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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Arseny Ivanovich Meshchersky ( 1834 - 1902)-Winter landscape.Date 1884

Арсений Иванович Мещерский. «Зимний пейзаж», 1884 год.

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Andrei Afanasievich Egorov (1878-1954)- “Winter landscape”

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Idunn; acrylic on canvas
I really like the gold effects on this one, thought I’d show y'all how it looks in motion. I based this painting on the character of Idunn from Norse mythology. She’s the goddess of youth and grows golden apples that restore youth, hence the apple.
#art #artistsoninstagram #painting #stilllife #acrylicpainting #apples #flowers #gold #tree #tree #nature #norsemythology #norse #idunn

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They were art shaped like a person,

All brushstrokes and paint,

Finger prints of graphite,

Their lips curved with poetrys’ words.

Their laughter was a symphony,

Their stories, a well preformed play,

They were beautiful and untouchable.

But they were gone in a moment,

Lost to the new day.

Lost to the ancient night.

~Art As A Person by SADSAN (Shadows At Day Shadows At Night)

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