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#peter and shuri

Shuri : what is the one thing that nobody knows about you?

Peter : I get jealous when my phone dies

Tony : aaaannnnddddd we’re going back to therapy.


Peter, on roller skates, entering the therapist’s office with a llama : it’s Britney bitch

Therapist : *already taking 2 shots of Capri sun mixed with ibuprofen*

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Shuri and T'challa watching the News during Infinity War

T'challa: Shuri Look. There’s the Spider-Man I told you about holding onto the space ship

Shuri: …Hold on give me a second

Shuri, hacking into Peters Suit: DO A FLIP!

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Peter : Drinking water with a minty mouth is like the cold version of spicy.

Steve, trying not to get killed : We’re fighting f*cking aliens, I think now is not the right time!!

Shuri : …but is he wrong??

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What are some of the characters that you like seeing as Ash’s dad aside from Kabu and Giovanni?

Colress. Kukui. Sycamore. Steven stone. Agent Looker (Handsome). Lysandre. Archie. And those are the few so far

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Peter, panicking : NED!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW TO PUT OUT A FIRE!?!!??



Shuri, from the background : WHERE THE F*CK IS THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER!?!?



Shuri : *full fledged sobbing*


Tony, finding them later in his lab (which DUM-E saved from burning), because FRIDAY showed him the footage of what happened : I have all of the questions…

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okay yall so ive been doing a lot of research cause my post is pRACtiCally viral…

shuris favourite tiktok trend would def be either that manchester/british girl one or the variations of simp nation where guys confident in their sexuality clown those making the og posts.

peter would first find the ww3 ones really funny and then start genuinely getting freaked out even though he is a fUCKING AVENGER.

citations: vibe check

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mcu kids™ headcannon

(btw mcu kids to me means our precious peter, southern boi harley, queen mj, guy in the chair ned, meme lord shuri, and sometimes lila, cooper, cassie, morgan, and harley’s lil sis)

  • they all share a playlist with their favorite songs
  • they usually play it while hanging out together
  • but though none of them admit it, they use it when they’re missing each other
  • (especially since only pete, mj, and ned live in NY)
  • this playlist definitely has Africa by Toto in it, along with Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley
  • it has pretty much every genre of music in existence in it
  • this includes country, because harley’s a lil sh*t
  • also added by harley is the song Idle Town by Conan Gray cause it reminds him of Rose Hill
  • mj added a bunch of 80’s songs (Material Girl, Don’t You Forget About Me, etc) cause i absolutely love the hc of her having a retro aesthetic
  • pete added a bunch of songs from musicals cause he’s a theatre kid at heart
  • they also have 2000’s songs because face it they SLAP
  • one time they were all in the lab, and tony walked into all of them screaming along to Poker Face (he just slowly backed out of the room with a scared/concerned expression)
  • Hug All Ur Friends by Cavetown was added by Cassie cause she’s a sweetheart
  • someone added Black Widow by Fame on Fire and nat found out and just smiled fondly uwu
  • the playlist is named “the loser’s club” - y’all can NOT convince me that they aren’t diehard IT fans
  • feel free to add on!!!!! <3
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despite their access to cutting-edge technology and understanding of the importance of careful record keeping, the entire science family (tony, bruce, peter, and shuri) are definitely serial post-it users

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Warnings: Like two swear words.

It was suicidal, they knew it too. But, here they were, water balloons in hand and ready to go. Peter and Shuri crouched on the roof of the compound, ready to test out their new high powered balloon launchers. They’d spent a week in  Wakanda working out all the kinks and making sure their plan was fool proof. The first few tests used the T’Challa as the victim. From that experience they’d learned that a method of escape was a really good thing to have in advance. Which is exactly why they were on the roof while Steve and Tony were on the track below.

“You’re fully aware that we’re going to die right?” Peter asked nervously, with a big grin on his face.

“Ooooh yeah. We’re dead, which is why we have to make this worth it.” Shuri was grinning too as she loaded her wrist cannon. 

“Why are you both dead?” A deep voice came from behind them, making the teenagers jump out of their skins. They turned to see Bucky and Sam approaching them. 

“Uhhh… we were just…” Peter fumbled for an excuse.

Shuri rolled her eyes “Launching an attack on Cap and Tony.” They really had no reason to lie.

“What kind of attack?” Sam asked. Shuri and Peter looked at each other before holding up water balloons and their cannons, grinning once again. Bucky and Sam shared a look “We want in.” 

“This is gonna be great!” Peter was giddy and ready to go as he handed his spare cannon to Sam, Shuri gave her spare to Bucky. After a brief explanation on how the balloon cannons functioned they were ready to go. Shuri and Bucky took aim at Steve while Peter and Sam took Tony.

“Ready” Shuri commanded. They powered up the cannons, “Aim” they put their targets in their crosshairs “Fire!” They let a flurry of aquatic ammunition rain down upon the two unsuspecting men. 

Down below Tony and Steve had been talking about their recent capture of the group behind a string of bank robberies. “You know, I’ll never get tired of you bouncing that shield off of peoples’ heads like they’re in a pinball machine.”

Steve chuckled “And I’ll never get tired of watching you-” he was cut off by the aerial assault. Both him and Tony put up their arms in an attempt to block some of the attack. After about fifty balloons there was a ceasefire, both men were absolutely soaked and could hear the loud laughter from above. The two glared however couldn’t fight the grins on their faces. 

Up on the roof Shuri and Peter were laughing their asses off. “Better run kids.” Bucky told them. He was peering over the edge where Steve had already disappeared into the building and Tony’s suit was slowly forming. Peter and Shuri peeked over and quit laughing immediately. Tony was smirking up at them so they ran for the stairs.  Bucky and Sam watched, smiling as the kids tried to escape. Peter threw open the door to the stairwell only to find Steve smirking on the other side. 

“Shit!” Shuri shouted, giggling nervously. The partners in crime began to back away. They only managed to take three steps before the sound of thrusters cut them off. They slowly turned around in time to see Tony stepping out of his iron suit, still soaking wet.

Tony cleared his throat “Now, which one of you wants to explain what just happened?” Steve had a hand on each of their shoulders. The teens looked to Sam and Bucky for help but the pair could be seen waving as they flew away via Sam’s wings. 

“Traitors!” Peter called after them.

“Don’t worry Pete, they’ll be next. But, for now” the billionaire cracked his knuckles and moved forward with an evil grin. “Explain” 


Taglist: @lo-ki-ticklish @lokidokimagines @sociallyawkwardbeanwhowrites

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