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#pepper potts

Starring:  Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader and MCU characters!
Contents: Spoilers for Endgame!! I’m not going to spoil anything by saying what to expect.
A/N: As always but still sincerely: previous chapters can be found on the Masterlist. Thanks for likes and reblogs and comments <3 Just shoot an ASK my way if you want on the list.


Originally posted by captainevans

11. The Doctor

…   Reader   …

Breakfast around the small table in the kitchen is more pleasant than expected, disregarding the wiggling eyebrows Bucky keeps flashing. It does help when you convince the veterans to talk about the old days where the lack of modern technology must have made things horribly tedious. Through their stories, you begin to understand why the two men became such good friends and you feel a tickle of regret when you say goodbye to the former Winter Soldier. Nice guy.

All the worries generally associated with your live outside the Bartons’ farm returns for full power as Steve drives you towards Doctor Bruce Banner’s lab. The Captain is explaining about Banner’s past (as if you didn’t know) and the key role he has played during the struggle against Thanos – something that has left him visibly injured on top of the changes he still deals with.

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Pepper was coming closer to the lab when she heard it, a loud boom and a hiss that came through the closed doors, she rushed forward, “Tony!”

The doors opened and Pepper found Tony on the floor with Dum-E spraying him with the fire extinguisher, “Oh hey, Pep, light of my life!”

Pepper stood frozen for a moment looking around Tony and the small signs of a past explosion, “I swear, I should wrap you on bubble wrap and lock you away, you’re a menace.”

Tony gave Pepper a cheeky grin, “You wound me madam,” he said as he placed a hand atop the arc reactor, “and here was I thinking it was simply because you’re greedy, and wanted me all to yourself.”

Pepper’s look was one of disapproval, “Oh I do want you, but it doesn’t take away the fact that you’re a menace, perhaps even a hazard to society,” Tony’s indignant squawk made Pepper laugh, “but I still love you anyway.”

“Because I am awesome,” Tony winked at Pepper, “and I love you too.”

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Tony: If I took you to a jetty, how far do you think you'd be able to throw me into the sea with your super strength?
Peter: Hmm...pretty far
Tony: Hmm...
Pepper: No. Stop thinking about it.
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How do you juggle planning a wedding, keeping your brother’s ridiculous ego at bay, running a business and saving the world? Easy- just ask Katie Stark!


Bad language, Smut! (NSFW, Under 18s) Bad Language words.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x OFC Katie Stark

Stark Spangled Banner Masterlist 

Tag list open, as are requests…ping me and Ask! Re-blogs are always welcome.

Very Steve and Katie centred chapter (well it is their honeymoon!) Smut right from the off (sorry not sorry)


1st September 2015

Katie was warm, comfortable, satiated when she woke. And she should be. The relationship between her and Steve had been passionate ever since they had started sleeping together but last night had been something else. They’d gone several rounds, 5 to be exact at various times through the night, Steve well and truly putting his super serum and stamina to the test. Whenever one of them had so much as moved in bed or gotten up for the bathroom it seemed to be an invitation to the other to kiss their spouse awake. As such, she wasn’t entirely sure how much sleep she had actually gotten. With monumental effort she cracked one eye open to find their hotel bedroom light, but quiet…and then she remembered the wonderful day before. Smiling she stretched and turned over onto her stomach, dull ache between her legs made her smirk slightly as her arms slid under the pillows. The heavy, yet ever so gentle arm that had been over her waist now softly readjusted itself to laying across the small of her back, the arm that belonged to her husband.

She ginned again, unable to stop herself.

“You’re mighty pleased about something…” a raspy voice murmured and she turned her head to the left to see Steve watching her through one bleary, yet crystal blue eye. As he watched, the grin spread further across her face, perfectly framed by her mass of wavy dark hair.

“Yeah, I can’t think what…” she said, as she felt his arm move and fingertips began to tickle along the curve of her spine, up to the nape of her neck and back up again. She closed her eyes again and felt him shift slightly, and then his lips gently pressed to the back of her shoulders, his light morning stubble gently scratching her skin as he nuzzled into her.

“Good morning wife…” he couldn’t stop himself from grinning against her skin as he spoke, knowing full well he would never tire of calling her that. He left another kiss in between her shoulder blades before he pushed himself up on his arms and dropped his mouth to the other shoulder, feeling her gently melt underneath him with a sigh.

“Morning husband…” she smiled as he shifted so his torso was propped over her.  His kisses trailed down her spine until he was at the dip in her back, gently lavishing affection there, his hands softly gripping at her hips which he could tell she was fighting to keep still. He continued his affections, lips and hands exploring every part of the soft skin on her back until he was fully led over her, thighs bracketing hers, his mouth gently sucking at that spot behind her ear that drove her wild. And right on cue she let out a low groan and he felt his groin twitch at the noise. Katie could feel his hardness against her back and as his teeth gently grazed her ear she felt her spine arch slightly. His hand gently slid down, parting her legs to finding her hot and wet for him already, Steve let out a grin and moved slightly so he could part her thighs with his knee. Repositioning himself, he led flat, his arms sliding up hers so he could lace his fingers with his, palms resting on the backs of her hands and he gently pushed into her, the pair of them giving a groan at the feeling and tightness of this angle. He gently moved, his chest sliding up over her back, and she moved ever so slightly with him, her head tilted back slightly as he continued to nip at her neck. He continued his slow, deep movements, listening to the quickening of her breath and as heavenly as this felt, he wanted to see her, see her face, see those eyes he had been mesmerised by since the first time he had seen them.

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So we know Peter had glasses before the spider bite, but no one mentioned how old he was in MCU. Got any fun ideas for that one? Good old teasing from Tony? Pepper gushing about how handsome he is and Tony getting jealous?

He didn’t notice at first. It started with Peter struggling to keep up in class despite Tony knowing how smart he is. When he came home crying because he didn’t understand what the teacher went over that day and Tony had to stay up late going over his homework with him, he thought the teacher was just bad at her job. 

But then one day when Pepper is at the shop and Tony is sweeping around the counter during a lull in customers, she walks over to him and grabs his arm gently. 

“Does Peter have a hard time seeing?” she whispers, glancing over at the seven-year-old. 

“What?” Tony asks. “No, why?” 

“He’s squinting up at the menu,” Pepper explains. 

Tony turns to see what she means, and sure enough… Peter is sitting at a booth on the opposite side of the cafe, working on his homework like Tony asked, but he seems to be distracted at the moment. He’s staring up at the menu board behind the counter and squinting, just like Pepper described.

“Hey buddy,” Tony calls over to him. “Are you having trouble reading what that says?” 

Peter’s head whips around and he looks like a deer caught in headlights. “Umm… no, I… no…” 

“You’re not in trouble,” Tony clarifies. “You just seemed to have a hard time.” 

Peter looks back up at the menu shyly, and then looks back to Tony. “Um… I can’t see what it says. Am I supposed to?” 

Tony turns to Pepper, shocked. How was she able to figure out his son was having trouble seeing before he could? Once again, the voice in his head telling him that he’s a bad father nagged at him. 

“It’s okay, buddy,” Tony responds to Peter. “I’ll just book an eye appointment for you.” 

He walks with Pepper back to her table. 

“Oh my god,” he mutters. “I can’t believe I couldn’t tell. He probably needs glasses, everything makes sense now. He’s been struggling in school, and I didn’t even—”

“Hey, it’s okay,” Pepper reassures him. “It’s hard to tell if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Do you need glasses?” 

Tony shakes his head. 

“See?” she says gently. “I wear contacts, I remember learning I needed to wear glasses in middle school. I squinted for so long before figuring it out, just like him.” 

“Well,” Tony shrugs. “Thanks a bunch. I’m pretty sure I never would’ve figured that one out. I guess I have to book an appointment now.” 

Pepper smiles. “Don’t worry, it’ll be easy.” 

A week later, Peter comes bounding up to Pepper as she enters the cafe. 

“Miss Potts!” he screeches. “You’re here! I’ve been waiting for you!” 

Pepper smiles wide. “Peter, oh my goodness! Look at you!” 

Peter beams up at her wearing a brand new pair of thick-rimmed glasses. 

“Do you like them? I just got them, they help me see!” 

“You look so handsome!” Pepper gushes, bending down to be at his level. 

“I can see the board in class now,” Peter brags. “And the words on the menu. I can see everything now, it’s awesome.” 

Tony walks up to them and gives Peter a little noogie. “Doesn’t he look sharp? There’s something distinguishing about a man in glasses, I think he really pulls off the look.” 

“Oh, he absolutely does,” Pepper agrees. “I think he’s the best-looking guy in New York.” 

“Hey,” Tony says in an offended tone. “Let’s not go that far.”

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Howard Stark

Tony Howard Stark was, as usual working in his lab while his son was at school. Pete would be home soon and the two would work on a new project together with Morgan. She was so excited to have the chance to be in the lab with the other two.

However, Tony’s plans changed when an older man with white hair and a suit walked into the lab. He had the eyes and face that Tony hated so… so much. Tony dropped the screwdriver that was in his hand.

“Who the hell are you?” Tony asked as he looked at the man. He seemed almost offended and scoffed at Tony. “Who the hell am I, who are you?” Tony rolled his eyes and let go sigh.

“I’m Tony Stark… and you sir, have been thought long dead.” The man seemed to jump at the notion and looked Tony over. “So, what have you done now, Anthony… what kind of trick is this. My degenerate of a son, working in my lab.”

“What year is it.” Howard asked out of the blue. Tony smacked his hand over his head and muttered a few curses. “2019.” Howard nodded and let out a small hum.

“So, where’s Stane?” Tony looked away from Howard and thought for a second.

“Sore subject.” Tony responded, he looked over to where the armor would be if they were out of their protect cases. Howard nodded and then looked around the lab.

“Who’s running the company, it can’t be you.” Tony let out a laugh and nodded.

“Yea, no it isn’t me. However, the company is in better hands than mine. Plus, I’ve got bigger fish to fry.” Tony once again looked around the lab and gestured to it.

“I’m guessing you never amounted to much, the new CEO probably does this out of the kindness. I imagine you still go through women to the same degree as alcohol.” Tony rolled his eyes and let go another long huff of breath.

“Haha… Yea, sure old man. I need to get you home, before the… Never mind.” Tony caught himself but it wasn’t enough because the doors of the elevator dinged right as he said, ‘never mind.’

Pete walked in and looked around, not really caring about Howard he just walked towards the other end of the room and began to work on part of his web shooters. Howard studied the kid and then looked to Tony who couldn’t care less.

“What’s with the kid?” Tony looked from Howard to Pete and a small smile came across his face. However, Tony didn’t answer the question, he didn’t need to as far as he was concerned.

“Hey, Mr. Stark whose he?” Pete pointed to Howard with a screwdriver and Howard gave the kid a rather displeased frown.

“Howard Stark. You know, CEO of Stark industries.” Pete looked to Tony, Tony nodded, and Pete dropped the screwdriver that was in his hand. “How? How is he here.” Tony shrugged and Pete walked over to the group.

“So, who’s the kid. Can’t be yours… wait don’t tell me you.” Tony rolled his eyes and shook his head. “No, I didn’t abandon him or **** some random woman and find out years later that I was a father. He’s my, adopted son, and future Heir to this company.”

Howard raised and eyebrow at Tony and looked Pete over. Pete shifted a bit but didn’t say anything. Then once again the elevator doors opened and the three looked in the direction of its ding.

“Daddy!” Yelled a one little girl who ran over and hung on to her father’s leg. “Hey Morgan!” Tony grabbed Morgan and pulled her up into his arms. Howard looked over Morgan and then to Tony, once again he was going to ask the questions. However, the sound of shoes clicking stopped him.

Pepper walked over and looked at Pete and Tony. Then she looked at Howard and her eyes lit up with fire. “How the hell is he back here?” Tony shrugged and Pepper thought for a second.

“So… who’s this? Trophy wife or?” Now Tony really, really wanted to slap Howard, but he didn’t because Pepper burst out laughing.

“Nope, I’m not that. Pepper Stark, CEO of Stark industries… and it is not a pleasure to meet you again Howard.” Howard looked at Pepper and then to Tony.

“Wait, Pepper as in your assistant? Wait CEO, what the fuck, you gave my fucking company to…” He gestured to Pepper which did in fact land slap to the face. “What the FUCK!” He yelled.

“Can it.” Pepper said, “You do not tell me to shut up bitch!” That was it, Tony broke and so did Peter. Both of them tapped the housing units of their suits and both nodded to one another.  Pete and Tony grabbed Howard by both arms and carried him out of the room. He was locked in one of the cells for a prisoner in the Avengers lab.

Tony, Pete and Morgan all spent the night working on a way to time travel… and with the help of Scott Lang, they managed to figure it out.

Authors Notes.

Welp, No one ever seems to write this with Pepper in it and so I did. This was just a little fun thing, and I hope you all enjoyed! Sorry for not posting today or yesterday, had car trouble, and felt down yesterday. And today I was out shopping.

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