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#peter parker x oc

Originally posted by tommybabyholland

Summary: Post- high school your mom and dad finally split, causing you both moved in with your Uncle Clint, your mom’s brother. Having access to the medical team at the avengers compound ended up changing your life, in more ways than one.

Warnings- past parental abuse (dad), swearing?








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Hugs ~ Bradley Baker💕

Part-6 of the Eight Days Of Valentine series

Warnings: short fluff, cheesy, somewhat weird.

This is my first head canon so be nice people.

  • Did you know that Bradley Baker was a big, big spoon? No you didn’t, but you got to know it whe he asked you to be his girlfriend.
  • He appeared so strong and closed up from the outside and to the others but for you he was just a vulnerable, sweet little boy who wanted hugs.
  • He would hug you closer every night and longer every day.
  • When his father asked him to come over to spend time with him, he couldn’t help but ask you to come along because he couldn’t stay away from you and your hugs.
  • Out of the two beds, he would sleep on the one Caleb was sleeping. Tossing and turning in bed.
  • Finally getting up from the bed and walking over to yours, wrapping his arms around you he felt warm inside out.
  • In the car too, when you were stuck in the wilderness, he would wrap the blanket around the both of you making sure that you were covered properly.
  • In the cabin when Bradley was cold, you would snuggle with him rubbing his hands providing as much body heat as much body heat as you could.
  • Hugs would be your thing. If he feels down, hugs; if you feel down, hugs. Whenever and wherever you felt like.
  • You both woke up with tangled limbs every morning.
  • Especially after all the incidents that happened back with his father at the cabin, he was straightforward clingy.
  • Some nights when he’d have nightmares about the incident from his past, and would wake up, you wrapped your arms around him.
  • He would hug you back no matter what happened between the two of you.
  • A simple action would mean so much to you. Even after fights you made up with the help of hugs.
  • Boy, he would never forget your sight in his clothes. It would have your scent when he wore them after and it would make his heart go in a frenzy.
  • When you woke up one night, not seeing him in bed you walked out of his room.
  • Seeing him sitting on the couch, you called out for him. Tears in the corner of his eyes made you run upto him and wrap your arms around him.
  • “What happened?”
  • “I had a nightmare, didn’t want to wake you up.”
  • “Oh, Brad. Don’t do that to yourself.”
  • You rubbed your hands up and down his back, relaxing him a bit.
  • “You’re so perfect, I love you”
  • “I love you too.”
  • From then, hugs and ‘I love you’s would become a habit and you’d never get fed up with this.


@harrysbbby @overly-obsessed @luckyfiction17 @avengersgroupchat @ollieologys @afictionaladventure16 @hollandraul @clqudsparker @spider-manholland @screamholland @angelhaz11 @farfromhaz @drunklili @spideyyeet @fairytaleparker @venusparker @dazzling-rubabe @hazmyheart @angelic-holland @audreylovespidey706 @lauras-collection @spidey-swift @cherryredparker @ploont @cucumberfingers @greatpizzascissorstaco @the-crazy-fanfictionist @tom-holland-is-spiderman

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With Great Promises, Comes Great Responsibilities ~ Peter Parker🌟💕

Part-5 of the Eight Days Of Valentine series

Warnings: swearing, angst, fluffy fluff.

I’m sleep deprived 😴 Peter is literally me in this one-shot.


With great promises, comes great responsibilities. Peter promised a lot of things to a lot many people, but how many of them did he actually kept, even he didn’t know. Peter’s head was throbbing and his eyelids were about to drop any minute, but a shrill sound of the school bell made him wince and groan mentally.

This was the first time in history that Peter didn’t want to go patrolling. He promised May to come home at time and after recieving the two hour lecture from Principle Morita on what to do with life, he was done with life. His head was killing him and he could feel the blood running through the veins in his head, quite literally.

The first period was a blur, a very long blur filled with mathematical equations and dumb comments made by Flash. Peter had no intention of raising his hand or for the teacher to notice him in the class thought he knew all the answers to the questions.

The second period consisted of Ned talking about Star Wars which diverted his mind a little from the severe headache he was experiencing since the morning.

In the third period, he sat with you, “Hey, Pete. Good morning!” You greeted cheerfully, blinking at him through your partially batted eyelashes. Often, he thought how you were able to be that smiley and happy and a mere smile from you would lighten his day, but now he couldn’t help the roll of his eyes when you did so.

“What’s so good about this morning?” He asked a little too harshly for even him to like. Your optimistic self was taken aback at his behaviour. Normally, it was more or less the same routine, Peter would sit next to you and first you’d start talking and slowly he would come around and start talking himself. That was the reason you guys are best friends, you were the talkative one. But today, Peter seemed rather sleep deprived. His eyes were red due to the lack of sleep, his shoulders slouched and there were bags under his eyes, he appeared more than sleep deprived.

You didn’t want to push him, judging by his grumpy mood, so you started talking about something that happened in Geography in the first period, he didn’t listen. He didn’t care at this moment, all he can focus was on the field outside the window which looked very peaceful and comfortable to sleep on.

Finally, the lunch period was there and Peter was walking beside Ned like a zombie. He really appreciated when his usually talkative friend didn’t speak so much and they reached to the cafetaria hardly saying any more than five words.

You were sitting at the regular table with MJ across you. For a moment, Peter considered ditching food and going to the library to have a peaceful sleep, but it was too late for that when he was already sitting beside you, as always. He saw your bright smile, and he tried to resemble yours but it looked too much endeavoured. Finally, he sighed and dropped the idea just placing his head down on the table and feeling the coolness of the metal table numb the wild pain in his head.

He found himself jealous of your demeanour. How and why were you this bright ray of sunshine all the time. Didn’t you have any problems in life?! He could hear chattering in the background and with his heightened senses, he could hear loud and clear what you were talking about.

“What is up with him? Why such a mood?” You asked with a tint of worry in your voice. This made his lips curve a little and a small smile appeared on his face as he reached for your hand under the table and slipped his into yours, gently intervining your fingers. This was a regular thing, this was your thing.

At least the lunch wasn’t a disaster for Peter as the small circles you rubbed at the back of his hand calmed him down and his headache got a little better.

A little.

All he wanted was to sleep peacefully in his bed. Was that too much to ask for. You were walking beside him to his apartment, talking about how the day was and what you’ve planned for, Peter was too busy to listen to your rambling. He was like a puppy stuck in a room who wanted to go out. Or he could go in and sleep.

You reached the apartment building and soon Peter’s pace increased and pulling you with him, he ditched the lift and walked briskly up the stairs. Taking out the key from his pocket, he opened the door to the apartment and entered inside with you following. He called out for May like he always did after entering apartment. When no response came from around the house, he pulled you with him to his room and threw his back at the chair of his study table.

“What is up with you today?” You asked him finally as he lied down on the bed, not even bothered to change into comfortable clothes.

“Come here, let’s sleep.” He said. You just crossed your arms and stared at him. “What?” He asked confused.

“What is up with you today?” You repeated the question. He just rolled his eyes and reached out for you but you moved slightly backwards.

“Oh, don’t make me come there and make you to come here.” He smirked.

“Let’s see what- eep” You squealed as you were brought down by your wrist and fell on top of Peter who eyed you, gently smiling.

“Told you.” He said and let out a yawn before pulling you closer and placing a lazy kiss to your lips. You shifted on the bed so you were lying, practically, on top of him. So what? You were two best friends who, sometimes, kissed. All the time. Nothing serious, no one has to know about it.

And it was a peaceful time for Peter as he closed his eyes and finally fell asleep in your arms, to you humming one of his favourite song softly and rinning your fingers through his hair which calmed his pain down.

You woke up to see Peter still asleep. It was already six in the evening and if he didn’t get up now, he wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. You shook him gently and whispered sweet nothings into his ears. Finally his eyes opened and he sat up as you rubbed his back. You smiled at him but he didn’t reciprocate.

You didn’t mind that much. You let him get up and go to the bathroom. When he returned back, you tried to hug him but he pushed you away. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Something was definitely up with this boy.

“So, you never told me what happened to you?” You asked, recollecting any information provided by him.

“Maybe, because I didn’t want to.” He sassed back. You were getting frustrated by the moment so you reached out for his arm but he pulled back.

“Peter you’re acting really strange today. Please-” You started but were interrupted by Peter mumbling something, “What was that?”

“I said, shut up.” He said, now getting frustrated himself. You rubbed your forehead trying to keep your cool.

You reached out for his wrist again but he pulled back again giving you a strange look, “(Y/n), stop!” He exclaimed, “You’re being too clingy!”

“Why don’t you tell me what is bothering you then?!” You raised your voice, partially yelling.

“You wanna know what’s happened?” He yelled. You were surprised, to say this was an understatement. You had saw Peter this angry for the first time. “I’m tired! I promised Mr. Stark that I’d prove myself to him. I promised May to reach home early so we can spend a little quality time but she’s not even here, I promised myself that I’d be a better boyfriend but I can’t, okay! And you’re not helping the case!” He finished, huffing loudly, all his words rung in your head like a bullet train, hitting you constantly.

“Peter you-” You started but Peter shook his head.

“I think you should leave. I’m sorry.” He turned away from you. You wanted to reach out for him but you were afraid that he wouldn’t want you to do so.

You picked up your bag silently and moved out of the apartment. As soon as you moved out, Peter collapsed to the ground as tears fell on his face, running a hand repeatedly through his hair to calm himself down.

You walked towards your house, not noticing where you were going until the number of People on the lane started decreasing, the sun was already setting and Queens was not and ideal place to roam at in night.

You increased your pace as you cornered a grocery shop. Suddenly, a hand covered your mouth and you were pulled into an alleyway, “Who the fuck are you?” You asked the huge man that stood in a blue shirt and dark jeans.

“Being feisty, are we?” He spoke, and a shiver ran down you spine hearing his maniacal voice, “A little birdie told me that you’re a friend of Spider-man. Look what your friend did to me.” He said, faking a sad tone then suddenly yelled, “Look!”

You flinched. There was a large cut across his left eye, and he wasn’t Nick Fury which appeared pretty nasty. He moved his attention from you to dig into his pocket for some sort of weapon, obviously, and you took this as an opportunity to knee him straight in the crotch.

He covered the area and yelped. You took a deep breath and ran towards the grocery store, pulling out your phone in the process.

Peter’s senses were going crazy, but it had become common in these days. He decided to apologise to you the next day in school but when your name flashed across the screen of his phone, he was quick to shoot a web at it and pick up your call.

“(Y/n), thank god you-” He started but stilled as soon as he heard heavy breathing and shifting on the other end of the line, “What’s going on?” He asked seriously.

“Peter.” Your voice quivered as you whispered into the phone and Peter winced already getting his suit out of his bag.

“Tell me where are you?”

Peter reached the grocery shop, hanging upside-down from the asbestos placed over the roof, he examined the interior of the store for any signs. The owner of the shop was behind the counter, hands in the air as he gestured Spider-man to save him.

Peter then, went into the store sticking onto the roof as he searched for you. There was only one man as you told him but there’s no harm in being extra cautious, right?

He finally found you in the cutlery section, hiding behind a large shelf full of designer plates. He saw the man, Kevin, as he remembered was a drug dealer, rounding the corner towards you. He shot a web at his face and pulled him so that, he crashed against a large metal cupboard onto his right. You ran to the other side of the passage and Peter landed on his feet.

You were scared out of your mind. Fresh tears build up and fell on your cheeks. You heard a gunshot and a ‘thwip’ sound indicating that Peter was here. You were glad and fearsome at the same time as you prayed to your god.

After a few moments there was an eerie silence before you heard Peter’s voice calling out for you. You got up from your hiding spot and ran towards him seeing him safe and standing beside the man who was now webbed to the ground.

Once you were in his arms, you let all the sobs you were holding go and placed your head in the crook of his neck. His suit might be dampened, or covered with mascara, but he didn’t care. He could always wash it. He brushed his hands through your hair and the other arm was placed securely around your waist as he commanded Karen to call the police.

“Hey, it’s okay now. I’m here, you’re fine.” He cooed, holding you there for sometime before your sobs turned into sniffles and you parted from him. He rubbed your back soothingly and took you out of there and to your home.

Today was an excruciating day for the both of you but one thing that Peter realised was that you are his responsibility, and he’s never giving up on you.


@harrysbbby @overly-obsessed @luckyfiction17 @avengersgroupchat @ollieologys @afictionaladventure16 @hollandraul @clqudsparker @spider-manholland @screamholland @angelhaz11 @farfromhaz @drunklili @spideyyeet @fairytaleparker @venusparker @dazzling-rubabe @hazmyheart @angelic-holland @audreylovespidey706 @lauras-collection @angel-spidey @cherryredparker @ploont @cucumberfingers @greatpizzascissorstaco @the-crazy-fanfictionist

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Protect You Always ~ Peter Parker💕

Part-4 of the Eight Days Of Valentine series

Warnings: It’s cute, a little abrupt at the end.

Also, just fyi I’ve experienced these things so please don’t laugh at me for being a chicken.


When you were a child and lights went out, you covered your face with the blankets and prayed to the almighty for all the things things that lurk in the darkness to go away. You’d pray until you got your voice back and called for your mum.

When you were seven, you had gone for a sleepover at his place. It was your first ever nightover and that too at the Parker’s residence. You remember Peter being so happy for getting a bunk bed that he invited you over.

Over the years, people have laughed on you for being so coward and not facing your fears except one person. That person being Peter Parker.

You remember the smile on his face when he opened the door. You smiled and followed him and he gushed about how cool it was to have a bunk bed in his room.

Half the night you’d spent watching Star Wars and eating the not so sugary cookies that May had baked. But the moment that you didn’t want was when Peter started falling asleep. You didn’t want to be the one to turn off the tv because the boy was passed out on the bed that was below. Calling May was a rather bad choice because it was already midnight and even though she’d told you to give her a voice for anything, she’d just think of you as a kid who can’t have a control over her fears.

You got down from the bed slowly walking to the light switch as it seemed the only option. After closing the partially opened door to the living room, which was by the way engulfed in darkness, you turned on the light swiftly. You turned behind to see Peter squinting his eyes due to the sudden light and shifted in the bed.

You gulped as he stilled again in the bed. Turning off the tv was a simple task but now you had to turn the lights off, and then you would have to walk to the bed and climb to the top and then lay there alone, scared, facing the wall, and then when you’d turn around there would be a creepy ass ghost-

“(Y/n)?” You turned around at the voice. Peter sat up on the bed, rubbing his eyes, “Why did you turn on the lights?” He whined like you disturbed his beauty sleep.

“I was scared.” You mumbled. Perer looked at you confused, not wanting to say anything. He was not a night person. “I was scared.” You repeated, this time a little louder.

“Of what?” He asked, “Wait, don’t tell me. Do I look scary when I sleep?” You giggled at his comment, rather question.

“No, I was scared of the dark.” You admitted sheepishly, expecting him to laugh on your miserable self. But instead he got up from his bed and walked to you.

“Really?” He rubbed his face.

“Yeah. I’ve always been scared of the darkness.” You said, “That’s why I was hesitant to come over for the night.” He nodded along.

“So, what do we do now?” He asked and you just shrugged, running your feet back and forth on the fluffy carpet placed in his room. Suddenly, he grinned as a bulb went off in his head, “I have something for you!” He exclaimed and ran off towards his cupboard.

Opening the door and diving deep inside there, he grabbed something and you just watched his silently as he did his thing. He walked over to you with his hands behind his back and a stupid lovely grin spread across his face.

“What is it?” You asked curiously trying to take a peek but he moved back.

“No, no. Not like that. First you need to close your eyes.” He ordered.

“It better not be anything scary or I’ll make you stay up with me all night.” You muttered before closing your eyes.

“Now, give me your hands.” He asked for you to spread your hands to place the thing he was holding on top of them and you obliged.

A moment later, something fluffy touched the palm of your hand. Peter commanded you to keep your eyes closed as your hand retracted back slightly. He placed the fluffy thing on your hand. You roamed your hands over it and finally opening your eyes you grinned from ear to ear.

Peter had placed a teddy bear on your hand. It was a peach coloured bear with black eyes and a bow attached to its neck. Behind the bow was a small heart shaped name tag and the ink of a permanent maker was smeared across it in a sloppy handwriting, Peter’s handwriting. The words spelled out, ‘Ben’.

“Ben?” You asked as you watched Peter rocking back and forth on his feet.

“Yeah, his name’s Ben. And he protects me whenever I’m scared.” Peter replied to your questioning look and your gaze softened as you admired the sweet boy in front of you. He named the teddy bear after his Uncle, “My mom gave me this before, you know,” He gulped, not wanting to say it and you nodded in understanding, “And she said he’d protect me always like uncle Ben.” He smiled slowly.

“Wow.” You said, “I love him.” Hugging the teddy bear closer to you.

“You can have him.” He said, making you jerk your head towards him with hope in your eyes, “Because I don’t need protection anymore, but he’ll protect you too.”

“Thanks, Peter!” You grinned at him. “And hey, I know that it’s really cool to have a bunk bed in your room but can I sleep with you on the bottom bed?”

“Yeah.” He laughed, “But only if you keep Ben in between.”


You woke up at midnight to feel a void beside you. The sheets were cold and you knew that Peter had gone for a long time. You got up from the bed and switched on the lights. The once bunk bed was now replaced with a regular bed as you and Peter didn’t need that anymore.

May would be asleep now and it wouldn’t be nice to wake her up just because you were worried, rather scared. Not only for yourself but for Peter. Suddenly you heard a thud sound behind you making your heartbeat increase at a rate of hundred miles per second.

Peter rushed to you removing his mask and throwing it onto the study table, hearing the yelp that escaped your mouth and noticing your wide eyes. He wrapped his strong arms around you, “I’m sorry for leaving you alone.” He said, and boy did Peter Parker know how to calm you down.

“Don’t ever do that again.” You pleaded and felt him nod against your head before he placed a soft kiss to your temple.

“I wouldn’t.” He sweared.

“Peter?” You asked while he just hummed, “I can’t remember where I kept Ben, would you cuddle with me?” You asked, making him laugh.

“You don’t have to ask, babe.”


@harrysbbby @overly-obsessed @luckyfiction17 @avengersgroupchat @ollieologys @afictionaladventure16 @hollandraul @clqudsparker @spider-manholland @screamholland @angelhaz11 @farfromhaz @drunklili @spideyyeet @fairytaleparker @venusparker @dazzling-rubabe @hazmyheart @angelic-holland @audreylovespidey706 @lauras-collection @angel-spidey @cherryredparker @ploont @cucumberfingers @greatpizzascissorstaco @the-crazy-fanfictionist

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Characters: Peter Parker x OC
Genre: mini-angst
Word Count: 2298
Warning: abuse, mention of drugs


“Yeah, Aunt May, the new apartment is nice,” Peter says, his phone wedged between his ear and shoulder, a big cardboard box in his hand.

“Yeah, Mr. Stark said he’ll come over later tonight and we’ll have dinner together or something,” Peter responds after listening to the voice over the phone. He drops the cardboard box on the study table and grabs the phone.

“Ok, Aunt May, love you too,” he quickly mumbles before ending the call and plopping himself on the new sofa.

As Peter was about to drift off to sleep, a knock came through his door. Peter let out a small sigh before getting up and opening the door.

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Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Warnings: angst, insecurity, like one curse word, fluff
Summary: Peter Parker has to face a lot of dangers. Gangsters. Robberies. Aggressive drunk dudes coming out of bars at three am. His girlfriend’s insecurity…
A/N:  I’m gonna be honest, this the shittiest piece of garbage I have ever written. But enjoy… I guess

requests are open!!!



You kept staring at yourself in the mirror, feeling like it judged you. Every girl had those particular days where they feel cute and also those when they… don’t. 

Today was a category two.

You had woken up to a few new pimples across your forehead and a particular redness across your cheeks that made your skin look, somehow, irritated. You looked skinny on your profile, but like a fridge in the front. You had apparently shrunk during the night and, on top of everything, your boobs were hurting.

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Better Half Of Me ~ Tom Holland 💕

Part-2 of the Eight Days Of Valentine series

Warnings: fluff and all nice things.


You sipped on the wine feeling the night breeze passing through your hair. The view was blissful but what completed it was your boyfriend, Tom. He sat in front of you with a carefree smile on his face. It was his idea to come here, to take a trip to the city of love. Both of you wanted to celebrate your ten year anniversary somewhere special. Not only your love but your friendship was now ten years old.

Tom entered the room with a world map in his hand. You looked at him staring at the map intently, “What’re you doing?” You asked.

“What all places have we visited?” He asked as he sat down beside you, spreading the map on the table, he looked into your eyes that held the question, ‘why’. He knew you’d ask, “Come on, (y/n). Just tell me.”

“Okay, let me see…” You trailed off, “We’ve visited New York, Canada, Germany, Brazil and London of course.” You listed.

“Where do you think we should go for our 10 year anniversary?” He questioned.

“We’ve never visited India, or Switzerland, or-” You started stacking up names of places before Tom cut you off mid-sentence.

“Paris.” He let out, “We’ve never been to Paris together, I can’t believe it!”

“Are you cold?” Tom asked bringing you back to reality.

“Yeah, a little.” You replied, running your hands up and down your arms.

“Here, you can have my-” He started taking off his jacket but stopped when he felt the outline of the small box in one of the pockets of his jacket, “Oh no, you can’t. Because, um, I’m cold too.” He nodded, approving his answer even though you didn’t buy it.

“So, what now?” You asked. This has been the best day in the twenty two years of life.

“Now we go to the top.” He replied, making you smile as you eyed the Eiffel tower from below.

You walked beside him, hand in hand while talking about a memory that popped into your head, “Do you remember the time we were in college and you were jealous of a middle school boy?” You laughed and he couldn’t but roll his eyes.

“How could I forget that?” He replied, sarcasm coating his voice, “That’s a thing I never wanna forget.” You laughed and this time he laughed with you.

“That’s the first time you told me that you love me.” You said looking into his eyes and he smiled, breathtakingly, leaned down and pressed a soft kiss against your lips.

“Tom, he’s just a kid!” You stated, “It’s not like I’m gonna leave you for him, that’s ridiculous!”

Tom sighed. He knew this conversation would go nowhere and it was ridiculous of him to be jealous of the kid but it was like he was stuck to you and you were so oblivious to it.

You had missed two dates because of that kid and Tom knew that you were very sorry even though it wasn’t your fault. It was that brat who would make faces at him when you weren’t looking.

I know, okay. I know that he’s a kid and all that shit but do you realise what he’s trying to do?!” He asked in a breathy tone, “He’s not worth all the attention you’re giving him!”

“Oh my god, Thomas! You are jealous! Of a small boy?!” You laughed.

“Hey! I’m not jealous, and you take that back!” He demanded.

“What would you do if I don’t?” You smirked while cocking an eyebrow at him, “And don’t you think of telling Jake that I have a crush on him.”

“I wasn’t thinking of that anyway.” He was exactly thinking that. He wondered how you got to know that, “I’m, um, I’m gonna tell your mom that you broke her favourite crockery!” He countered.

You gasped, “Oh, you didn’t just say that!” He sighed, finally plopping down to your bed and rubbing his face with his hands, a thing that he did when he was frustrated.

You knew it was enough and that this would lead to nowhere. You walked to your bed standing in front of him. He wrapped his arms around your waist and placed his head on your tummy, “Why were we fighting, again?” He asked, making you giggle.

“God knows.” You replied. He hummed and snuggled closer to you as you rubbed your hand up and down his back gently. “Seriously Tom, you don’t need to worry about that guy taking me away from you.” You finished, not stopping the giggle that eloped your throat.

“I know. And I’m sorry, really. It’s just that I love you so much and-” He couldn’t finish before you coughed.

“Y-you love me?” You asked as you parted to look into his eyes.

“I do.”

“God I hated that kid.” He breathed out, “What was his name again?” You laughed at his comment.

“I don’t even remember. Jade or something?” You shrugged. Finally as you reached the top of the tower and walked forward, Tom made sure that the box was still secure in his pocket.

You were mesmerised by the view and the city looked even lovelier from up there. How many times you’ve come there as a kid or as a teenager, you couldn’t get enough of this. “I can’t believe that we never came here together.” You said, mesmerised by this view. You heard him hum behind you and turned around, “Honestly, this day couldn’t get any-”

You stopped mid-sentence as a gasp escaped past your lips. There was your beloved boyfriend, over the Eiffel tower, in front of you, bending on one knee. You couldn’t help the tears that formed in your eyes and placed a hand over your mouth.

“(Y/n) (y/l/n).” He started as he took a deep breath, staring into your eyes, “You are my life, and I’m sure that only you’ll be the death of me. I want to spend my whole life with you. So tell me, would you be the better half of me and make me the happiest man in this universe?” He asked, a tint of desperation in his voice.

The tears of joy finally fell onto your face and you nodded. “Yes.” You whispered and soon, Tom was on his feet again wiping the tears from your face, he placed the ring on your ring finger.

He smiled, extending his hand towards you, “Have this dance with me?” He asked and you smiled.

“But the mus-?” You were cut off by a soft music playing in the background. Tom chuckled along with you as you placed your hand in his and danced under the soft moonlight.

And everything was perfect when your ear was against his chest, his heartbeat telling you how much he loved you. That day finally, you found your better half.


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Prompt No. 20 & 76. @allyourdirtythoughts
“Stop you’re hurting me”
“I think I broke her”

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Warnings: angst, lots and lots of sweet sweet angst, cheating, breaking up, curse words and more angst cause why not
Summary: after a very messy breakup, Peter finds himself outside his ex’s window listening her prayers and it absolutely breaks his heart
A/N: I was feeling in the mood for something angsty (I don’t know if that’s actually a word) and I remembered that scene from that movie where Jim Carrie turns into God and hears Jennifer Anniston praying to stop loving him. Same rules, God-related talk and I don’t want any hate about it



Silence. Pure pure silence. And it was making him crazy.

It would have been easier if you just yelled at him, if you called him names, maybe even hit him because there was no way your fists could actually hurt him and he knew he deserved it. But this wasn’t an easy situation. You were sitting in your bed, leaning into your knees with your face buried between your hands and you hadn’t said a word for about an hour. He was standing in front of you, he couldn’t bring himself to sit somewhere, he was feeling like an intruder.

“Can you please say something?” he asked, not trusting his voice. You looked at him with swollen red eyes, full of anger “and what would that be?” he expected your voice to sound upset, but it just sounded raspy, tired “ask for an explanation? What can you answer that won’t make my heart drop to the ground?”

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Peter: Why do I never see any spiders in the tower?

Sofi: Because all children of Athena are terrified of spiders, so dad has a system that keeps them out and for those who do get in are killed upon sight


Peter: *jumped off Sofi’s bed and runs out of the room*

Sofi: *laughing*

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Pairing: college!Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: Harassment, cursing, a little angst, a liiiittle violence, fluff
Summary: Girl meets boy. Girl goes on a date with boy. Girl tells boy to be just friends at the end of the date. Boy spreads rumors about girl. Girl gets harassed in campus. Girl has a conversation with best friend about dating and soulmates. Fluff follows.
A/N: not like a trigger warning but there is a some God-related talk in the following lines and if that makes you uncomfortable don’t bother reading because I don’t want complaints



When Peter graduated high school he made a vow to himself to no more silent crushes. His days of stealing glances and staring in awe from across the hall were over. Of course he hadn’t met you yet.

Right into his first day in his dorm, his roommates had started ranting about a girl, a freshman like himself, that was absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. She came from California, they only knew that much about her, even her name was a mystery.

The next day, at his first class, he saw you enter to his same class room and instantly knew you were her. He didn’t even need you to introduce yourself, you were exactly what everyone had described and he immediately understood why everyone was head over heels for you.

You were shyly looking for a place to seat before the class started and Peter didn’t know what had taken over himself when he pointed to the sit next to him and said “this seat is empty” but you looked at him with the most beautiful smile he had ever seen and he didn’t regretted it.

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Pandora’s Paradox (2)

SUMMARY: Estella Vernan has a past that she feels is best kept hidden, but what happens when Tony Stark uncovers it and tries to pull her back into her old habits? Will she be able to resist the life she used to love? Will a certain boy with soft brown eyes and a secret of his own manage to change her mind? Follow Estella as she tries to navigate the insanity that is threatening to pull her under.

Peter Parker x Original Fem. Character


“So, you tricked me.”

Estella, Tony, and Happy stood in the lobby of the Avengers Tower, a ninety-three story building constructed from foreign metals and strenuous labor. Despite the tower being home to several heros with several different destructive enemies plotting how to bury them six feet under, the majority of the walls were made of glass and one hundred percent see through. Not a curtain or set of blinds were in sight, but everyone mindlessly scurrying around were. Attractive men and women sporting tailored pant suits and intimidating firearms were stationed at every entrance and exit. The rest of the crowd wore normal work clothes, casual blouses or dress pants, and carried briefcases or stacks of documents.

Estella was given no time to memorize the room before she was being dragged toward an elevator. Happy was struggling with her bags as they stepped inside. She offered to grab something from him, but Tony shooed her efforts away and told her that Happy was fine. As soon as Tony turned his back, Happy rolled his eyes. Like the walls, the elevator was also made of glass. Estella gripped the bar behind her and pretended she was walking up a flight of stairs. Tony pressed the button for the top floor and turned a scrutinizing glare in Estella’s direction.

“I did not trick you. I just withheld information to better ensure you would do what I wanted.”

Happy and Estella shared an exasperated glance.

“You tricked me,” Estella deadpanned, gripping the bar tighter when the lurching feeling of gravity pushing her upwards sent her heart leaping into her throat. She didn’t dare look past Tony at the parking lot slowly shrinking out of view. If she looked, she’d see the standard black vans occupying the newly painted parking spots morphing into nothing more than miniscule blobs that would surely crush each of her bones if the elevator were to fall.

Tony paused, mouth agape. Raised a finger. Took a breath. Raised his brows and then lowered them. “…Maybe.”

A minute later, the three of them were standing in a lounge filled with dark leather furniture and a classy bar made of polished wood with enough bottles to hold the Atlantic Sea. Outside was an open balcony that overlooked the city and a helicopter landing pad a few yards past the balcony. Tony immediately stepped around a lengthy couch, snatched a glass from under the bar, and poured himself a small amount of scotch. He downed it in seconds with an audible sigh before filling the glass to the top. Happy disappeared around a corner with Estella’s bags without a word.

“So,” Tony said after a few minutes of silence with the occasional gulp here and there,” Show me what you got.”


“I said, show me what you got. You know. Your powers? Let me see them.”

The room began to spin as if the entire earth had tilted on its axis just to throw Estella for a loop. “I-I. I can’t just show them to you,” she sputtered, “I haven’t used them in ages. I don’t-I don’t even- I don’t even know if I still have them.” She muttered the last part, subconsciously shifting so her long, auburn hair fell in front of her face.

Tony stood perfectly still except for his gyrating wrist which swirled the contents of his glass in a lazy whirlpool of foul smelling liquid. “It’s a part of you. You were able to do it once. You’ll be able to do it again.”

“I’m not so sure about that.” She was afraid to ask, to rip open old wounds and bleed all over the imported rug beneath her feet, but she needed to know. She needed to know if he knew so her nausea would subside. She couldn’t have him walking around believing she was something that she wasn’t. “Do you even know what happened? Where I went?”

The room was still. Neither of them breathed, their lungs burning from the effort to keep everything just as it was. If they spoke, the entire world would shatter and crumble and kill them where they stood.

“I have a friend,” he began, motiong for her to sit down on one of the loveseats while he lowered himself onto the couch he’d narrowly missed running into earlier,” who knows a thing or two about you. About the places you go. I don’t think I’ll ever fully understand what happened to you, but I have an idea.”

And just like that, the world shattered, and crumbled, and killed them where they sat.

“Who is your friend?” It was a simple question, the safest out of all of the questions putting immense pressure on her brain, but Tony tensed.

“He’s just some doctor. But he’s smart.” He evaded giving a direct answer. Estella wanted to press the matter, but she knew when to pick her battles, and this was not one worth fighting.

She cleared her throat. “So you know that I can’t help you.”

“Who said you can’t help? I’m not going to lie. What’s going on out there where a lot of people can’t see is pretty serious, and I can use all of the help I can get.”

“I did. My powers are no good. I can’t use them the way I used to. Even if I wanted to help, there’s no guarantee I’ll do you any good.”

Tony rubbed his eyes and took another swig of his drink. For a split second, Estella was given a glimpse of the real Tony Stark. The Tony Stark who felt responsible for everyone. The man who thought it was his sole responsibility to single handedly save the entire universe if it came down to it.

He wasn’t lying when he said he needed her.

“Look,” he said dolefully, “I have someone who’s willing to spend some time with you. Help you adjust and maybe get you back in the groove of using your powers. If you’re willing to stay-if you’re really willing to stand beside us and go up against something far greater than the both of us combined-this guy will be good for you. He’s never let me down before, and I doubt he’ll let you down either.”

Something tugged harshly at the strings holding her heart and mind together. Was this pity-guilt?-she was feeling? Could she really get back in the elevator and walk away from the poor man nearly begging her in his own way to give him a hand? What kind of monster would she be to walk away from the deadly disaster that was currently brewing in the shadows if there was any chance that she could prevent it?

Taking a deep breath, she stood from the loveseat and carefully maneuvered through the weaving array of furniture to get to the bar.

“What are you doing?” Tony asked when she grabbed the bottle of scotch he’d used to fill his glass and poured her own.

“If I’m going to help,” she smiled softly, raising the glass, “I’m going to need a drink.”

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warning; language, alcohol, sad):

summary; tom breaks up with y/n, and realizes his mistake when it’s too late. 

word count; 2.7k


Originally posted by underoos-tom

y/n had a extra hop in her step today. the news she received at work had been the type of news she was patiently waiting for for longer than she could remember. a promotion and a significant raise were two things she’d been silently hoping for, blowing off her friends when they insisted that she would get it. 

she walked into the elevator and pressed the button with a smile she couldn’t hide, biting her lip to try and keep the excitement at bay. she didn’t want to come off too strong, trying to play it as cool as she could. as soon as she got the news a few hours ago, the first thing though of doing was calling tom and telling him everything she had just heard. she wanted to share her excitement with him, not knowing who else would want to hear it. 

the ding of the elevator brought her eyes up from the ground and she skipped down the hall, her knuckles hitting the door quickly. he opened the door, a much less excited expression than the one she wore. he was biting the inside of his cheek, giving off the allusion that he’d had a bad day, so she skipped into the apartment, setting her keys and phone down while starting to ramble off about her day. she shrugged off her jacket, throwing it onto a nearby chair. 

“so i went in today and my boss was abnormally excited to talk to me-”

“love, i think we should talk first.” he was staring at her with a look of uncertainty, but she pushed it to the side, assuming that her story would make him match her excitement. 

“we are talking! just listen it’ll-”

“y/n i’m serious.” she rolled her eyes with a wide smile, tugging on his hands as she jumped a little in her spot. 

“so am i! i couldn’t wait to get out today, i’ve wanted to call for hours but when i left you didn’t answer so-”

“y/n, i think we need to break up.” break up. the simple phrase made her hands drop his, retracted them back to rest in front of her, immediately picking at the skin around her nails. the two small words made her smile drop immediately, her eyes filling with tears, and her vision blurring slightly. 

she looked at the boy in front of her, watching the past three years play like a film reel in her mind. the two years she expected to predict her entire future. her future with tom. her future with the loving boy who she would’ve given both arms and legs for if it deemed necessary. the boy that was gone for months, but always returned. the boy she grew to love in a short amount of time, and continued to love for three whole years. 

and it was coming to an end, with a simple sentence. 

“why?” her throat was tightening, the weight in her chest growing heavier with every passing second. 

“i think it’s just best if we separate.” it wasn’t an explanation, but it became very clear that she wasn’t going to get one out of him. that weight in her chest was practically shoving her into the floorboard beneath her, while her eyes started to well up, and her head felt dizzy. 

but she pushed the questions and the urge to fight to the back of her head, not being able to find it in her to argue or pester about it. today was supposed to be the best day for her in a long time, and she was starting to realize that today was not going to end as it started. 

“okay.” it was the only thing she could say. the only thing that came to her mind that she could actually decipher, too many thoughts numbing her brain to vacancy. 

“okay?” he was confused, expecting a melodrama to appear in front of him. he was expecting the world to come crashing down in one piece, and it seemed that he wouldn’t be granted with the sight of her breaking down. he noticed the tears in her eyes, but also the lack of their release. 

“yeah.” she nodded slowly, careful to not shake the tears out of her eyes. “there’s no point in arguing with you if you don’t want to be with me anymore.” she was telling herself that this was real. this was really happening, right here, right now. “i uh, actually have to go. i have a paper due tomorrow that i haven’t started and i uh-” she was grabbing her keys and phone as fast as she had dropped them, collecting her thoughts and emotions as she made way towards the door. she grabbed her coat before she forgot, and tried to talk herself through all of this. 

“y/n shouldn’t we talk about it or-”

“what’s the point, tom?” she shook her head, turning over her shoulder to see him left to look as heartbroken as she was meant to. “you want to break up, and i know you have to pack and get ready for your trip this weekend. you have to pack and i have to write a paper so i’ll just-” she reached for the doorknob, only for the door to be pushed open before she reached it, seeing harrison staring at the two of them. 

“hi y/n.” he smiled at the sight of the girl, only to wipe it off of his face quickly when he also saw the built up tears in her eyes. 

“hi.” she pushed a sad smile to her lips, hoping that it’d be convincing enough. it wasn’t. 


“i actually have to go, but it was nice to see you.” she pushed past the confused boy, walking as quickly down the hall, breaking into a jog shortly after. 

it seemed as the elevator couldn’t come fast enough, and as she awaited its arrival, the emotions continued to build up. as soon as it dinged, doors opening soon after, she walked into it and pressed the ground floor, biting her lip in anticipation. 

just as they began to close, a foot made its way between the two doors, making her face harrison once again. 

“love, i-”

“i can’t talk about it.” she shook her head as he walked into the elevator, pressing the close button for her. 

“that’s okay. can i at least take you home?” she kept shaking her head, raking her mind for more excuses to get away from anything that seemed connected to tom. 

“no that’s okay. i can walk, or-”

“y/n it’s freezing outside.” he shot her a pointed look, and she sighed softly, a single tear finally finding its way down her cheek. her hand shot up to wipe it quickly, but more seemed to fall. “fuck.” harrison whispered to himself before bringing the girl into his chest quickly. 

she screwed her eyes shut, biting her lip softly to try to push the emotions further back in her mind. 

“i just don’t understand.” her voice held every ounce of emotion she had been trying to keep under the surface, but harrison saw right through the girl. 

“i don’t either, love.” he held the girl against his chest, their friendship trumping any loyalty he had towards tom in this moment. he had no idea what his friend was doing. he was fully convinced that the pair would never split, being far too infatuated with one another to even think about a fatal moment for the two of them. tom always talked about her when she was gone, and he was certain she did the same about him. 

when she got home, she continued to dismiss harrison’s pleads to let him come up and comfort her. she wanted to sink into the floor, and she wouldn’t be able to do that with harrison there. she had no intentions of speaking or being spoken to, so she went up by herself, throwing her phone in a drawer for the night and sitting down with a bottle of wine. she watched whatever trashy drama she could find on the tv, begging anything to rid her mind of the breakdown just waiting to crash over her. 

she had been three glasses of wine in when the rain started, and four glasses in when there was a knock at the door. she huffed to herself, intending to ignore the knock until it turned into banging. she finished the wine sitting in her glass, and grabbed the bottle between her fingers before walking up to the door. she pushed up onto her toes to look through the peep hole, seeing a boy she wasn’t all too surprised to be seeing. 

she swung the door open, her appearance catching the boy off guard. the girl that was usually all smiles and warm welcomes was wearing a pair of baggy sweatpants and an even bigger sweat shirt, her hair pulled back and her glasses doing a poor job at hiding the redness in her eyes. the bottle of wine in her hand didn’t go unnoticed, but he had hoped that it wasn’t opened tonight, as it had been more than halfway gone/ 

“what the fuck happened?” he was confused when harrison called, not sure how his brother could’ve fucked up so immensely that he’d have to cancel all of his plans for the next day to dedicate it to the girl. although he didn’t mind, obviously wanting the best for his friend more than sitting through meetings of upcoming projects. of course, he was in a position to cancel those meetings without anybody questioning him. 

she needed him, and he was going to be there for her. 

“how am i meant to know, sam?” she rolled her eyes at the question, believing it to be stupid and unanswerable. she spun on her feet, retreating further into the apartment, but leaving the door open for the younger holland. 

“how did he manage to throw away the best thing that’s ever happened to him?” she let out a soft laugh at the comment, finding it endearing that he wasn’t jumping to tom’s defense. 

the two had always been close. closer than some would’ve liked, but the pair knew the platonic level their friendship would always remain, and grew a stronger bond than either of them had imagined. 

“can we just, not talk about tom?” she faced him when she fell back onto the couch, laying her head against her hand as she poured herself a new glass, holding the bottle out towards the boy in offering. 

sam looked at the girl in front of him, realizing how broken she truly looked. he’d never seen her so upset in their years of friendship. he’d seen her cry for hours on end about things in her life that crushed her, but never had he seen the shine in her eyes dull down to a sheen of tears. he’d never seen the flush in her cheeks not being caused by a cheeky comment or a loving memory. never had he seen her so glossed over with intoxication in an attempt to forget the day behind her. 

and it was all because of tom. 

so he took the bottle, and found another glass in her kitchen to pour the wine inside of it. he explained that his next day was empty, leaving out the part where he cancelled two big meetings. he knew she wasn’t working the next day since it was a saturday, and she always had the day off. even when she asked how tom was meant to get to the airport, knowing the sam often took him, he rolled his eyes with a small smile and replied with, “who cares”. 

the two sat on her couch, drinking wine and talking about everything that had nothing to do with tom. they talked about a knew idea sam was having for a script, along with her new promotion. they watched movies and talked about how bad or good they thought the acting was. 

and when she fell asleep on his shoulder, he woke her gently to make sure she slept properly in her bed, making his bed on her couch after she was safe and sound in her bed. he put away the glasses, and returned the wine to its home in the fridge, making sure that every window and door was closed and locked before falling asleep on the couch. 


in the morning, tom’s head was pounding with the sound of the alarm. he slammed his hand down onto his phone so the shrill sound echoing off the walls would come to a stop, even though he had to get out of bed after it. he took a shower, and got ready for the airport, only slightly surprised when harry showed up instead of sam. he didn’t have to ask, he knew where his brother was and what he was doing. although part of him was slightly thankful for his brother’s relationship with the girl, he was slightly hurt by the fact that he hadn’t said anything to tom within the time frame. 

he boarded his plane and spent the entire flight dreading the past events. the bags under his eyes were a new look, along with the severe lack of a smile the entire way over. 

the next few weeks blurred together, not hearing from the girl. he knew he messed up, and he knew there was no excuse for his actions. he knew it was stupid, but for some reason, he couldn’t find himself to call her and apologize. 


weeks turned to months, blurring together as she hadn’t heard from him. the first time she did, was a drunk call in the middle of the night. she answered on impulse, halfway through asking herself if it was a good idea. but she ultimately convinced herself it was better to answer, since he probably needed something if he was calling at all, let alone in the middle of the night. 

“hello?” there was a pause before he responded, the smile on his face taking too much time to grow before he could respond. 

“hello love.” she rolled her eyes in the darkness of her room, rolling onto her back as she continued to hold the phone to her ear. 

“why are you calling, tom?” she had work the next morning, just in a few hours. she realized his schedule wasn’t like hers, having different hours and different days off than she had. it had been that way throughout their entire relationship. 

“i just needed to hear your voice. your real life voice. i tried to listen to voicemails and videos, but they don’t do anything. they’re nothing like talking to you for real.” his slight rambling made her head spin, not knowing where all of this was coming from. 

“tom it’s the middle of the night.” he sighed, not realizing the time difference in that moment. he hadn’t taken anything into account, the alcohol coursing through his veins far more prominent than anything else. 

“i’m sorry, love. i didn’t count the hours like i normally would. i just needed to call, i needed to know if you would answer.” his voice was getting quieter as he spoke, realizing how foolish he sounded. 

“you could’ve called months ago, tom. it doesn’t need to be in the middle of the night. i’ve got work in the morning.” she was growing agitated as their conversation carried on. there was no reason for it all. she knew that he knew his effect on her. that at the snap of his fingers, she’d do anything he asked of her. 

“wait! y/n i’m sorry i- i should’ve called earlier. i should’ve called months ago, i know. i’m sorry, love i just- fuck this movie is fucking with my head and i really just need you here with me. i should’ve have fucked all of this up. i don’t even know why i did it, and now i know that there truly was no reason to leave you that day. it was stupid. i’m stupid. y/n i love you.” although they were the words she wanted to hear, they were coming months after she wanted to hear them. 

“goodnight tommy.” she ended the call, throwing it onto the nightstand beside her while tom stared at his own, biting the inside of his cheek hard enough to draw blood as his vision blurred. although the nickname brought a funny feeling to his chest, it wasn’t enough to mask the heavy ache he felt. 

he’d lost her, and it was all his fault. 

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Upcoming Story Update!!!

Peter Parker Fanfic


*Takes place before FFH but after Endgame*

Warning: Angst, Fluff, mental health will be a topic, Suggestive Scenes… my first official series on here.

Synopsis: Genevieve Lyman is Liz’s younger cousin who has just moved to Midtown High to go live with her grandparents. No one knows the real reason she is sent to live with them. No one except her and her Uncle, Liz’s dad. Adrian has sent her on a mission to avenge him. Her mission is to make Peter Parker fall in love with her and then break his heart, leaving him vulnerable for the Sinister Six to capture and kill him. The only problem is… Genevieve has been Adrian’s lab rat for years and because of him she is now a mutant of some sorts with unknown powers. Genevieve knows Peter Parker have the connections that could help her but would she risk betraying her uncle in order to help herself?


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- Full title: Love and War, based on a song by Fleurie

- Mostly edited, and hopefully better than original series. 

- Also, I have changed Rosabelle into more of a fighter in the next series in the story. She is more fierce and capable than I had wrote her in the first series.

- Warnings: fluffff

-WC: 1012, or maybe a little less

- *I do not own any gifs or pictures*


Originally posted by parkerpunology

3rd Pov.



Rose stood before Peter, his eyes low as she covered her right arm with his blue hoodie. Her father stands next to them, his hands holding her bag. She stared at him, her face flushed from soft tears.

“Peter.” She whispers shakily, her father stepping away towards his large SUV. Peter glances up slightly, his eyes red from brimming tears.

“I can’t stay here anymore.” Rose continues, her lips trembling.

“It is not safe for you. For anyone. I can’t control myself anymore. More of the stones have been appearing in my arm. I can barely control my power, Peter.” She says stepping closer, Peter keeping his head down as he held himself together.

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