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GOD i just clicked on trumps video shitting on parasite and jesus christ hes so FUCKING ANNOYING. like the instant hatred that FLARES in me jesus christ. HOW is a person so……. SO DISGUSTING…. im REVOLTED by his fucking voice, his fucking face, by the notion of donald trumps FUCKING EXISTENCE

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Bloody mary :P

There are tons of lighthouses on the island where I live, many of which are said to be haunted. There are also rumours of ghost ships that can be spotted burning on the horizon way out at sea. I have a fisherman friend who is very superstitious in an old-fashioned nautical sort of way, and sometimes in my early 20s he would take me to lighthouses alone to look out at the view from the top. It was super cool.

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I thought i was getting better w colors and then i realized not really.. and Then i thought i was getting better with proportion and then i realized not really either

So i thought, i THOUGHT, i was getting better at animation.

Not really either, either.

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Bloody Mary

Do you have any urban legends specific to where you’re from?

There is a pond nearby me called Dead Man’s Pond and it is rumoured to be bottomless and to be haunted and to have gotten its name from someone being drowned in it. I went there to catch tadpoles when I was little, and we used the stories about it to scare each other as kids at sleepover parties.

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“we spoonfed our adorable remorse”

“each day his flattery makes us eat a toad,
and each step forward is a step to hell”

“gangs of demons are boozing in our brain”

“in the disorderly”

“swallow the world in a yawn”

“i shall go there where, full of sap, both tree
and man swoon in the heat of southern climes”

“lurk mingled odors i grow drunk upon”

“to drink deep of the wine of memory!”

“lived in increasing itself”

“those scenes that image you”

“slowly the land is rolled
sleepward under a sea of gentle fire”

“yesterday was summer”

“old Pluvius, month of rains”

“speak darkly of dead loves, how they were lost”

“i have more memories than if i had lived a thousand years”

“the child, in love with prints and maps,
holds the whole world in his vast appetite.
how large the earth is under the lamplight!”

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Jump Scare, Slasher Film, Found Footage, (Thank You For Reading.)🙏

Jump Scare: What is a fear that you have?

I really fear being lost in the woods alone. I have a terrible sense of direction, especially in the dark, and not much knowledge in the way of outdoorsy survival skills. One time I went on a spontaneous 36 km bike ride through a trail in the woods without telling anyone and got completely exhausted in the middle of it, and trying to walk my bike back home that far while it was getting dark and I was weak and freezing cold because of my clothes being sweated through made me realize how vulnerable and panicked you would be. Especially if you were super thirsty or injured or something. Luckily I was able to make it to a road and call my dad to come find me, but it was a spooky feeling for sure. I think that suffocating feeling of being lost in the woods was captured really well in the Blair Witch Project.

Slasher Film: already answered!

Found Footage: Have you ever posted a video on YouTube?

Yes, I made a few animatics on MS Paint in art school where I recorded my friends telling me their childhood memories and then illustrated them, stuff like that. They’re all unlisted though, I’m pretty private like that!

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he’s got me listening to Ed Sheeran first thing in the mornings and I stopped listening to Ed Sheeran 3 years ago and I know this entire thing is just going to end in me being hurt and having to Avoid Him at all costs but it’s ok because Firefly is playing and I haven’t even gotten out of bed

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I couldn’t be with someone who doesn’t like to do stupid shit occasionally . Just down to waste time sometimes

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I have been experimenting since I have never done stop motion before. My plan for the video is to make an abstract geometric painting come to life so I experimented with both - shapes and oil painting.

I don’t intend for my project to look like any of these videos, these are just experiments.

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Slasher Film, Cryptid Sighting?

Slasher Film: What are some of your favorite scary movies?

I like ones that are mostly unbearable tension and eerie atmosphere and character focused psychological horror rather than just jump scares and gore. Some favourites are Hereditary, Rosemary’s Baby, Get Out, Alien, The Silence of the Lambs, The Babadook, We Need to Talk About Kevin, The Blair Witch Project, The Witch, Carrie, Eraserhead, and Gingersnaps.

Cryptid Sighting: What cryptid fascinates you the most?

The ones that seem actually plausible like The Loch Ness Monster do, and I think sea creatures and big things lurking underwater scare me the most. I have always lived near the ocean and as a kid I always tried my hardest to spot creepy sea creatures out there on the waves when going over bridges and such. Still do tbh…

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had to take time off work today because of bad panic attacks

it’s a bit of a let down as it hadn’t been that bad in a long time, and i feel like i’m letting my co-worker down as well but i really needed this, i used so much energy trying to do my work as usual without crying or breaking down i slept three hours as soon as i came home

all i need to remember is that it’s not a failure, just a setback

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concept: you sit right by the window while we converse leisurely. the sun is setting and emphasizes the shadows in the room, especially your face. the light caresses the outline of your body. you don’t know how beautiful you look. i excitedly tell you, “hold on! keep that pose! i’ll be right back!” i walk quickly to the other room to fetch my phone. when i return, you smile and ask what i’m up to. i cheese right back and immediately start taking a lot of pictures of you. i eventually show you what i took and you’re shocked by how well they actually came out. i’ll look back to these pictures years later and still feel the warmth radiate from you.

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Witch's brew, 666, haunted house

Witches’ Brew: What would be put into a potion to summon you?

Satsuma or citrus scent, energy drink, dog fur, oil paint, pencil shavings, succulent grafts, an apple core

666: Do you have a lucky number?

Not really, I’m not superstitious at all. I love the number 7 though! It just has a nice feeling to it.

Haunted House: How much would it cost to get you to stay in a haunted house?

I would do it for free with the right person! But by myself overnight I might need like $1000 bucks. Depends on how creepy the place is as well. I love watching YouTube videos about haunted place explorations and ghost hunting and such. I’ve really only been to one place that was supposedly “the most haunted house in America” though, the Whaley House in San Diego, and it was actually quite boring and didn’t feel haunted at all, which made me sad.

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