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#past life
Hey can i have a reading im curious what's this connection between me and N? i feel like maybe a past life or something? -a

My cards indicate a romantic attraction, at best this could be one of your soul mates. I feel like someone has more to give the relationship, so this could be a karmic relationship that will need balancing.

In-depth readings from $3 can be found on my shop.

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When you used to be thin before and now you’re fat so you end up looking and inspecting all the pictures of you and suddenly you wish you had a time machine

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22.02.20 (невместилось на английском)

I finally realized that I can’t live in the past anymore! Yay ) I really want to take care of myself and move on. Of course, it’s hard to go back to the old goals for now, but it’s the only optimal option. And the feeling of failure is always with me, probably, just do not have to dwell on it, and live easily as my friend Katya. I want to enjoy life, I’ve had enough of all that. And I also want to score very hard on the EGE, which I will do) hahaha Start life from a new leaf, and without illness such thoughts would not have come (I got sick). In a way, it’s nice… haha. Any illness comes for a reason, because it’s a turning point. To some extent, you understand the value of life and health. Then I remove my one of the most auditioned playlists “💔”. Despite being in a bad mood, I am proud of myself). I also wanted to record a couple of my thoughts : 1) once I had to cut someone out of my life. We all change for the worse or vice versa over time. We have to go forward and get experience with new people . 2) we should not be ashamed of our hobbies. Yes, I collect dolls and what’s next?! It calms me down, and they inspire me. It’s a piece of art, too. I have a lot of strange hobbies. 3) try not to idealize people. I really thought that EVE is always right, but in fact, she is a tyrant . I’ve had many such examples in my life. 4) always keep in mind your good points. Love yourself! 5) do not connect bad habits with emotions! This is just very bad ! I had a fun year. I will not hide or somehow be ashamed of my mistakes, it’s stupid. Yes, I smoked and drank, I was able to give it up and start living again, but many of my friends are still addicted. I’ve never noticed how many people in Russia drink? Everyone ! It’s the most affordable and deadly drug. You can’t avoid forever the problems that people drink with alcohol. This, of course, is influenced not only by culture, but also by many other factors. I also liked to sleep with headphones, music calmed me down, helped me to go through difficult moments. I can’t live without headphones at all. 6) not afraid to say something wrong; trust yourself more. You can always apologize, and you have to learn to forgive (I am still working on it, because some people are not so easy to forgive).

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February 19

Today is very difficult for me. The date has come around many times since I first started getting memories or learned of this past life. It never got easier but I have been trying to ease the pain. My death was not pretty at all. I lost a lot besides my life. I wonder if others out there, my sons or anyone else who was close to me once, feels it too. I wonder if Ann or Dr. Heering’s reincarnates feel it. Are they there out in the world or am I alone…?

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I know this is a shot in the dark, but my heart is just so heavy. were any of you roman or celtic or british (britons, before roman occupation)? time period I think in the early days of the Roman Empire, but any time around that works. I’m desperate for people who feel the same pull to that time that I do. I miss myself.

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A pirate mark

On bare hand 

So random 

At the kitchen’s light

With modern t-shirts,

Phones and dishes,

It’s so out of the picture,

Like old reality,

Still breathing 

Through time and space,

Through reincarnation.

It looks so out,

And yet so right,

Like a wave from past,

Like your old life

Finding a way 

To reappear 

In films, reminding

You were there.

You might be young,

Confused and lost,

But here’s the mark 

To guide you through. 

16 February 2020 

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I felt like I needed to try this out after feeling really tense about my life situation right now. It’s helped me before, and I like writing these down anyway.

There’s a wall of text, so I’m leaving it under a cut. If you don’t believe in this stuff, feel free to skip.

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