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#peter parker x reader
I'll be heartbroken if you dont continue Lost Without Her honestly first chapter was such a good set up and enticing and I'm ready for chapter 2

I promise I’ll make a part two! I’m so glad so many are enjoying it!!! I really wasn’t sure how I wanted to set up the story so I’m relieved to learn the way I wrote it worked for y’all!

Let me know if anyone wants to be tagged!!!

Lost without Her (Part 1)

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Overview: this will be the last part of this series. I hope you guys like it. I’m not super confident in my writing right now but here goes nothing. In this part, Peter asks the reader to prom and they have a great time at the dance before discovering each other’s secrets.  

Quick shout out to @sandersonosterfield @bewitched-haz for motivating me to write this. 

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Chapter Five - Something Different


A/N: for a minute writing this chapter I really felt some golden-trio style convo going on lol, how nostalgic. This is the longest chapter yet, so have fun reading!

Warnings: unusual behavior, light violence and blood.


“Waft! Do not directly smell the solution!”

Peter and I are in chem, trying to finish up a lab. It’s been a few days since our pleasant movie night when he crashed at my house, and the cookout is coming up this weekend. Which also means our date is getting sooner by the day.

“Pass me the iodine?” He asks, bringing my thoughts back to the real world. I go to grab the beaker when I hear another student speak loudly from the corner of the room.

“Hey, Ms. Elliot. Why are all these test tubes locked up?” Sarah Hildersen stands next to a tall glass cabinet against the back wall. It strikes me as unusual that she’s bringing attention to herself for a question so out of place, as from what I know about her she’s a very shy and reserved girl.

“Miss Hildersen, those are the highly reactive chemicals we keep, purely for demonstration,” the older woman says, “Please continue with your lab.”

I turn to give Peter a look, but when I glance back his features are contorted. He’s sensing something.

All off a sudden there’s a crash of shattering glass from the back of the room, I jump in my seat, as I see that Sarah has thrust her bare fist through the glass case, grabbing the nearest test tube and uncorking it.

“Sarah Hildersen!” Ms. Elliot exclaims, standing promptly at her desk and moving quickly toward the girl.

I watch in bewilderment as Sarah, without hesitation, pours the entire contents of the tube into the solution of her beaker.

The entire class takes cover as a loud reaction takes place, singeing Sarah’s shirt sleeves and ultimately setting off the fire alarms.

“What the hell?” I say, mostly to myself as I stare at the blood dripping from Sarah’s knuckles. Our classmates begin to cough, and Peter lifts a sleeve over his mouth and nose while he ushers me into the flow of our classmates out the door. Since when has Sarah ever been one to exhibit such reckless, weird behavior? Since when has anyone at Midtown? I take a final glance back before we pass through the doorway only to witness Sarah’s glazed and confused stare, her hands held forth in front of her.

When Peter and I finally reach the fire-safe zone Ned catches our attention.

“Hey! People are saying something happened in the chem lab?” he asks, “Did you guys see it?”

“Yeah, Sarah H. got all weird all of a sudden and broke into the restricted chemical cabinet,” he looks around and ducks close to the both of us before continuing, “and I could have sworn I got a feeling about it. Like, a feeling feeling.”

Ned looks quizzical, “But Peter, doesn’t that only happen when there’s, like, a real threat? I mean, that’s crazy and all but I don’t think it could put you in all that much danger, it’s not like — “

The boys continue to ramble to each other about Peter’s spidey-sense, but my attention is drawn past them toward the frenzy of students and staff fleeing the building. Some of our fellow chem students are still wearing their goggles and aprons. Others are stuck in P.E. uniforms. The fire department arrives soon, and I observe as a few of the firefighters speak with the principal and another member of the staff — Ms. Elliot? She seems to explain something to the crew, and they run quickly into the building. Several minutes pass. Kids complain about having to leave, some joke about the building actually burning and getting out of school. I try to ignore their comments when I finally see the doors re-open, revealing the firefighter crew marching out of the building with a coughing and shaken Sarah in tow, covering her face with an oxygen mask. Her gait is robotic, her eyes startled but distant.

“Something’s wrong with her,” I state.

“No kidding, she practically tried to poison your whole class.”

I turn back to the boys, “No, Ned, look at her. Peter, did you see the look on her face in class? And how she looks now? It’s like she has no idea what happened. She’s confused.”

“Okay?” Peter says, “And that means… what?”

I sigh, annoyed but without an answer, “I don’t know, but that wasn’t like her. At all. She’s probably had a spotless record since kindergarten and now this?”

“It’s weird, right, but she asked Ms. Elliot what they were and then turned back and shoved her fist through the glass anyway, we both saw it.”

“Yeah, we both saw it Peter, normal people don’t just put their fist through a glass cabinet! I’m telling you, I don’t know what, but there’s something up with her.”

The three of us turn to watch as she’s sat in the back of an ambulance, legs dangling over the side. The police have arrived and currently look like they’re trying to ask her about what happened. She doesn’t seem to be answering — or even acknowledging — them. That moment, my shoulder is jostled by someone with lab goggles on their head, and I turn to see none other than Sarah’s lab partner.

“Hey, you were working with Sarah, right?” I ask, and the other girl nods, “Did she seem off before that stunt? That seemed really out of character.”

Obviously concerned for her friend, her gaze is past my shoulder where Sarah sits, still failing to answer questions. She answers nonetheless, “It was so strange. I mean, one minute we were just talking about the procedures and our English project, and the next thing I know she’s shut down. That’s when she stood up and asked Ms. Elliot about the test tubes.”

I want to ask her more, but my attention is torn when I hear a familiar voice.

“Hey, kids!” Peter and I spin to see Happy pulled up to the curb, shouting through the window of his car.

“Happy?” Peter says, “What are you doing here? They haven’t dismissed us yet.”

“Tony called the school, you and iron kid, hop in.” We say our goodbyes to Ned and join Happy in the car. I note that our belongings are still in the chem room, to which he responds, “They aren’t letting kids back in there ‘till the whole air system is filtered out. You’ll probably get your stuff back tomorrow. Gets you out of the homework at least, right?”

“Yeah. Good thing too, the calc packet was due tomorrow,” Peter turns to me, “Had you even started that yet?”

“What are you talking about?” I ask quizzically, “I finished it in study hall the day he assigned it.”

Peter gives me a bewildered look, severely confused by something, “What? You told me the other night you hadn’t started it yet.”

“When? There was no ‘night’ before I had it done?”

“At your house, after making cookies. When we fell asleep?”

“‘We’ fell asleep?” Happy butts in.

“Morgan was there!” I brush him off and return my attention back to Peter, “I don’t remember that at all. I was probably only half awake or something.”

“Right, yeah,” and with that Peter decides to leave it be.

We arrive back at the lake house soon enough and hang out for a while until my parents deem it time for dinner. The table is set for the five of us, and Morgan feigns not wanting to sit for a minute before my dad promises her a cookie for dessert behind Pepper’s back. I give her a thumbs up before Peter and I join my family at the table, and we all start to enjoy the meal.

“So there was a chemical spill at school?” Pepper asks.

“I wouldn’t really call it a spill,” I say, “Do you guys remember Sarah Hildersen? She’s been in my class since middle school?”

“Vaguely,” my dad answers, “Quiet kid, right?”

“Exactly. And today she just decided to break into the restricted chemical cabinet with her bare fists, and dump a random test tube into her solution.”


“It was so strange, she didn’t seem like herself at all.”

Peter clears his throat, “I don’t know, maybe she’s just going through a thing?”

“Peter, even you said you felt it coming!” I exclaim frustratedly, “I really think there was something seriously off about her, it was just so… unusual. And you saw her face after, it was like she had no idea what was going on.”

“That is weird…” Tony agrees, “Even underoos had a sense about it?”

Peter nods, and I continue, “I’m telling you, it was seriously out of the ordinary.”

“Oh!” My dad drops the subject, “Speaking of, what the hell were you doing roaming around like a zombie last night? Morgan came to get me, nearly scared the shit out of her.”



“Don’t say that word!” He corrects the give year old before turning back to me, “But seriously, what was up with that?”

“I was walking around? I don’t even remember, could I have been sleepwalking?”

“I mean, maybe, but you never have before. Not even when you were little.”

I sigh, pushing my food around my plate in confusion. What’s with these strange stories I’m suddenly hearing about myself while I should be asleep? First Peter claims sleep talking, and now sleepwalking?

I decide to let it rest for now, and soon enough dinner is finished. I say goodbye to Peter before he’s driven back into the city to patrol for a few hours. Because of the whole school incident I don’t have any homework to do, so I head up to my room early, eventually drifting off to a hopefully restful sleep.

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Hello peoples of tumblr. Guess who’s having another crisis? You already know it’s me, so I’ll just get to the point.

If you follow me you probably know I have an oc named Elliott Stark. Recently, I have been looking to find an adult faceclaim and love interest for her, and have been pretty unsuccessful.

BUT I finally found both an adult fc and a love interest that I like, and as for the love interest part it’s really one of the only pre-existing characters that would actually make sense as a love interest for my oc. Maybe the only one.

UNFORTUNATELY I have read a fic in the past in which the same adult fc was used as a Stark and dated the same love interest. We have different teenage fcs though. ( waaay different, and personally I don’t feel like the other author’s adult and teenage fc really match up well, but anyway )

What should I do? Is my brain subconsciously trying to copy that story? Because it’s LITERALLY the only fc I can find that looks like an older version of my teenage fc, and it’s the only love interest that I could actually write and have it make sense. Should I do it? Would it be copying? Because other than that my story sort of takes things in the complete opposite direction as the other author’s (ie, Elliott is on cap’s team in the cw, the other author’s oc is on tony’s).

I need advice.

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I can't remember if I ever asked about you writing for a deaf character or not, but I wanted to ask about a fluff piece with maybe Peter and Deaf!Reader going to the movies, and Peter promises to sign translate everything, but gets so caught up in the movie he forgets, and instead of getting mad at him, reader just enjoys being their with him and it's just super fluffy and funny and cute? Idk

ooh! i actually have written a deaf!reader before, find it here! i’d love to write another one though :) 


as long as i’m with you

summary: peter parker x deaf!reader at the movies. 

word count: 990

warnings: fluff

disclaimer: i don’t know a lot about this topic, and i apologize for any inaccuracies or incorrect information. my intention is never to be offensive!

peter’s proud to say he’s gotten better at sign language.  

he’s been spending a lot more time with you, and he’s picked up quite a bit of knowledge. it makes everything a lot easier, communication-wise, but he’s also realized that he doesn’t always need to use words to say everything he wants to. he smiles fondly at all the memories that dance in his mind, from all the cuddles he gives you to the time you shared your first kiss. it’s enough to put butterflies into his stomach, and he has to keep reminding himself that you’re really real. you’re here, holding his hand, about to go on a real date with him, and it’s almost enough to make him burst with delight. 

“two, please,” he asks the girl at the desk, and she smiles politely, shooting a pointed glance at you. 

“is she going to need special seats or something? are you sure this movie is going to be okay for you two, since it doesn’t have captions?”

peter’s expression morphs from that of excitement to one of complete offense, and he glares fiercely at the insensitive girl, shoving the money further across the counter. “i said, two, please.” 

she exhales loudly, pressing some buttons on her computer before handing you two slips of paper. “enjoy the movie.” 

“no thanks to you,” peter grumbles as the two of you walk away. he can tell from the look on your face that you know exactly what had just happened. with one hand, he signs an apology, but you just shake your head. it’s okay

you’re accustomed to the odd looks and treatment, but peter still gets angry about the way people act as though you’re not as smart as everyone else. less human. in truth, you’re one of the smartest people peter knows; you just don’t flaunt it like some people. peter’s just one of the lucky ones who gets to see it. 

the two of you enter the movie theatre, finding seats near the back fairly quickly. peter’s already promised to translate the movie for you in sign language, so that you could both enjoy it, and you’re both looking forward to the experience. 

what peter doesn’t expect is for the movie to be so captivating. 


you smile softly, watching peter’s entranced face with a sparkle in your eyes. you adore this boy, and it’s hard to find the motivation to be angry with him for forgetting to translate the movie when he’s so adorable. he was the one who approached you in the library all those days ago, and if you had the chance, you wouldn’t change a thing. you’ve always gone unnoticed in school, so having someone finally reach out to you first made you feel seen. for the first time in what seems like forever. 

now, the movie’s only your background. peter’s your main focus, and you like it that way. his perfectly messy curls, bouncing out of place unevenly on his head. the freckles that dot his face in seemingly random spots, covering his nose and cheeks in the exact same spot that a blush would usually spread. those soft pink lips that you’ve gotten to know very well as of recently, along with the tiny scar that lines his mouth. you love all of him, and if you could, you’d gladly spend all day staring into his chocolate eyes. a thrilling rush of adoration surges through you, and you can’t help but long to pull yourself closer to him, falling into his negative space. you’ve memorized his every shape, every curve in his waist and every scar on his body, and you love them more than anything. you love him more than anything. 

peter’s hand grips yours tighter as he leans forward slightly in his seat, eyes widened at what’s happening on the screen. you let out a small giggle, watching him; his intense dedication to whatever’s going on is endearing if anything, and you’re enjoying seeing him so into the scene. 

the movie’s over sooner than you’d like it to be, and before you know it, you’re walking back to the parking lot with peter’s hand clutched tightly in your own. peter stops suddenly, seeming to realize something, and you glance at him, confused. did he forget his phone in the theater? but he’s clutching it in his other hand, and you’re not sure what’s got him so upset all of a sudden.

i’m sorry, he signs, a saddened, apologetic look appearing in his doe eyes. you cock your head slightly at him, waiting for him to elaborate. i didn’t translate. 

you laugh, shaking your head at him as you pull his arm around your shoulder. he’s adorable, you’ve got to admit, even when he’s upset. especially when he’s upset, really. peter’s visibly shaken by this, though, and you know you’ve got to address it. it’s okay. i had a lot of fun.

are you sure? peter’s still concerned, and your heart seems to melt at the boy’s selfless tendencies (and adorable eyes). you smile at him tenderly, nodding as a bashful smile tugs at his lips. 

i’m sure. it was perfect. your face is hot now, but peter doesn’t seem to mind; on the other hand, he seems to enjoy it. he strokes a stray hair out of your face, palm lingering on your cheek before he leans in to steal a quick kiss. and then- you can’t help yourself- you add, it’ll always be perfect as long as i’m with you. 

peter’s eyes widen, and he tugs you to him, so that you’re sitting on his lap, steering wheel behind you. he peppers you with kisses, as if he can’t get enough of you, and you have to admit: you don’t mind the taste of his tongue on yours, his nose touching your own slightly as his hands wander around your torso. 

you’ll definitely start going to the movies more often.   



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I deleted the ask on accident bc your girl is dumb 😔



Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: panic attack


Requests are CLOSED


You knew what you were in for the second you stepped off the plane into Heathrow.

You could already hear your name being shouted from the gate. It was sure to be a mob scene, and right on the day your body guard was out sick. You’d only recently come to fame, and figured no one would even care if you were at the airport.

Boy, were you wrong. 

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Peter with a werewolf reader? And I don’t mean twighlight Werewolf I mean big 8 foot tall, standing on hand legs, massive teeth, etc
  • When you and Peter first started dating each other, you knew eventually you would have to let him in on your little full moon secret.
  • However you were terrified that he would be afraid of you, or hate you even after you told him.
  • So you tried to hide it as long as you could, until you couldn’t in good conscious let it slide anymore.
  • That was until he forced the issue in a way you didn’t foresee.
  • Peter could tell you were hiding something from him, especially with how you would suddenly disappear for a couple of days without communication.
  • Following you during that time never worked because he always somehow lost sight of you for one reason or another.
  • His solution? Kidnap you because obviously you are cheating on him with someone, even if he had no evidence that it was true.
  • Unfortunately when you awoke tied to a bed just a day before the full moon you began to panic.
  • Begging and pleading with Peter to let you go, trying to convince him it was for his own protection.
  • Denying your request over and over again, you realized that you had no choice but to admit to what you were truly attempting to hide.
  • Explaining that you had been bitten by a werewolf as a small child, that every full moon you had to go into the woods to transform.
  • Not wanting to be too close to any civilization to harm an innocent person when you weren’t at all yourself.
  • Plus you occasionally had to feed in that form and so you would much rather feast on animals than a human.
  • Peter however didn’t believe a word of what you were saying, still wanting to believe that there was no truth to the supernatural.
  • Rolling your eyes you yelled at him since he had witnessed so many things in the world, including a literal God roaming the Earth, and he couldn’t believe the person he supposedly loved.
  • Leaving you alone for a while to process the argument that just took place you felt your nerves rising.
  • The sun was beginning to set, and the chances of you getting away from town in enough time was now slim to none.
  • Tears rolled down your face as you whispered asking for forgiveness from whoever at what you were about to do unwillingly.
  • You were so afraid of yourself at that point, afraid of what you were going to do to Peter all because you didn’t have the guts to explain to him before.
  • Of course Peter was going to figure something was up, he is highly intelligent, how could you be so careless?
  • As the room grew dark you could feel the pull, the one that would transform you into a brutish animal.
  • Bloodshed being its only goal, and now you would be released onto unsuspecting innocent people.
  • The moment the moonlight touched your skin, you felt your body begin to grow, hair sprouting up on every inch of your bare flesh, your fangs elongating, saliva now pouring from your large snout.
  • The rope holding you in place before, snapping under the growing pressure of your massive frame reaching its full potential.
  • Hearing the loud noise, and something that almost sounded like low growling, Peter got up from the living room to investigate.
  • Opening the door, standing before him was a hideous, nearly eight foot tall wolf like creature.
  • Nowhere were you in sight, further proving that your earlier words held true, and that Peter was in fact mistaken.
  • Wide eyes stared at you, waiting to see if you were going to make a move, but he wasn’t scared.
  • Quite the contrary, he was incredibly fascinated by your new appearance, and apologetic that he didn’t listen to you.
  • Roaring loudly you got into an attack position, only then did he speak to you.
  • Calmly and quietly apologizing and sticking out his hand towards you with incredible stoic confidence.
  • Growling under your breath you were shocked as he came forward to touch you, a look of total love and admiration on his features.
  • Slowly you felt yourself shrink in size until no longer were you the beast, but yourself standing before him naked as the day you were born.
  • Confusion filled your mind as you wondered what in the hell just happened, that was until you remembered a bedtime story your grandmother used to tell you.
  • A story you used to believe was just to make you feel better about your new condition as they called it.
  • Of how a werewolves true love could bring them back to themselves with just a touch, and you loved Peter of course, but this meant so much more.
  • Tears filled your eyes yet again, but this time in happiness as you threw your arms around his neck, sobbing into his shoulder.
  • “Darling you should have told me sooner, you were afraid weren’t you?”
  • Nodding he held you that much tighter against his chest, whispering how you would never have to be afraid of him again, that he would always love you for who you are, no matter what form that may be.

[This one got a little long, as I got carried away! Thank you so much for the idea! I hope you enjoy it, and that it was what you were looking for!

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Appreciation post

I really love and adore those little crinkles Tom has by his eyes when he laughs or smiles really bright 🖤 In that moment you can literally see all the happiness inside him🖤

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Know-It-All Series

Series Masterlist

(Peter Parker x Wilson!Reader)

Enemies to—well something more

Summary: you don’t like Peter and he doesn’t like you. That’s just how it is. There’s no reason why it all started, the point is it did, but things start to hurt more than they use too.

Warning: language, a lot of angst obviously, fluff, dirty jokes, crying, Deadpool hehe



Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 (last part)

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Castle!Reader

Warnings: Language. Sexual comments, language, and insinuated moments. Death. Violence. Threats. Stalking. Lying. Alpha male Peter. Fighting. So much arguing and snarky comments.

They say it’s the sweet girls you should watch out for. But really, you should watch out for the trouble maker who lives next door.
He was told to say away from her. Off limits, boy. But he was never good with the rules. The sweet girl with the sassy attitude, off limits to him was everything he wanted. He turned her into a rebel, shedding that sweet girl away.
He never guessed his created a monster. That she’d turn around and rip his heart out. Leaving him holding his shattered heart in hand as she slipped off to chase her dreams.
Skip a couple years down the road. Peter’s duck tapped his heart back together. Some how it still beats for the girl who destroyed it. Now she’s back home, her dreams failed her. But the rules are still the same. But now Peter has his own rules.
Stop staring at her. Stop wanting her. Stop dreaming about her. Stop lurking around in the dark. Stop pining for her. He’s not giving in that easy, but that doesn’t mean anyone else can have her. She’s still his and he’ll do whatever he has to, too uncover her dark secrets.

Tag List Is Open!!


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The Memory Project Chapter 5 [teaser]


Originally posted by tommyhoelland2013

A/N - this is a big chap, got major surprises planned for you guys ^^

“…Mrs Parker? Ma'am?”, a nurse called out to you, startling you when she placed her hand on your shoulder. 

“Um - me?”, you fumbled, shaken by her usage of your name, “Y - yes?" 

She referred to the charts in her hands and then pointed to Tanya’s cabin, "Your appointment was for nine am, right?" 

Peter strolled next to you then, "Yeah, that’s us." 

You looked up at him, your face growing hot. This lady just called you Mrs Parker, as in Peter Parker’s wife. Someone who married Peter. You.


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Yooo congrats on 500!!! Could I request a Peter parker x reader blurb where they're being a musical theatre couple for Halloween please?? (I'm being veronica Sawyer for Halloween with my boyfriend as JD!)


Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Warnings: stress, fluff

A/n: Not going to lie, I don’t know shit about halloween plays, but I did some research and I hope this is good. And omg that’s awesome!! And I just thought this fitted hc formar better, I hope you don’t mind

Spooky Sleepover


Originally posted by warletscitch

  • Before you know if you got the role, both of you are so nervous.
  • You want to be casted together, because let’s be honest if you’d see Peter kiss another girl, even if it is for a play, you’d get jealous.
  • When you know you both got the part you’re so happy.
  • Practice dates
  • You both rehearse your lines, if there is a kissing scene Peter will insist on practicing that every time you meet up.
  • When you mess up a line durinf practice he’ll comfort you saying ‘that’s what practice is for’.
  • When the premier nears you and Peter live under constant stressz
  • So sometimes you just need to cuddle with him.
  • You randomly sing the songs from the play.
  • When the premier is you and Peter can’t contain your excitement.
  • A final kiss before the show starts.
  • The show goes off without a hitch and when you’re done you immediately hug Peter and tell him how good he was.
  • “You were so much better than me y/n.”
  • “Not true Peter.”
  • Leaning in for a kiss, but then aunt May walks in.
  • She says that she loved the show.
  • You and Peter go to the after party, everyone needs to wear their halloween costumes there.
  • You are dressed as spider-man and Peter is just so soft over that.
  • He’s dressed as Luke Skywalker.
  • Both of you dance eventhough Peter sucks at freestyling.
  • You can’t wait for the next play


Permanent taglist: @loxbbg @zabdisamor @hcllander @tom-hollands-blog @meg-holland @vintageroses1014516 @jackiehollanderr @whyamihere-bro

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Soo, I’m completely crushed. Long story short I thought ALL of my rough drafts were here on my Tumblr… They weren’t… They are on my laptop that broke. So the progress I thought I had is completely gone.

I’m brushing the dust off my shoulders and starting over, Which is annoying but what can I do. Lol.

Please please please let me know which story you’d love for me to do first because I have many part twos and requests to do. I’d like some guidance. Thank you all so much for your patience and love during my absence. I’m back baby!!! Lol


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Be My Saviour - Masterlist (coming soon)


Summary: Five times Peter saved you and the one time he didn’t 

Pairings: Peter Parker x Stark!Reader, May x Happy, Tony x Pepper 

A/n: Let me know if you want to be added to the tag list either by responding to this post or messaging me :) 

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Summary:  Peter and you somehow keep getting on the same subway. You didn’t notice at first but when you did, your world changed forever.

Pairings: Peter Parker x Reader 

A/n: So this is the final part of my little story, I hope you enjoyed it and thank you for reading! (Sorry if there are spelling mistakes, I tried to get this part up as fast as I could) 

Part one, part two, part three, part four 


“What the-?” Your voice suddenly came from behind him and Peter jumped. He turned quickly, seeing you stood in the door way with a carrier bag of Chinese food in hand and a shocked expression on your face. He was then thankful he had changed and was now stood in his pyjamas once again, blood covering his cheek and dirt in his messy hair.

“What happened to you?”

He had completely forgotten to text you that he needed a rain-check on the date, too busy focused on stopping the bleeding from his wound. He quickly regained his voice, removing the shocked look on his face.

“Nothing,” Peter quickly lied and you gave him an unimpressed look, seeing the deep cut across his cheek and the bruised eye accompanying it.

“I’m not an idiot, Peter,” you said, stepping into the bathroom and scanning him for more injuries. “What happened?” You then asked again. “Were you mugged or something?” You placed the Chinese bag on the floor before taking the slightly bloody cloth from him and wetting it under the sink tap.

“No, I was… It’s nothing.”

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Jut wanted to clean up my masterlist a bit. So, these are all of my series (not oneshots) for Tom/Peter as of now. 

The Elevator Game - Series Masterlist (Completed)

  • Synopsis: Your day goes from bad, to worse when you get stuck in an elevator with a handsome guy.

Dark Webs - Series Masterlist (Dark! Peter Parker x Reader) Completed

  • Synopsis: Peter Parker dealing with the aftermath of his father-figure no longer around. With the world as he once knew changing around him, Peter finds himself lost and hopeless as he tries to navigate this new world. However, darkness and isolation begins to consume Peter. Who will be the one to pull Peter back up after hitting rock bottom?

Ex On The Beach - Ex Boyfriend! Tom Holland x Reader (Ongoing)

  • Synopsis:  Eight months after your ugly breakup with Tom, you find yourself stuck together for two whole weeks at a private beach house. Just you, Tom, some mutual friends, what could possibly go wrong?
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I can’t believe this actually happend. I didn’t think anyone would like my writing so to know that 500 people likes it enough to follow me is simply put awesome!

And since it’s October, I thought it’d be fun to do a spooky sleepover. I’m a fan of alliterations bite me.

You can:

  • Ask me stuff
  • Talk about your halloween and costume
  • Rant or tell me about your life
  • Request for moodboards autumn/halloween
  • Requests for blurbs autumn/halloween
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