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Who are some of your favorite couples besides you and MM? :)

If I’m following them, they’re my faves 😂

But a special shout out to:

@plucky-belmondo and Richter, @24hourshipping and Bucky, @star-platinums-wife and Star Platinum, @jaxton-perseveui and his boys, @lonelyselfship and Raiden, @theangelslittlecanary and Kuja, @me-myself-and-my-fos and Jeremiah, @darcelpharon and Gellert, @rain-selfships and Genie/J/Reinhardt (Rain, I love all your “ships” but these are my faves! 💕), @cenobxter and Pinhead, @poly-space-babes and Gary, @commander-x-hyena and LC, our li'l bro @hearthofwood and their boys, @dclehnsherr and Erik, @cellspurplestomach and Cell, @theunlovedtrio and his boys, @meandmydaydreams-deactivated201 (nooo, we’re gonna miss you :( ) and Levi, our friend LC and Lightning (who aren’t on tumblr), @lildreamysoul and Sans, @robotarmjokes and Rhys, @mantashipping and Buddy

Ugh I know I’m missing so many ^^; Honestly, I love seeing almost everyone who shows up on my dash and is obviously loving their babes 💕

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Dean: Cas, get out of my ass!

Cas: I was never in your- Well except for last night, and the night before that… And I suppose this morning counts even though it was just a dil-

Dean *blushing*: Cas, shut up!

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Author’s note/summary: After coming back from a traumatizing mission, Natasha’s reduced to a former shell of herself. Clint and the team trying to get her back…angst and fluff? At the same time? I think? Is that a thing? (Will be posted in two parts because it’s wayyyyy to long) PART TWO

One Day at a Time, Pt. 2

1,230 Words

(Read part one HERE)

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Following in the footsteps of the CBS Elementary fandom, I proposed the idea of Uhura and Spock/Uhura to also have a positive tag. Like the Elementary ”squee” tag called #elementasquee, we would put only positive posts, graphics and fanworks in this tag while reminding those on the regular tag to use it if they wish. It’s been voted on and the tag names have been decided. They are “uhuralove”, “spuhuralove” and “spyotalove.” Feel free to tag all your positive Uhura and Spock/Uhura centric posts and follow the tags. Enjoy. Thank You

Friendly S/U Links:

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Imagine your OTP

A: Hey, your parents are chefs? ‘Cause where did they get this hot stuff like you??? *winks aggressively*

B: Fuck you.

A: Oh, that was the last part of my plan.


B: It would’ve been better if it was the first part of your plan.

A: !!!

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