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#percy jackson

god it just that. percy was 14 when annabeth got kidnappd, and i would never forget how percy stood in cabin 3 while talking to his mom that had a date with paul at the moment and asking her what should he do, because no one seems to care about annabeth. all they care about is artmeis. and i’ll forget how sally jackson didn’t even question it when she told him that he should go, that he should go and search for her. that she knows that if the things would’ve been difference, annabeth would’ve done it for him. and i can’t stop thinking about how 2 years later he just got missing, and i can’t stop thinking about how annabeth cried herself to sleep every night because percy, her percy, crossed all of the usa to bring her home and i think a lot about how she hated herself because she couldn’t bring him home like he brought her home 2 years ago. and i think about him kissing her again in camp jupiter, and tells her that she’s the only person he remembered, and i think about how - a year earlier - he didn’t remember who he was, he fell down to the river and annabeth held his hand and i think about how percy could’ve seen any other person while he went inside the river styx, but he saw her and he remembered her, and i think a lot about what if annabeth is his achilles curse, but not his loyalty. and maybe it is his loyalty, but his loyalty to her and only her.

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Im currently doing a lot of Ancient Greek and Roman history research for my studies, n it got me the urge to want to reread the pjo series again. Big mistake lol. I got myself so consumed into this series, it just reminded me how much i loved this series. So now im just drawing out my pent up feelings, so heres a quick doodle of this very very precious child~

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