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This Strange New World Above (1/?)

AKA a b99 au of the Little Mermaid! I’ve been so excited about this concept because I love writing fantasy stuff like this! This story is going to take elements of the original fairy tale, the Disney version and I’m adding some of my own stuff in too - hope you like this first chapter. Also, if you were wondering, the title is from a song in the Broadway musical. 

The ocean is blue. Sure, that might seem like an obvious statement, but this ocean is a deep sapphire set against golden sand. Jake feels the waves crashing around his legs. He swears somewhere, he sees a flash of a tail and hears a siren’s song.

Then the scene slowly fades and he’s in a hospital room.

It all comes flooding back, slowly and then all at once. The cold dark and damp alley. The gunshots. The hands on him as he was rushed to the ambulance. He wants to get up, to move, to do anything, but he’s stuck, trapped under thin bedsheets and under harsh lights.

 Even when he finally can move, he still feels stuck as the Doctor tells him every gory detail of the damage done to his leg. All he can think is “this isn’t fair”. It’s not fair when he has to see all his friends go on with work while he’s forced to retire from the force. It’s not fair that they all get to roll on with their lives whilst he comes to a stop, stricken with grief over all that he’s lost. He sits in his apartment all day, not moving, not thinking. Until he decides that this awful new normal isn’t enough.

When he tells the rest of the squad that he’s moving away, they look devastated but they understand. Even Charles tells him that it’s the right decision whilst openly sobbing. So he moves to a beach house, in a tiny town called Westport Landing. His life is a lot quieter than his days as a cop, but it’s peaceful. He sails, he walks across the beach, he goes to nearby amusement parks, he levels up on his guitar skills. Pre-injury Jake would’ve been bored stiff, but after everything he’s lost, he’s happy to have a calm and peaceful life. Sometimes he still thinks he sees flashes of tails in vibrant colours, but then he brushes it off. He’s pretty lonely, but overall he’s happy. 

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bonus chapter to i’ve been waiting for you, told from amy’s perspective. 

read on ao3 here

Amy broke her right arm when she was six years old.

She still remembers the day in crystal-clear hypermnesia, recalling every bit of it from the way the sun had basked through her window when she woke up, to the way Luis had insisted she’d come with him and Julian to climb trees in the woods right by their house. She’d been reluctant, not at all itching to let go of her new child encyclopedia, but he’d teased her with a what, are you scared we’ll be better than you? and his implication had been all it took for her to both race him out of the house and win. Always eager to prove her toughness, she had let her older brothers guide her higher and higher in the tree while their parents busied themselves in the garden trying to solve a fight between the younger twins. Eventually, she had climbed higher than both of her older brothers, leaning her weight against a seemingly stable branch. Then she remembers falling.

It had taken twenty-seven minutes between the fall and the arrival of the ambulance. Amy knows because she counted them. She had gritted her teeth while she lay in the grass, never screaming until the ambulance personnel reached her and a man with cold fingers reached out to feel the place where her arm had grown swollen, and she had counted the seconds and minutes of ruthless, vehement pain to keep herself sane.

She used to believe the pain she’d felt in those twenty-seven minutes had been the worst pain she’d ever have to endure. No physical pain could ever be worse.

Three hours after getting the contraction-stimulating drip, Amy knows better. This pain right here, the one coursing through her body every two to three minutes making every muscle in her body want to tense, the one making her unable to do anything but breathe and groan and mumble muffled curses until it eases up, is the worst pain she’s ever felt. The broken arm from years ago is a gentle tickle in comparison.

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okay but someone mentioned that b99 is just a PJO au and oh my god i can see it

Percy: Jake

Annabeth: Amy

Chiron: Captain Holt

Grover: Charles

Frank: Terry

Hazel: Sharon (but make her a more mainstream character)

Juniper: Genevieve

Reyna: Rosa

EDIT: thank you to @momgothic for suggesting the Stoll brothers as Hitchcock and Scully i absolutely love it thank you

feel free to add on! i’d love to add the rest of the seven, but i can’t put my finger on who they should be

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This is rlly stupid considering its midnight but I can't sleep and I have a question. Well a few. Favorite ship? When you started shipping them? Main reason you ship them? Mine is Tyrus with obvious answers

mmm tyrus, right before s3 started, and they’re the first canon gay ship on a kids show

and also peraltiago, right when i started watching the show (i didn’t start watching w s1, the first episode i saw was the s5 halloween heist), and idk they’re a good example of a healthy het relationship

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Soft Angst Starters: Peraltiago + ‘you’ve never hurt me. ever.’

Considering the disaster of an evening they’d just had, Jake and Amy were surprisingly relaxed when they came home from the hospital. As they discussed baby names and ate their Thai food, thoughts of bombs and fights and debates were pushed out of their minds. Almost.

There was still something bothering Jake, bubbling in the pit of his stomach and refusing to calm down or go away. It’d started as a tiny spark, a little bubble popping in the back of his mind. He thought it would go away with time, but it only grew the more he tried to tamper it down. By the time they’d finished their food, it was all he could think about. A piece of advice flashed through his mind that Terry had given him back when they’d been engaged, during the morning of manic planning that had turned out to be for nothing.

“Marriage is all about communication”, he’d told him. “If you feel anything, you need to say, even if you think it could lead to a fight. If you don’t say anything, whatever it is won’t go away – it’ll just fester and turn into a way bigger problem”

 With Terry’s words playing in his mind, he decides to just be honest and say exactly what he’s thinking.

“What did you mean when you talked about starting over?”

 Amy turns to look at him with wide eyes, clearly searching for a response, but he continues speaking before she can answer.

“You’ve never hurt me. Ever. But when you said that…”  

“Jake”, she tries to say softly, but he continues, his worry melting away into anger with every word.

“and don’t try and tell me that it wasn’t that big of a deal. Because saying that you’ll leave me if I don’t want kids is pretty fucking huge…”

“That’s not what I meant”, she responds defensively.

“Well, what did you mean?”, he asks, in a more confrontational tone than he’d intended.

“It was hypothetical! I didn’t mean that I would leave you if you didn’t want kids – what I meant was that in a hypothetical situation, that would be the absolute worst-case scenario, if it did become a bigger issue, that I wouldn’t want to start over at 38. I’m so, so sorry that it didn’t come out the way I meant, or if you felt like I was pressuring you… I was just being honest about where a difference like that could lead…” she says, growing angry and then forlorn as she speaks.

 The knots in his stomach start to undo at that.

 “I’m sorry Ames, it’s just that the way you worded it hit me so hard and after we made up I just didn’t want to bring it up, especially after we’d made such a big decision… I guess what we’ve learned from tonight is that we really need to get better at communicating”, he says.

“Yeah – I guess this conversation was a good start?”, she says with a hopeful tone, taking his hands in hers.

“Definitely”, he says.

“But there is one more thing that I wanted to bring up too…”, she says tentatively. He grows nervous again.

 “You definitely did mean what you said, right? If you were just saying that you wanted kids because you thought I’d leave you otherwise, I need you to be honest about it.”

“No, I 100% meant it”, he responds. “Really, I was just scared – not scared that I’d lose you, but just scared of being a bad parent and the insane responsibility and I freaked… so I decided it’d be best to just push it all down and get rid of the fear by not having kids and I hoped that you were on the same page, but obviously that didn’t work and when I found out you did want kids, my fear got so much worse, because suddenly this huge thing that I’d already wanted but had been so scared of suddenly became this real tangible thing…. but being scared shouldn’t stop me from moving forward in life, especially when it’s something that I really really want deep down and something that I know I could handle, especially with you by my side…”

Her expression softens as he finishes speaking and they kiss tenderly, all of the anger of the night melting away as their lips meet.

“I love you so much”, he whispers into her hair as they hug.

“I love you too”, she says. “Do you wanna put the movie back on?”

“Ames, it’s Die Hard, do you even need to ask?”, he says, jokingly incredulous.

As she giggles and they share a warm look, Jake starts to feel all of the worries of the day melt away. For realz this time.

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Person A: All right, you mooks, our union health plan has 100% reimbursement for out-of-state ambulance rides. Person B will fake a medical emergency.
Person B: Don't need to fake it. Always having at least one.
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