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Gossip Girl reboot

Originally posted by painfulblisss

I don’t have any expections, I don’t have any guidelines for the new show, they can do anything they want but I really do hope when they say that it will be new story with new characters they really mean it because I swear to God if they mess something up with Chuck and Blair I’m going to riot, I didn’t spend years watching this show and crying over their ship just to have it ruined. So if I hear any rumour about divorce or cheating I’m really going to be angry. Don’t touch the original characters just say that they all live happily ever after.

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Person A always wears B’s clothes. Person B ends up saying ‘keep it’ cause Person A looks so cute. But Person B is steadily running out of clothes.

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Person A doesn’t like talking on the phone, but Person B always calls them instead of texting. Person B admits that it’s because they want to hear Person A’s voice.

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Person A buys a box of sweets and puts them in the cupboard. Person B spontaneously eats them all in the middle of the night and tries to keep it a secret.

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Person A gets a job where Person B works, so they can spend more time together. But their shifts are completely different and they hardly ever see each other.

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Julance day 16 - Royalty

The two lovers meet again.

L “You are back my love”

K “I will always find my way to you”

Im really a sucker for langst, klangst and well angst in general. I hope you like it ☺️

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