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H a n d s

Person A: Hey B, your hands… They’re kinda small.

Person B: Really? I guess they are.

Person A, vaguely waving around their hands: Look at mine, a-are they bigger?

Person A: Should we compa-

Person B: If you want to hold my hands you could’ve just asked.

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the power of obi x shirayuki


Part 15 decrees the end of the second season of the anime ☆ 

AND WOW, look at how well we start:

Our babies are riding in the heavy rain and no one seems to enjoy it except for Obi.. An how could he not enjoy the ride? He is basically on his horse with Shirayuki in the back who is holding on tight to him (and i refuse to think he is not trying to protect her from the rain)


As soon as they arrive at the inn to spend the night, they change their dresses and they have dinner together. As they’re talking, here we go with another part which I absolutely LOVE. Again Sorata decides to show us Obi’s thoughts

He is talking naturally with Shirayuki when he notices that a lock of her hair came loose..

As a said plenty of times before (please don’t hate me cuties), Obi is an incredible observer and, even if i know that there is nothing so special about this scene, i can’t stop thinking “why Sorata decides to show us this sort of little things then?”

I have an hypothesis: because every little things or even details about Shirayuki is worth of attention for him.. If that’s not love i seriously don’t know how to call it


do you think that’s all? WE ARE JUST GETTING STARTED

Because look at this panel above, read what Shirayuki confesses to Obi while he does THE THING™ with his arm around his neck (i always what you to remember that he does this thing everytime Shirayuki is near him and tells him something that really shocks him or when her presence makes him feel a little nervous)



She feels safe, she feels at home. When she is with Obi, she doesn’t have to put any kind of defense, she can be only Shirayuki (even if he always addresses as Miss), the real Shirayuki without any kind of mask.


But let’s go on (cause we all know what will happen then)

Then, after dinner, Obi decides to complete a job wiith an ex-colleague named Torou. She asked him to fight off guards for her and serve as backup for her mission. Obi did not seem surprised by this and even went so far as to save her from falling off a balcony, injuring himself.

Of course his friends come to rescue him but, when Obi sees them, he is surprised because they all seems so concerned about him. Especially our Shirayuki that quickly asks him to show his injuried arm.



Obi notices Shirayuki seems angry and so, when they are left alone, he asks her what is going on in her mind.. And look at what she answers:

“I want to say ‘don’t make me worry’, but considering what i’ve done in the past, that would sound hypocritical of me”

Everyone thought that Obi was gone, maybe forever (because they are well aware he is a “free spirit”).. And this thought was enough to make her worry to death



Ok so let me try to express myself like a normal person (even it is sooo hard at this point)

After Shirayuki is done with the medication on his shoulder, she doesn’t go away but she becomes suddenly more serious

Now listen to my maybe crazy thoughts about this scene:

1. Obi has this deep scar on his chest that can’t be cured anymore. Shirayuki is the first to see it and  she can’t help but abruptly asks him how he got such an injury

2. He touches the scar along his chest and, basically because he doesn’t want to stress or scare Shirayuki even more, he decides to not tell her the truth (i think it’s impossible for him to not remember how he got that scar), answering only a generic “i wonder”

3. Then, he suddenly grab her hand soooo gently (omg help) and, lookingat her in her eyes, he says “if you had been to treat it, it probably wouldn’t have become a scar”

Ok now i know it may sounds weird but i have a soft spot for symbolism so my question for all of you is:

can that scar on his chest that will never go away symbolize his love for Shirayuki?

I know i’m totally crazy but that was the first thing i thought when i read the scene (sorry if i went too far with my hypothesis)

AND he also apologizes to her for make her worried again and he says: “I won’t do it again”

He says to her he will never leave her again, it won’t happen.



The last panels offer us the perfect ending of the chapter (and of the second season of the anime as well) like an ideal circle: Obi and Shirayuki together again on that horse (poor Zen), riding together back to Clarines.. And when she asks him why he will never see again that girl named Torou, Obi answers: “I have no interest on giving up the reins master has given me”

And when Shirayuki tries to know what these “reins” are, Obi abruptly asserts “It would be better if you weren’t. You’ll get burned”

BECAUSE HE KNOWS THAT, to explain to her what those words really mean Obi should reveal his own feelings and he knows it’s not the right time ♡

this part was sooo difficult to write for me please have mercy

now i’m just bleeding love

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WHEW I GET BUTTERFLIES WHENEVER CARLOS REYES IS ON MY SCREEN GODDAMN RAFAEL SILVA IS SO FUCKING SEXY THAT ADORABLE PUPPY DOG FACE AND THEN THOSE ARMS AND MUSCLES AND THAT CHEST AND BODY I JUST KNOWWW HIS DICK IS BIG I KNOW IT… and that first tarlos hook up scene WHEW WE ARE GETTING FED!!!!! the way they were both out of breath idc if its fake just imagining those two fucking is so goddamn hot. AND THEY BOTH SERVING BODY BUT RAFAEL WHEW… “youre really good at that” wow the power they have… i understand tk is going thru a tough time and he has all his walls up bc he just got hurt but goddamn if a man as FINE AS CARLOS really out here cooking a delicious meal after both of their shifts i would melt… HES SO ADORABLE AND SEXY AT THE SAME TIME WHAT THE FUCK IM OBSESSED ALREADY and the way tk ripped open carlos’ shirts… god they mustve had so much fun filming that shit and i see them using tongue too. DADDIES. wish buck and eddie could do the same

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I am so angry rn, like can you imagine all the things the skeksis took from the gelfings? I can totally see rian & deet being loving and caring parents, being totally whipped for each other but NOOOOOO, the fucking skeksis had to wipe out their entire race smh

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