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@le-petit-pabu-du-peuple replied to your post “I wonder just how different the indie RPG scene would be if OFF never…”

True. I’m playing it and daaaaaamn I see a lot of OFF in a lot of recent indie game (also lot Undertale game… Suzy look like Bad Batter)

Apparemment une version antérieure de Papyrus était un peu plus comme Dedan mais Toby a décidé de le changer complètement 

Les Ruines et leurs design monochrome me font penser aux environments de OFF, aussi. Et tu peux trouver pas mal de similitudes entre OFF et certaines routes d’Undertale si tu creuses un peu 

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A quick Halloween painting for the love of October and Fall festivities!   

Seriously! I love the changing of the seasons and I love getting to celebrate new beginnings.  I have embarked on the Inktober quest for the first time in my life, adding the practice to my yearly traditions (though I am doing it promptlessly and peacefully).  

Yesterday - Inktober Day 4 - I had an insane amount of work events going on away from home; I had an hour and a half max of doodling time. 

Instead of shying away from art completely, I went for a Halloween-themed sketch I knew would make me happy!!  Ink is new and scary to me, and an hour and half window gave me anxiety…we try again today with Inktober Day 5, which will be posted (sometime later today) on my tumblr and twitter! 

Bolin and Pabu bring me literal warmth, and I had a BLAST doodling these two happy Halloween beans! Enjoy!

Speedpaint available here:

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