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I love my pigment liners… I have a lot of different sizes. I mostly use them for outlining an zen doodling.

I have 3 pilot pop'lol… green, pink, and purple. The colors are the reason I bought them , but the are so lovely to write with… I like writing in different colors…same with the uniball pens…I got these to colour code my notes in my diary.

Frixion pens are amazing… you can erase them quite cleanly with the silicone nob on the end.

Sharpies are just always fun… for lots of reasons….the one in the photo is my thin sharpie.i use it mostly for writing on files for work. But it comes in handy for art too.

I always have a couple of standard biros/ball points.

But at the moment, my favourite of pens are my fountain pens. How can anyone not LOVE fountain pens. I feel like it’s grown up writing! And oh the colors! I am collecting a new colour ink every week… writing with fountain pens is not boring.

And I haven’t even touched on all the other sort of pens… gel pens, roller ball pens, brush pens, calligraphy pens, pens pens pens pens!

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Had the worst migraine today that came out of nowhere at like 11 during class and still had yet to go away, that said, when I could see straight and was awake today once I went home - I worked on this piece and I’m happy to show that final(ish) product

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