captain’s stoic stance.

“Ah - yes, milord.”

“You have something on your mind. You wish to implore me, are you questioning my capabilities?”

“No! No, of course not Lord Vader,” gasped the young man, eyes wide with terror as he vehemently shook his head in denial. “I would never, milord.”

“Your thoughts betray you. Do enlighten me, admiral.”

Vader sounded almost amused, as if he was somehow taking delight in every word he spoke. As if he was thrilled to terrify the hapless freshly promoted boy.

“I - just - the Emperor himself resides on Coruscant, doesn’t he? Wouldn’t he have adequate and sufficient staff to see to his needs on location, without you needing to bother yourself, milord?”

There was a long pause, as Vader seemed to regard the man. Staring into his soul, as Junta grew all the more uncomfortable. Had he been a lesser, weaker man, he may have pissed himself. There had been instances of cadets losing control of their bladders. Rumours, of course. Yet, it was said that Vader did hardly find anything funny about the offensive response to his stature. Those cadets would never see a promotion, much less another day.

“When were you assigned to the commando bridge?” said Vader finally, as if contemplating.

“Fourteen days ago, milord,” stuttered Junta, gaze once again wavering as he struggled to meet Vader’s gaze through the dark lenses.

“I would have assumed as much. You ought to pay heed to your superiors. Learn to know your place, boy. I shall not be as forgiving, come future encounters. Consider this an act of mercy, I do not take kindly to your kind.”

Everyone could swear they felt the wave of terror coming from the young man, as Vader’s accusatory finger point landed on his face. Washing over them, watching how his face went deathly pale; ashen and white as snow. Watched how he bit his bottom lip to still its persistent quivering. As he bowed lightly, to offer his apology. He almost appeared as if he was about to tear up and cry.

“Of course, milord.”

Vader simply turned back to the captain, and waved a dismissive hand at Junta; clearly paying no heed to the fright he’d just given him - or perhaps, he was just satisfied with the reaction he’d spurred. Rumour said; Vader tended to be sadistic and revel in intimidation tactics.

“Very well. Now, you are dismissed. Return to your position, admiral. As for you, captain, you have my orders. Do as you are requested. You, too, are dismissed.”

“As you wish, milord.”

Cilla turned on her heel, as swiftly as she had when approaching, and immediately headed back to her position to write in the appropriate coordinates for Coruscant. The route would take a couple of hours, at best. If the staff had expected (or secretly hoped for) Vader to vacate the area in favour of returning to his own quarters, they had been gravely mistaken. Where even were his quarters anyway? Did he have any? With the way he had remained an unknown passenger for at least twenty four hours since last docking, he might as well have been a phantom.

The aura of darkness seemed to vibrate, the sensation of something heavy weighing down on everyone’s shoulders remaining intact as the sinister figure stayed in place. Turning back towards the window, going back to staring aimlessly into the void of space ahead. Breaths still steady, still mechanical. Tapping of data screens and keypads, beeping of monitors as a background soundtrack accompanying Vader’s eerie presence. Focused, as if lost in his own mind. Not that anybody would dare approach without permission; Junta lingering cautiously by the farthest away console he could locate. Still on edge.

When they eventually - finally - had time off; they would all be left rattled. Shaken. As if they had witnessed something supernatural, something impossible to explain. But they would all know. Vader was not just a story, made up to frighten trajectories and traitors. He was real. If flesh and blood, they could not say. But he breathed, so he must be alive.

And in his wake, no one felt very safe.


So I wrote a second part - might add more too, in the future - of Vader being a spooky fucker. Here, he’s intimidating his own staff as per usual Extra shenanigans. Hope you enjoy, I made up the Imperial names as I went along, haha

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I want a Kaytoo & Vader teamup. Kaytoo is undercover, accidentally befriends Vader through the sheer power of deadpan delivery and lack of patience for  brass with an inflated sense of self-importance. 

Accidental good guy Vader helping the Rebellion by inaction. Kaytoo being baffled by this weird organic who speaks binary, doesn’t look down on droids and is generally… terrifying, but also incredibly weird.

Until Artoo is taken in, and Vader knows that droid. 

MORE droids shenanigans follow. 

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Here is last week’s top 3!

Why I even watch this show… if it makes me suffer so much???

Anyways, let’s start with the honorable mention, the less I think about the gala the better:

  • Sabor de Amor - OT 2020: Yeah, I’m also shocked. But this was the first group song of this edition I thoroughly enjoyed (which says a lot if the first genuinely 100% good group song is in week 5). But yeah, I already loved this song, and they made it really fun and cute!
  • Qué Sabrá Neruda - Javy: This is my number 4 of the gala, really close to number 3. This was the first time a nominee could sing their own song in the gala, and it was so emotional. He released this song last friday, and I have already listened to it around 20-30 times no joke, it’s so good. Here is the full version of the song, they had to edit it for the gala so it didn’t exceed the required duration (also please, if you like it, listen to it on Spotify or other streaming services, not in YouTube, cause then the benefits would go to Javy and not the program!). I also made a post about the song with the translated lyrics! Anyways, he was expelled, but I’m sure he’s gonna be big and that everything is gonna turn out great for him :)
  • Perfect Day - Flavio and Maialen: Yeah, it wasn’t the most exciting song but idk I liked it. I myself have thought Flavio has been saved from being nominated while doing really meh performances (tbh only “Copenhague” comes to mind right now) but, honestly, I don’t think he deserved this nomination, especially not after seeing how down and lost he looks now :(


Here is the original song, by Nathy Peluso :)

Talk about versatility. This girl, last week was singing a Rocío Durcal ranchera, and look at her in this gala. Like wow. Honestly, when I heard the song she was gonna sing, I was a bit unsure, but after seeing her first mic pass, I was 100% on board. She was so amazing, a true queen honestly. With this performance, she is officially my top 3 favourite contestant of the edition, after Anne and Gèrard. Even though she was really solid here, I prefered her first mic pass.


This is the original song, by Pablo Alborán :)

Like, how did they combine Pablo Alborán and Gèrard and not expect me to love the shit out of this performance?? And during the week I didn’t see it as strong, in fact, as per Saturday, my top 3 were the two nominees plus my number one, but what he did at the gala… for me it was finalist material, and, given that my number one spot this gala (and everyone’s) did that, I think people don’t credit this performance as much, but it was amazing. And I know he could’ve emote more, but given his evolution throughout the week (in the first mic pass he didn’t emote at all and look how far he got in just one week) and his personality, which I identify a lot with (I’m basically a combination of Gèrard and Flavio personality wise), I think he’s done an amazing job and he’s accomplished a lot this week.


Here is the original song, by Beyoncé :)

For every edition of OT, there’s always a performance in the middle of the contest that makes one of the contestants the winner of each edition, with no acceptable discussion. In OT 2017 it was Amaia’s Shake It Out, in OT 2018 it was Famous’s Uptown Funk, and in OT 2020 is, undoubtedly, this one. Nia is gonna be the winner, for sure, and she deserves it 100%. I won’t accept any other winner of the edition after this performance, it was just… well, you’ve seen it. Brutal. Like, other-worldly. The thing is, in the first mic pass it was already perfect, but she cried after doing the song because she thought she isn’t doing it correctly. All week she was the first to rise and the last to get to bed, practising over and over and over and over… and here is the result. Queen Nia, nothing more to say. Of course, she was the favourite of the night, needless to say.

This week is gonna be tough with three nominees that I love and don’t want any of them to leave the contest so soon: Anne, Flavio and Bruno. I’ll be voting Anne cause she’s my number one favourite but yes, this week is gonna be really hard :(

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Just to give you something nice to look at while I’m busy writing/editing and being kept away from art via real life, I started queuing old posts. if you don’t wanna see ‘em, go ahead and block #selfreblog!

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Ayer salí con mis amigos y me encontré con Juanlu , me comentó que Javy le mencionó estando en Ot como “ su amigo que se parece a Don Patricio ” recién me entero de la mención epic crossover lmao XD , (also como no se que artista es Don Patricio ni savia que se le parecía) , igualmente tiene otro amigo que se parece a uno de los Gemeliers , este grupo es muy random

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