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Hiya can I have an IT, Stranger Things and Marvel matchup please? I have long curly ginger hair (not dyed), blue eyes, freckles, I’m 5,3. I’m very sarcastic and make people laugh with my dirty jokes, kinda dorky lol, British, I’m kinda introverted and a little energetic. Thanks x

Originally posted by incompletedolphin

I’d ship you with Peter Quill.


Originally posted by hoegrove

I’d also ship you with Billy Hargrove.


Originally posted by bevchie

I’d lastly ship you with Richie Tozier.

I chose Peter because you both are very energetic, but also tend to keep to yourselves at times. You two would always be there for one another and the same goes for Billy. Of course though, Bully loves when you make those dirty jokes…always making him smirk and fall in love with you even more. Then Richie is just your perfect matchup, because not only would you teo continuously make inappropriate jokes at the wrong times, but you both have that loud and energetic personality inside of you.

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A/N: So I realize the holidays are over now, but I am determined to finish this card, so even if it takes me until summer, I’m going to write every single one of these requests.  

This one was requested by @trashpandaorigins​​:  “My New Years Resolution is to finally tell you the truth, so here it goes.” With Gamora and Rocket from GOTG (as friends). Thanks! :)  Thank you for your request!  I hope you like it. :)

Tagged List: @celticheart72@bigbandbombshell​  (I’m not going to use my normal tagged list for these, so if you’d like to be added to my temporary tagged list for this holiday bingo, just let me know!)

Warnings: None.


After the New Year’s Eve celebrations on the Eclector, everyone had to draw straws to see who would end up with cleaning duty. Gamora, Rocket, and Peter drew the short straws. As Peter was too drunk to be of much help, Gamora and Rocket settled him in a corner and turned to look at the mess.

“I could just blast it all away.”

Rocket was already reaching for a weapon when Gamora shook her head. “No, it would destroy this part of the Eclector, and I do not want to be the one to tell Yondu we messed up his ship.”

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Stowaway (Ch.1)

“How long this time?”

“Two weeks tops.” Quill mumbles after leaning down to kiss Scott. “Maybe not even that.”

Scott huffs. “Make it quick.”

“I’ll miss you too Sugar.”

The celestial kisses between the younger man’s brows, and then pulls away to get onto the Milano. He throws his duffle bag into his room before heading up to the cockpit and making one more check before he sat down and flew the ship out of the tower’s hangar. After a few jumps to get into space, he turns on the ship’s autopilot so he can go back down and equip himself with some weapons and look at the maps to plan out his trip. The faster he helped the Guardians, the faster he could go back home to his family. He actually preferred Earth to space now because of them.

Quill winces when his Gaze forces itself upon him and he looks to see Cassie sitting up from the floor while rubbing her head. She must have tripped. She’d probably go to Scott or Stephen to get it looked at and she would be fine. Quill just found it odd how forcefully his powers made him look this time.

Until he noticed Cassie’s surroundings. Metal. Lots of it. In fact, it looked suspiciously like the Captain’s Quarters just around the corner from where he was standing. That couldn’t be right though.

Quill’s eyes widen. “Oh fuck!”

Just before he left, he asked the teen to grab something off his ship, but he didn’t realize she never left it. He just brought his daughter out into space. The one place he didn’t want his family. He drops the other tools in his hands on the table and rushes into his room, finding the teenage girl using his bed to get to her feet.

“Cassie?!” The pirate rushes forward and gently grabs her face to examine the weeping cut on her forehead. “Shit.”

“It’s okay. I’m okay. I just lost my footing.” She assures him.

“Yeah, because I flew the ship out here without realizing you were still on it!” Quill uses his powers to heal the cut on her forehead and she looks at him in confusion.

“Out here?” Cassie blinks and then her mouth forms an ‘O’. “We’re in space?!”

Quill sighs when she pushes past him and climbs up the stairs to the cockpit and she looks out the window in awe. The celestial joins her and follows her gaze to the endless amount of stars stretched out before them, and Cassie grins.

“Peter is going to be so jealous.”

“I gotta turn around and take you home.” Quill sits in the nearby chair and Cassie grabs his arm when he reaches for the controls.

“No, wait! Please let me stay!”

Hell no! Space isn’t as pretty as it looks! It’s dangerous–”

“I promise I’ll listen to you! Please, Papa!” Cassie begs. “I’m on break from school so I won’t be missing anything!”

Quill hesitates. He would have to fuel up on a nearby planet anyway if he was going to take Cassie home. He always had to make sure the ship had enough fuel when he went home so that when he came out again he would have enough to get to the nearest planet…and this trip out was supposed to be a simple trip. Practically errands.

Scott was going to murder him.

The god gets back up and leads Cassie down the stairs to the maps and table. “You listen to everything I tell you to do no matter what, and don’t argue.” The teen nods her head. “I’m definitely the boss out here. If I tell you to run, you run. If I tell you to stay on the ship–”

“I stay on the ship.” Cassie finishes and throws her arms around Quill. “Thank you!”

“This is totally against my better judgement.” Quill grumbles.

He grabs a portable space suit from the collection on the wall as well as an aero-rig and hands them to Cassie. He makes sure he shows her how to use them correctly and then grabs a spare Ravager jacket from his room. It could get cold in space on certain planets and he wanted to make sure Cassie had somewhere to put the portable rigs so she had them with her at all times. Quill was definitely making sure she was prepared for anything and able to get away if needed.

“So where are we going?” Cassie asks as she puts her hair in a side braid and ties it off.

Quill sends a message to Tony before swiping the screen away to go back to plotting their course. “Xandar…or what they rebuilt of it anyway. I have to refuel the ship and restock provisions.” Cassie picks up a grenade and inspects it curiously. “Don’t press the button unless you want to blow us up.”

Cassie carefully puts the grenade back on the table. “Umm…I don’t have any clothes.”

“We’ll find you something on Xandar.”

“How long will it take to get there?”

“By Earth standards, tomorrow morning.” Quill finishes mapping out the trip and dismisses the screen.

“Guess I’m sleeping in these clothes too.” Cassie mumbles.

“You can wear one of my shirts tonight.”

“Where will I be sleeping?”

“My room. It’s really the only one anyway. The other rooms have been converted back to storage rooms.”

Cassie nods and wanders off to explore the ship thoroughly with Quill’s permission, and the celestial stands by the table to make repairs to his tools and weapons after starting the cassette player. He bobs his head in time to the beat as he works, keeping an ear out for Cassie in case she needs him. Despite the fact that he didn’t want her out in space with him in the first place, it was nice to have someone keeping him company. Space felt lonely ever since Scott and Cassie became his family, but he managed because of his friends and the knowledge that he had a home to go back to on Earth.

He had a husband and daughter waiting for him. Nieces and nephews…he had a lot to go home to now.

Quill’s stomach growls about an hour later and he grabs a bag of dried meat off the shelf in the food storage room. “Baby girl! You hungry?”

Cassie peeks her head into the room and the pirate holds out the open bag. “Depends. Is that alien?”

“Cow.” The teen digs out a small handful of jerky and Quill brings it back to himself to grab his own handful. “You won’t be able to be picky for long. You know I wouldn’t give you something you shouldn’t have.”

“I know.” Cassie chews thoughtfully as she looks around after she and Quill leave the storage room. “Don’t you get bored?”

“Sometimes. I have a deck of cards.” Quill offers.

The teenager nods and Quill digs out the pack of cards from one of his many junk drawers, and they play card games and eat jerky up until Cassie gets tired. It was about the time she went to bed on Earth and Quill went to his room with her to dig out one of his shirts for her to wear to bed. He didn’t bother with a pair of sweatpants or shorts since they would fall right off of her, and his shirt covered enough of her anyway. At least enough that she was comfortable sharing his bed. It wouldn’t be the first time he saw her in just an oversized shirt as pajamas either. As long as she was comfortable, it didn’t bother him.

Quill left the room so she could change and crawl into bed, and he didn’t retire to bed himself until a couple of hours later. Cassie was fast asleep on one side of the bed and Quill didn’t think twice about changing in the room. He made sure to pull on a tank top and pajama pants before he got into bed next to her, but seeing grown men in nothing but their boxers was unfortunately nothing new to Cassie. She’d seen her dad and Quill, Tony (and very likely Stephen at least once), Bucky, Sam, and even the boys. It didn’t even faze her.

He wasn’t sure if that was worrying or not, but he settled on not since most everyone else didn’t seem concerned. She actually walked in on both Peter and Harley while they were changing and not a single one of them gave a shit. The boys just continued changing while Cassie got whatever it was she needed from one of their rooms. Quill still didn’t know what she needed from Harley’s room and eventually figured that he must have taken something from Peter’s that she needed.

He still didn’t know how he felt about knowing she had things in Peter’s bedroom and bathroom. Quill understood Diana’s room since Cassie spent the night in the little girls room a lot, but Peter’s? Whatever. The celestial trusted her.

Why was he even thinking about this?

“Ugh…teenage girls…” Quill grumbles as he lays on his stomach and hugs his pillow tightly.

Just before he falls asleep, he feels the bed shift and the god in him purrs protectively when his daughter curls into his side. The poor thing was probably cold since she wasn’t used to space or the Milano’s interior temperature, and unconsciously seeked out his warmth. Even if there was an extra bedroom, Quill would probably end up with Cassie in his room either for heat or just the fact that she was in a very strange environment. He really was all she had right now. She wasn’t at home where she had the Stark’s or the Avengers to go to if she needed someone or something. She was in the middle of space with only Quill.

That was a sobering thought. He really did need to keep her safety at the forefront of his mind…not that it wasn’t in the first place.

Quill groans when his ship alerts him that they’re nearing Xandar, feeling like he had just closed his eyes, and stumbles out of bed. Cassie sits up half asleep, as the alert woke her up too, and the celestial leans over to kiss the top of her head.

“Go back to sleep for a bit Sunshine. Just gotta land the ship.”

Cassie mumbles out some sort of affirmation and lays down before rolling onto Quill’s side of the bed for the warmth he left behind. The god leaves the room and heads up to the cockpit so he can land his ship on Xandar, and as soon as that’s done, he walks back into his room and gets dressed. Just as he pulls on his jacket, he hears people clambering onto the ship and he curses before dashing out of his room to meet the Guardians.

“Hey! Be quiet!” Quill hisses out.

Rocket gives him a look of confusion. “Why?”

“My kid is still asleep.”

“You brought your kid out here?!”

“It was an accident. Now shut up.” Quill warns.

“I am Groot!”

Quill looks up from his belt after hooking some grenades and tools onto it. “Why are you asking if I have some units to spare?”

“We need to restock on food.” Nebula answers.

“Yeah? Well so do I. I need to refuel, restock, and get Cass some clothes for while she’s out here.” Quill hooks his guns onto his pants. “Get out of my food Drax!”

“Earth food is strange.”

Quill grabs the bag from Drax and shoves it back onto the shelf just as Cassie walks out of the bedroom dressed and looking a little more awake. She greets the Guardians quietly as she joins Quill and they all leave the ship once the celestial tells them he’ll get back to them on the units.

“I’m seeing, but my brain isn’t quite processing.” Cassie says as she looks around at the different alien species roaming the city.

Quill laughs. “You’ll be out here long enough to get used to it. Let’s get food and clothes while my ship is being refueled. Stay close.”

“Is there something similar to coffee out here?”

“You don’t want it.”

Cassie tilts her head to look up at him. “Why?”

“Tastes like sweaty–”

“EWW! OKAY!” She pushes Quill when he laughs. “Why do you have to be so gross?”

“Revenge for dragging me out on shopping trips with you and Dia.”

“If that’s really the reason, that’s kind of extreme. I have to deal with you and Dad.”

“Fair point. I’ll hold off until I think of a better reason.” Quill promises.

Cassie just rolls her eyes.

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Gamora: We need to distract the guards. 
Quill: Right. I’m on it. Just leave it to me. 
Gamora: Are you sure? What are you going to do? 
Quill: I’m going to kill them all. 
Gamora: …
Quill: That ought to distract ‘em, right?

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“You said it yourself bitch, we’re the Guardians of the Galaxy.” Gamora is finally a part of something. But the past always follows you, eats at you and she must come to grips with her deeds as she tries to build a future. Meanwhile Rocket has never cared much for anyone or anything. Together the two of them discover they are more alike than different and try to heal themselves by befriending the other.

*Content Warnings: Mentions of child/animal abuse, trauma, character death, physical torture/pain*

Title of this fic is taken from the book of the same title “The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma,” by Bessel van der Kolk

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