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#overwatch university au

Happy Lunar New Year!! (I wanted to draw something related to this holiday but I don’t have time hnnn) so here are doodles of university mchanzo because today also is students’ day in Russia lol… How are you, students? My brothers and sisters!! I hope you’re okay. Study might be exhausting, so please take care of yourself. Stay hydrated, eat fruit and don’t work too much. Okay? OKAY??? I’m watching you

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Everything I wrote while I was on holiday has been posted on AO3! 

Ash in the sun - one new chapter! (Roadrat)

Overwatch Uni!Au - One new chapter! (nsfw!) (boombox)

Between - A new five chapter fic of my take on @fingurken and @kophing‘s mermaid AU! Honestly it was so much fun to write im so glad it exists! (Roadrat)

Have fun reading y’all!! Please let me know what you think! 

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I’m writing that halloween thing but it’s past midnight and my visions going funny, so I’ll just leave this here for you guys. A little teaser! 

Overwatch University AU Halloween Shenanigans!

Jamie – pirate captain, has adapted the pirate speech and will speak like that all night to the point of making others cringe.

Lucio – Also a pirate , Jamie’s first mate. Cannot keep up the pirate speak for long and instead turns to booze. 

Lena – Gomez Adams, catches Amelie whenever she pretends to faint dramatically and showers her with compliments all night.

Amelie – Morticia Adams, she’s just rocking it so well, her whole demure works perfectly.

Genji – Sexy kitten, constantly annoying Hanzo by showing up randomly and calling out ; “NYA!” Also cat ears. 

Hana – cute bunny onesie that somehow doesn’t look lame on her? Like she’s so cute everyone just comes up to her for hugs.

Mako – Old biker, needless to say he doesn’t have to try very hard. 

Zenyatta – Does not understand halloween, but Hana convinced him to dress up as Aang from ATLA. (She literally just had to paint the arrow on his head)

Reinhardt – Knight, constantly goes down on one knee for people to ask for a dance. Insists he will dance with everyone there if it’s the last thing he does. 

Mccree – Big bad wolf, complete with ears and tail but he’ll be damned if he took off his hat.

Hanzo – Samurai, actually accepts the duel Jamie proposes. ‘Yarr let’s duel me matey!’

Ana – Red riding hood’s grandmother, constantly chased by Mccree.

Pharah – Little red riding hood, constantly embarassed by her mother’s and Mccree’s antics.

Symmetra– She’s not in a costume, she’s just wearing her gala dress but it’s stunning so no one cares.

Jack – Angel, he was under the impression Gabriel was going to be a devil/vampire and feels betrayed

Gabriel – 70’s disco glitter pantsuit complete with shiny huge glasses and incredibly high soled boots. CHest HaiR

I thought that needed bolding because of reasons.


The whole thing will hopefully be ready to post soon! If you can’t wait that long, head on over to my AO3 account and read up on the crew’s shenanigans there! 

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