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#peter parker x reader

So Tumblr hates me at the moment so I had to re upload this. 

Hi! I just wanted to post on here that I am taking requests for one shots and imagines from various shows and movies such as Marvel (both Netflix shows and movies), Supernatural, Harry Potter, Stranger Things, Sherlock and others.

I also write for real life people whether that be platonic relationships, family relationships (i.e & daughter!reader or son!reader) and romantic relationships. I write F/F, F/M and M/M pairings as well as poly relationships.

Listed below are 100 prompts or AU’s that I’d be interested in writing but feel free to request anything, be as specific as you want and I will do my best to write it for you. If the pairing you want isn’t listed just ask and I’ll tell you if I can write for them.

1 - Hogwarts Au
2 - Soulmate Au ~ everyone is born with two names on them, one of the person who’ll kill them and the other is their soulmates name - there is no way of knowing which is which.
3 - Roommates AU
4 - Fake Boyfriend or Girlfriend AU
5 - College AU
6 - Royal AU
7 - Single Parent AU
8 - Bed Sharing AU
9 - Flower Shop AU
10 - Mob AU
11 - “Maybe you should sit down.”
12 - “I don’t wanna get out of bed today, ok?”
13 - “I swear you spend way too much time on your phone and your hair!”
14 - Getting transported to a different universe (i.e into the MCU or Supernatural world)
15 - “Sleep is for the weak.” “Yeah and you need to sleep for a week.”
16 - I’m too short to reach the top shelf and too stubborn to get a stool. you watched me take a running leap for it before you offered to grab the book for me
17 - No, I cannot help you find your textbook if you don’t know what it’s called. “it has a blue cover” doesn’t help
18 - “You can’t turn down my proposal just because you wanted to ask me first!”
19 - “The truth is being with you scares me. But not being with you…terrifies me.”
20 - “First we survive this, then you can yell at me.”

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quA - Attractive
(what do they find attractive about the other?)
Peter loves all of you but your smile would be at number one. The way that it almost lights up a room and gets him to smile even if he’s sad. He will try at nothing to get you to smile just to see it for himself. 

B - Baby
(do they want a family? why/why not?)
One day he would love to start a family with you. He’d love nothing more than to be with you forever, be a family man. Boy was he going to dream until then.

C - Cuddle
(how do they cuddle?)
He’ll wrap his arms around you, trapping you against him and kissing the side of your face. Your back will be against his chest. He loves to know that you’re close to him no matter what, even when the two of you fall asleep. 

Originally posted by stayinlove

D - Dates
(what are dates with them like?)
Peter is a cheeseball when it comes to dates, he loves to be able to take you out to dinner. He’s very romantic especially when it’s a big occasion like an anniversary. Other times he’ll take you to the movies, the movie buff that he is and take you to see whatever you want to see.

E - Everything
(“you are my ___” (e.g my life my world…))
“You are my Spider-boy.” You say one day, leaning over and pecking his lips. He smiles into the kiss, pulling away and pulling you into his arms.

F - Feelings
(when did they know they were falling in love?)
The moment that Peter knew he was in love with you was when you yelled at a bully in the middle of the hallway for picking on him. They shoved him to the side and you’d told them off. “Stop being a dick to him. He didn’t do anything to you.” You snapped at them, stepping in front of the nerdy teenager. The bully just scoffed and walked away. “You okay?” You asked as you helped him up. He was smitten right then and there. 

G - Gentle
(are they gentle?)
There will never be a moment where Peter is not gentle with you. There will be times where he’s scared that he’ll hurt you but other times he’s worshiping you. Kisses all over, brushes of your hands, hugs, and all the cuddles you could ever want. 

H - Hand/Hold
(how do they like to hold? How do they like to hold hands)
Being teenagers the two of you are practically stuck at the hip with each other. In this case, it’s with your fingers interlocked and May joking about the two of you being “stuck together”

I - Impression
(first impression)
He was scared to even talk to you, to be honest. A beautiful/handsome girl/boy that wanted to talk to him with no reason than just wanting to be friends. At first, he had a hard time finding the words to connect with you but when the two of you clicked it was over. Best friends for life.

J - Joke
(are they into pulling pranks)
Being with Peter is like signing a warrant to get pranked on. Along with that was pranking his friends and on occasion Mr. Stark at the base. They were never bad, just to get everyone to laugh or start a prank war.

K - Kisses
(how do they kiss?)
Peter kisses like it’s the last one, full of passion and love. He’s afraid that any time that he goes out in the world could be his last with his line of work. So every kiss has the two of you pressed against each other and lips locked.

L - Love
(who says I love you first?)
He says I love you first, catching you by complete surprise when he says it. “I love you Y/N.” He says, looking down at you as you lay with your head on his chest. He’d thought you were asleep but when you spoke he went red. 
“I love you too Spider-boy”

M - Memory 
(their favorite moment together)
In rare times where the two of you aren’t together, Peter’s always drawn to your first official date, which had been to a carnival. The look on your face as he won you a stuffed animal and went on all kinds of rides was engraved in his mind. It was one thing that he’d never let go of, especially when the two of you had your first kiss on the Ferris wheel (cheeseball)

N - Nickel
(do they spoil? Do they buy the person they love everything?)
Peter’s not one to buy a lot of things, though he’s more for doing little things to spoil you. It’s almost always little visits while doing his patrol, goodnight/morning texts. Though, when the chance is given it’s always stuffed animals.

O - Orange
(what colour reminds them of their other half)
Light pink reminds him of you, whenever it catches his eye all he can think of is the way that your face dips into pink then a deep red with blush. Making you blush was something that he loves to do to you.

P - Pet Names
(what pet names do they use?)
A lot of the time you call him “Parker” and other times it’s “Spider-boy” to get a laugh out of him. Peter will call you “honey” for the cheese reason of how sweet you are to him.

Q - Questions
(what are the questions they’re always asking?)
Peter will constantly be worried about your state. Even if he’s not there he’ll send a text asking “are you okay” just to do a check-in and make sure everything’s okay. 

R - Rainy Day
(what do they like to do on a rainy day?)
Usually, the two of you will end up on the couch, cuddling, and watching movies. Other times you’ll have convinced him to walk out in the rain with you, playing in puddles and such.

S - Sad
(how do they cheer themselves/each other up?)
No matter where he is he’ll call you just to hear your voice. If he’s with you or nearby you can bet that he’ll make his way to you just to get a hug or even just see you.

T - Talking 
(what do they love to talk about?)
Peter will spend hours talking about the Avenger, being one, and most of time it’s about Mr. Stark. He’ll go on about what he’d done that day and loves that you’re genuinely interested with what he’d gotten done.

U - Unencumbered
(what helps them relax)
Either you leaning on him or him leaning on you. Just contact in general. 

V - Vaunt
(what do they like to show off? What are they proud of?)
He goes on and on about being Spider-Man and he loves it when you ask him to show off some tricks and skills. He’ll do anything for you, even show off.

W - Wedding
(when, how, where do they propose?)
In the future no doubt, after high school and all of that. He hopes to be able to propose to you in the best way possible. To him, you deserve the best. 

X - Xylophone
(what’s their songs?)
I Fell In Love With My Best Friend by Jason Chen. The song is literally your story rolled into a song.

Y - You’re the ___ to my ___
(e.g the cookie to my milk, the macaroni to my cheese)
“You’re the nucleus to my cell.” Of course, it had to be a science joke that had you cracking up and calling him a dork.

Z - Zebra
(if they wanted a pet, what pet would they get?)
He’d want a dog, any kind of dog he wouldn’t care. Just as long as it was a dog and was there to protect you when he’s not.


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chemistry (teaser)

A/N: my first ever series :D i don’t know how long this is gonna be but i hope you guys enjoy it !! here’s a small teaser of what’s to come ;) this fic is gonna take place throughout all of high school so enjoy living through y/n ! PLS GIVE ME FEEDBACK LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK !!!! gif credit to @mavalenovaninagavi 💘

You smiled as you chatted with your friend sami, walking together to retrieve your schedule. The first day of sophomore year, and your first year at midtown tech.

“so where’s the gym, i think we’re going in the wrong way” You spoke nervously, weaving through the halls of upperclassmen and very confused freshman.

“no look everyone’s going this way cmon” sami smiled walking ahead of you as you desperately tried to not get lost in the sea of high schoolers. You fiddled with the paper in your hands as you entered the gym, seeing the different stands sorted alphabetically. Sami went to her corresponding stand and you squinted searching for the stand for last names P.

You quickly walked to the stand once you spotted it, smiling at the administrator and quickly getting your schedule.

You scanned the gym for sami, but you couldn’t find her, you looked down at the piece of paper, walking quickly and trying to find your first class.


You looked up in horror, hoping you could get out of the dreaded class soon. It didn’t take you long to see a cute boy, brown curls and grey sweater. Before you could look at his whole face sami ran up behind you, dragging you along to go get breakfast.

You hoped you’d see that curly haired boy again.

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i miss her too [2] | insomniac’s peter parker

Pairing(s): Insomniac’s!Peter Parker x Female Reader

Warning(s): abuse, swearing, and fluff

Summary: Peter never thought that the girl he met at his aunt’s grave would end up being one of the most important people in his life.

Requested: Yes / No

Author’s Note: This is the second and final part of i miss her too, hope you guys enjoy it.

Originally posted by flyntzane-moved

After everything May has done for you, you never thought your life could get any better than how it was right now.  That changed when you met her nephew, Peter Parker.  It’s been two months since you met him at Harlem’s Cemetery and everything about your life has became better, brighter.  You honestly didn’t know how you lived without him before.  You always had trust issues, it wasn’t anyone’s fault, it was just you.  But Peter, there was something about him that made you immediately trust him.  You didn’t know if it was his warm smile, his captivating eyes, or his strong heart, but you knew that he’d never hurt you.

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

Info: CA: Civil War Era. Tony Stark enlists his daughter to find the web slinging spider in Queens.

Word count: 3.5k

Warnings: language, lmk if I should add anything

(no Far From Home spoilers)

A/N: I’ve mapped out the rest of the story through Homecoming and I’m excited!!…  Please give this some love! Like and reblog, let me know your favorite part and what you think is coming next in the comments! Please, these things are so small but help us writers so much! Thank you!

Masterlist linked in my bio. Taglist in the reblog (inactive will be removed)

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The moment you woke up you knew: today would not be a good day. Your head was pounding, it was as if you had a pulse vibrating from ear to ear. You threw the covers off of yourself and sat up, your legs dangling over the side of the bed. You held your head in your hands for a moment before glancing to your bedside table, where you noticed a glass of water and pain meds that you certainly didn’t put there.

You were immediately struck with a wave of embarrassment. You didn’t expect to get that drunk, and you hated feeling like a burden. You felt horrible that Peter had to go so far out of his way to get you home and into bed.

It wasn’t until you were pulling the coffee pot out of its metal entrapment that you remembered.

I kissed Peter… and confessed that I liked him.

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homecoming - p.p

part one - saved by the bell

warning: language and topics that could be triggering (blood, passing out, bruises, violence, etc)

I don’t own this movie or any Marvel character but I own any character that hasn’t been presented in comics/movies/shows. Parts of the plot are slightly changed, everything out of my imagination, please don’t steal it or reproduce it without my previous consent.

Originally posted by tom-is-bae

It was night time and you were waiting outside the tower with your dad for Happy to pick you up. It was chilly so you wore a long sleeve with jeans.

“I want you to be nice to Pete” your dad said, making you look up from your phone and raise your eyebrows.

“I’ll be a sweetheart, Tony” he scoffed and started walking towards the black limo that had just parked in front of you. “Love the shirt, by the way” you said, referring to his cat shirt.

Your dad got in, sliding next to the newbie and you slid facing them, remaining unbothered.

“H-Hi” the boy said and you looked up from your phone to observe him, his chocolate brown curls were tamed down with what seemed to be gel and his also brown eyes had a twinkle of excitement while talking to your dad, which you found almost adorable. The Tony Stark charm, you thought.

“Pete, this is Y/N Stark, my daughter” you shook his hand and he blushed, making you smile at his sweet demanour. “She helps with the Avengers stuff. Which means she also helped make your new suit, how did you like it?”

“It’s great, a-amazing Mr. Stark, thank you” the boy said and you smirked. “And you, too” he referred to your help with the suit, looking at you with flaming cheeks.

“Oh, no problem. Glad you liked it, sorry about some… stuff, dad here is kind of overprotective” he frowned and you knew he’ll know about the restrictions he had asked you to put in the suit. “Anyway, if you need help with the new features, you can ask”


“What are you doing, a video diary?” Tony said, noticing the boy had his phone out and recording.

“Yeah.” he answered, tone almost regretfull.

“It’s all right. I’d do the same thing.”

“I told him not to, he was filming. I’m gonna wipe the chip.” Happy gold Tony with an exhausted tone and you chuckled at how serious he was about his job, it was refreshing actually.

“Okay. Hey. You know what? We should make an alibi video for your aunt anyway. You ready?” your dad said and you looked at him amused, while he prompted himself to the side and Peter aimed the camera towards him.

“An alibi? Sure. Okay.”

“We rolling? Get in the frame. Hey, May. How you doing? What are you wearing? Something skimpy, I hope.” he laughed and Peter looked at him confused, you kicked him on the leg making him cough. “Peter, that’s inappropriate. Let’s start over. You can edit it. Three, two, one. Hey, May.” Peter gave the camera a tight-lipped smile “My gosh, I wanted to tell you what an incredible job your nephew did this weekend at the Stark internship retreat. Everyone was impressed-” he got cut off when the car abruptly stopped and you hit your head a little bit.

Fuck” you said, rubbing it with your hand.

“Come on! It’s a freaking merge. I’m sorry.” Happy said and you groaned, knowing it wasn’t his fault.

“Are you okay?” Peter asked and you looked at him, surprised at his question and nodded.

“Yeah, thanks”

“This is because you’re not on Queens Boulevard. See, Happy is hoping to get bumped up to asset management. He was forehead of security, before that he was a driver.” Tony told the camera and Happy looked behind him with a shocked expression.

“That was a private conversation. I don’t like joking about this. It was hard to talk about that.”

“No, seriously, was he snoring a bunch?” Happy parked abruptly, and you bumped your head again.


“Here we are. End of the line.” he said, done with the conversation about him.

“Can you give us a moment?” Tony said while laughing and he answered with a annoyed tone.

“You want me to leave the car?”

“Grab Peter’s case out of the trunk.” you were reasy to leave but your dad stopped you. “Stay”

“I can keep the suit?” Peter said, lowering his phone while a siren went off outside the car.

“Yes, we were just talking about it.” Tony cleared his throat and continued “Do me a favor, though. Happy’s kind of your point guy on this. Don’t stress him out. Don’t do anything stupid. I’ve seen his cardiogram. All right?”

“Yes.” Peter said almost too loudly, out of breath.

“Don’t do anything I would do, and definitely don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. There’s a little gray area in there. That’s where you operate.”

“That’s not confusing at all” you interrupted and Peter smiled.

“Wait, does that mean I’m an Avenger?” he asked hopefully and you smirked.

No.” a knock on the door interrupted Tony again.

“This it?” Happy asked, showing the case that contained the suit you were so proud about.

“I can take that. You don’t have to.” he said and Happy let go of the case. “So when’s our next- ? When’s our next ’retreat’, you know?” he asked excitedly.

“What, next mission?”

“Yeah, the mission. The missions.”

“We’ll call you.” Tony said and he looked confused.

“Do you have my numbers?”

“No, he means that we’ll call you. Like, someone will call you.” you said and he nodded.

“Okay. All right.” your dad grabbed the door and opened it, but Peter went for a hug “It’s not a hug. I’m just grabbing the door for you. We’re not there yet.”

“Bye, Peter” you said and he blushed again.


“C'mon, dad!” you said while he fixed a drone, passing him the hammer. “We’ve been going at this for months! It was an accident, doesn’t mean I can’t go back to school. You know I can control it, now” he sighed, wipping the sweat of his forehead.

“Setting the lab on fire isn’t an accident, Y/N”

“It is when you aren’t in control” you sassed back, arms crossed and a challenging look on your face.

“Ugh, fine. But under one condition!” he said and you stopped cheering to hear what he had to say.

“You transfer, that school was giving me a headache anyway. You’ll go to Midtown with Peter, that way you’ll have a friend there and it’ll be easy to keep an eye on you both”

“Deal. But he’s not my friend, I just met him yesterday”

“Whatever, you start tomorrow. I’ll go call the school”

He left the room and you finished fixing the drone, putting it back where it was and going to prepare your backpack for the day after. Midtown sounded great, you knew it was a science and technology school, which was amazing for you because you used to get bored at your old one.

Your thoughts shifted to Peter, he seemed nice and now not only was he your dad’s protégé, he was also your classmate now. It would be better to get along with him than push him away, besides he has made a good first impression, for you at least, and you wanted to help him with this new world. He was good at what he did, but this suit was a major upgrade, and the dangers would be worst as well.

A knock on your door interrupted your thinking. “Hey, sweetheart. You start tomorrow at 8, I was going to give Peter the news but you might as well surprise him.”

“Okay, thanks” you chuckled.

“Do you want Happy to drive you? I could call him right now and-”

“Dad, it’s midnight. Let poor Happy rest, I’ll take the bus or something” he kissed your cheek and left your room, closing the door behind him.

Next morning you woke up ready for your first day, deciding you wanted to take the bus and walk a few blocks. Being an energy manipulator wasn’t easy, you had sick powers that were basically based in energies like creating or using heat, light and more, which meant you could be flying to school but decided not to.

Once you got to Midtown, the stares where making you nervous even if you were used to them, you were Tony Stark’s daughter, after all. Everyone seemed to stop doing what they were doing to whisper about you, but you had it all rehearsed so you adjusted your backpack straps and walked with your head high like you didn’t notice anyone. When someone from the school’s staff gave you a map, books, schedule and your locker number, you thanked her and walked back towards locker number 1185, noticing a pair of familiar brown eyes next to it.

“Hi, Peter” you said, smirking at his confusion and he shook his head, continuing to take his books out.

“H-Hi. What are you doing here?” he asked and you opened your locker, putting your new books inside.

“I transferred. Dad only let me come back to school if you were here, you know to keep an eye on us” he nodded and silence fell between you, while you kept fumbling with books and suddenly a boy came from behind Peter and put what looked like a LEGO on his shoulder.

“Join me, and together… we’ll build my new LEGO Death Star.”

“What?” He said excitedly and you giggled from the side “That’s awesome. How many pieces?”

“Three thousand eight hundred and three.” “That’s insane” he said while he closed his locker.

“I know. You want to build it tonight?”

“No, I can’t tonight. I’ve got the Stark-” Peter started, looking at you and you smiled at him, showing your face to his friend. “Stark internship.”

“Oh…my God” you coughed and extended your hand.

“I’m Y/N”

“Uh, N-Ned” he shook your hand. “I know who you are, holy shit! What are you doing here? I mean not that you’re not welcome but-”

“I transferred schools. You seem cool, pleasure to meet you, Ned. See you later, Peter”

You walked away from them with a small smile, Peter’s stare made you feel some type of way but you shrugged it off.

“I’ll knock out the bones of the Death Star. I’ll come by afterwards. For the most part, the difficult thing is the base of it-” Ned kept talking to him but his brown eyes were lost in your backpack, watching you leave to your first class.

“That’d be great.” he said, not even knowing what Ned had said.

“Okay, so how do we calculate linear acceleration between points A and B? Flash.” the teacher asked and pointed at a kid in front of you that you had seen enter the class at the beginning, when you got to the classroom first.

“It’s the product of sine of the angle and gravity divided by mass.”

“Nope. Peter.” she said and you elbowed the boy by your side, making hin close the laptop he was using to watch a Spider-Man video. “You still with us?”

“Yeah, yeah.” he was about to start answering but he got cut off by the teacher.

“Wait, Parker. Let’s give a warm welcome to our new student letting her answer” she said, and you replied.

“Mass cancels out and it’s just gravity times sine.” she nodded. “And thank you”

“Right. You’re welcome. See, Flash, being the fastest isn’t always the best if you are wrong.”

“You don’t even know what we are seeing”

“Yeah, but my dad taught me long ago about this”

“Right” he blushed and you smiled, looking up at Flash who was staring at you with a dumbfounded look.

When the bell rang, a new teacher entered the room.

“Today we’re talking about Danish physicist Niels Bohr… but trust me, there’s nothing Bohr-ing about his discoveries regarding quantum theory.” you snorted and put on your goggles to start the projects, seeing Peter was making something by the desk.

“What'cha doing, Spidey” you whispered and he closed the drawer quickly, showing you the web fluid formulas he had written down.

“Oh, I see. Maybe try adding some more salicylic acid” he looked at you and you smiled, giving him a tube with some of it and he tried it, getting the web fluid right.


“No problem”

“Did Liz get a new top?” Peter asked Ned and you approached their table with you food tray.

“No. We’ve seen that before, but never with that skirt.” they were staring at a gorgeous girl that was hanging the homecoming banner on the cafeteria’s wall.

“We should probably stop staring before it gets creepy.”

“Hi, guys” you said sitting with them.


“Too late. You guys are losers.” another girl said, still talking a out Peter and Ned and they turned their heads towards her.

“Well, then why do you sit with us?” Ned asked.

“Because I don’t have any friends.” they looked at her confused, but you smiled.

“Hi, I’m-”

“Y/N Stark, Iron Man’s daughter.” she said, shaking your hand and you nodded, searching for a clue of her name. “MJ”

“Nice to meet you” you went back to your food, sipping on your apple juice and eating your sandwich.

“So… how’s your first day of school going?” Peter asked to your surprise, making you happy that he was interacting with you.

“Oh, it’s nice! I like it here, except for the constant staring and whispering, it’s okay”

“We have P.E next period, maybe you can partner with her” Ned suggested and you nodded, glancing at MJ for confirmation to which she nodded back.

“Liz, huh?” you asked after a few silent seconds.

“Uh, um… what?” Peter asked back, playing dumb.

“She’s pretty, you should take her to homecoming” you said, a pang of jealousy hitting your stomach which you quickly dismissed.

“I don’t think so, she’s way out of my league” she said, looking at her and then at you.


“Because, it’s Liz! She'a like, popular and cute and smart and I’m-”

“All of the above?” you said without thinking and he blushed, making you cheeks heat up as well.

“No… It’s like I asked you to go with me, you’re Y/N Stark! It’s something like that”

“I wouldn’t refuse, tho” you whispered and he looked shocked, but you were saved by the bell and left the cafeteria.

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Not that anyone really cares but I’m on a roll with writing! I recently posted a dad!Haz fic so here’s what you can expect to see in the future! 




-a soulmate au of sorts with Peter Parker

Some other stories are coming (although they are not fully formed yet)… If you want to be tagged in my writing, let me know!

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YO. Requests are open for all sorts of goodies. Look, I’m a straight up N E R D. If you’re into a fandom - chances are - so am I. So just ask! I’m into Marvel, Teen Wolf, Harry Potter, Stranger Things, Bohemian Rhapsody, Riverdale etc. I’m Bi, so I’m comfortable (and love) writing for men and women. I’ll also write for actors. I don’t do incest or age gaps larger than 15 years. You can find my masterlist here. Give me things to add to it!

Wanna write something together? Also here for it. Just reach out. 

Feel free to just talk to me in general! (:

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whats up danger | p.p [teaser]

summary: it’s 2023, after tony stark, after steve rogers, and after natasha romanoff. new york city is under attack, leaving the fate of everyone in the city, including their friends, in their hands. the only problem? are they too scared to step up, or are they ready to follow the legacy the fallen avengers passed on?

warningsendgame spoilers, possibly some far from home spoilers, stark!reader, fluff, also peter and reader are in senior year of high school

wc: 549

masterlist | next | playlist

a/n: @mcuspidey​ i’m making ur feed less toxic 🤪

you’re a stark, act like one! 

you’re not as strong as you think you are. 

tony would be disappointed in you.

you woke up with a jolt, eyes scanning the dark room. your breathing was heavy, and you felt the arm that was once wrapped around you droop to the side. you put your head in your hands, the sound of the bedside light clicking on sounded through the otherwise silent room. the bright light flooded in the room as a soft hand was placed on your back.

“you okay?” he asked from behind you, reaching up and putting his head on your shoulder blade. you rubbed your hands over your face, nodding as you lead back into his now open arms. your back was pressed against his chest, clad in a grey sweatshirt he was messily stuffed in his bag before patrol. 

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summary: After deciding you needed to get away from your home town and everything you know, you move in with your uncle. Who also happened to be Tony Stark. Through him, you meet Peter Parker and a blooming friendship forms. Will your life be better with the Avengers? Or will the danger be too much for you?

[part one] - tiny iron woman!

[part two] - two tony starks now?

[part three] - i didn’t say that

[part four] - coming soon

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did people really think tom holland was going to stay single forever?! like that man is too good to NOT be snatched up by someone lol… it was bound to happen eventually so it was just like ripping a bandaid off, quick and painful for 5 seconds

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Hi!! Could you please write something about Peter Parker x Stark!reader in which he breaks up with her for her safety, but then Tony speaks to him about it and make him realize he wanna be with her? Have an amazing day! ❤️

title: these four walls

pairing: peter parker x stark!reader

warnings: sadness, heartbreak, depictions of starvation and unhealthy coping, angst, fluff

a/n:  this imagine gave me so many problems and i had to rewrite it twice and i’m not proud of this whatsoever, but thank you for the request and i hope you guys enjoy :) also, i promise i’m getting to all of your requests. it’s just taking me a while with summer school but i promise i’ll get them done soon!

peter stood shakily as he thought about what he was about to do.

you were the light of his life; his sunshine. he was so thankful for everything that you have given him. you loved him for who he was and supported him through everything.

of course he feels scared and guilty. he promised he’d never hurt you, and he was just about to do it.

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