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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#peter nureyev

Kevin Vibert’s obsession with giving loveable characters knives is getting out of hand. There are other awesome weapons, sir?!?????!! Bows??? Poisoned blow darts??? Quarterstaff???

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Look at my pining, angsty and emo playlist for Jupeter and the Aurinko gang that was inspired from the fact I am unsubtle and want to have pining salsa music playing in the background when two exes are dancing.

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two slow dancers, last ones out

image description:

1. a digital drawing of juno and peter slow dancing. juno is wearing a purple ball gown and peter is wearing a purple suit. juno has dark brown skin and messy, dark hair that is shaved on the sides. peter has pale skin, glasses, and straight dark hair with grey srands that is tied back in a low bun except for one strand that is hanging down his forehead.

2. a closeup of the drawing, showing details like the piercings in their ears, their makeup, and their eye bags.

ID end.

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I’m at a point in the story where Juno only calls him ‘Nureyev’ but whenever he shows up anymore I just gasp “PETER!” and die a little bit because I love that smarmy little shit so much

the b i r t h d a y short i d i e d

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hey gamers I’ve been postin’ a lot and that’s because for me to get into the school I want I have to turn in a filled sketchbook of drawings!

…in two months.

SO! Wips run amok and so here’s a leedle nureyev to brighten your lovely days! this was the original doodle before I erased it and did the complete drawing!


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